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Goodbye Sci-Fi

Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett reflect on MST3K's final broadcast.

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Some Housekeeping Matters/Site News

And now some housekeeping matters, as we enter the new era of MST3K:

To begin with, we at Satellite News, all of us proud backers, are just LOVING season 11. Our congratulations to Joel, first and foremost, to the tremendous cast and crew and all 48,000-plus backers. Give yourselves a round of applause!


The Next Shorts Calendar Is Now Available

We’ve already had some inquiries about whether we’re going to offer another “Shorts” calendar. The answer is: Why, yes, we are.

We’re Back!

Some dickweeds hacked our site. And our web host was, shall we say, less than speedy in allowing us to resolve the situation. But we’re back to fulfillĀ all of your MST3k info needs!

We’re Back (?) — Take Two

It appears kidnapping several family members of our host company’s CEO did the trick and they have resolved our issues.

Again, the open thread for reports from last weekend’s Cinematic Titanic shows is here.

And if you didn’t get a chance to offer your two cents in our weekend discussion thread, it’s here.


Updated List of Weekend Discussion Threads

It has been almost two years since I’ve done this, and it’s time. I really don’t remember doing “brushes with greatness,” “favorite credit sequences” and “favorite costume worn by a bot” twice…

…but that’s what happens when you don’t keep up. I will try to do better.

As always, if you think of […]

Jean Jackson, RIP

We are saddened to report the passing of Jean Jackson. Jean was a stalwart MSTie, an incredibly funny person, a talented artist and one of the most sensible people I’ve ever encountered. She will be greatly missed. Many of you purchased her witty and wonderful MST3K-themed paintings (four of my favorites […]

2013 Shorts Calendar Now Available

A few of you have asked. I’m sorry it’s so late (I usually have this done for Cyber Monday). But it’s done and you can get it now.

To save you the trouble of clicking through it, here’s the text.

A Short 2013: A calendar in 12 acts.

January Century 21 Calling Narrator: […]

MSTieCast Interview

Josh at the MSTiecast podcast interviewed me. Before anybody says anything, I know “Women of the Prehistoric Planet” isn’t black and white, but the TV I first saw it on was!

Do not blame the MSTieCast guys on the sound quality. Blame my cheap Skype headset. Sorry…

Reminder: ‘Chaos at the Colonial’

Well, this should be fun…

Saturday, June 2, 8 p.m. Joel Hodgson (creator, writer and star of MST3K) and his students from Riff Camp 2012 are bringing some college-level movie riffing to the Colonial Theatre, 227 Bridge St., Phoenixville, Pa., in a movie riffing battle royale. Four groups will compete on stage riffing […]

Crowd Sourcing MSTory

The very observant among you may have noticed a new version of the block of boilerplate we always have at the bottom of a “This Date in MSTory” entry. We know that a number of you are bad movie buffs, and we’re hoping you can augment MSTory. Right now, the Internet Movie Database […]