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RIP Ken Miller

Palm Springs, Calif. — Ken Miller, who appeared in the 1950s drive-in classics including “Attack of the Puppet People” died May 8 of pneumonia at a hospital here. He was 85.

MSTies will recall his performance as Vic the bongo player in the movie in episode 809- I WAS A TEENAGE WEREWOLF, […]

RIP Kathleen Crowley

Green Bank, N.J.– B-movie actress and “scream queen” Kathleen Crowley died at her home here April 23rd. She was 87.

MSTies will remember her role as the long-suffering Jeanne Mapes in the movie in episode 419- THE REBEL SET.

Hollywood Reporter has the story.

Thanks to Timmy for the heads up.


RIP Jonathan Demme

New York City–Oscar-winning director Jonathan Demme died here April 26 of cancer complications. He was 73.

Most people remember him as the director of such acclaimed films as “Silence of the Lambs,” “Philadelphia” and unquestionably the best rock ‘n’ roll concert film ever, “Stop Making Sense.”

But MSTies will recall his small part […]

Dick Contino, RIP

Fresno, Calif–Hipster accordionist, B-movie actor and MST3K icon Dick Contino died here April 19. He was 87.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal has the story.

Thanks to Paul for the heads up.

Judge Wapner, RIP

Los Angeles–Joseph A. Wapner, a California judge who became a widely recognized symbol of tough but fair-minded American jurisprudence during the 12 years he sat on the bench of the syndicated television show “The People’s Court,” died on Feb. 26 at his home here. He was 97.

MSTies may remember that he was […]