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Goodbye Sci-Fi

Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett reflect on MST3K's final broadcast.

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Episode guide: 1010- IT Lives By Night

Movie: (1974) A scientist is bitten by, and then begins turning into, a bat.

First shown: July 18, 1999 Opening: Mike quizzes Crow and Tom on colors and the moods they cause Intro: Pearl tries tactical misdirection so M&tB won’t notice that she’s spraying poison on them, causing mutations Host segment 1: […]

Episode guide: 1009- Hamlet

Movie: (1961) A dour production of Shakespeare’s play produced for German TV. A prince returns home for his father’s funeral and doesn’t like what he finds.

First shown: June 27, 1999 Opening: Tom Servo is now Htom Sirveaux Intro: Crow has a name change too; Mike interrupts Pearl’s plan with Three Card […]

Episode guide: 1008- Final Justice

Movie: (1984) A Texas sheriff winds up on the island of Malta in pursuit of the criminal that killed his partner.

First shown: June 20, 1999 Opening: Tom considers the unexplored implications of the song “Owner of a Lonely Heart” Intro: M&tB are plagued by Yes orchestra hits; Pearl encourages humor in […]

Episode guide: 1007- Track of the Moon Beast

Movie: (1976) A New Mexico mineralogist is struck by a meteor, and is transformed into a mindless humanoid-lizard monster.

First shown: June 13, 1999 Opening: Crow and Tom are blossoming everything Intro: Mike attempts to escape using a remote-control Bobo Host segment 1: The bots rush the Halloween season, and hollow embarrassment […]

Episode guide: 1006- Boggy Creek II: and The Legend Continues

Movie: (1985) A smug professor and his students camp out in the rural Arkansas swamp, in hopes of finding a Bigfoot-like creature.

First shown: May 9, 1999 Opening: Crow and Mike’s Cub Scout meeting is crashed by Servo the Brownie Intro: Now Servo’s a Flemish glass blower; Pearl has a potato-powered evil […]