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Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett reflect on MST3K's final broadcast.

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Episode guide: 906- The Space Children (with short: ‘Century 21 Calling’)

Short: (1962) A couple of clean-cut kids tour the phone company exhibit at the Seattle’s World’s Fair. Movie: (1958) The children of rocket technicians come under the control of a mind-controlling blob.

First shown: 6/13/98 Opening: Tom has a kissing booth Intro: Pearl attempts to take over the worked through officing […]

Episode guide: 905- The Deadly Bees

Movie: (1967) A burned-out British pop star is sent to remote Seagull Island to rest her nerves, unaware that two rival bee keepers live there.

First shown: 5/9/98 Opening: Previously on the Satellite of Love… Intro: The Observers are back…and they’re pissed Host segment 1: Crow offers a sonnet to the cigarette […]

Episode guide: 904- Werewolf

Movie: (1996) A man develops lycanthropy when he’s injured by werewolf bones unearthed at an archeological dig.

First shown: 4/18/98 Opening: Mike thinks he’s James Lipton Intro: After being de-Liptonized, Mike attempts to escape down a ladder to Earth, only to arrive at Castle Forrester Host segment 1: Mike and Tom present […]

Episode guide: 903- The Pumaman

Movie: (1980) After discovering that he has inherited super powers, a mild-mannered young professor must do battle with a villain using a mind-control device.

First shown: 4/4/98 Opening: Tom has short man’s disease Intro: Tom is better; Pearl’s ball is somewhat under-attended, while Observer has Ortega and some buddies over Host segment […]

Episode guide: 902- The Phantom Planet

Movie: (1961) An astronaut crashes on a planet inhabited by tiny people. After he shrinks down to their size, he learns they are at war with an aggressive neighboring planet.

First shown: 3/21/98 Opening: Crow and Tom challenge Mike to an Andy Rooney-off Intro: Pearl’s World Domination Starter Kit arrives from Speigel, […]