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Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett reflect on MST3K's final broadcast.

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Weekend Discussion Thread: A Riff on Your Tombstone

Alert reader Cornjob suggests:

How about “What riff would you like on your tombstone?” My own would be “Well, that could have gone better,” followed by “Stop being full of worms you idiot”.

Oh, this is going to cost a fortune, but I picked this many years ago: “I’ve undergone a complex personal […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Fight Cards

Alert reader Perry suggests:

Which MST characters would you like to see face off in the Octagon? (Or Thunderdome.) So many possibilities you could make a whole tournament card.

I think Kor the Conquerer vs. Melissa Strickland will be a close-run affair.

I’d pick Buzz from “Mr. B Natural” vs. John from “Cheating.” […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: More Screen Time

Murdock Hauser writes:

Is there a character from a MSTed movie you would’ve like to have seen a little more of? For me, Chris Mattling from “The Dead Talk Back” is that character. I thought he and Krasker’s character were perfect together. Now what say you?

I’d like to know a little […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Space Force

Alert regular “Torque the Dorque” writes:


Who should be part of our Space Force (whenever it’s created) and why?

I would pick Winky because he is very experienced in riding the rocket.

I’m going to go with Lt. Makonnen, from the movie in episode 902- THE PHANTOM PLANET, who suggests that […]

Weekend Discussion Thread:

Sitting Duck writes in and says:

In The Golden Turkey Awards (which Joel has cited as an influence on MST3K), the Medved Brothers stated, “We know our choices will not please everyone -— least of all the actors, producers, writers and directors who are honored in the pages that follow. We further recognize […]