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Weekend Discussion Thread: MST3K-Inspired Foods

Alert regular Duke of Puddles, suggests:

Late last Sunday night I was nursing a ‘Vulcan Mind Probe’ (mentioned in episode 407- KILLER SHREWS) and … ok, it was a cold ham sammich but I was wondering what kinds of food or drink ideas could be inspired by MST movies? Diabolik deviled eggs […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: MSTed Villains Who Deserve an Origins Movie

Alert regular Duke of Puddles opines:

In light of the upcoming Joker origin movie, what MST baddie deserves their own movie? Who would star in it and possible storyline?

For me it’s Krankor with Joe Pesci as Phantom. Although DeVito might get the laugh better.

I’d like to hear about Xenos the wizard […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Recognizing Actors After a Long Time

Alert regular “Sitting Duck” writes:

Ever have a delayed realization that you had previously seen a particular actor in a MST3K film? Perhaps taking weeks, months, years or maybe even decades?

In my case, it wasn’t that long ago that I realized that I had seen Janet Munro (Anne Pilgrim in “The […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Worst Jobs in MSTed Movies

With Labor Day approaching, give us your nomination for the worst job ever depicted in a MSTed movie or short.

My pick would be the sampo makers in “Day the Earth Froze.” Except for the guy who got to ride on top, seems like a pretty rough gig.

Your pick?

Weekend Discussion Thread: Worst Exposition in a MSTed Movie

Alert regular Sitting Duck notes:

In film and television, conveying exposition through character dialogue that sounds natural isn’t easy. So it’s no surprise that many MST3K movie writers aren’t always up to the task. What character dialogue exposition did you find particularly clumsy or awkward? Mine comes from “I Accuse My Parents” where, […]