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Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett reflect on MST3K's final broadcast.

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Weekend Discussion Thread: “But There Was No…”

Alert regular Perry suggests…

The recent Gatwick drone scare. After all the fuss, it might turn out that there was no drone. What other story could be neatly wrapped up with an ending a-go-go?

Let’s skip the obvious one.

But there was no fat barkeep…

Keep those WDT suggestions coming!

Servo’s Engine Block Found?

One question that has been nagging bot builders for years… Where did the engine block on Tom Servo’s torso come from? The only information they had was that Joel got it off a used toy car. Now, thanks to sledge_riprock over at the Bot Builders Info forum, it looks like the source has […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Monster Movies You’d Like to See

Sitting Duck suggests:

During “Beast of Hollow Mountain,” Tom and Crow discussed the sort of monster movies they’d like to make. I’d like to pose the same question to you folks. I think I’ll take the same tack as Crow and go for a comedy. I give you: “Gamera House,” a tale of […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: MSTies of the Past

radioman970 opines:

I was watching “Last of the Wild Horses,” with all the hilarious Trek alternate universe stuff going … Frank was doing Joel’s insane Joey the Lemur stuff and I began to wonder … it just came to me … would Andy Kaufman have been a MST3K fan had he lived to see […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Holiday Ornaments

Our pal Projected Paul opines:

With Christmas and the holiday season in full swing, I thought of this idea. Already, there is an official MST3k moon ornament for sale.

What kind of MST3k-related holiday decorations would you propose? Me, I’d suggest the Giant Mantis from THE DEADLY MANTIS as a Christmas Tree Topper […]