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Goodbye Sci-Fi

Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett reflect on MST3K's final broadcast.

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Weekend Discussion Thread: Riffing Makes the Difference

Alert reader Perry writes:

To which MST3K episode does the riffing make the most difference? Not necessarily the best episode, but the one where the whole movie experience is most improved by being MST’ed. Host segments and in-theater count.

For me it’s “The Starfighters”. I can enjoy “The Touch of Satan” by itself, […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Memorized Eps

Alert regular Paul writes in to say:

I was inspired by how in the Ray Bradbury book “Fahrenheit 451.” At the end of it, the heroic protagonists are adapting to a world where books are banned. They commit themselves to memorizing whole books, to ensure they are not lost from destruction of physical […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Episodes for Sickness

See, I have this great immune system. I never get sick, haven’t gotten sick in years. So I never have to worry about getting sick–until I do.


I have beebn in bed for days with this horrible chest cold. So, please, somebody sing me “Soft kitty” and tell me a good […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: REALLY Bad Movies

Alert reader Perry writes:

OK, we all love our “bad” movies, from “The Crawling Eye” to “Horrors of Spider Island”, with an occasional “Mighty Jack” or “Diabolic”, or even “Catalina Caper.” But what do readers think is so bad that it just can’t be tolerated? We’re talking modern movies made with a workable […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: The Right Time for a Certain Episode

“Wombspaceoxygenator” suggests we discuss:

episodes or seasons you prefer to watch at certain times of the day, or at certain dates with the exception of the obvious ones such as Christmas episodes during Christmas time etc. For instance, I prefer watching the first 6 seasons during the day while the remainder seasons during […]