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Goodbye Sci-Fi

Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett reflect on MST3K's final broadcast.

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Weekend Discussion Thread: MSTed Movie You’d Like to Live In

Alert reader Charles asks (Have we done this? I’ve long since given up trying to keep track):

Which MST episode world would you like to either live in or visit? I’m a sci fi freak, but strangely attracted to the world of “I Accuse My Parents.” A place and time where I could […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: MSTed Movies That Could Be Video Games

Duke of Puddle opines:

What MSTed movie would you make into a video game (platform? storyline? RPG?, MMO?) I would personally do ‘Girl in Gold Boots” as a fighter ala “Street Fighter.” I could see using some of Buzz’s icky elf mojo attacks on Critter or the ‘Eats’ dad. But really much more […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Stuff You Noticed on Repeated Viewings

Alert reader Mark opines:

“Little things you’ve noticed.” For instance, watching “Soultaker,” I LOVE the scene where both Zach and Natalie get on an elevator to get back to their bodies on an upper floor. But the elevator they get on is already occupied by a young (orderly? intern? nurse?) man in ‘scrubs’ […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Disneyfication of MSTed Movies

Alert reader John writes:

With Disney seemingly determined to own every intellectual property in the world, it is only a matter of time before they acquire the rights to some of our favorite MST3K films. So our discussion is “How would Disney remake a movie featured on MST3K?” I foresee an animated musical […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Riffs You’d Retroactively Add

Alert regular “Sitting Duck” asks: Riffs

Sometimes a film shown on MST3K will feature a performer of some notability or notoriety, but the riffing fails to make mention. Usually this is because the person in question wasn’t immediately recognizable. On occasion (such as with Robert Reed in Bloodlust!), they deliberately choose to hold […]