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Goodbye Sci-Fi

Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett reflect on MST3K's final broadcast.

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Weekend Discussion Thread: MST3K Valentines

“Torque the Dorque” suggests:

Valentines Day Is around the corner so… Who, in the MST3K world or in an MSTed movie, would you send a Valentine card to? Who, in the MST3K world or in an MSTed movie, would you want to get a Valentines card from? I would probably send a card […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Riffably Obscure TV Shows

Alert regular “Sitting Duck” suggests:

Largely forgotten TV shows have proven to be a gold mine for our favorite cowtown puppet show. What other shows do you think are suitable for being riffed? I’d like to put forth this British show from the 50s called “Colonel March of Scotland Yard.” It’s got slipshod […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Your First B Movie

Alert reader Stacy suggests:

Being a fan of MST3K means being a fan of b-movies. Can anyone remember their first b-movie? I have hazy memories of a movie called “Empire of the Ants” that “starred” Joan Collins. Channel 6 out of Portland, Maine would air science fiction films on Sunday afternoons every […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Favorite Running Gags

Alert regular Jay writes:

Although it seems like one of those ideas that somebody MUST have already come up with I haven’t come across it in the records so here goes: Running Gags. They have always been an MST staple. What is your favorite? Season 11 had its share, as well. There must […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Movies About Movies

“Yeti of Great Danger” suggests:

I was watching the trailer for the upcoming movie “The Disaster Artist,” which is about the guys who made The Room, and it reminded me of the excellent film “Ed Wood.” So if you could make your own feature film about MST’ed or Rifftrax’ed movies/movie people, what would […]