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Weekend Discussion Thread: Best and Worst of Season 11

Well, we are at last done with season 11 … or ARE we??

I want to kind of wrap up the Netflix season and I will, perhaps over several weeks.

However, once again, if YOU have topic ideas for threads (about season 11 or otherwise), I am once again accepting them at msampo […]

Weekend Discussion Thread – Episode Guide, First Draft: 1105- The Beast of Hollow Mountain

Movie: (1956) An American cowboy living in Mexico discovers his cattle are being eaten by something, and eventually he finds out what it is.

Opening: Painting day on the SOL Invention exchange: Jonah has the Disco Cannon; Kinga asks “What if the Titanic had hot water?” Segment 1: Tom and Crow describe […]

Weekend Discussion Thread–Episode Guide, First Draft: 1103- The Time Travelers

Movie: (1964) A group of scientists create a portal that takes them to a barren, mutant-inhabited Earth.

Opening: J&tB are playing a game of “Never Did I Ever” Invention exchange: Crow has Dr. Crow’s Old Edible Silica Packets; The Mads have the Afterlife Alert Segment 1: Gypsy leads a time portal safety […]

Weekend Discussion Thread–Episode Guide, First Draft: 1101- Reptilicus

Opening: Space trucker and rebellious Renaissance man Jonah Heston is returning to Gizmonic Institute with a load of meteors, when he receives a phony distress call from Moon Base 13 on the dark side of the moon. Jettisoning his load, he lands and is immediately captured and brought to the  underground […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Season 11 Movies

Well, the spoiler commands have been lifted, but before we begin discussing each of the episodes, I’m going to you another week to get some of these watched.

So, in the meantime, here is the official list of the movies that will be riffed in season 11: 1101- Reptilicus 1102- Cry Wilderness 1103- […]