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Goodbye Sci-Fi

Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett reflect on MST3K's final broadcast.

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This Date in MSTory

BORN ON THIS DATE 1893: Robert Pritchard, who did the sound for the movie THIS ISLAND EARTH, riffed in MST3K: THE MOVIE. 1901: Emperor Showa, aka Hirohito, who was mentioned in a host segment in episode 319- WAR OF THE COLOSSAL BEAST. 1904: Kenneth Terrell, who played Joe Marcella in the movie in […]

RIP Hugh O’Brian

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIF.–Hugh O’Brian, handsome leading man of films and TV, and notable philanthropist, died in his sleep at his home here. He was 91.

He is perhaps best remembered on screen for the lead role in the 1955-61 series “The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp.” MSTies will remember his role as […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Your Favorite RiffTrax Live Show

Alert regular Paul notes:

The recent RiffTrax Live: MST3k Reunion show marked the 20th live show broadcast in theaters. Which shows are your favorite?

Along with the MST3k Reunion show, I hold the December 2009 Holidays Shorts show among the best! It’s also composed solely of shorts, which helped maintain attention spans. Also, […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Callbacks in the New Show

Alert regular Kenneth suggests:

“What callbacks to the original show would you like to see in the revival?”

I would suspect they are going to light on these, but a few would be fun. A well-placed “hi-keeba,” for example.

What do you think?

Weekend Discussion Thread: What MSTed Movie Would You Remake?

Matty writes:

What if you won the lottery and decided to remake a MSTed film w/a bigger budget? Maybe add a cast wishlist? I wouldn’t mind taking on “The Dead Talk Back” w/Seth Rogen as Harry Krasker. And for some reason Courtney Love as Renee makes sense to me….

It already had a […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Who Should Sing the Theme Song?

Bob writes:

We all know that Joel and Mike sang the songs in their runs on the show. Since it looks like the show will be brought back it’s possible that Jonah Ray could sing it. If he doesn’t then who could? I don’t know if Joel would, as he’s not the host. […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Which Dinner/Party/Gathering in a MSTed Movie Would You Like to Be Invited to?

Holiday gatherings are happening and alert regular Sue suggests:

We’ve had “which party in a MST’ed movie would you most like to be invited to” and “Which MST characters would you invite for Thanksgiving,” but how about “Which dinner or meal in a MSTed movie or short would you most like to be […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: The MSTIEbles

Alert reader “Gobi” suggests:

With the release of “Expendables III”, two things occurred to me. First, why isn’t Joe Don Baker in it? Second, there’s a rich, untapped vein of talent available for a new movie to be titled “The MSTIEbles!” OK, the title needs work, but you get the idea. What’s your […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Favorite Means of Transportation in a MSTed Movie

Alert reader “Mooney” writes:

One thing I look for in MSTied films is all the neat old classic cars in the old not exactly classic films, which leads me to offer a potential subject for a thread.

What is your favorite vehicle, or means of transportation in a MSTied movie?

I think […]

Weekend Discussion Thread: Disagreeing with the Brains

Alert reader Janelle asks:

What references or assessments made in the show or ACEG do you disagree with? I mean, not everyone hates high energy prop comic Carrot Top or there wouldn’t be anyone going to his shows, right? Maybe there are MSTies that love Gallagher, Carrot Top or Jim Carrey. My […]