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Episode guide: 307- Daddy-O (with short: “Alphabet Antics”)

Short: (1951) A placid tour of the alphabet.
Movie: (1959) High-panted, cool-singing, truck-driving hepcat tangles with blonde bombshell, tries to solve his friend’s murder and becomes a courier for drug dealers.

First shown: 7/20/91
Opening: J&tB are marketing mad dogs gathered around the water cooler
Invention exchange: Dr. F is feeding the miracle growth baby; Joel shows off his air freshener mobile, while the mads demonstrate the alien teething nook
Host segment 1: Joel sings: “Hike Your Pants Up”
Host segment 2: J&tB reenact the drag race from the movie, with Joel getting killed a lot
Host segment 3: Joel is conducting a spit-take lesson, but the dumb guy from the movie keeps appearing on the Hexfield
End: Joel is studying the “Want some?” scene, Joel reads letters, and in Deep 13 the button doesn’t work
Stinger: “Couldn’t help ya if I wanted to, fella. Gym policy.”
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• As the kids say, this episode is full of win (that is what they say, isn’t?). It is chock full o’ awesome. It’s got everything: a cheesy but watchable movie (featuring the high-panted Dick Contino) that even includes swingin’ musical numbers, great host segments, riffing that starts in high gear and stays there and a memorable closing segment. A classic.
• This episode will be included in Shout’s upcoming MST3K Collection Vol. XXXIII.
• If you’re playing along at home, this was number 30 on that 1995 Comedy Central countdown.
• Those who say host segments in the Joel years were more often related to the movie were probably thinking of episodes like this one: Just about ALL the host segments are not only related to the movie, they’re direct parodies or reenactments of scenes from the movie.
• The idea of the alien teething nook was taken up by this plush toy. It didn’t have the nipple, though.
• Again, that’s Tim Scott as the miracle growth baby.
• The blue tint is back. Ugh.
• The short is the first of many educational shorts (though some count “X Marks the Spot,” that short is more for adults) that would eventually become one of the most popular elements on the series.
• I love the way Joel imitates Dick Contino’s rictus grin as he sings.
• That lyric about Corey Haim in “Hike Your Pants Up” got a bit less funny in 2010.
• In the reenactment of the race, it’s interesting to note that Tom plays the guy and Crow plays the girl, for a change! It probably has to do with the placement of the guy and gal in the movie, but still, it’s a rarity.
• When they re-enter the theater, Tom covers the absence of the cars they were wearing by saying “Good thing we were thrown clear of those cars!”
• Callbacks: “Ya got me!” (Catalina Caper) “Chili peppers burn my gut” (Sidehackers) “Hey that’s from Catalina Caper!” “The driver is either missing or…” (The Phantom Creeps) “I don’t care!” (Time of the Apes)
• Is THIS the last time we hear the “Weiner Man” song? Similarly, is THIS the last episode with a mole person?
• Okay, Dick lost his license, but he doesn’t need a driver’s licence to race cars on private property, right? It’s a plot hole.
• Segment 3 features the first use of the hexfield viewscreen since episode 302. That’s Mike, of course, as the clueless Bruce.
• During segment 3, Tom’s Carmen Miranda hat almost falls off. Joel straightens it and they keep going.
• The lady in the club looks a LITTLE like Lou Reed from the Transformer album. It’s kind of a stretch, though.
• Little letter writer Christina, 7 when she wrote to the show, is now (assuming she is okay) cruising toward 30.
• The crowning glory of this terrific ep is the famous “broken button” bit, a gem people remembered for years. Unfortunately, in later years a lazy Comedy Central did not respect the bit and actually ran voice overs during it–an incident that sparked one of several major online protests among fans.
• The closing bit also features an uncredited mole person! Is THIS the last appearance?
• Cast and crew roundup: Director Lou Place was on the set of lots of MSTed movies. He was the assistant director for “The Undead,” played the police captain in “Swamp Diamonds” and was production manager for “It Conquered the World” and “Agent for H.A.R.M.” Editor Harold White also worked on “The Beatniks.” Makeup guy Carlie Taylor also worked on “Swamp Diamonds.” In front of the camera, actress Sonia Torgeson was also in “Teenagers from Outer Space.” Actor Bob Banas was the choreographer on “The Skydivers.” Dick Contino also appears in “Girls Town,” of course. Buttery Bruno Vesota wasm also in “Attack of the Giant Leeches,” “Gunslinger,” “The Wild, Wild World of Batwoman” and “The Undead.”
• CreditsWatch: Jim Mallon moves from writer to contributing writer for the rest of the season. Paul Chaplin joins the list of contributing writers. “The Pants Up Song” is by Mike and Kevin and Mike did the “baby music.” Trace and Frank are still guest “villians” (misspelled) and Dr. F’s name is still spelled “Forrestor.”
• Fave short riff: “But he’s got a brain like a chick pea!” Honorable mention: “It’s the Georgia juvenile correction system.”
• Fave feature riff: “On my ANKLE, like I SAID!” Honorable mention: “Do you like the names of lots of fish?”

102 Replies to “Episode guide: 307- Daddy-O (with short: “Alphabet Antics”)”

  1. Dan in WI says:

    There was some pretty good Trace puppetry in the opening bit. I especially like the Crow reaction to Magic Voice’s appearance. But beyond that I liked this sketch. It’s like the brains were tapping their inner Dilbert.

    During the car race host segment Joel refers to the leading actress as Janet even though the character’s name is Jana.

    Jana is the hottest blond to appear in an experiment since Mamie in Untamed Youth.

    It’s a good thing Joel gave the spit-take lessons. They’d come in handy years later during East Meets Watts. But why does Crow call it the dribble take?

    “I don’t care” Time of the Apes callback.

    I love the closing segment. But why does Joel make like he’s reading a book while studying the film footage? As for the fruit swatting Joel does okay with Tom’s Carmen Miranda hat but the Mads just have a bit more timing and chemistry in their delivery. Maybe it’s because both have working hands.

    Then the we have the credits that won’t roll. A true classic. We have another “one last appearance” of a mole man and Frank’s statements that he’s just getting a “piece of water” and “a glass of cake.”

    I love this episode. I’ll admit it is no standout but I’ve always had a weeknes for these middle aged people as teens movies. This one again features riffing that isn’t outstanding but still very solid and workman like.

    Favorite Riffs:
    Tom “Hey it’s a White Castle hamburgers film.” (I love those sliders.)

    Jana “Your singing can’t be any worse than your driving.” Tom “You haven’t heard my singing yet.”

    Phil at the sink “I’ve got this thing figured out Jana.” Crow “Yeah you turn these little knobs and water comes out.”


  2. Larry says:

    Wasn’t “Saaayyyy” inrouduced in Time Of The Apes? When the camera pans up the girl only to reveal she’s too young? “Saayyyy…Oh”.


  3. Larry says:

    EDIT: “Introduced” is what I meant to say. Hey, it’s early!


  4. StumpChunkman says:

    “In the opener, J&TB introduce the phrase “Saaaaaay!” to the MSTie lexicon.”

    Wrong! The earliest they used the term, as far as I can remember, was in Godzilla vs. Megalon (212). See the scene where the inventor and the kid are trapped in the metal box.


  5. Dan in WI says:

    Sampo: NOT the last appearance of the mole men. They attend Frank’s thanksgiving during the first Turkey Day marathon. And I’m not swearing that was the last either.


  6. Zee says:

    I’m pretty sure the Turkey Day marathon was Jerry & Sylvia’s last appearance (in which they were played by Joel Hodgson and Jef Maynard)


  7. Smoothee of Great Power says:

    This is one I was looking forward to seeing for a long time after experiencing numerous callbacks in future episodes, and it didn’t disappoint.

    Crow definitely steals the show in this one for me since both of my favorite riffs are his, and back-to-back of each other!

    “Nobody walks out on me! I’m Charles Foster Kane!”
    “You see it doesn’t matter how slow I go, I’ll catch him; my son’s the editor!”

    And, as a little means of diversion, here’s a cheesy flash video that reminded me of this episode:


  8. KJB says:

    “Hike Up Your Pants” is probably my favorite thing that Joel ever did on the show (and it’s a long list.)

    And apparently you were a teenager in the ’50s until you were 40. Who knew?

    “Heh-heh, now I can see through your clothes…”


  9. klisch says:

    In my opinion Hike Your Pants Up is the best and funniest song they did.


  10. Alex says:

    “Frank…. what are you doing?” “Oh, um…. I was just getting, uh…. a piece of water…” “A PIECE of water??” “I mean uh…. glass of cake….”

    Alphabet Antics is also my favorite short. Good episode and this is one of my dad’s favorites :P


  11. Sitting Duck says:

    You’re all wrong! The earliest use of, “Saaaaaay!” I’ve found was in Project Moonbase. It’s in the scene where Dr. Werhner is entering his hotel room and it looks like the Soviet spy is checking out his butt.


  12. Mr. B(ob) says:

    Good short, the movie moves along well enough, terrific riffing and host segments. We still say “want some?” occasionally around here as a callback. The Hike Your Pants Up song is great stuff. Another winner!


  13. Brandon says:

    307- Daddy-O
    With short: Alphabet Antics
    First shown: 7/20/91.?
    Opening: Marketing mad dogs around the water cooler.?
    Invention exchange: Alien teething nook, air freshener mobile.?
    Host segment 1: Song: “Hike Your Pants Up.”
    Host segment 2: Drag race reenactment.?
    Host segment 3: Joel attempts a spit-take lesson, but the dumb guy from the movie keeps appearing on the Hexfield.?
    End: “Want some?” (slap, bam, thump), letter & the button doesn’t work.?
    Stinger: “Couldn’t help ya if I wanted to, fella. Gym policy.”

    Memorable riffs from short:
    Crow: “It’s a CHILD farm!”

    (Shot of a fat bear balloon)
    Servo: “Here comes Louie Anderson!”

    (Two hippos go swimming in a pool)
    Servo: “Hey! It’s Tom and Roseanne!”

    Servo: “Y is for Yawning as far as I’m concerned.”

    Fav. Riff from short:
    Servo: “You vill dance vith me, Eva!”

    Memorable riffs from movie:
    Guy: “I know that chick!”
    Crow: “It’s your sister, you dope!”

    Servo (after looking at the male and female leads): “Okay, now whose breasts are bigger?”

    Character in Movie: “You saw my skid marks?”
    Servo: “On my underwear.”

    Crow: “Well, back to Catburglar School.”

    “I heard you worked at a carnival.”
    Crow: “Yeah, bit the heads off chickens.”

    Fav. Riff from Movie:
    Crow: “You can’t walk out on me, I’m Charles Foster Kane!”

    -The fan copy I watched on YouTube is missing the first 10 minutes. Viacom took down the first video. No, they don’t own MST3K, why do you ask?

    -The short was made by Castle Films. They became notorious for distributing Universal’s Woody Woodpecker shorts, and changing the titles. For funsies, I guess.

    -The narrator of the short kinda sounds like a young June Foray.

    -Granted, cats aren’t the most expressive of animals, but those cats dressed up in outfits look SO pissed off! I’d be too.

    -Is Jack McClure any relation to Marc McClure?

    -We get the first of at least two songs on the show that are about pants.

    Best Segment: Hike your pants up!
    Worst segment: Segment 3 has a big build up… but no satisfying pay-off.

    Overall: Pretty snappy episode.
    Rating: ****


  14. My nominee for a riff that would never have been made after Joel, Trace and Frank left:

    Narrator: Q is for the queer, queer pelican, whose beak can hold more than his belly can.
    Joel: P is for plagiarism from Ogden Nash!

    This episode is a winner all the way.


  15. Kenneth Morgan says:

    I’m surprised there hasn’t been a mention of the pretty good jazz score from John Williams. Unless I’m very much mistaken, this was even before he started working for Irwin Allen, let alone Lucas and Spielberg.

    The “stuck button” sequence is one of my favorites. This, of course, was back when TV shows actually ran visible closing credit rolls. I shudder to think what a network today would do to this bit.

    One of my favorite riffs is from the climax: “In the third quatrain Nostradamus predicted that this movie would end in pointless violence, followed by a good dinner for me, and maybe a couple of magic tricks on Carson.”


  16. Smoothee of Great Power says:

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Mike’s portrayal of near-sighted Bruce is definitely counted among his funniest moments in the series. His upcoming portrayals of Jack Perkins and Glenn Manning are some of my favorite moments in the entire season.


  17. Thomas K. Dye says:

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned how demented the short is. It seems to be a random hodgepodge of stock footage, with only the most tenuous connection to following the alphabet (“N is for float… huh?” “Once? O is for Once?! What, is there a writer’s strike?!”) And for B and D they picked some especially strange footage, especially the Dance (“D is for Damned, as in ‘Village of'”). I think the footage for “W” (“Walk”) is of the Dionne Quintuplets or something. And what the heck is “The Baby Stars Club” or whatever it is those blocks say at the beginning?

    The combination of the creepy woman narrator and the odd footage just makes this short a classic for me.


  18. dsman71 says:

    I LOVE this episode…the Alphabet Antics short with the animals is ultra funny – I love when the squirrel eats Joel does the good weed line first used in Time of the Apes…
    The songs, Joel looked stoned when he sang it…
    I love that want some segment that was used over and over in this episode too…
    Its a shame that this is an AIP episode, which means dont hold your breath for its release..
    This was the first of a series of AIP films…we’d go to Japan , then we’d get a black and white episode with a short, then back to Japan again, which stayed that way all the way until episode 319…
    Hair observation –
    If youll notice during the host segments, Joel’s hair was as long as it will ever get during the CC run…but in the theater you can tell he got it all cut as the silhouette of Joel’s head – you can see that his hair was cut..this is where I learned they did the host segments before the movie..its a fun observation – for those of who own Daddy-O take a close look at Joel in the theater vs Joel on the set…
    Joel got that usual super short buzz cut
    Joel’s Hair ( now cut)
    Joel’s Knees
    “Want Some”
    Joel’s weed
    Hike up them pants a little higher please
    and time for a new therapist…ooooh do I need therapy :) !!


  19. Cheapskate Crow says:

    I was looking forward to this one as I love the ’50s movies but I didn’t like this episode as much as I thought I would, I think the movie lost a little steam in the second half. Great riffing though and the “Want some?” scene kills me every time. A 4 star episode for me but I was really looking for 5 stars. If only Mamie Van Doren was in this…


  20. monoceros4 says:

    The movie flirts with competence but man is the ending lame, both the titanic wine-cellar battle and the bit where Jana defeats Bruce by bringing her car to a gentle stop.

    I haven’t seen this one recently and I’ve forgotten most of it. I seem to skip over it a lot.


  21. Creeping Terror says:

    That mess of a dance in “The Skydivers” had a choreographer?!?! ?:-) The world makes a little less sense now.


  22. crowtdan says:

    My first episode. I was vising relatives in Boston and this was on Comedy Central’s “Mystery Science Theatre Hour” in the afternoon and at midnight there was a showing of Teenage Strangler. I was hooked. The short Alphabet Antics was great. The narrator’s voice (to me at least) was hypnotic. I may have seen this short as a child it seemed familiar. Great episode.


  23. Laura says:

    “Daddy-O” is one of my favorite Joel episodes. Great riffing, funny short, actually pretty watchable movie with a 40-year-old teenager (were audiences really dumb then?).

    Favorite riff:

    Joel (talking about the very blonde woman who runs Dick off the road):

    “She was delirious from the smell of bleach!” I swear I can almost smell it whenever I watch this one.

    I LOVE the High Pants song. Joel’s imitating of Dick’s “smile” always gets me to laugh. Why was wearing your pants up to your neck considered fashionable? Was cutting off your circulation cool? I can watch that sketch over and over and still laugh. Especially when Frank joins in and Dr. Forrester yells at him. I always love when Dr. F. yells at Frank. ;-)

    “Alphabet Antics” is one of my favorite shorts. I can just imagine being a child and having to be subjected to that kind of strangeness. I am not a cat lover at all, but seeing those poor cats dressed up like that made me want to call the authorities. You just don’t do that.


  24. JCC says:

    Two quick thoughts: that short is weird, and Sandra Giles is HOT.

    Oh, and Richard Basehart is good.


  25. crowschmo says:

    A lot of good stuff in this one. I watched it a while ago, I’ll have to watch it again.

    Liked all the host segments (I’m missing a little bit of the opening when they are around the water cooler; either I started taping late, or something was taped over it as it was at the end of the tape, and I had other stuff before it).

    The short is a tad weird. Was everyone on drugs back then?

    “‘D’ is for ‘Damned’, as in ‘Village of’.” – Servo

    “You know, I never had this much fun as a kid.” – Joel
    “NOBODY did.” – Servo

    “When you put your hand in a bunch of goo that a moment before was your best friend’s face – you’ll know what to do.” -Crow

    Best line from short: (when it’s ending)
    “I hope we’ve touched you with a little bit of our evilness.” – Crow

    Sums it up rather nicely. :)

    The movie is fairly watchable on it’s own.

    But, why would you when you have this?

    “And introducing, Martin Tuber as Mr. Potato Head.” – Joel

    “He’s singing the left side of the menu.” – Crow

    (When they’re showing one of Daddy-O’s friends at the table who seems a bit dour).
    “Die! DEATH!! – I’ll have a coke.” – Crow

    “You see, it doesn’t matter how slow I go, I’ll catch him, my son’s the editor.” – Crow

    (When a character says, “I’ll give you a hand).
    “Not a job, a hand – I have your friend’s hand in a drawer.” – Servo

    “Thanks, mom – nice caboose – what am I SAYNG?!” – Crow

    “I went to his house that day and I found the – oh, oh, this isn’t a flashback, sorry.” – Servo

    “Check it out – Bruce’s Gym and Church.” – Joel

    “Now I know this is bad luck, but you’re already IN the movie.” – Crow

    (When Daddy-O is ready to sing).
    “This is going out to both of you out there in the audience.” – Servo

    “What time do you get your pants lowered?” – Crow

    “When is that butter going to get here!” – Crow

    “It’s a buttery little Champagne.” – Crow

    “Yesterday pizza, today butter, tomorrow, the world.” – Joel

    “Comin’ up on Dead Plot Curve.” – Crow

    “This is what Zsa-Zsa did to that cop.” – Crow

    “Meanwhile, Our Hero stops at a Stuckey’s to get a salted nut roll.” – Servo



  26. Spector says:

    Definitely one of the better episodes of Season Three. As Sampo pointed out, this one is chock full of awesome. Terrific host segments (not a dog in the bunch), a memorable short, and a cheesy 50’s teen flick (with the teens all being in their 30s by the looks of things)bringing out some of the season’s best riffing, plus a really funny running gag at the end. A solid episode from start to finish.4.5 stars out of five.


  27. MitchellRowsdowerBeardsley says:

    One of the all-time greats. Wear your belt buckle to the side!

    Also: the last tape I attempted to put into my VCR before it died. Luckily the tape survived.


  28. John W says:

    “I christen this scene bad!”

    Much love for “Daddy-O”.


  29. Smoothee of Great Power says:

    For the record, Dick Contino was around 28 when this movie was made and Sandra Giles was 26.


  30. Laura says:


    If he was 28, then I’m a natural blonde. More like 38! Sandra, that I’ll buy.


  31. JimmyBruce says:

    “Give your butt cheeks a ride.”


  32. EricJ says:

    @17 – “Y is for Young…And Y is for You.”
    “Get it??”

    The only time they did a children’s-related short, and it just sets itself up for riffing so straightfacedly, it HAS to bring the silliness. :)


  33. Dark Grandma of Death says:

    Daddy-O is in my top-ten list of must-haves. The music is memorable, far more so than anything from The Beatniks, IMO. I kind of like Dick Contino (or at least I don’t mind him), and I love Bruno Vesota’s performance as the very slippery Chillis.* I don’t think Vesota gets enough credit for his acting; he’s really pretty decent, and brings a nice bit of variety to each of the MST eps in which he appears.

    Jana’s willingness to drive like an idiot and then blame others strikes me as a major character flaw, but then, it was the ’50s, and she had breasts & all, so no one seemed to expect anything else from her.

    The host segments were great! Crow was really cute as a blonde. And “Hike Your Pants Up” is still a favorite around our house.

    Rock candy, Baby!

    *probably slippery from being so buttery.


  34. Cubby says:

    And actor Bob Banas, who played Sonny, was the choreographer on “The Skydivers”!

    Bob Banas also can be seen as one of the Jets in West Side Story (and once you see him, you can’t *not* see him in every scene) acquitting himself quite well in the dance sequences. I think there must be an interesting story in just how he came to “choreograph” Skydivers for any intrepid interviewer out there …

    The most interesting part of his choreography career – to me, in a MSTie context – is that he choreographed the “Bob Banas Dancers” on a summer ABC music show called Malibu U.. It would be completely forgotten, except it was for this show that Leonard Nimoy warbled the immortal Ballad of Bilbo Baggins, and one can safely assume those dancers accompanying him are the above-named Bob Banas Dancers.

    And if you want more Sandra Giles? Watch the Bobby Riggs episode of The Odd Couple. Look fast, though. She only has a couple of lines and they’re delivered about as well as “Want some?”

    I love this episode. The first Rainbow Gardens scene is one of the funniest sequences in the series.
    “Hey, it’s Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Greenjeans out clubbin’!”
    “You know you’d look great in a Dancing Bear costume, I don’t mind telling you …”
    “Not a necktie to be seen! Where’s our country going?”
    “Phil! Psst! Camera’s on!”
    “All I can think of is death. Death, man!!”
    “Now let’s have some of that rock candy.”


  35. John R. Ellis says:

    I’m all but certain that “Ssssssay” turned up in “Time of the Apes” as well.

    Great experiment. I hope it gets a DVD release soon.


  36. HeatUpTheDeathRay says:

    A minor point, Sampo, but I don’t think that’s Lou Reed in the linked photo (unless his legs are a lot better than anyone ever imagined!). What the riff probably referred to was the front cover (this: ). Lou was rocking a lot of eyeliner around this period in his career, presumably under the influence of David Bowie, who produced Transformer.


  37. John R. Ellis says:

    #14- There were still some literary riffs in the SciFi years. I fondly recall the “Peter must be going around denying -everyone- this morning” quip from “Jack Frost”. *grin*


  38. dsman71 says:

    I love that Piece of Water that Frank said..and the button that was broken by the baby and the show kept coming on…that’s how I feel at the end..(dont)
    I have never worn my pants any higher than my waist…I dont know how Dick did it..
    He’ll be back in Girls Town by the way..
    Such a memorable episode !! :)
    Dont forget to listen to Magic Voice…sound familiar ? :)


  39. Zeroninety says:

    “But ‘B’ is for the bump you get when you have a big fall–”

    “–and break your back, neck, pelvis, and all!”


  40. Opus says:

    By far my favorite MST3K film, I treasure my copy of it. And I enjoy the film itself so much. I could seriously watch it without the commentary. I thought the line “some guys have brothers, I had Sonny” was excellent. And I love the 1950’s LA setting, Tail o’ the Pup!

    RE: the letter writer now being 30. Has there ever been a topic where we ask if anyone who got a letter read on the air is still a dedicated MSTie searching this site?


  41. Ralph C. says:

    I can take or leave this episode.

    4.80 out of 5.00.


  42. StumpChunkman says:

    George Lucas and the RiffTrax crew gave a brief callback in Crystal Skull:

    [During the 40 minute pod-race jeep chase]

    Mutt: What are you lookin’ at daddy-o? She’s gettin’ away!

    Kevin: Want some?

    [I had forgot about the apple scene and thought Kevin was just impersonating a wimpy greaser.]


  43. Sharktopus says:

    @ Ralph:

    Last week 4/5 was “ho hum,” now 4.8/5 is “take or leave.” I’m guessing you didn’t do so well on the math portion of the SATs. ;)


  44. losingmydignity says:

    Wow, lots of love for this one. It’s just okay to me. The fight scene at the end is quite hilarious but it does drag in parts. The short isn’t one of their better ones. Nope, don’t quite get the love for this.

    Yep, Sampo needs to fix that link to Lou Reed’s Transformers. Not the real cover at all. I think he accidentally linked up to a pic from the musical version of Al Pacino’s “Cruising.”



  45. Sharktopus says:

    This may be the first time I’ve watched Daddy-O all in one sitting. The movie holds pretty well, at least by MST standards. A little more money and a lot more time in the editing suite could’ve made quite a difference. (I’ll give the benefit of the doubt to the dark print and assume the Brains used a particularly poor transfer.)

    I guess it’s due to Frank Sinatra’s popularity that movies like Daddy-O and The Beatniks portray crooners as tough guys but it sure seems silly to me. Some things never change, though – rappers and metalheads are still trying to prove their badasses. And is it just me, or is Jana a huge flaming bitch on wheels? These days she’d have her own reality show on cable. If only James Cagney was there with a grapefruit half to put her in her place.

    Does Bruno VeSota hold, or at least tie, the record for most speaking appearances of an actor in MSTed movies? I could have sworn he popped up in another Corman production, but four is still pretty infamous. He was usually good but his Sidney Greenstreet act in Daddy-O rings false with me – he’s just too nice for a dope smuggler. And whose idea was it to feature a huge sweaty fat guy getting a massage in the movie? A little beefcake for the ladies in the audience?

    Anybody else get a hyperthyroid David Letterman vibe from Bruce? I kept waiting for them to make that observation but it never came, unless I missed it. Joel was on Letterman, right? Maybe he looks less goony in person? (I doubt it.)

    This is a rare episode where all the sketches work, for me at least. The race recreation is perfect – just short enough that it doesn’t wear out it’s welcome – and of course the Pants Up song is perfect. I love when ol’ sleepy-eyed Joel gets those spurts of manic energy. And the air freshener mobile is another of those inventions that should really exist. The credits gag, though, wears thin. Gosh, I wonder if the episode ran short?



  46. Captn Ross Hagen says:

    The back cover of Transformer (not Transformers) One is a film with the La-beef kid,the other “Shows us the beef if you know what I mean…..)


  47. Captn Ross Hagen says:

    Talk about hiking your pants up,and taking a walk on the wild side.Or your butt cheeks for a ride…


  48. Sharktopus says:

    In Daddy-O I notice that Joel’s sporting the beginnings of another cheesy goatee. (“Cheesy goatee” is a trademark of Sampo, Inc. All rights reserved.) At the risk of developing dsman71-level dementia, I’ve skipped ahead to next week’s episode and see that he’s shaved it off.


  49. Smirkboy says:

    Want some…SMACK!. . .I want an answer!

    “I’m tellin’ ya baby, If you were a man, I’d knock your head off.”

    “Some guys have got brothers. I had Sonny.”

    I got almost as much fun from the movie dialogue as the riffs.

    “Hoof! Rock Candy baby you’re mine!”

    and was Joel ever comfortable on camera?


  50. JLH says:

    @Sharktopus: Joel grows a cheesy goatee nearly every year around the same time. He’ll grow one again in time for 410 “Hercules Against the Moon Men”. I’m surprised he didn’t sport one in season 5, but I do recall him having one around the time of TV Wheel.


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