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RiffTrax Live: Your thoughts

I had a feeling this would be the phrase people would walk out of the theater saying…

A few thoughts:
Overall, a terrific show, maybe their best so far.

My theater was about half full, similar to past shows. It was probably all the same people. I had to fight traffic coming and going because A-Rod was playing in the ballpark next door. Grrr.

There were a few unavoidable “live show” moments. A couple times where the camera went blank for a minute, and then cut to the camera in the back of the hall. Some kind of a miscue, there, I guess. There was also one really long closeup of Bill while he wasn’t saying anything…

I have never been a big fan of the stuff in the past and while these were decidedly wacky versions of the same sort of thing he gave us last time, it was pretty much the same sort of thing he gave us last time. The best I can say about them is that they were short and silly in places. That being said, they were completely worth it for the callback Mike did three-quarters the way through the movie.

The movie runs 94 minutes, just about a perfect running time for this. “House on Haunted Hill” was just a little too long and “Reefer Madness” was just a little too short. This was JUUUST right.

More thoughts tomorrow when I think of them…

What did you think”?

159 comments to RiffTrax Live: Your thoughts

  • 1
    Johnny Ryde says:

    A very appropriate stinger.


  • 2
    Chemistry is Cool says:

    Thought it was awesome. Saw the show at Theater on S. Meridian in Indianapolis. My wife and I were laughing the whole time. I thought the first short was truly horrifying…


  • 3
    Brainchild says:

    Oh goodness yes.

    What can I say? I laughed, I cried (mostly from laughter, but sometimes in horror like the scarily suggestive scene at the end with the two-headed giant and the sea monster), and I pondered what nothing was.


  • 4
    vijay says:

    It was amazing, about 60-70 people showed up in the theater at Gainesville, FL. Everyone was laughing. . .I cannot wait for the next one. Please do this more often RIfftrax Live!!!


  • 5
    There's Going to be Rock Climbing says:

    Hilarious hentai jabs at the end (with Gamera thrown in). Glad they dropped the musical interludes(aside from the opening credits song). Seize the Bone is sadly going to be the next watercooler catchphrase. More Patrick Stewart riffs were needed, and finally, I’ll be right there!


  • 6
    Trilaan says:

    Got past the shorts and 5 minures into the movie there was an emergency evacuation due to a possibly explosive gas leak. Fire trucks, police, camera crew the works. Never got back in.


  • 7
    KerriNoir says:

    Amazingly cool! Saw it in a small-ish town and had a Great turn out. Many lols were had! Grin


  • 8
    jedicrippler says:

    Had a bit of an audio problem during the previews & the first minute or so of the show (as in no audio), but they got it fixed before they started riffing. Good turnout, great jokes. I’m honestly surprised they didn’t make a single Dr. Who Master joke about Pendragon. He seriously looked like the Master’s more flamboyant half-brother or something.


  • 9
    (The Original) Rex Dart, Eskimo Spy says:

    The sound was very faint at first, but by the time the movie started, all was well. I had seen the “musical-ized” version of this movie many years ago (which is funny in its own way), so it was fun to see the movie how it was originally intended…almost.

    In any case, it was great fun. The “Nothing” short was really…something. Really enjoyed the two animated shorts. And finally, I too enjoy being a professor of women’s studies!


  • 10
    Dane says:

    Excellent jokes. The accents of the characters (or lack of) was brilliant. People sure were clean back in those days! S T B !!


  • 11
    Kenmore says:

    Very funny stuff, we had probably 100+ at the Cinemark in Tulsa. And after almost a week of “Tower Guy”, we were all in the mood to laugh.

    “Seize the Bone” is going to be playing in my mind for a while. The opening short was weird, which made it great, the 2 shorts featuring the little girl were very funny, and the film, fantastic. I thought all three riffers were in top form. Can’t wait ’till the next one.


  • 12
    Doug says:

    I thought the riffs on the film itself started a bit slow, but once they got to the ship with the Irish captain, everything came together. And yes, while “Seize the bone!” is great, the entire sequence with the dragon-men damn near killed me. “Be right there!”


  • 13
    (The Original) Rex Dart, Eskimo Spy says:

    Was the monkey’s thong part of the spell?


  • 14
    Johnny Ryde says:

    @jedicrippler: re, the Master, no kidding! In fact for a minute I thought the guy was actually played by Anthony Ainley…

    Oh, great show, too. I think there were more people in the crowd tonight than in the same theater last show… I wish they’d do these more often, but I understand that the logistics are difficult…


  • 15
    TJ Truffleberry says:

    I laughed like a maniac throughout, and an excellent turnout at my theater as well!

    And hey, just what IS nothing, anyway?


  • 16
    CT Himes says:

    Lots of fun! Of the three live shows I’ve seen (Christmas Shorts, House of Haunted Hill and this), this is my favorite.


  • 17
    mst3ktemple says:

    Lots of fun. Good turn our for the laughfest. The short and the movie were a hoot. Lauren Kyanka’s two shorts got big laughs too.


  • 18
    Tork_110 says:

    Honestly, the doorknob cartoon was the best part of the evening.

    My favorite riff of the evening was the Kayne West reference. In fact, they scored some great gags off that character (king’s assistant or something) somehow.

    The witch princess was hot.


  • 19
    TJ Jones says:

    Video cut out a few times in the beginning, but was fine the rest of the film.

    Movie was okay.

    For the love of God, please stop with the heinous kiddie inspired shorts. Just because you think that the crap your offspring says is cute, doesn’t mean you should infect the rest of the world with the crap. I’d rather have the movie and nothing else then those awful kid voiced shorts.


  • 20
    Kenneth Morgan says:

    Re: jedicrippler (#8)

    I agree; a Pendragon riff along the lines of, “And after I finish with Jack, I’m going after Peter Davison,” would’ve been appropriate.

    As for the movie, I was kind of reminded of “Magic Sword”; both movies have similar tones and plotlines. The stop-motion effects in “Jack” were actually pretty good. Still, the movie was goofy enough to justify a good riffing. Mike, Bill & Kevin did a great job.

    As for the shorts from the little girl (whose name escapes me), they were weird in a way that only little kids can manage. They reminded me a lot of the “Dexter’s Laboratory” short that a little boy thought up and narrated. And as for “What is Nothing?”, the guys were right; that one was pretty tough to classify. The riffing was even funnier than in the main feature.

    I saw this one at the multiplex at Town Center Plaza in East Windsor. I got there early enough to get a great seat near dead center of the auditorium, and I got to see all of the Rifftrax screen jokes, and heard all the songs (my favorite: Kevin’s Neil Diamond-ish “When a Man Loves a Shark”). All told, there were about twenty people there and we all had a good time.


  • 21
    Lisa says:

    Our show was canceled. We had audio, but no video. The theater people said they would restart it all once they fixed it, but they canceled it a few minutes later. We got a refund and they will try to show it later if they can. We were so excited too because this was the first time the movie was playing locally. A very disappointing evening.


  • 22
    Thanos6 says:

    My first live show and a hoot. Theater was about half-full. Someone in the audience made a Castlevania joke just before Bill did.


  • 23
    Mr. B(ob) says:

    I walked out tonight saying it might be the best Rifftrax Live so far. Really enjoyed it. A much younger friend whom we got interested in MST3K a few months ago watched the show with us and he really enjoyed it too. The short about “nothing” was the right kind of terrible. The Something Awful shorts were short enough that the wackiness worked without wearing thin.

    I also said on the way home that the movie is a lot like The Magic Sword, clearly aimed at a juvenile audience of the day. I’ll also say I don’t think it’s as good a movie as Bert I. Gordon’s The Magic Sword and I’ve seen Jack The Giant Killer before without Rifftrax. My other comment about Jack The Giant Killer is that it clearly is a bad rip-off of the far superior and still excellent and entertaining Ray Harryhausen Seventh Voyage of Sinbad. The makers of Jack clearly badly copied Harryhausen’s Cyclops from the Sinbad movie for the monster at the beginning except that it has two eyes. Seventh Voyage Of Sinbad was a huge hit just a few years before Jack was made and the makers of Jack obviously were trying to duplicate that success. They even used the same leading actor, Kerwin Matthews. The Sinbad movie is a much better film that delighted both adults and children at the time and still does thanks to home video, while the Jack movie seems weaker each time I see it. It must have been passable as children’s entertainment in its day, but it’s no classic.


  • 24
    MPSh says:

    “I’m Irish and I now hate the Irish!”

    Am I the only one who thinks that the leprechaun looked distressingly like Tommy Makem?

    Great show; my local theater in Lowell MA was about two thirds full. Great fun!


  • 25
    Aram Fingal says:

    Hold on, I’ll be right there.

    This one was great! Might be just behind Plan 9 From Outer Space as far as these things have gone. I have to agree with most of what’s been said so far. The short was ridiculous and perfect. I’m tired of Lowtax’s stuff showing up at these. And the movie was top-shelf. Just right as lengths go, some great take away lines that I can’t remember right now (aside from Seize the Bone of course), and the type of movie that’s right in their wheelhouse. Loved it.

    Saw it at Cinemark in Hanover, MD, and the theater was almost completely full. PLEASE keep doing these!


  • 26
    swh1939 says:

    Strong turnout in Harrisburg, PA.


  • 27
    Mr. B(ob) says:

    Of all the Rifftrax Live shows this one was the most full of any of them I’ve seen. As someone else said the theater at Hanover, MD was packed with people. Some of the earlier shows we’ve seen there and at the Bowie, MD theater were barely attended. Glad we got there early tonight. Hopefully this is a sign that the fan-base is increasing and that these shows are better publicized and more widely known now.


  • 28
    big61al says:

    Surprise, the theater was 3/4 full, about 100 people. The riffing was fantasic. I only missed a few riffs with all the laughter. I remember seeing this film when I was 8 or 9 years old. There were a few younger people and a lot of gray headed people [myself included]. The only issue is the couple next to showed up after the show started. Still haven’t learn to tell time I guess. The guy felt he was a better riffer than Mike, Bill and Kevin. He kept yelling his lame comments like he was on his couch at home. I paid money to hear them not Y O U! Laugh as loud as you want, that is why we are all here for but shut your pie hole. ok I’m done venting….Still was a great show!


  • 29
    There's Going to be Rock Climbing says:

    And it was packed over here in Livonia, MI.


  • 30
    deville says:

    Saw this show tonight at the Lexington, KY, Cinemark with almost a full house. Everyone really seemed to be having a great time and I am looking forward to getting a copy of this on DVD so I can hear my favorite riffs over and over again! More please, Rifftrax guys, it was awesome!


  • 31
    GDogg says:

    Like most RiffTrax live events, it started slow and the audio was all over the place–and the extended closeup of Bill not saying anything was a, er, special touch–but it found its stride and delivered the goods.


  • 32
    Son of Bobo says:

    My first time in a movie theater since 1985 when I was 7.
    Drove 50 minutes to Danville, VA to see this, sporting my bots and SoL tee shirt. Maybe 25 people there, but the laughter made it sound like a packed house. I had tears in my eyes during “What Is Nothing?” These sword and sorcery films seem perfect for them. This might be Rifftrax’s best work to date.
    Can’t wait for the DVD.
    Well, I guess I’d better seize the bone.


  • 33
    Zee says:

    I really don’t care for those animated shorts, and even if I DID like them, they feel out of place in these Rifftrax: Live shows. The time spent on those cartoons could’ve been taken up by a second short. I was surprised they only had one short (although it was great!) and I was surprised they didn’t have a special guest- Although after Paul F. Tompkin’s stand-up brought the show to a stand still last time maybe that’s a good thing. I do like when they have a guest riff a short with them.

    As for JACK THE GIANT KILLER, it was great! What a surprise that such a colorful, off-the-wall movie could come from Nathan Juran, who made THE DEADLY MANTIS, one of the drabbest and dullest movies ever on MST3k. The movie was the kind of bad that you could tell the people making it had the best intentions and were trying really hard. I really dug it- and that princess was super-hot (and even hotter when she was evil).

    Seize your bones, everybody!


  • 34
    RaptorX8 says:

    We had a few problems with the video cutting out during about 5 minutes of it, but otherwise the theater was about half full. And we were put in a medium sized theater for a change instead of a small one, too. So it didn’t seem too crowded.

    The biggest laugh in the theater in Oldsmar, FL was definitely “This is a tale about Captain Jack Sparrow” Lots of SNL fans apparently. I couldn’t breathe I was laughing so hard.

    “Seize the bone!”


  • 35
    snowdog says:

    I think it may have been the best one so far. Nice riffing, a watchable, but bad movie, and some fun shorts. And I have to admit, I was the found the Claymation fight arousing. Sorry.


  • 36
    snowdog says:

    Oh, and Hamilton NJ AMC and their line-cutting club members can bite me. I’ll go elsewhere next time.


  • 37
    M'Hael says:

    A BRILLIANT job on this one, and you’re quite correct about the line: that seemed to be the one everyone in my (absolutely PACKED) theater in Charlotte, NC took away from the show.

    Also, kudos to whoever that person was in the front row of the theater in Nashville who was sportin’ the Tom Servo puppet. Smile


  • 38
    Ryan says:

    Such a fantastic show, everything that we’ve come to expect. Many, many huge laughs and what seemed like hundreds of average sized laughs though out the whole show. The theater I was in was at least 80% full, maybe more.


  • 39
    Dr. Carlo Lombardi says:

    Saw the movie at the Rave in Florence, KY south of Cincinnati. The theater was about 1/5 full which was actually great as the first RiffTrax they did at the cinema a few years ago there was maybe 8 people there. Really good response with people clapping near the end. Had an incredible time. Slight audio/sound issues during the opening accounting for 10-15 seconds lost, but other than that the show was perfect. Can’t wait for the next one!


  • 40
    Raptorial Talon says:

    Pretty good experience overall. I felt the riffing in the first ~half of the movie was pretty slow, but it picked up once the plotline reached the castle. “Seize the bone” is pretty good, but “Be there in a minute!” and a a couple other lines were also good instant catchphrases. And the movie, while silly, wasn’t truly terrible.

    Also, an open question: what kind of humorless blob dislikes the “kid story” shorts? They, and these tonight in particular, have been gaspingly funny. If I could own a collection just with those, I would buy it in a heartbeat. Kudos to Rifftrax for their taste in including them in their shows.


  • 41
    Sharktopus says:

    I’ll rank this one right up there with Plan 9 and the Christmas Shortstacular shows, at least until the afterglow fades. As Sampo said, the movie was just the right length, and pretty much perfect material to work with. Rich Kyanka’s contributions were funnier than usual, but still felt completely out of place, but Mike’s callback made them worthwhile. I wonder if that was an adlib? And the Nothing short? I’m downloading it right now, but I think I’ll need a good night’s contemplation before watching it again…

    The theater in Paramus was about 3/4 full, as with the other live events, and the ready-for-riffing crowd was already cheering at the trivia gags. That overlong Fathom ad for their opera season dropped a loud, wet rag on that flame, though. (Not to mention turning turning the missus’ nascent headache into a full-on migraine. A state-of-the-art cineplex’s surround sound is not meant for opera. Ow. Eek! )

    The leprechaun did look a bit like Tommy Makem, but really, what leprechaun doesn’t? I was more struck by Jack’s uncanny resemblance to the unholy love child of Paul Rudd and Ryan Reynolds. And no one involved in the film thought his having an American accent was an issue?

    So, when’s the next live event? Grin I suggest Carnival Of Souls for Halloweentime. (Or maybe Night Of The Living Dead for more marquee value. That riff could use a heavy overhaul, though.) And I can think of a little film that would be perfect for the holidays…


  • 42
    Zee says:

    Oh- should mention we saw it in New Rochelle at a about half-full theater. Can’t remember hearing so much *consistent* laughter in a movie theater before. The Rifftrax format allows for a pace of comedy other films can’t compete with!


  • 43
    The DA says:

    Great show here. Theater was 2/3 full. Constant laughter. I personally couldn’t stop laughing when they kept on repeating “Be right there…Be right there…Be right there…”. Excellent! Can’t wait for the next one!


  • 44
    Sharktopus says:

    Admittedly off-topic, Zee’s comment reminded me of a curious phenomenon I’ve encountered: a few years ago I went to see Monty Python And The Holy Grail at the little independent cinema nearby. If the rather small theater wasn’t sold out it was at least so packed that people were sitting in the impossible-to-get-comfortable-in first row, and presumably all of them were Python fans there to see arguably the funniest pure comedy film of all time. And yet… nobody laughed. Not a snicker or chortle to be heard. Why, because the audience was full of stick-in-the-mud-arthouse types sitting in rapt attention? I doubt it. My friend and I weren’t laughing either. It didn’t occur to me until later that it was simply because we’d all seen the movie many, many, many times before. Most of the audience probably had the entire film memorized. (Pretty sure I do.) Has anyone else noticed this peculair phenomenon?

    Anyway, regarding tonight’s show, who else was thinking of Castelvania just before they referenced it? I’ve not experienced that myself very many times, but it does happen – I think there’s been a weekend discussion about it. Do we MSTies have a term for that?


  • 45
    John says:

    I love all the Kyanka kid shorts.

    In any classic episode there’s a riff that for some odd reason just strikes me right, and causes me to fall over gasping for breath. That happened tonight…

    “Be right there….”

    Absolutely slew me.


  • 46
    Ramzy Darwish says:

    I was thinking. In my theater (Evanston, il), they showed a preview for Scarface being shown through this Fathom thing. Now if they can get the rights to show something like that, could they get other big Hollywood movies as well, and then have Rifftrax commentary on those. I mean, I love the goofy obscure movies, but how great would it be to go to a theater where a Ben Afleck movie is premiering, with Daredevil being riffed next door?

    Or Top Gun? Come on, people! Others need to see how crappy it is.

    But I assume George Lucas would do anything he could to keep The Holiday Special out of theaters.


  • 47
    Thomas K. Dye says:

    The “Dragon men” were a big hit in my party as well. “Be right there…” I loved how Bill and Mike imitated their slow side to side swipe.

    Cornwall isn’t nearly as much fun as the movie, from my last visit there. Wink


  • 48
    John Paradox says:

    My first time in a theater in years, and worth it. However, I did note one possible ‘missed riff’… “I’ll save you, Beany Boy!”



  • 49
    Krepta says:

    A disappointing evening for me personally because I had to go alone; but the feature itself more than made up for it. Jack The Giant Killer is almost like one of their Russo-Finnish movies– it’s actually kind of watchable on its own and very entertainingly silly even without the riffing, but the riffing makes it into absolute gold
    Thank god for Conor’s influence– it would have driven me NUTS if they’d missed the Castlevania riff!


  • 50

    My favorite of their live shows so far (missed House on Haunted Hill, but saw all the other ones). Perfect riffing material in both the movie and the short and no shortage of killer lines. Agreed with others above that the movie started a little slow, but once the princess and the very-American Jack got to the boat things picked up quickly. Jack’s breaking-into-Pendragon’s-castle had what might be the longest period of sustained excellence since MST3K went off the air; I can’t remember a sequence in anything anyone’s done since where every riff absolutely killed for nearly 10 minutes. Also thought of the Castlevania riff right before Bill made it. Really, just a stellar performance all around. The “one short plus moderately-long movie” setup seems to work best, as it lets the guys get a rhythm going with the movie (which was part of my issue with the Christmas shorts; it always felt like right as they were on the cusp of going on a hilarity run, the short was over). Well, as long as there’s not something that just slaughters the flow of the evening in between the two (complain all you want about the Lowtax ultra-shorts, but combined they were maybe 5 minutes, nowhere near as amusement-obliterating as Coulton’s 20 minute self-serving monstrosity from Plan 9).

    As an aside, as much as I loved “What is Nothing?”, part of me thinks that if somehow they’d been able to reverse time, use that in place of the Grass short from Reefer Madness, and use the Grass short here, this event would never be able to be topped.


  • 51
    hellokittee says:

    Only about 20 to 30 people maybe in our theater but a lot of loud laughter. I thought this was a PERFECT film for riffing and the guys did a great job. My husband had to explain the “protect your Sailor Moon dolls” (or something of the like) riff to me (WTF, by the way). Loved the “What is Nothing” short also.

    Fun fact: The queen (is that what she was? Elaine’s mom…) played by Anna Lee was a long running character on MST short subject and popular soap opera General Hospital. I know this because I grew up watching this show as my mom taped them daily and watched them after work.


  • 52
    CaveDweller says:

    This was the first Rifftrax: Live that I got to actually see live and in-person in Nashville (I was front row too, bay-be!) The whole show was so much fun and an absolute hoot. Since it was a little different actually seeing it in person, it’s a bit hard for me to say how much better or worse it was then other Rifftrax: Live shows, but I will say that in my honest opinion, it was the best one I’ve seen yet. One of the reason I enjoyed it so much was that quite honestly, I didn’t think the movie itself was all that bad. Was it goofy? Heck yeah!!! But, I thought it was goofy in a fun sort of way and watching Mike, Kevin and Bill work their magic in person just added to the fun. It was an absolutely awesome night!!!!

    As a side note, I don’t know if she’s usually at these Live shows, but Bridget Jones (MST3K writer/ cast member and Mike’s wife) was there. I had never seen her in person or met her before. She’s a SUPER cool, nice lady!!


  • 53
    Edward says:

    First time I’ve attended a live show. I brought a friend who was familiar with MST3K but not Rifftrax. We laughed throughout both the shorts and movie. That “Nothing” short was mind warping. Our medium sized Central California theater was about 70% full. That was actually more than I expected. I’m definitely going to attend future live shows. It’s much more fun for me to hear riffing with an audience.


  • 54
    Chris Lark says:

    Okay here’s my report from attending the show at the Rio 24 in Albuquerque, NM:

    1. OVERALL?: Great! A+! Actually I think this might be one of their BEST live shows EVER! The shorts were weirder than before and even though the movie really is not THAT bad they got a lot of great comedy out of it. The crowd was a little smaller than before but that didn’t keep anybody’s spirits down.

    2. HIGHLIGHT RIFFS?: Y’all already know about “Seize The Bone”, “Corcorman” and “Copperpoulous” (sp?) and “I’m Irish and now even I hate the Irish!” but I’ll add the following too:

    “Your Daddy kissed me on the lips”
    “That was avoidable”
    “Just bury me next to Gumby”
    “He died in the Shirts Section” (Land’s End joke)
    “And Lady Gaga is born”
    “His Job Satisfaction rate must be 300%”
    “That’s cool and I’m a let you finish” (I think that’s the Kanye West bit)
    “If you can’t be civil then please leave”
    The “Twilight” series jokes
    The Lonely Island referencing riffs “He’s Capt. Jack Sparrow” and “Let’s do a Youtube video of ‘I’m On A Boat'”
    Mentioning the Rich Kayanka shorts later

    And fwiw I actually liked the whole “Jesus Married A Frog” and “Doorknob The Superhero” bits too from the Kayanka shorts. The riffs from the “What Is Nothing?” short don’t come easily to mind just yet but it was very funny nonetheless.

    …and I know I forgot plenty more so please feel free to mention them.

    3. BIGGEST LAUGHS?: Believe it or not the crowd went wild for the Kanye West bit, the “He’s Capt. Jack Sparrow” bit and when Pendragon comes back to the King’s castle after kidnapping the King’s daughter to give him his demands and Mike goes something like “Whaaaaat? How did that happen? How did he just sneak in here?”

    4. PRE-SHOW BITS?: It seems like all the text to read was new so that was great & funny. Most of the songs were familiar but that’s fine too. My favorite was the one that went something like “Sooner or later American actors will actually be hired to play American people instead of Hollywood just hiring British & Australian actors to play them all the time.” Was almost a little surprised the didn’t show the Gloria Estefan concert again.

    5. WEIRD &/or ANNOYING BITS?: The picture went bad briefly during one of the Kayanka short and it did feel like the movie was louder than the riffing at one point but that changed quickly. ALso like already previously mentioned we got a longer-than-usual “reaction shot” of Bill for no apparent reason.

    The people in the seats in front of me were OPENLY TEXTING! *AND* the people a few seats behind were OPENLY making jokes in between Mike, Kevin & Bill’s riffing! Yes I know – OMG! WTF?

    People laughed a lot but NOBODY clapped. Seriously! (fwiw I did clap.)

    “What is Nothing?” actually might’ve topped the “Grass” or “The Shopping Witch” shorts for weirdness.

    6. QUESTIONS?: Do people just laugh but never clap at Rifftrax events or when they go to any movies these days? I was actually a little surprised they were clappin’ at the Nashville taping.

    “Godfrey” was mentioned during the riffing? Who is he and why was he mentioned?
    In the Nashville audience somebody yelled something to Mike at the end of the show. Did anybody catch what it was?

    FWIW I’d like to thank everybody at Rifftrax for a GREAT show and for the free goodies as wellWink


  • 55
    Sharktopus says:

    I wonder just what happened on Bill’s Delta flight to Nashville…


  • 56
    Sean says:

    I was at the Nashville taping. Holy cow, those guys can sweat. It was boiling in that theater.

    I was disappointed by the lack of The Master jokes as well. I thought Bill at least would’ve noticed that. Other than that, this was a thankfully watcheable movie that was improved by the riffing very much. Some guy a couple rows ahead of me brought his Tom Servo with him as well!

    Good fun all ’round. When the leprechaun fell into the ocean, I instinctively said, “By this time, my lungs were aching for air” in an Irish accent.


  • 57
    Mr. B(ob) says:

    @ “Was almost a little surprised the didn’t show the Gloria Estefan concert again.”

    Don’t know about the tape delay showings on the west coast, but they did show the Estefan concert again with the super “test material” at the bottom of the screen for at least 15 minutes before the Rifftrax trivia jokes started for the live satellite feed of the show.


  • 58
    Sharktopus says:

    @ Chris: I really don’t see any point in clapping at a movie, unless it’s a premiere or Q&A event or somesuch where the filmmaker’s actually there with you. People clapped in my theater in Paramus, but I’m fairly certain Mike, Bill, and Kevin couldn’t hear it all the way down in Nashville. Silly

    Oh, and the word you’re thinking of was portcullis, and I too jump at any opportunity to work it into conversation. (

    I could also use some clarification on the reference to… um, Geoffrey, was it? That got a big laugh but I have no clue. Big Frown


  • 59
    Pet the llama says:

    Having flown Delta before, I know it couldn’t have been pleasant.


  • 60
    Sharktopus says:

    I’d have rather been subjected again to Gloria and the Miami Noise Machine than Fathom’s opera advertisement. Not that I have anything against opera in and of itself, but that ad was ear-splitting, at least in my theater. I’m truly not exaggerating when I say it gave Mrs Sharktopus a migraine. She barfed a little on the drive home. Or maybe it was just the NJ air… (I’ll admit, I did clap once – at the Pied Piper led all the rats to New Jersey trivia card.)


  • 61
    Mr. B(ob) says:

    Here’s a nitpick on the movie. A real portcullis has holes in the ground for those spikes at the bottom to descend into. The idea was to make it really hard for anyone besieging a castle to get through it. The low-budget fake one in the movie just rested on the ground.

    And if you got there early enough you were subjected to the Gloria Estefan concert before the Rifftrax trivia started and the opera adverts later on after the trivia had run.


  • 62
    Richard the Lion-Footed says:

    San Diego, full crowed and almost a full house.
    But the crowed was a little subdued. Not the energy of past shows here.

    Enjoyed the movie and the shorts. Really enjoyed the pre-show screen cards. The best I have seen so far.

    Now it you will excuse me, I have to go seize the bone.


  • 63
    Sharktopus says:

    However, every other aspect of life in feudal England was depicted surprisingly accurately, especially the relative difficulty of killing forced-perspective stop-motion giants.

    This is the first RiffTrax live event where I wasn’t already familiar with the movie being riffed, besides some of the Christmas shorts – although I had seen a few of them before, oddly enough – and I sheepishly admit that I had been expecting a film retelling of Jack and the Beanstalk. Am I the only one who mad that assumption?


  • 64
    Watch-out-for-Snakes says:

    This is my third Rifftrax LIVE event at the Lloyd Center 10 Cinemas in Portland Oregon and they’ve all been nearly a full house, 90% full and everybody’s loving it. The short is one of those things that has an existence that is unexplainable. I’m glad it exists so the guys could riff it up. (The downloadable version of ‘What is Nothing’ has a few different riffs) The two shorts from the lil’ girl were fine, short and sweet, but yeah, maybe they did feel a little outta place. JACK THE GIANT KILLER itself was totally killer, just my kind of fruity wonky weird mamma-jamma of a movie. Their best LIVE show yet! “Seize the bone” and “Be right there..” were crowd favorites. There were some jokes that fell flat (in our crowd at least) and more than one flub up by the riffers; Bill apologized for his “as the Me crow flies” flub, but these are just minor quibbles with what was overall a very enjoyable night. More LIVE shows PLEASE!

    now if you excuse me, I have to go watch #313 ‘Earth vs. the Spider’ for tomorrows Episode Guide entry.


  • 65
    Watch-out-for-Snakes says:

    Sharktopus, I had never seen this movie before and I too assumed that it had something to do with Jack and the Beanstalk. The shame of assumption. . . .


  • 66
    Cherokee Jack says:

    Easily the best Live Rifftrax I’ve seen, and I’ve seen all but plan 9. They got rolling about a third in and it just didn’t stop. Theater was pretty full in Emeryville with lots of hardcore fans. Funny how I could pretty much pick out every MST3K fan out of the crowd in the lobby… As I said to my daughter, “these are our people.”

    And a little disconcerting having my teenage daughter merrily chorus “seize the bone” with the crowd after the movie…

    Love the fact that our hero had to take two hacks at the skinny rope mooring the Viking dingy to the dock. Not enough in the budget to get another piece of rope for a reshoot.

    The only difference between this movie and making the 7th Voyage of Sinbad was Ray Harryhausen. Nuff’ said.


  • 67
    Stupid Repulsive Anteater says:

    The show in Redding, CA didn’t happen, about ten minutes after 8 the theater guy walks in and tells us that they didn’t “get” the show from Fathom. So disappointing Frown


  • 68
    Watch-out-for-Snakes says:

    Just remembered a good one:

    When Corcorman is reaching into the doorway of the flour mill, Bill riffs, “It’s like me looking in the refrigerator. ‘Where is the mustard?'” then Corcorman smashes the door and Bill yells, “WHERE IS THE MUSTARD?!”



  • 69
    Time-for-go-to-bed says:

    Here in Palo Alto the attendance was very small, but everyone laughed their asses off.
    (Although I was a little bummed when no one reacted to the “HR puffen-stuff” crack.)
    Oh god, those Kyanka cartoons were classic, I really want to find them, but they don’t seem to pop-up online.
    My friend and I hopped out “Imp-on the double rain-bow” style, and also set off a small out break of “dragon-soldier” shuffling.
    I was really happy to be there, it tells me I’m not the only freak avidly watching ancient Mst Turkey day marathon recordings, or pausing and fussing to get a “House on Haunted Hill” Rifftrax going.
    I hope to see more of these events, and of the MST3K community.
    Keep circulating those tapes!


  • 70
    MarcusVermilion says:

    Loved this! The funniest one one for me so far! Yes, they did have some bad audio at the beginning. I could barely hear Kevin at times. Then again Gloria Estefan and Opera were shown to us at FULL VOLUME before the show started. Clifton NJ AMC was about 3/4 full with the bulk of the audience sitting in the middle and back rows. Oh, the “Planet of the Apes” riff used when the kid was turned into a Chimp was fitting as the theater previously showed “Rise of the Apes” before the RT show!

    Oh, from now on when we wish the RT crew good luck before a show, don’t say “Break a leg”. Say “SEIZE THE BONE!!!”.


  • 71
    Mike "ex-genius" Kelley says:

    Loved it – still think “Plan 9” was the best but perhaps only because it was the first.

    Theater at Pleasure Island was half-full which was a nice change from the last two shows at Pointe Orlando. Obviously a younger crowd than my wife and I (but no surprise there, as we’re Mike, Kevin and Bill’s age) and there were a few jokes (Conor?) that we just didn’t get (on that note: can someone explain what was so funny when they say the princess is in *another* castle? That got the biggest laugh of the evening in our venue and my wife and I just went “huh”? Video game reference?)

    Like Sampo, I’ve felt the kid videos were out of place in these shows but unlike him this time I actually enjoyed them (and, yes, the callback made them worth it). I think they can safely stop using them now.

    I *really* want this to come out on DVD or at least VOD — this is one I’d love to see again and again and again (it’s truly as good as anything MST3K has done).


  • 72
    touches no one's life, then leaves says:

    I fear Lauren Kyanka may receive death threats from “the religious right” for depicting (well, okay, she didn’t do the actual DEPICTING, but) Jesus marrying a gender-vague frog. Poor kid.

    #58: For some reason the context of the joke made me think it was a reference to a member of the British Royal Family. Not sure why.

    Thoroughly enjoyed it, but I noticed a few IMHO missed opportunities. Among these:

    1) There was room for a “Corn Is Grass” callback at least once.

    2) The blonde kid in the short just screamed for a “Cousin Oliver” reference.

    3) Am I the only one who thought that Garna, despite being possibly moviedom’s merriest flunky, looked like a Vulcan?

    4) Cormoran! Cormoran! ROGER CORMORAN!


  • 73
    touches no one's life, then leaves says:

    Also it seemed to me like the villain’s name, PENdragon, would’ve prompted a callback to “The Undead”‘s PendraGON. Shrug.

    In case anyone didn’t “get it,” in Greek myth, Jason (of “and the Argonauts” fame) created warriors by “sowing” dragon’s teeth into the ground. That’s presumably why PENdragon’s tooth-creations were called “Dragon-Men.” No reason NOT to add a Greek myth tidbit to a mostly British myth story, I guess. Then again, for all I know there’s a similar story in British myth.

    IMHO Sigund’s role in the film was sorta redundant. Jack and Peter could have acquired a ship and the leprechaun (whose name per the IMDB was Diablotin) more directly. Also mildly odd that at the end Elaine seemed so familiar with Sigund and Peter without ever having met them before. Oh well.

    Anyone know, was there supposed to be a reason (other than it being a plot device) that Sigund hadn’t simply used the leprechaun’s three wishes and freed him from the bottle himself? Couldn’t quite hear the dialogue at that point.


  • 74
    Laura says:

    Loved it!!! Laughed the whole time. It was the best live show yet. I can do without the little girl’s shorts. Sorry, but I just don’t care for them. And why is she still 5? She was 5 the last time they had a live show!!!

    So when is the next one????


  • 75
    Travis H says:

    Saw this with my fiance last night. We both loved it, I was surprised by how good it turned out (the short was a great choice, SO weird). JACK THE GIANT KILLER is perfect MST3k fodder; very watchable yet very riffable. Hope they do another!


  • 76
    Aram Fingal says:

    Oh, I notice people called the Castlevania riff coming. I didn’t, but I did say, “Sorry, your princess is in another castle,” right before Kevin did. It doesn’t happen much, but I love when it does.


  • 77
    ARCH HALL 3 says:



  • 78
    Laura says:

    For anyone who was at the Burlington Regal Cinema 20 last night, was there Gloria Estafan concert footage again? By the time I got there, the movie trivia slides were playing.

    That short was scarier that “Grasses”. I knew we were in for a ride when they mentioned the name of the short. I downloaded it this morning and plan on watching it again later today.

    I really love Rifftrax. I hope there’s another show. I’d snap up my ticket in a second!


  • 79
    Dane says:

    I think the “princess is in another castle” line was from Super Mario (80s video game).


  • 80
    Riot71 says:

    @36 line cutting club members? what do you mean? I was at that show as well and belong to the “club”


  • 81
    touches no one's life, then leaves says:

    The original (so to speak) Jack the Giant Killer legend was set during King Arthur’s time, making it an odd choice by the filmmakers to name the *villain* “Pendragon” (since in some sources King Arthur is known as “Arthur Pendragon”; some readers may not have known that). Perhaps they thought it would “confuse” the audience for the good king to have “dragon” in his name. Perhaps that’s why “The Undead” had the name pronounced “PendraGON”…although that story had no King Arthur connection, so WTH, right?


  • 82
    Sitting Duck says:

    I too was surprised that none of them remarked, ” Roger Corcorman?”

    And has Delta replaced Northwest as their punching bag airline?


  • 83
    terrorcotta says:

    Must have been something wrong in our theater because we didn’t hear much at all. I changed seats twice and *did* find a better spot but I missed most of the riffing. I’m glad it was a good movie.


  • 84
    touches no one's life, then leaves says:

    Oh, and in case anyone cares, Erik the Red (mentioned by Sigurd) was active during the tenth century, whereas King Arthur (and thus Jack) is generally considered as having been active during the SIXTH century, so, you know, whatever. Smile


  • 85
    Tork_110 says:

    #72 Lauren will receive more death threats from SA goons than she’ll ever receive from whatever people you’re too chicken to mention specifically.


  • 86
    touches no one's life, then leaves says:

    #85: I COULDN’T be specific on that if I wanted to because I don’t know of any SPECIFIC “religious right” types who are unhinged enough to threaten a five-year-old over a silly kid’s-stream-of-consciousness story. I don’t doubt that they’re out there, though. Thinking

    Callback, sort of: director Nathan Juran (born in Austria, real first name “Naftuli”; who knew?) also directed “The Deadly Mantis.”

    Kind of annoying that they sang over the credits rather than riffing them, but so it goes.


  • 87
    hungry and a little confused says:

    The show was awesome. I was at the Belcourt so I was seeing them in the flesh. My wife ran into Bridget Jones Nelson in the bathroom and got her picture with her. My wife said Bridget was very cool and friendly, even though she was approached in the bathroom, which i’m sure was weird for her. My wife wishes it could have happened differently but the moment was there so she seized the bone.


  • 88
    Emily says:

    This was my third live show, and I thought it was the best. I might have been biased because this was the first time I was able to come with a friend, but I do think they keep getting better. It was her first live show, but she was already familiar with Rifftrax and MST3k, and she loved it—although I was truly afraid she was going to choke and die on the popcorn a couple times.

    I moved cities since the last Rifftrax I saw (HoHH), but both this time and the last time had a pretty decent turnout. I also noticed that the Columbus, OH, audience are not clapping people, and they didn’t seem to react to the pre-movie “trivia” as much.

    Count me among those who really could do without the Lowtax shorts. I DO try to keep perspective—they take up, what, two or three minutes of the entire show?—but they are out of place and rather forgettable, IMHO. I don’t usually think something is cute or funny just because children are involved, but I’m glad her dad thinks she’s adorable. I don’t mind watching the shorts once, but I hate to think of having to constantly skip over them when I watch the DVD.


  • 89
    mstie#44772 says:

    Saw it with an almost sold-out crowd in Tysons Corner, VA. Due to technical difficulties, we missed almost everything prior to the main feature, including all the pre-credits movie trivia and such. I thought they didn’t do them this time until I saw the comments here. Bummer! But we got to see the main movie and I’m looking forward to downloading the short, so it’s all good. Agree that this was one of their best. A++!


  • 90
    touches no one's life, then leaves says:

    Carpe Os.


  • 91
    dip says:

    Great show! Many more people in Columbia MD than last time; almost a full theater. They probably should have done an encore for this one, I’d go back tonight if I could Smile


  • 92
    John says:

    Chris Lark said: “Godfrey” was mentioned during the riffing? Who is he and why was he mentioned?”.

    I didn’t hear a “Godfrey”, but I did hear a riff about prince Joffrey. It’s a Game of Thrones reference.


  • 93
    dad1153 says:

    Mike “ex-genius” Kelley says: can someone explain what was so funny when they say the princess is in *another* castle? That got the biggest laugh of the evening in our venue and my wife and I just went “huh”? Video game reference?

    Mike, in the original “Super Mario Bros.” Nintendo NES game from 1985 (and most “Mario” platform games since) the plot’s the same: the princess (Peach) has been kidnapped by the bad guy (Bowser) and only Mario can save her by clearing a level of enemies/bad guys and reaching the end. At the end of every ‘world’ Mario would defeat that world/level’s boss and come to the end expecting to have the princess there, only for a stooge to say ‘Sorry Mario, but your princess is in another castle’ (i.e. the next level/world). This kept going until the very end of the game when the princess would finally be there. So, in the movie, when Pendragon is feeding Jack bull about the princess not being there it was an air ball for Kevin to simply repeat a line that anyone that has been playing videogames since 1985 knows by heart. Same with the “Castlevania” joke after the Dragon Men are vanished with the whip; that’s exactly how enemies are defeated in the game, and I’d bet good money some kid in Japan who saw this movie growing up remembered when it came time for him/her to make a contribution to his Konami employers.

    The Union Square Theater in NYC (theater 4, the biggest one in the complex) was 85-90% sold out and everything (the short, the toons, feature) went like gangbusters. We also had the blacked-out seconds at the start and creepy shot of Corbett not doing/saying anything, so that was a technical failure at the Nashville point of origin. This was my third Rifftrax Live! show and, unlike the previous one’s that had only two or three BIG laughs (like ‘Laaaaaaaadies!’ from “House on Haunted Hill”?), “Jack the Giant Killer” packed at least 10-12 BIG laughs that had the entire theater in body-bending hysterics. The riffs started slow and OK (Mike’s ‘that’s exactly how I look at bacon’ followed by his on-camera stare killed me!) but kept building and building. Then we hit a lull with the ship/princess kidnapping; except for the first riff when we see the boat this is a 10-15 min. sequence with not only terrible jokes (really, naming a ghost ‘Phil’ was the best they could do?) but with Jack at his wimpiest/most useless.

    But then Pendragon visits the king and the riffing/jokes kick-starts again and pretty much doesn’t stop until the very end. It seems that every 10 or so minutes, when the riffs/energy should be dying, the movie threw another goofy scene (Pendragon’s creation of his staff, the leprechaun, ‘Be right there’ dragon men, chimp in a speedo, tentacled monster, double-slash rope holding the boat, etc.) that, along with the Rifftrax crew’s dead-on jokes, re-energized the crowd into laughing even louder than before. This was easily their best live show to date moviewise, but the short was just too weird/esoteric to set itself for riffs. I remember every scene/shot from the short but the jokes are almost gone from my memory bank (I only remember hey, it’s Mitch from ‘Dazed and Confused’). Someone else said it earlier: if the ‘grass’ short (which they referenced in the pre-movie title cards: ‘Did You Know… Corn is a form of grass’) from earlier had been included here this would have been an unbeatable Rifftrax Live! event. But I’ll take a very riffable decent-for-its-time-but-goofy movie that they nail over nit-picking perfectly-functional, mind-warping shorts any day.

    And I’ve got tickets to ‘Cinematic Titanic’ next month for their return NYC engagement… joy!


  • 94
    sirhamhat says:

    Not breaking any new ground in the discussion, but just wanted to say: Loved it! LOVED IT!!! Definitely my favorite LIVE Rifftrax event so far. I buy all of the DVDs as soon as they come out–and though the LIVE experience is much better–I was so happy to see them do a completely brand new movie to riff for the LIVE show. Great stuff! Hope they do another one before the end of the year and riff something never-before-riffed again. Also really excited to see the preview of the upcoming Abraxas! Early 90’s crap! Woohoo!!!


  • 95
    John R. Ellis says:

    Yeah, the extended close-up of Bill looking drained and perspiration drenched was, um, very uncomfortable. I’m hoping they find a way to delete it in the DVD version.

    Short was bizarre but funny.

    “Jack” started out quite slow, riffing-wise, but by the time the creepy jester puppet turned up they seemed to warm to the material.

    I left the theater with “Seize the bone!” playing over and over in my head.

    Pretty fun show. But man, most of the stop motion FX were so AWFUL, they hardly needed riffing!


  • 96
    Of no account says:

    I saw it in Olathe KS, and there was a HUGE turnout. Normally there’s around 20-30 people, but this time there was at least 200 (possibly even more, but I’m sure whatever the number, that it minus itself equalled nothing)! The theater was nearly sold out. Someone most have left the portcullis open!


  • 97
    John R. Ellis says:

    “I fear Lauren Kyanka may receive death threats from “the religious right” for depicting (well, okay, she didn’t do the actual DEPICTING, but) Jesus marrying a gender-vague frog. Poor kid.”

    “85: I COULDN’T be specific on that if I wanted to because I don’t know of any SPECIFIC “religious right” types who are unhinged enough to threaten a five-year-old over a silly kid’s-stream-of-consciousness story. I don’t doubt that they’re out there, though”

    Have you really had such negative experiences with Christian RiffTrax fans? Honest question, as being one (and being best friends with several others), I think we’re a tad better than you’re assuming. Smile


  • 98
    touches no one's life, then leaves says:

    >>>naming a ghost ‘Phil’

    Phil Spector/Spectre?


  • 99
    Foodman Chu says:

    My first live Rifftrax and I loved it! Great movie to Riff on, much like Magic Sword, the Finnish Troika, etc. Bonus points for having the little girl who made the cartoons in the theater here in Kansas City. (Her dad, the Something Awful guy, lives in the area.) Big rounds of applause for her. Too bad they left early and she didn’t get to hear Mike’s impression of her narrative skillz. And that short! Hot damn. Forwarding the link to everyone I know. Now if we could only get Cinematic Titanic to come through town…


  • 100
    Yvonne says:

    I’m just glad it’s been confirmed corn IS grass!


  • 101
    hellokittee says:

    @58 – I didn’t get the Geoffrey reference either, my husband told me it is a reference to “Game of Thrones” which he just finished reading and loved

    @73 – I just recently watched “The Undead” so I was thinking the same thing! Probably would have been to obscure…


  • 102

    I thought they named him Phil after Phil the prince of insiffiant (sp?) light from Dilbert.


  • 103
    NormalView82 says:

    The theater was 90% full in Scottsdale, AZ. Great crowd to share the non-stop laughter with (one girl had an MST3K theater seats wrap-around tattoo on her arm). The Rifftrax Live virgins I brought with me really enjoyed it and have agreed to join the ranks of my weekly MST3K screenings group. I prefer this straight ahead, one short and on to the movie, with no special guests format(but the animated shorts were amazingly hilarious). Even though I became a Jonathan Coulton fan after the Plan 9 broadcast, I still feel the guests detract from the main purpose of the show. Solid outing from the Rifftrax crew. Favorite riff: “I can confirm that for some reason”.


  • 104
    snowdog says:


    Surely you didn’t wait through the full line as Club member! There’s an express lane there for you. I really wouldn’t have minded if it had had a dedicated cashier, but they were using the same windows as main line. So when anyone showed up in that lane they were simply “next” no matter how long everyone else had been waiting.


  • 105
    touches no one's life, then leaves says:

    #97: I’ve had negative experiences with people who describe themselves as “Christians” and/or people who meet the general definition of “right-wingers,” yes, but I don’t presume that any of them are/were Rifftrax fans.

    However, it’s not necessary to be a Rifftrax fan to find out about the contents of a Rifftrax performance. People are talking about this one throughout the internet even now.

    Sorry to bring down the room, but some people will threaten others over anything if they believe that the Bible, their breakfast cereal, or any other source is providing instructions to that effect.


  • 106
    Max Keller says:

    Thought the show was awesome, started a bit slow, but got crazy funny.

    Was anyone else waiting for a “Torgo” reference when the first hunched-over, bent-knees clay giant was hobbling around on bended knees?

    Can’t wait for the next one, great job fellas.


  • 107
    John R. Ellis says:

    Yeah, I caught the references to “A Game of Thrones” and the one to “Great Expectations” got a huge laugh at my theater over in VA Beach, Dickens must be big here!

    105: I’m a Christian who is a RiffTrax fan, and I know I’m not the only one.

    Maybe we’re not automatically and innately evil, crazy bigots out for this little girl’s blood? Just a thought.


  • 108
    touches no one's life, then leaves says:

    #107: I missed the part where I said that you were anything of the sort. I mean, I stated that I was NOT referring to Rifftrax fans, and you’re presuming that that’s EXACTLY what I was doing? Wouldn’t it make more sense to respond to what I *actually* said instead of to what you’re *pretending* that I said?

    Seriously, my apologies for offending people.

    And if you’re telling me that there are NO “Christians,” and NO “right-wingers,” who ARE “evil, crazy bigots” who would threaten a child, well, obviously, you’re entitled to an opinion.


  • 109
    Beautiful Mind says:

    For what it’s worth, I thought the shorts were HILARIOUS! Loved em and I hope they always include them.


  • 110
    Joe Klemm says:

    @73 Elaine knew Peter because he was part of the crew of the ship that she and Jack were using to reach Normandy.

    Among the list funny moments from the event (both mentioned and not yet mentioned):

    -The “What is Nothing” short (they must be saving the most bizarre shorts for these events).
    -The riff that suggests that Elaine’s father is saying “Goodbye, darling” to Jack.
    -The callback to “More Dangerous Than Dynamite”.
    -“Seize the bone” (if I have a hard time remembering the funniest parts of the film, you can blame this line).
    -The Rifftrax guys reacting in horror to what appears to be the sea monster doing “typical Japanese tentacle creature behavior” to the two-headed giant.
    -The “Lucky Charms” crack when the leprechaun is seen in a tumbled position.


  • 111
    Sampo says:

    Folks, let’s let the religious thing drop, okay?

    Also, it seems the Seattle P-I linked to this thread:


  • 112
    Gilbert2600 says:

    Better turnout than in the past at the Castleton Square theater in Indianapolis. I have been to every live show except Reefer and Jack so far is probably my favorite. I like the format of last nights show–one Rifftrax short, and then the movie (kind of reminded me of an MST3K episode). I didn’t mind the animated shorts, they were short enough that they didn’t get annoying.

    It’s Stevie Nicks! “Just like the White Winged Dove”
    It’s the 127 Hours hallway! (or something similar to that)


  • 113
    touches no one's life, then leaves says:

    #110: Oh, right. Don’t know what I was thinking. Thanks. Still holds true for Sigund, though, whom she called “wonderful” (as the guys were quick to focus on). Shrug.

    #111: FBM. Again, my apologies. If you want to delete #108, again, FBM.


  • 114
    Chris Lark says:

    Thanks Sharktopus & John for the info (and also thanks to whoever provided info on “The Princess is in another castle” bit.) You’re right it was “Geoffrey” not “Godfrey” and PortCullis” not Copperpoulos.

    FWIW I’ll agree with the following:

    The Princess was cute both as herself and (oddly enough) the Lady Gaga/Witch.
    Why didn’t they make a Roger Corman joke when the Corcorman appears?
    Why didn’t they make a Dr. Who joke about Pendragon? (or at least a King Arthur joke?)
    The “why is the monkey wearing a thong?” bit was great! (I guess it wouldn’t have been a PG movie if we could see his junk though huh?)
    A riff I remembered from “What Is Nothing” is “A young Ellen DeGeneres.”

    Rifftrax are GREAT at riffing on love scenes! I almost wish they’d do more of them.
    Did anybody get a preview of “Scarface” starring Al Pacino in their theater? did anybody wish the Rifftrax could riff on that too?
    So I guess Fandango has a contract with Gloria Estefan? Do they show her concert before other movies too?


  • 115
    tinaw says:

    I think this Rifftrax Live show was the best one so far. I saw this at Union Square Regal Cinema. The movie was entertaining, and the riffs were all spot on. Even the bad riffs and the riffs they bungled were funny. The What is Nothing short — did teachers show this short to break their student’s spirits? Ah well, the riffs made it better. I’m not crazy about the Lowtax shorts, and thank you to the person who pointed out that Lauren was 5 the last time they featured a short by her. I mean, the stream-of-consciousness stories are nice and wild, but the cartoon style is creepy and brings the whole thing down. Nevertheless, I laughed frequently throughout the movie and can’t wait for this one to come out on DVD/Blu-Ray. Carpe os!


  • 116
    Riot71 says:

    @ snowdog. Had no idea they were doing that now. I got these tickets in advanced and anytime I go to the movies I use the computer cause I hate the movie lines


  • 117
    tinaw says:

    Oh yeah, I forgot! They missed some riffs, or rather, refused to make certain callbacks for some elements. The biggest one I can think of was the leprechaun’s gold boots. However, I can understand them not wanting to call back MST3K too much, although it would have gotten the crowd on their feet, IMO. Also, my first though about the blond kid in the What is Nothing short? Dill from To Kill A Mockingbird. I may be the only one who thought that.


  • 118
    snowdog says:

    So… anyone going to rush out and see the 129 Operas that Fathom advertised? Just the ads gave me a headache.


  • 119
    big61al says:

    Gloria Estefan, ugh,….I was in the theater early [all right I was the first one there] and I had to listen to the whole concert two times before the opening screen jokes started to roll….Now that it appears that Rifftrax live is a success do you think we can get some attendence numbers posted? I’d love to see how many people saw the show last night.


  • 120
    Laura says:


    I won’t be seeing any of those operas. I don’t understand why anyone would pay money to see some fat lady yelling not in English like she’s getting some sharp rammed up her bloated butt.


  • 121
    touches no one's life, then leaves says:

    #117: I didn’t think of that one at all. They could have just whistled a bar of “Keep Your Gold Boots” moving, it would’ve only taken a second. Oh well.

    I expected them to somehow jump on the oddity of a man being called a “witch” — it’s usually “warlock” or “sorcerer” — but I guess they weren’t quite sure where to go with that.

    When the leprechaun’s seven-league boots were mentioned (I focused on the seven-league part, not the gold part), I presumed they’d figure into the plot, yet they didn’t. I’m pretty sure the audience would have accepted that a leprechaun could hover in the air even WITHOUT magic boots.

    Also, I was a bit unclear as to whether there was supposed to be a particular reason that Pendragon returned at that particular time after having been gone for so long. Doesn’t really matter, but they made a point out of establishing that his defeat had been a long time ago, so it was noticeable.

    So with those points, plus the Sigurd deal — Jack and Peter, in the ocean, could have DIRECTLY found the bottle with the leprechaun (not any more improbable than happening upon a ship whose captain had himself happened to find the bottle but hadn’t done anything with it) and the leprechaun could have zapped up a ship for them to get to Stately Pendragon Manor; even the shield Sigurd gave Jack turned out to have no real significance — the plot could’ve been a *little* tighter, is what I guess my impression was. Still panned out better than a lot of other movies with much bigger budgets, though.

    Maybe Vikings were box-office gold at the time OSLT…


  • 122
    kismetgirl88 says:

    I’m I the only one who had trouble hearing the “what is nothing” Short? But great show I hope they do another one. And remember Grab the bone.


  • 123
    John Paradox says:

    The mentions of problems reminded me of what happened in Tucson (El Con theater). Before the Rifftrax, with the MetOpera and so on, the screen was split, with the right half on the left, etc…. They blanked a couple of times, then got it all one screen in time for the RT. However, the aspect ratio was messed up, so when we were leaving, they handed out cards for a free movie(!!). The problem didn’t bother me that much but it was annoying to many.



  • 124
    Of no account says:

    For those who missed it, Sigund couldn’t use the leprechaun (that sounds wrong for some reason…). Only someone who had never told a lie could hold the bottle, and thus use it (eventually freeing the leprechaun). That’s why when Jack touches the bottle and doesn’t get burned, the leprechaun says (appr.) ‘after a thousand years, finally an honest man!’


  • 125
    Gummo says:

    Late to the party, but we were at the Union Square in NYC and it was a blast! This our 4th Rifftrax Live event and we are certainly going to see as many as they’re willing to do.

    The “Nothing” short takes its place as one of the weirdest they’ve ever done. All I can figure is that grant money for “educational” shorts musta been flowing like water back in the halcyon ’70s….

    And count me among the Lowtax boosters — I find his microcartoons of his daughter’s stories adorable and laugh-out-loud funny.

    I just hope there isn’t another 6-9 month gap before the DVD comes out because I can’t wait to see this again. So when it comes out, I’ll…

    Be right there!

    Be right there!

    Be right there…


  • 126
    touches no one's life, then leaves says:

    #124: Okay, thanks.

    I guess that proves that the ship’s captain and crew never asked any awkward questions about who Jack and Elaine were, because otherwise Jack would have had to make up a cover story, and that would’ve been a lie. Wink

    Carpe Os. “Seize the Bone.”


  • 127
    losingmydignity says:

    Yes, one of their best bet. Almost as good as the Xmas show and maybe slightly better than reefer madness.

    Some real classic moments: the kids getting the “munchies” in the short, the Draggin’ Knights (I assume my spelling is correct and claim full credit if it isn’t, rifftrax guys), the hot princess and even hotter claymation, the irish jokes, the skeleton pointing (can’t remember the riff). A certain Saul Bellow novel will forever be “Seize the Bone” for me.

    My small audience applauded like hell at the end.

    Had lowered my expectations because of Magic Sword but this was much better.

    Why no Wizard of Oz reference when P trotted out the hour glass? Or did I miss it?

    I don’t know about you guys but I’m still wearing my thong, won’t you?


  • 128
    snowdog says:

    “skeleton pointing (can’t remember the riff)”

    “If you can’t be civil, you can just leave.” It was so perfectly timed with the gesture, it was one my hardest laughs of the evening.


  • 129
    dad1153 says:

    losing my dignity: Why no Wizard of Oz reference when P trotted out the hour glass? Or did I miss it?

    They did. When we got a close-up inside Pendragon’s glass thing Kevin said ‘Auntie M., Antie M… oops, wrong movie!’ as the camera zoomed out to reveal Pendragon and his assistant.


  • 130
    losingmydignity says:

    Thanks guys! The skeleton will go down as one of the great moments indeed.


  • 131
    eegah says:

    @122 (kismetgirl88): No, I also had a hard time hearing the short. Then the movie was a bit too loud (or the riffers too low; either way), and I especially had a hard time hearing Kevin at some times.

    Best live show yet! Can’t wait for the DVD!


  • 132
    Zillamon51 says:

    I’ve been to all the Rifftrax Live shows, and this was by far their best. Jack The Giant-Killer was a perfect movie choice. On its own, it’s silly, good-natured fun. For the Riffers, it was the gift that kept on giving: The sub-par stop-motion animation, the Dragon Men, a chimp in a thong, Pendragon’s goofy assistant, “Seize the bone,” etc. The show got a lot of big laughs from the audience.

    I really hope they can get the rights to release this live show on DVD / Blu-ray. (The movie is available on its own on DVD from MGM.) The Blu would be an instant pre-order for me!

    Overheard on the way out after the show: “One of those guys was on Mystery Science Theater.” “I’m going home to seize the bone.” “Let’s see Planet of the Apes; wonder if they wear thongs in that.” I attended @ the Oxford 7 in Oxford, MI. Some peeps had apparently come from the Renaissance Festival, as they were in costume.


  • 133

    I was in the theater in the Park Place Mall in Tucson, AZ. Had a fairly small crowd, 30-35% full but it was very energetic and we had plenty of room to ROFL during the funniest moments.

    One thing I don’t think has been brought up is, while this live show was excellent, the riffers did seem to throw out a lot more “Dude, not funny!”-worthy jokes this time. They god booed at least a half dozen times.


  • 134
    Blindpew says:

    Saw it at a pretty packed theatre (except for the neck-breaker seats up front) in Westbury. As soon as they hit the boat, my friend was nearly curled up in his chair in convulsive laughter from all the riffs. Although in our theatre one of the biggest, longest laughs came from “I love being a professor of women’s studies!”. Guess that comes of having a dozen colleges in the area. Smile


  • 135
    Kristi says:

    Saw it in OKC, what a hilarious show! These guys are in their element in this format. More live fathom events!!!!


  • 136
    Kyle says:

    This was my first “live” Rifftrax (not live here in Spokane, WA though). I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time, besides the DVDs of MST3K. Very, very funny and hope they get to do more.


  • 137
    Ken says:

    Viewed it, as we have viewed all the Rifftrax live shows, at the Regal Stonecrest Theaters just outside Charlotte NC. Theater holds 320 and was 3/4 full. Always a good crowd here for the shows. It was a great show , and probably the shortest “opening acts ” before the main attraction. It is great that we can still have Rifftrax and Cinematic Titantic, both of which show the amazing talents of all the MST3K people ! We can only hope for a reunion, even if only for one amazing show. Thanks to you all !


  • 138
    Sharktopus says:

    I’ll defend Touches No One’s Life, Then Leaves’ religious right comment (#72). So long as Fred Phelps heads the Westboro Baptist Church Hate Group, if Lauren receives any mail from Topeka, I’d suggest Lowtax open it while she’s at school.


  • 139
    Matt D. says:

    Man, I really wish you would cool it Sharktopus. 5 or so replies in one thread is enough in and of itself, and then you make more comments after it was asked that you all drop it? Sheesh.

    Anywho, I loved this show more than any other Rifftrax. The short was great, although I agree with the notion that “Grass” being on this show would have led to the BEST. NIGHT. EVER.

    I was not a fan of the previous shorts from the girl. This time, however, they were awesome and they got a good reaction from the theater I was at.

    The main movie itself was perfect. There was clapping at my theater at a few lines (Jack Sparrow and the Super Mario Bros/Castlevania riffs being examples) and they clapped at the end as well. Of course with every good crowd comes a few bad apples i.e. people above us who were yelling out their own riffs. Still, again this was a magical night. I had brought two people who had never seen Rifftrax and barely knew MST3K, and they both loved it. Thanks Rifftrax!


  • 140
    RaptorX8 says:

    I don’t think anyone has mentioned the best riff from the ‘What is Nothing’ short. “Did they just fall in love?!” I had just been thinking how weird that shot was when he said that and it fit!

    I think I was the only person in the theater that got the Game of Thrones reference.

    I’m still going WTF over the ‘This illusion only proves that I have her for real’ part of the movie. Took the guys a little longer in going “Huh?”

    “Be right there!”


  • 141
    Coenbred says:

    re 140, Ya, that falling in love riff with the two young stoners was perfect. I was thinking the same thing. When they were crawling on each other later it was even stranger.

    I might be the only person who didn’t like this one as much as the previous shows. I couldn’t find anyone to go with me though, and was in a major funk for other reasons, so maybe that was the problem. I could have used another bowl of zoloft. But the movie was great fun, and there were a lot of good laughs. For some reason the lackey with great job satisfaction reminded me of the doctor from the original Star Trek. Just watched the Wratch of Kahn rifftrax last week so maybe he is still infesting my mind. Could have been another opportunity for a seize the bone riff. I liked how the non rifftrax parts were very brief this time and there were no guests. The little girl’s stories were quite cute. Hope she keeps being encouraged to be strange and creative, the world needs more of both. The world also needs more chimps in thongs. So thanks guys, these events are the only reason I have to go to the movies. Can’t wait for the next one.


  • 142
    1 adam 12 says:

    I think I’m sorry I didn’t go. (Stupid 15 hour workdays.) Glad to hear it was so good!


  • 143
    DieHippiesDie(TheHippiesThe) says:

    I’ve made it to all of the Rifftrax Live events in the theaters and wouldn’t of missed this one either. Saw it at Lloyd Center Cinemas in Portland Oregon. I typically like to go to the Cinemark in Clackamas because it’s easier to see the screen no matter where you sit (though the seats are hard as a rock) and it isn’t as full. Lloyd was pretty packed and very pungent. What do some people have against taking a friggin’ shower or putting on some deodorant? Despite the stench the show was enjoyable as always. My girlfriend said she got more of the jokes this time around than at the “House On Haunted Hill” showing (she’s not a MSTie just a sweet girl who puts up with my good habits) if that means anything. Always well worth the money and time, will attend the next go-around. Cheers.


  • 144
    mrgnexus says:

    Saw it in Lakeland, Fl at the Cobb Theaters.
    After a long day of setting up my 2nd Grade classroom, I was exhausted. I had just realized that morning I had pre-purchased the tickets and had to go. I dragged myself to the theater after grabbing a bite to eat and plopped down in my seat, ready to snooze away my ticket price.

    I should never underestimate the Rifftrax boys.

    ‘Nothing’ was awesome, and the cartoon shorts were sweet and brief — no problems here.
    Once the feature started, the video problems that occurred during the shorts had the whole audience on edge and things were a bit quiet. However, as the film got going, there was much laughter. All in all, ‘Jack the Giant Killer’ was a rousing success. These regular dates with Rifftrax are nice, I really hope they keep it up.


  • 145
    HCShannon says:

    I liked it, also how come none of you people like the Opera, I have a sister who works for the Met and she worked on all of them so I’m pretty excited about those.
    Also they need to show more Something Awful cartoons, this one in particular


  • 146
    rcfagnan says:

    “I’m sorry, the Princess is in another castle.” I nearly shot soda out of my nose at that riff.


  • 147

    To me the only reason the Met ad was annoying is because it lasted forever and I was shore they where going to tell us ever show till the end of 2012.

    The short seems like something the director thought people would think he/she’s really smart and deep for making.

    The second best part of the actually movie (after seize the bone) was Jack’s shield being knocked away and flying like the cheap thin piece of plastic that it was.


  • 148
    ackbar1138 says:

    @37 I was at the Charlotte NC show at Regal Stonecrest. Is that where you were at?

    Awesome show, I didn’t really care for the animated shorts, but it in no way detracted from the wonderful experience of the main feature. I thoroughly enjoyed the show and I cannot wait to go to another one! Jack the Giant Killer was a great choice for the Rifftrax guys. When I told my dad what movie they were riffing, he said that he remembered seeing it in the theater when he was a kid. I thought that was neat.


  • 149
    The elusive Robert Denby says:

    I’ve seen all the RiffTrax Live shows at the same theater, and this one had the biggest crowd so far. The boys did a fantastic job.


  • 150
    Hepcat says:

    I was visiting family and just happened to see it in the movie listings, so this is the first one I’ve been to (though I’ve been wanting to; I just don’t know any RiffTrax/MST3K fans who live in my area). I saw it at the Rave Cinema Huber Heights, one of several theaters showing it in the Dayton area. Only about 9 in attendance, but the laughter was lively. The theater botched much of it — the first 5 minutes or so was a screen image of an error message, which we thought might be a problem on Nashville’s end at first, but finally my friend went to tell the management and that was the first they knew of it. So they got things started, but irritatingly, they made up time by flashing through the trivia cards so fast they were impossible to read. Grrr. But we got all the previews and the stupid Gloria Estefan test. When the show started, though, it started from the beginning, so we didn’t miss any of that. Then at the very end, the movie cut out so again my friend went and informed them and we got the end. Really pitiful, but all in attendance got 2 free passes to make up for it. (Though the closest Rave theater is 3 hours from me, so I gave them to my friend.)

    Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, we had a lot of fun and I laughed a lot. Though the place was pretty empty, it didn’t feel weird to laugh. Favorite riffs included “Be right there,” of course, and “Seize the Bone” (I am a big fan of jokes of repetition, at least from the RT guys.)

    I’ll be curious to check out the crowds at the next one on my own stomping grounds in the Madison, WI area.


  • 151
    GeekinessSign says:

    My first live show and I had a blast. It was the most fun theatrical experience I’ve ever had. The theater was pretty packed too, which was great to see. The guys did fantastic and the movie was perfect for them. I laughed so hard the whole way through. “Herla the wizard is dead!”


  • 152
    Pete says:

    I think my local theater is the worst ever. I buy my ticket online, then there’s no one to take my ticket so I just walk in. There’s no signs of what auditorium is showing the Rifftrax, but I found it. A guy walks in asking me, “Is this Final Destination?”. I say “No, I don’t know where that it.” I can’t really blame him, because that’s what the sign outside this auditorium said. Only about 10 people were in there watching the Rifftrax.

    That said, I really enjoyed it.


  • 153
    Kijen says:

    Well the theater on side of Pittsburgh sold out within an hour on the day of the show so a trip to another theater was ordered and that theater sold all but a spattering (36) tickets so Pittsburgh held it down for Rifftrax so that is something, which is the opposite of nothing!


  • 154
    touches no one's life, then leaves says:

    “Is this Final Destination?”
    “No, I don’t know where that is.”

    Sort of a transcendental moment there. “No, I don’t know what our Final Destination is. But then, no one really does…”



  • 155
    Kathy says:

    Theater had about 20 people (including one who thought he was part of the show…ex: started trying to sing the “Bewitched” theme when they mentioned the Princess was bewitched). Had the same glitches mentioned.

    Sound problems all over the place – including Mike putting his mic UNDER his hand when joking about the “throne room freak” masks (making himself louder) when the others were putting their hands over their mouths and muting their voices…

    And those films are living up to the website. They’re animated versions of the old stand-up joke about “kids telling jokes/stories that go on forever and end up nowhere”. The first time they were okay because they were just in between several shorts. These took up space where a real (funny) short could have been.

    Dare I say that Rifftrax always (or almost) manages to put one thing in the Live shows that keep them from being perfect? “Plan 9” it was the announcer who couldn’t even read off of her index cards without bumbling (she really couldn’t just tell the story of Lugosi dying during filming from memory…she had to read it off of cards right in front of her face?). Christmas it was the banter with the contest winner that went nowhere. And now these animations.


  • 156
    Kathy says:

    BTW..missed riffs.

    …Anyone else’s ears perk up when the opening narration mentioned “hobgoblins”? Neither a “Hobgoblins” or a “Troll 2” comment?

    …Or when Pendragon showed up in his swan hat was expecting a “fancy headdress” call back?


  • 157
    Matt says:

    Saw it at Montage, too! My first live show, and man was it great!


  • 158
    Name (required) says:

    My family and I were there, which my friends are taking as the only proof my dad and Kevin Murphy aren’t the same people.


  • 159
    toot-toottoot-toot says:

    @28: big61al

    I had the same problem with a loud, obnoxious guy making extremely lame comments during the movie! It’s like those stupid youtube vids where people try to duplicate the masters. AWFUL! The guy’s girlfriend was pretty visibly embarrassed, too. You didn’t see it in Hanover, Pa, did you? If not, there was probably an annoying outbreak in theaters across the country. GAH!