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RiffTrax Live: Your thoughts

I had a feeling this would be the phrase people would walk out of the theater saying…

A few thoughts:
Overall, a terrific show, maybe their best so far.

My theater was about half full, similar to past shows. It was probably all the same people. I had to fight traffic coming and going because A-Rod was playing in the ballpark next door. Grrr.

There were a few unavoidable “live show” moments. A couple times where the camera went blank for a minute, and then cut to the camera in the back of the hall. Some kind of a miscue, there, I guess. There was also one really long closeup of Bill while he wasn’t saying anything…

I have never been a big fan of the stuff in the past and while these were decidedly wacky versions of the same sort of thing he gave us last time, it was pretty much the same sort of thing he gave us last time. The best I can say about them is that they were short and silly in places. That being said, they were completely worth it for the callback Mike did three-quarters the way through the movie.

The movie runs 94 minutes, just about a perfect running time for this. “House on Haunted Hill” was just a little too long and “Reefer Madness” was just a little too short. This was JUUUST right.

More thoughts tomorrow when I think of them…

What did you think”?

159 Replies to “RiffTrax Live: Your thoughts”

  1. GeekinessSign says:

    My first live show and I had a blast. It was the most fun theatrical experience I’ve ever had. The theater was pretty packed too, which was great to see. The guys did fantastic and the movie was perfect for them. I laughed so hard the whole way through. “Herla the wizard is dead!”


  2. Pete says:

    I think my local theater is the worst ever. I buy my ticket online, then there’s no one to take my ticket so I just walk in. There’s no signs of what auditorium is showing the Rifftrax, but I found it. A guy walks in asking me, “Is this Final Destination?”. I say “No, I don’t know where that it.” I can’t really blame him, because that’s what the sign outside this auditorium said. Only about 10 people were in there watching the Rifftrax.

    That said, I really enjoyed it.


  3. Kijen says:

    Well the theater on side of Pittsburgh sold out within an hour on the day of the show so a trip to another theater was ordered and that theater sold all but a spattering (36) tickets so Pittsburgh held it down for Rifftrax so that is something, which is the opposite of nothing!


  4. touches no one's life, then leaves says:

    “Is this Final Destination?”
    “No, I don’t know where that is.”

    Sort of a transcendental moment there. “No, I don’t know what our Final Destination is. But then, no one really does…”



  5. Kathy says:

    Theater had about 20 people (including one who thought he was part of the show…ex: started trying to sing the “Bewitched” theme when they mentioned the Princess was bewitched). Had the same glitches mentioned.

    Sound problems all over the place – including Mike putting his mic UNDER his hand when joking about the “throne room freak” masks (making himself louder) when the others were putting their hands over their mouths and muting their voices…

    And those films are living up to the website. They’re animated versions of the old stand-up joke about “kids telling jokes/stories that go on forever and end up nowhere”. The first time they were okay because they were just in between several shorts. These took up space where a real (funny) short could have been.

    Dare I say that Rifftrax always (or almost) manages to put one thing in the Live shows that keep them from being perfect? “Plan 9” it was the announcer who couldn’t even read off of her index cards without bumbling (she really couldn’t just tell the story of Lugosi dying during filming from memory…she had to read it off of cards right in front of her face?). Christmas it was the banter with the contest winner that went nowhere. And now these animations.


  6. Kathy says:

    BTW..missed riffs.

    …Anyone else’s ears perk up when the opening narration mentioned “hobgoblins”? Neither a “Hobgoblins” or a “Troll 2” comment?

    …Or when Pendragon showed up in his swan hat was expecting a “fancy headdress” call back?


  7. Matt says:

    Saw it at Montage, too! My first live show, and man was it great!


  8. Name (required) says:

    My family and I were there, which my friends are taking as the only proof my dad and Kevin Murphy aren’t the same people.


  9. toot-toottoot-toot says:

    @28: big61al

    I had the same problem with a loud, obnoxious guy making extremely lame comments during the movie! It’s like those stupid youtube vids where people try to duplicate the masters. AWFUL! The guy’s girlfriend was pretty visibly embarrassed, too. You didn’t see it in Hanover, Pa, did you? If not, there was probably an annoying outbreak in theaters across the country. GAH!


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