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Episode guide: Poopie! and Poopie 2

Poopie: (1994) The first of two blooper reels, this one featuring outtakes from host segments shot in seasons two through six.

• The first time MSTies saw this reel (or a version of it) was at the 1994 convention. There were several showings, and it also played continuously on one of the hotel TV channels. My first copy was created by another MSTie, who set up a camcorder in front of a hotel TV to get a copy to take home.
• It was officially released on VHS around Thanksgiving, 1995, and was originally only avalible through the MST3K Info Club for $15.
• Rhino re-released Poopie! as a VHS tape, and later included it as an extra on the Manos: The Hands of Fate DVD, released in November of  ’01.
• In 2004 it was included on the “Tom Servo’s All Time Favorite Host Segments! Vol. 1” DVD offered by Best Brains.
• What a HUGE amount of fun this was and still is. And it’s fun because they seem to having fun. It’s incredibly charming when a scene is blown, but the performers stay in character and the puppeteers continue to move the puppets’ lips as they comment on the foulup.
• Fave moment: When the Deep 13 wall falls on Trace and Frank. Their reaction is priceless.

Here is a complete list of every outtake (many thanks to Sarah “Bookworm” Heiner and Jamie Plummer, who kept this online for many years), with a few interspersed comments.

Opening credits–planet upside down, Joel goofing around
Opening credits–Frank whacks SOL
Opening credits (Mike)–Mike ‘not enthused’
410- Hercules Against the Moon Men (seg. 4)–Servo falls down
519- Outlaw (seg. 3)–Servo’s head falls off
401- Space Travellers (prologue)–Servo falls down
516- Alien From L.A. (seg. 4)–Crow’s eyes roll up
304- Gamera vs. Barugon (seg. 4)–Crow falls over
610- The Violent Years (seg. 2)–Crow’s net falls off
504- Secret Agent Super Dragon (invention)–Crow burps
520- Radar Secret Service (seg. 3)–Gypsy’s lip falls off
602- Invasion USA (seg. 2)–Gypsy’s lip falls off
614- San Francisco International (seg. 3)–Gypsy’s jaw dislocates
520- Radar Secret Service (inven.)–Deep 13 wall falls over
209- The Hellcats (inven.)–Frank blows line repeatedly

• When you watch the completed episode, you might wonder why they cut away from this scene so quickly. When you see the full version here, you can see that they JUST barely got the line in before losing it yet again.

421- Monster-A-Go-Go (inven.)–Frank cracks up singing
409- The Indestructable Man (seg. 5)–Frank and Mike crack up–twice
317- Viking Women Vs. Sea Serpent (seg. 3)–Joel: “pancakes”

• A beloved bit of tomfoolery from Joel.

317- Viking Women Vs. Sea Serpent (prolog)–Joel flubs line
312- Gamera vs. Guiron (inven.)–Joel flubs line
310- Fugitive Alien (prolog)–Joel flubs line
309- The Amazing Colossal Man (seg. 4)–Mike cracks up
403- City Limits (seg. 5)–Mike kisses Dr. F.’s shoulder
424- Manos: The Hands of Fate (seg. 5)–Frank and Mike crack up
211- First Spaceship on Venus (inven.)–Mike forgets line
608- Code Name: Diamond Head (seg. 3)–Mike practicing Crash-Test Dummy look
617- The Sword and the Dragon (seg. 4)–Kevin flubs line
620- Danger! Death Ray! (seg. 1)–Crow’s eyes come out
608- Code Name: Diamond Head (seg. 4)–Crow’s net won’t come off

• Mike says “shit.” Despite bleeping some of the cursing, they allowed a few of them through. I’ll note them.

201- Rocketship X-M (inven.)–Jim in shot

• Jim clearly thought Joel was going to fall over in the BCG19 and was moving in to try to catch him, not caring if he was in the shot or not. Joel clearly found that touching and funny.

613- The Sinister Urge (seg. 4)–Trace forgets line
502- Hercules (seg. 2)–Joel forgets line
613- The Sinister Urge (seg. 5)–Mike forgets line
519- Outlaw (seg. 2)–Trace flubs line
424- Manos: The Hands of Fate (seg. 2)–long whimpering
424- Manos: The Hands of Fate (seg. 2)–‘sugar for Crow?’
513- The Brain that Wouldn’t Die (seg. 4)–Mike flubs line
308- Gamera vs. Gaos (inven.)–suction cup unsuctions
322- Master Ninja (inven.)–Frank cracks up
315- Teenage Caveman (inven.)–Trace’s Pam addiction
307- Daddy-O (inven.)–Trace flubs line
522- Teenage Crimewave (inven.)–Trace flubs line
419- The Rebel Set (inven.)–Trace flubs line

• Trace says “shit.”

424- Manos: The Hands of Fate (seg. 4)–Frank forgets line
209- The Hellcats (inven.)–Frank keeps missing cue
502- Hercules (inven.)–Trace flubs line
421- Monster-A-Go-Go (inven.)–Gypsy knocks over box
421- Monster-A-Go-Go (inven.)–Freakout not in unison
412- Hercules and the Captive Women (seg. 3)–Dice in Trivial Pursuit
519- Outlaw (inven.)–Kevin flubs line
604- Zombie Nightmare (seg. 1)–voodoo doll leaking
313- Earth vs. the Spider (inven.)–Joel flubs line
202- The Sidehackers (seg. 2)–Joel flubs song
416- Fire Maidens From Outer Space (inven.)–Trace flubs line
605- Colossus and the Headhunters (seg. 5)–Trace’s hand in shot
608- Code Name: Diamond Head (seg. 1)–Trace flubs line
410- Hercules Against the Moon Men (seg. 4)–Joel flubs song

• Joel says “shit.” Others sing it.

404- Teenagers From Outer Space (seg. 5)–Joel forgets line
411- The Magic Sword (prolog)–Kevin flubs line
410- Hercules Against the Moon Men (seg 4)–Trace flubs line
516- Alien From L.A. (seg. 4)–Trace flubs line
524- 12 to the Moon (seg. 4)–Bridget flubs line
502- Hercules (seg. 5)–Trace flubs line
509- The Girl in Lover’s Lane (prolog)–Joel flubs clothesbasket
309- The Amazing Colossal Man (inven.)–Joel flubs line
409- The Indestructable Man (inven.)–Joel ‘spazzes’
609- The Skydivers (seg. 3)–Mike flubs line
610- The Violent Years (seg. 1)–doors won’t open
614- San Francisco International (seg. 2)–Trace flubs line
602- Invasion USA (seg. 3)–Kevin flubs line repeatedly
605- Colossus and the Headhunters (seg. 3)–Trace gets nummy muffin fuzz in mouth
615- Kitten With a Whip (seg. 1)–Trace in shot
505- The Magic Voyage of Sinbad (inven.)–Trace’s chinderwear falls off
607- Bloodlust (seg. 5)–Trace gets whole pig
512- Mitchell (seg. 2)–Trace cracks up
510- The Painted Hills (seg. 5)–Trace cracks up
520- Radar Secret Service (seg. 5)–Frank flubs line
304- Gamera vs. Barugon (inven.)–Trace cracks up
422- The Day the Earth Froze (inven.)–Frank cracks up
513- The Brain That Wouldn’t Die (inven.)–balloon doesn’t pop
522- Teenage Crimewave (seg. 5)–Trace misses Frank with MaceMousse
610- The Violent Years (seg. 1)–Frank flubs song
312- Gamera vs. Guiron (inven.)–Frank’s mouth full
615- Kitten With a Whip (seg. 1)–Trace flubs line
615- Kitten With a Whip (seg. 1)–Frank flubs line
604- Zombie Nightmare (seg. 1)–Frank forgets line
321- Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (inven.)–Frank cracks up
406- Attack of the Giant Leeches (seg. 5)–Frank cracks up repeatedly
409- The Indestructible Man (inven.)–Frank cracks up twice
616- Racket Girls (seg. 2)–Mike flubs magazine twice
617- The Sword and the Dragon (seg. 1)–Trace flubs song

• Trace says “shit.”

620- Danger! Death Ray! (seg. 2)–Crow on fire

• Another hilarious moment, not really a blooper so much as a just a candid moment on the set.

620- Danger! Death Ray! (seg. 1)–Servo’s head falls off
621- Beast of Yucca Flats (seg. 1)–Crow’s hand comes off
621- Beast of Yucca Flats (seg. 2)–Bridget forgets line
621- Beast of Yucca Flats (seg. 2)–boom falls into shot
624- Samson vs. Vampire Women (seg. 2)–Torgo the White still in shot
Oscar special–Crow’s net shifts
Oscar special–Servo flubs line
616- Racket Girls (seg. 4)–Frank forgets line
622- Angel’s Revenge (seg. 5)–Trace knocks over table
611- Last of the Wild Horses (seg. 1)–Trace flubs line repeatedly
610- The Violent Years (seg. 1)–Trace forgets line

Poopie 2: (1997) The second of two blooper reels, this one featuring outtakes from host segments shot in seasons seven and eight (mostly).

• This was released by Best Brains on VHS around Thanksgiving, 1997.
• A trimmed, 15-minute version, simply labelled “Outtakes,” is an extra on the episode 514- TEENAGE STRANGLER DVD on Rhino volume 10 (and later Vol. 10.2). As near as I can tell, the full “Poopie 2” reel was never released on DVD.
• When the full VHS tape was first released, the reaction of fans was muted to say the least. Openly negative would be a better description. And I think it’s deserved. Of course, the novelty of seeing the cast members goofing up was gone, but it was more than that. There was a very different tone to the clips. The giddy tone of the first tape was almost entirely absent. There is much less laughing from the crew or between the performers. The cast seems more self-conscious and serious. In short, while there were a few funny moments sprinkled here and there, Poopie 2 was as much of a disappointment as Poopie 1 was a delight. Sometimes you just can’t catch lightning in a bottle a second time.
• Fave line: Mike: “NOOOO!”

A listing of the complete “Poopie 2” tape is here but since it is now very hard to find, I put together a listing for the edited version on Vol 10, which is the version most fans have access to.

Season 8 opening–signpost falls down
Season 8 opening–Mary Jo flubs ‘la la la’
Season 8 opening–Crow tangles with his name
Season 8 opening–Earth balloon goes flying
Season 8 opening–Tom falls down
804- The Deadly Mantis (seg 5)–Mary Jo cracks up
815- Agent for H.A.R.M. (seg. 4)–Kevin flubs line
705- Escape 2000 (seg. 1)–door falls off
703- Deathstalker and the Warriors from Hell (seg. 2)–Tom’s head falls off
Infomercial– Trace flubs line
806- The Undead (seg. 1)–Bill cracks up
819- Invasion of the Neptune Men (seg. 1)–Kevin flubs line twice, Jeff not ready 3rd time
810- The Giant Spider Invasion (seg. 1)–Tom’s be-canoed head falls off 2 times
812- Incredibly Strange Creatures… (seg. 1)–Crow has a “booger”
812- Incredibly Strange Creatures… (seg. 1)–Bill flubs line
806- The Undead (seg. 1)–Mike flubs line
817- Horror of Party Beach (seg. 4)–Mike forgets entrance
703- Deathstalker and the Warriors from Hell (seg. 1)–Trace flubs line
804- The Deadly Mantis (seg. 1)–panel on bomb falls off
822- Overdrawn at the Memory Bank (seg. 1)–Tom’s hand detaches from bubble.

• I’m not sure what’s going on here, but it feels to me like something is. Were they pretending the clip was staged or something? There’s a lot of layers to this one.

807- Terror from the Year 5000! (seg. 1)–Crow’s hand falls off
820- Space Mutiny (seg. 1)–Bill’s chains fall off
810- The Giant Spider Invasion (seg. 3)–Mary Jo cracks up
814- Riding With Death (seg. 4)–Bill flubs line twice
809- I was a Teenage Werewolf (seg. 3)–detector falls over
805- The Thing that Couldn’t Die (seg. 1)–Bill forgets line
704- The Incredible Melting Man (seg. 4)–Trace flubs line
807- Terror from the Year 5000! (seg. 4)–Bill forgets line
701- Night of the Blood Beast (seg. 1)–Crow loses trombone
701- Night of the Blood Beast (seg. 1)–Trace’s lip bleeds

• Um, is that a fake blood pack or something? Is it real? If it’s real, some people may find this sort of thing funny, but I don’t. I never heard that it’s not real. Does anybody know? If it’s real, it’s inclusion is appalling.

705- Escape 2000 (seg. 4)–Trace flubs line
701- Night of the Blood Beast (seg. 4)–Trace forgets line
Infomercial–Mike flubs line

• A rare genuinely funny moment, as Mike blurts out a horrified “NOO!” to Trace’s line and everybody loses it.

822- Overdrawn at the Memory Bank (seg. 3)–Mary Jo flubs song
703- Deathstalker & Warriors from Hell (seg. 1)–Mary Jo cracks up
812- Incredibly Strange Creatures… (seg. 1)–Mary Jo cracks up
815- Agent for H.A.R.M. (seg. 3)–Kevin flubs line
815- Agent for H.A.R.M. (seg. 3)–light fails
821- Time Chasers (seg. 1)–Kevin flubs line
814- Riding With Death (seg. 1)–bag won’t open
814- Riding With Death (seg. 3)–Tom gets turned around, Kevin’s hand in shot
817- Horror of Party Beach (seg. 5)–Mike flubs line

67 Replies to “Episode guide: Poopie! and Poopie 2”

  1. pablum says:

    I’m not a fan of blooper reels. They call it poopie for a reason. I still have them in my collection and have watched them both. Its just not why I watch MST3K.


  2. Stressfactor says:

    Something that I noticed recently….

    Poopie I does not seem to contain any mistakes from season 1.

    I recently ran into some season 1 outtakes on YouTube (don’t know where they came from). Those were more truly “outtakes” than bloopers (i.e. multiple takes of the same scene not because there was anything wrong but because they wanted to do multiple takes so they could pick the best one(s) for the finished product) but there were a few bloopers like Josh’s Tom Servo messing up his lines for the “hitting on the blender” sketch and, still in character as Tom Servo, saying “And I’m just going to go **** myself.”

    It does make me curious why the season 1 stuff wasn’t included.


  3. Droppo says:

    #50: I don’t begrudge anyone for enjoying Pearl….but, I do disagree with the premise that she had to be more grating. She had to be an entertaining character to watch, period. There’s a million different ways to arrive at that. It could have been funny if she was totally well adjusted (more on that later). Or totally unhinged in a funny or interesting way. Or countless levels in between. I don’t think there was a mandatory way to go that dictated: make her grating or the fiction of the show and the backstory of Dr. F will be compromised. Mike has said many times they literally never considered stuff like backstory.

    Again, as for Mary Jo the person….she seems cool and must be a fantastic writer. I don’t feel bad for her because she became the second most prominent (non-puppet) face of the show and is now a part of CT.

    Think about it: up until Season 7, the theme song was sung solely by Joel or Mike. Pearl was so prominent during the Sci Fi years, she sang the song too. She appeared in significantly more host segments than Dr. F or Frank ever did on a per-episode basis. She sat in the theater. If you were a Pearl fan, man….you got your fill of Pearl. She certainly wasn’t chased away by angry fans.

    As far as being fair, I can only speak for myself. I desperately wanted to like every cast change the show made b/c MST means so much to me. I was terrified about embracing Mike b/c I loved Joel so much. What could be a more jarring change than switching the lead? And yet, I loved Mike pretty much off the bat. I was heartsick when Trace left and felt it was unlikely anyone could ably replace him. And then Bill Corbett not only pulls it off, but, gives us a radically different take on the character. And despite my fears, I was totally able to embrace him and love his take on Crow.

    Believe me, I had the same fears and hopes when it was announced Frank was leaving. I adore TV’s Frank. He’s my favorite Mad and the comedic chemistry between Dr. F and Frank was one of my favorite parts of the show. Still, no different than my attempts with Mike and Bill…I gave Pearl every chance to win me over and, in fact, desperately wanted her to b/c it was impacting my enjoyment of the show in a big way. Season 7 Pearl was a totally lost cause. It was nails on a chalkboard for me. When Season 8 started, I again tried to warm up to the character knowing that she had changed somewhat. But, it was no use. It’s taste….and while up until that point, I adored every MST cast member and lead character, it was clear that I truly had a visceral negative reaction to Pearl.

    There is truly only one scene in the history of the show where I saw the possibilities of what Mary Jo could have done with the character: Time Chasers. Her heart to heart with Mike was genuinely funny. It was underplayed. It was subtle. It was bizarre. It wasn’t in your face. No mugging. And I think that could have been an interesting direction. If Dr. F. just had a matter of fact, midwestern Mom (“yeah, I s’pose) who carried on his experiments in that non-nonchalant way….it could have been interesting. Not my first choice…not anywhere near Frank and Dr. F….but, not grating. Not offensive (to my tastes).

    But, that’s not what happened. And clearly, I need to get over it. I’m actually surprised that I haven’t been able to to this point….again, to the extent that it adversely impacts my enjoyment of CT.


  4. JBagels says:

    @Stressfactor, I think that was released at a time when they acted like season 1 never existed. They didn’t show any repeats from that season on Comedy Central then either. I’d heard back then they weren’t very proud of those episodes because they were still feeling out the process or whatever. Truthfully, those shows aren’t all that good so they probably had a point. I’m not sure why they couldn’t show their screw-ups from that season, though. Legal matters maybe.


  5. Alex says:

    I loved the first poopie blooper tape! The second one….. eh, if it had more segments, then it would’ve been funnier.

    It’s just halarious whenever the pupeteers swear on camera, and they forget to bleep it out. :D


  6. Erik says:

    There’s one Poopie II clips that always seemed revealing to me. When Mary Jo is doing her “Claydon! Claaaaaydon!” thing, Trace looks back at her and he seems genuinely unraveled. I think she asks if its distracting him and he says “No, my brain is distracting me.” Neither laugh.

    On the plus side, the Trace/Crow moment when he sings “I’m the crime bill,” flubs and starts yelling “S**t!” always makes me laugh.


  7. Sampo says:

    Thanks for the catch, Jose Chung #34. Now fixed.


  8. rcfagnan says:

    I liked ’em both. My favorite from the first one was when Mike, as the Frugal Gourmet, couldn’t get Crow’s nest off and he stays in character. I wish whatever episode this was from would come out on dvd. From Poopie II, I really liked the flub in “When Loving Lovers Love”.


  9. Sharktopus says:

    Oh, by the way, did anybody else watch Space Travelers this week? I’ve been successfully programmed by Sampo. You can begin Phase 2 of your plan now, Master.


  10. Droppo says:

    #59: I did! And that’s so funny, it was subconscious. But, I did watch Space Travelers all week. Not to get ahead of myself…but, I love that episode. Find it very underrated.


  11. Blast Hardcheese says:

    I watched Space Travelers yesterday, but more because I’m running through seasons and picking up on ones I haven’t watched before or seen in a long time. It’s among my least favourites, and took some determination (and a lot of snacks) to sit through, but maybe it was also the subliminal messages from Sampo. There are so many voices in my head, I never know who’s controlling me at any given time.


  12. Sharktopus says:

    Yeah, a fairly forgettable episode if not for Crow’s “killer Peck.”

    “We suggest you start breathing in shifts.” :laugh:


  13. Brandon says:

    Can I say for the record that I always thought the outtake of the “We’re Livin’ in Deep 13” in Poopie I was better than the take they used in the actual episode. The singing between Frank and Trace was so much smoother, and it was only ruined by Trace’s closing line, which I think could have still made it in the actual episode.

    In the take used in the actual episode (and now i can’t remember which episode featured this song) it feels like Frank and Trace are rushing through it. Singing it quickly, kinda ruins the feel.


  14. Zee says:

    In addition to Dr. F’s bleeding lip (and the above-mentioned LIVING’ IN DEEP 13 alternate take) there are two more Dr. F Poopie scenes I think they should’ve kept in the actual show:

    -In TEENAGE CAVEMAN, where he says his line then sprays the PAM into his mouth

    -In ANGEL’S REVENGE, when the console tips over.

    Both of these could’ve been used in the show, especially that last one since they could’ve ‘pushed the button’ immediately after it happened


  15. briizilla says:

    I consider myself quite a B movie afficionado, especially sci-fi from the 50s thru the early 70s, and I think that is what originally drew me into MST. So yeah I prefer the movie to have some semblance of a followable story to it or else my mind sort of wanders. Fu Manchu and Mighty Jack are 2 episodes I avoid at all costs. I know there are some, like Rob Zombie, who find the MST treatment offensive, that to me is utter nonsense. Most of these movies were made to go straight to the drive in so teenagers could have something in the background while they made out, they weren’t intended as works of art. Watching with Joel or Mike and the bots just adds a whole other layer to the already silly plots, fx, acting, whatever. It’s like watching with some pals, but there needs to be some sort of story, at least for me.

    Having said that, I love Manos so it doesn’t need to be a GOOD story.


  16. briizilla says:

    Oh poopie! Posted that in the wrong thread! How appropriate!


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