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New from RiffTrax…

We’re happy to present the first ever RiffTrax Christmas special! In the spirit of the season (that is, delusional hysteria and madness) we’ve dug up some hilariously bizarre holiday oddities, all new to us and never-before riffed!

Join your hosts, Mike, Kevin, and Bill, as they:
*Exchange gifts, with vintage toy commercials
*Riff a new short, The Shanty Where Santy Claus Lives
*And riff the main event, Magic Christmas Tree!

Magic Christmas Tree is a fresh slice of holiday weird, sure to bring back cherished childhood memories. Remember how your parents used to tell that old Christmas tale of a boy who hit his head trying to help a witch retrieve a cat named Lucifer, hallucinated for months, and befriended a creepy, sarcastic tree? No? Well that’s probably for the best, you were a young, impressionable child. But you’re ready now!

Gather the family, get a bucket of eggnog, and settle in for Christmas with RiffTrax!

See a sample and download it here.

58 Replies to “New from RiffTrax…”

  1. Kevin says:



  2. Dr. Carlo Lombardi says:

    I love the divx releases. I have a WD media reader attached to the tv so I just download, put on flash drive, plug in and watch.


  3. Neptune Man says:



  4. dip says:

    I just have to throw this in here. Rifftrax started out as an internet business. What’s wrong with them sticking to their business model? I buy every VOD, and if I really like it, I’ll buy a DVD too if they decide to release it that way. (by the way, I’m a middle aged lady, not just a young whippersnapper)


  5. lancecorbain says:

    Yes, I am an old fogey as well, apparently, as I would love to buy an actual dvd from rifftrax (not so old that I don’t know what that means, though, I can sign in and use my card, thank you young man), as I mostly check in on the internet on other people’s computers or the ones at the library. Yes, Virginia, some of us don’t spend all of our money on computery crap. Or, should I say, don’t HAVE the spare cash to buy a decent setup. Plus, the library’s free, but won’t let me download things, no matter what I offer to pay them. And I agree with the above post in that I would pay for a dvd with sharpie writing on it, I just can’t do it myself. Theenks.


  6. MissT3K says:

    Thank you for the new Holiday Classic for my collection! Starting in November I start to watch the MST3K versions of Santa Claus vs the Martians, and Santa Claus – Now I have the Magic Christmas Tree to add to the rotation. Ah, Joltin’ Joe, in-your-face racism cartoons, ads for toys that I vaguely recall from my childhood and of course the snarky, talking Christmas Tree.

    And I’m fine with burning my own DVD – if you’re keeping a count.

    Merry Christmas!!



  7. Manny Sanguillen says:

    Watched it on hulu the other day and I gotta say, it was good.
    I’ll have to get a hard copy of it someday when I can afford it.

    I hated when the idiot was mowing the lawn and they kept cutting to the turtle eating grass.
    I was really worried they would actually allow the guy to run the poor thing over.

    Hey, if a guy can pop a cat’s eye out, who knows. (Maniac) That looked real to me. I’m not aware if it was real or not, but it sure was cringe-worthy and saddening to me. I sure hope it wasnt real.
    But those old giant creature movies like ‘King Dinosaur’ definitely were cruelly hurting the lizards and the other animals they worked with.


  8. Manny Sanguillen says:

    It’s like when the sound effect of a cat screaming or growling is being used. You know the cat isn’t acting, cats arent actors.

    Some bastard is squeezing the cat or doing something nasty to get those screechy sounds out of them.

    I’d always like to have a go at whoever the person is doing that.That’s all I think when I hear those sounds.


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