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Weekend Discussion Thread: Most Evil Invention

Alert regular Steve writes:

Let’s talk about the Invention Exchange, specifically the ones from Deep 13. Now often their inventions would be fairly silly. However, there were times when they came up with something that was spiteful, sadistic, or even flat out malicious which would really bring out their evilness. So the question is what do you think is the most evil invention exchange from Deep 13? I would go with the Wish Squisher from Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, though the Unhappy Meals from The Day the Earth Froze are a close second.

The Unhappy Meals are pretty evil but I think I have to go with the “hard pills to swallow.”

What’s your pick?

71 Replies to “Weekend Discussion Thread: Most Evil Invention”

  1. Zee says:

    The Frank-N-Forcer, The Lawn Baby, and The Tough Love Seat are just a few examples of The Mads extremely twisted views on child-rearing. After we meet Pearl it’s no mystery where this aspect of Dr. F’s personality comes from! I think one of their ideas for the baseball theme nights is evilly brilliant in it’s elegant simplicity: the slide-whistle and brass knuckle give away night, where the first 100 lucky kids become unlucky.


  2. Kali says:

    Well, we can go with the Mads’ epicacs from “Teenage Caveman” or the Hard Pills to Swallow, but I think, for pure evil, we have to mention the Mads’ chocolate sugary toothpaste for kids in “Crash of the Moons.” Anytime the Mads are evil to children, really, which also includes the infamous Wish Squisher.

    DR F: “Now, how can we get kids to smoke?”


  3. Remmie Barrow says:

    I can think of two off the top of my head…Replacing Frank’s blood with antifreeze in EEGHA…and then there is DEEEEEP HUUURRTINNNNG!….’nough said.


  4. Steve Vil says:

    Dr. Forrester’s Dream Buster. I could tell you more about it but… well, it would take a scientist to explain.


  5. Ralph C. says:

    #46… Please give us an example or two of what you mean. Thanks. :-)


  6. Fred Burroughs says:

    I’m going to go with the screaming cotton candy from season 1 (Slime People). There’s something about sentient food that just isn’t right. OR maybe that cute but vicious lizard thing that Frank cooked up in his genetics kit.

    I thought the meat reanimator (dancing chicken corpse) was cute, especially his cutlery duel with Frank. I would’ve liked to see that extended a bit to promotions, t-shirts, spin-off sitcom a-la “Mork and Mindy,” the whole nine yards.


  7. Richard the Lion-Footed says:


    Johnny Long-Torso (Show #402 Monster A-Go-Go)
    was a doll that literally came in pieces.
    You bought the torso starter set, then bought the hands and arms extra, the feet and eyes and even the right and left foot were sold separately.

    Reminiscent of any of the dolls and play sets your kids wanted for Christmas.
    The doll is only $1.95, but everything is sold separately.


  8. Kali says:

    Johnny Longtorso! Johnny Longtorso! The Man Who Comes In Pieces!

    What about Sacrificial Barbie? I forget which episode it was, but it came with its own smoking volcano! Can’t really call it evil, since one version of the character they never did in real life was Adventurer Barbie, but this would come close, wouldn’t it?

    How about the time when Frank had to pay for a replacement kidney, one quarter at a time?


  9. Kali says:


    Of course, regarding sentient food, that’s really the problem on The Muppet Show. Anything is likely to talk, after all, and MOST of the stuff the Swedish Chef cooks usually objects in some form or another. Remember when he got a little angry about being forced to go onstage when he wasn’t ready, and decided to make Frog’s Legs — using Robin. ROBIN: “Uncle Kermit! Help!” KERMIT: Wait, wait! Cut! Cut! ROBIN: Don’t say cut, say stop!!



  10. Smirkboy says:

    I can’t get worked up over the Tragic Moments collection.
    I used to have a little figure with a man sitting under a tree and a bird on top of the tree.
    The caption was “Go ahead, everybody else does.”


  11. Jbagels says:

    That Eegah segment was truly disturbing. The Mads had a real Itchy and Scratchy ultra violence thing going in the later Frank episodes.


  12. rino says:

    i immediately thought of ‘hard pill to swallow’ before I saw the example. But for relatable evil, I’d say ‘the wish squisher’, from scctm. We have all been there. We have all felt that pain. We all understand.


  13. lancecorbain says:

    39-To my shame, I completely forgot about Cake-N-Shake. “Now everyone can enjoy little Billy’s 7th birthday party.” God, that’s a classic. Also, I forgot about most of season one, being as they were mostly from Joel’s stand-up bits, but I do still love the Flame Flower. Seems like something that Batman’s Joker forgot about.


  14. TheDON3k says:

    I agree that many listed above are far more evil, but let’s not forget Timmy Bobbie Rusty!!


  15. Bombastic Biscuit Boy says:

    I don’t know if these are just evil, or just making something already evil evil-er…

    but the inventions where the Mads created evil exercise equipment were always amusing, like the Re-Comfy-Bike (“Dr. F, will you tuck me in for my ride?”) from The Beginning of the End, the Moving Treadmill (and the in-development Stair-Climbing Stairclimber) from Lost Continent, and who could forget The Square Master (“Join 2 Squares to make a rectangle – now you’re really working out”) from Warrior of the Lost World!

    All these things seem kinda far-fetched, until you watch a couple of late-night commercials…who buys this stuff?


  16. Dan in WI says:

    My first impulse was was to add another vote to the Tragic Moments Figurines but as twisted as those were (and may I say again I’m especially disturbed by the amount of time some prop guy invested in making them look so good?) they still won’t cause actual physical harm.
    My second impulse is to vote for Toxic Oderless Night at the ballpark, but that is more of an marketing idea than an actual invention.
    So I’m casting the millionth vote for the Hard Pill to Swallow.


  17. Flying Saucers Over Oz says:

    Well, there is Auntie McFrank’s Bed ‘N Breakfast…

    “You wanna pet this here goat?”


  18. Justin Bailey says:

    +1 for the toothpaste (I think it’s Deep 13 Choco-Nutty Fudge Toothpaste). It’s evil not so much because it’s outrageous, but because it’s just a more bluntly honest incarnation of many toothpastes that you can actually find on store shelves today.


  19. gojira7 says:

    The alien face hugger teething nook that made a kid look like they had a face hugger on them was dark.

    “We will split this planet in two.” You can’t get more evil than that.

    The agonizer from “The Last of the Wild Horses” when Mike was one of the Mads.

    The “Satan’s Jock Strap” spray, that Dr. F. sprayed in Frank’s eyes.

    And trying to “scan” and make Frank’s head explode. Evil evil evil!!!!!!!



  20. Rich says:

    Finally I know what the Johnny Long Torso bit was about. I have precious few of the older episodes so when I first saw “Poopie” I had a hundred little clues to cool bits that are slowly being revealed. One was Frank saying “I don’t fink on soul brother” and now the explanation for Johnny.


  21. 1 adam 12 says:

    “I and TV’s Frank will go now to fulfill our destiny. We will crack the Earth as though it were a china cup.” No idea what the invention actually was, I’m pretty sure they never said, but you can’t get much more evil than intentional world destruction.


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