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Kevin & Bill on ‘On the Media’

Last week David Pogue’s New York Times technology blog came in dead last among the various news organizations covering the release of the RiffTrax player, and since the column was weeks late and covered no new ground, we let it go by.

However, our old pal Bob Garfield at WNYC’s “On the Media” saw the piece and apparently decided it was as good a reason as any to interview Bill and Kevin, so now I guess we have to mention it.

5 Replies to “Kevin & Bill on ‘On the Media’”

  1. Big61al says:

    Short and sweet with a few riffs played too. I never tire of hearing Kevin or Bill speak.


  2. Rich says:

    You know, if it hasn’t been done, someone needs to rip the DVD versions to files and mix (“mux”) these together with the MP3s from RiffTrax to make a single file, so you can watch and listen and even switch between the straight soundtracks and the RT ones. I know this isn’t possible through official channels due to rights issues but it’s possible. Maybe someone already has.


  3. Sharktopus says:

    You mean rip the movie from a DVD, convert and normalize it the audio, sync it with the RiffTrax, silence DisembAudio’s sync lines, combine them into one audio file, then mux that back together with the video and burn the resulting files onto a DVD for one’s own, personal enjoyment?

    . . .

    I wouldn’t know anything about that. *cough*


  4. Chuck says:

    @3 lol, thanks for the laugh with my coffee.


  5. Puma says:

    I love how Kevin insults South Park. I’m with him there.


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