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Weekend Discussion Thread: What Pop Singer Would You Like to See Fall from a Lighthouse?

I can’t let this week’s episode guide entry go by without taking our own turn at the little game Joel and the bots play during one of the segments. For the record, as Joel said, we’re not actually pushing them off the lighthouse. “We’re just going to put the fear o’ God into ’em.” Let’s just assume the fall isn’t going to kill them, just scare ’em a bit. (Wink.)

My pick, without any hesitation, is Chris Brown, especially if he could land on a fist-shaped rock.

Have at it!

By the way, keep those thread ideas coming!

161 Replies to “Weekend Discussion Thread: What Pop Singer Would You Like to See Fall from a Lighthouse?”

  1. Big McLargeHuge says:

    That guy from Pod People–“It stinks!”


  2. Edwin B says:

    Hate to repeat what everyone has already said, but Lady Gaga should be pushed off the lighthouse, then have the lighthouse dropped on her!


  3. cornjob says:

    Rick Astly.


  4. Ryan says:

    Lady Gaga
    Justin Bieber
    System of a Down


  5. LaFong says:

    “RGA Dave says:
    February 18, 2012 at 11:01 am
    I nominate Sarah Palin.”

    Evidently , as usual,the “no politics” admonition goes one way.

    In the same spirit,I nominate Barack obama from a 2000 foot light house.
    (This’ll disappear quickly, unlike #21)


  6. moose says:

    justin timberlake.been”tormented”[hey a referance to the movie!]by egotists like him for too long!


  7. Dean says:

    I nominate Kim Kardashian and Snooki.


  8. DBDukes says:

    Pop singers, people, pop singers!

    Which is a quandary for me, since by the time all the pop singers I’d like to see fall from a lighthouse fell from that lighthouse, the pile would be so high that the last few wouldn’t fall far at all.

    These kids today with their loud music, hula hoops, fax machines…


  9. Glenbw says:

    Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black. Nuff said.


  10. Dave says:

    What kind of a lighthouse would I like to see fall on a pop singer? Why the Cape Hatteras Light will do just fine then for me!


  11. JPB says:

    Probably not considered a pop star, but I would love for Kanye West to take the plunge.


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