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UPDATE: Vol. XXIII Reviews (and more)

UPDATE: Ian Jane of has a review.

Mike Noyes at has a review.

Rod Lott at the Oklahoma Gazette has a review.

Nick Lyons at reviews Vol. 23. Oh, and he also has a review of RiffTrax’s new “Crater Lake Monster” and “Galaxy Invader” DVDs.

There’s also an unsigned review of Vol. XXIII at

48 Replies to “UPDATE: Vol. XXIII Reviews (and more)”

  1. Matt says:

    Galaxy Invader reference update: The Moo-Ray Court – The director lived on Moray Court, and apparently this was an inside joke to neighbors and friends. This was from the actor who portrayed J.J.!


  2. Blast Hardcheese says:


    I can’t get either of the Vol XXIII links to work–can you retry these? Thanks.


  3. Sampo says:

    Link fixed! Sorry about that!


  4. hellokittee says:

    Watched Last of the Wild Horses last night. The sound on the movie was kinda bad which was a little distracting. Couldnt understand alot of the dialog. This was the first time I had seen this ep so I was kinda bummed, but still had some laughs and the host segments were awesome, so I guess that sorta made up for it.


  5. me says:

    ^I wonder if Shout would consider inserting captions on bad audio like this. I think it’s a no-brainer and would ratchet up the appreciation of an episode like this a lot.
    Shout’ll probably say including captions is not in their budget, or, they will suggest that the bad audio is true to the ‘bad movie’ experience.


  6. thebutcher says:

    Or, more realistically, that providing subtitles for a cult show like MST3000 is counter-productive and very difficult to do, seeing as they have to transcribe and verify obscure pop-culture riffs said by 3 people, as well as movie dialog that’s often muffled, all at the same time…


  7. Dr. Frankenkeister says:

    Just got my set from amazon today and was wondering if anyone else received the set without the mini posters included in the set. It was sealed and everything and no mini posters. Hope my set is a lone incident but kinda bummed after getting the other sets and being the completist nut that I am…


  8. Th1rt3eN says:

    dr. frankenkeister, thats terrible, the very reason I buy mine at a store, you got shafted on the mini posters and no one to hold responsible except faceless amazon. Are you gonna return it for new or just buy another one? thats the real question.

    I hope they keep making the mini posters, if you put them together in order you get a really big wall poster. I have only 2 box sets left before my poster is a rectangle again.


  9. I’ve never had a problem returning anything to Amazon, not that I’ve had to do it much. You might try returning it for a credit or exchange, Doc.


  10. Jezzicho says:

    I hope the menus stop after three loops like Volume XXII. I typically put on MST when I go to sleep, and since our TV doesn’t have a sleep function, she prefers XXII so she doesn’t hear Crow and Servo chattering all night.


  11. NoTrafficAccidents says:

    Just finished watching The Castle Of Fu Manchu for the first time. CC’s scheduling was horrid back in the day, so bite me.
    I quite fancy the “Stinky” Bomb invention exchange. I had always wondered where the Looney Tunes “I’ll give you such a pinch!” came from.

    Frank remains my hero, even though he’s a Pinko-Commie.


  12. trickymutha says:

    Just ordered my set! Can’t wait.


  13. R.A. Roth says:

    I saw the Joey the Lemur sketch for the first time ever. It reminded me of a playlet staged by hyperactive 4 year old’s. I smiled a lot in a I wish this would end kind of way and it did. But not until after it had worn out its welcome. File that one under WWTT.



  14. tim_servo says:

    My comment is on the “Galaxy Invader” from riff trax. Parts of this movie are/were used to create the phantom title sequence of “Pod People” (You know the scenes of the “Iron Maiden Dude” that aren’t in Pod People .) The monster in “galaxy invader” is that monster.!


  15. MikeK says:

    I watched King Dinosaur for the first time. Man, that’s one rough movie. The episode was good, and the Joey the Lemur sketch was funny, but man, that movie. I liked the Lippert documentary. I actually bought a Samuel Fuller movie boxed set a few months ago, which has I Shot Jesse James, Baron of Arizona, and The Steel Helmet. Knowing Lippert’s film reputation only through MST3K, I was very surprised to see that he produced such quality films.


  16. NoTrafficAccidents says:

    “I actually bought a Samuel Fuller movie boxed set a few months ago, which has I Shot Jesse James, Baron of Arizona, and The Steel Helmet.”

    Those are weird names for ’70s blaxploitation films.


  17. MileHighManning says:

    Just watched Code Name : Diamond Head and there were alot of glitches and pops in the video quality. Anybody else have this problem? Are the masters starting to decompose?


  18. Cyanide says:

    There are a bunch of very small pops in that episode. It’s likely that it is master tape damage. It seemed to only be localized to one part of the episode, I think it was a host segment.

    I have to say that The Castle of Fu Manchu is a really harsh episode. The riffing is good overall and the sketches too but the film is just so boring that I’m not enjoying it. Have a film that cen be followed really does make a substantial difference.


  19. zap rowsdower says:

    just got laid off…again, damn economy! But anyway atleast I got a new set of MST3K to get me through for a few days, between that and job hunting.


  20. td says:

    I actually saw a copy of this at Wal-Mart! Have they carried MST3K sets in the past? I’ve never seen any MST3K related products there.


  21. ck says:

    Just finished watching The Last of the Wild Horses. A
    someone strange movie, part thirties black and white
    western, part updated in elements of the plot. Btw, at
    the end did Duke (note, not The Duke :) ) marry the rich
    orphan and have the other as his mistress? Just sayin’…
    (I’d reverse the order but he was no dummy, and then his
    father-in-law would have been comic relief One).

    The promos generally were brief and somewhat dated, although
    the first one did recall Cheating Death, with Dr. Stephen
    Colbert, D.F.A., and a certain director…In college I
    actually watched (hey, it was free) Wild Strawberries and
    The Virgin Spring back to back (and you thought the Forresters
    movie selection was bad!


  22. MikeK says:

    I’ve watched Castle of Fu Manchu and am starting Code Name: Diamondhead. The Castle of Fu Manchu. Wow. This movie is even more boring than The Beast of Yucca Flats. Joel and the Bots get some good riffs in there, and the host segments are crazy, but man this movie got me down. This was the first time I saw this episode, but I still felt like I didn’t have to pay too much attention to it. The Castle of Fu Manchu is even worse than Manos. I think the movie could have used a James Bond rip-off secret agent to try and stop Fu Manchu. The movie was written and made by people who just didn’t care.

    I couldn’t finish Code Name: Diamondhead last night, but so far so good. The picture is great and is most welcomed after only having seen the episode on my murky, fan-made DVD.


  23. Mrs. Dick Courier says:

    I ordered mine but saw it at Walmart too, never seen MST there. I see it as a good sign that all copies were gone the next day. I’d seen all but King Dinosaur, although it had been years since I saw Diamondhead and Horses.

    I too was distracted by the sound in Last of the Wild Horses. Enjoyed the switch though. And Mike in a sleeveless top sent my pulse up…yummy!

    Loved the Lippert extra, lots of good info. He sounds like a decent guy who made a good, honest living. Have much more respect for him now.

    Enjoyed seeing Ian McShane in Diamondhead. They used Lovejoy in the episode a lot, had to look it up, had no idea what Lovejoy was. And seeing the classic promos was fun!


  24. Flying Saucers Over Oz says:

    I was also startled to see the set for sale at Wal-Mart after I’d bought my copy at Best Buy. I wonder if this is a good or a bad thing… I mean, do we want MST3K competing with HEY, VERN! IT’S EARNEST! and GOMER PYLE, USMC: THE COMPLETE THIRD SEASON?

    Finally got through all the episodes. My guess is the theme, roughly, was infamous host segments: ‘Joey The Lemur’ in KING DINOSAUR, Joel and the bots repeatedly breaking down in CASTLE OF FU MANCHU (And I don’t blame them; there are whole segments that are just blackness with strange flashes of red, like there was something wrong with the camera when they filmed the movie and noone noticed), the ‘Mirror, Mirror’ spoof in LAST OF THE WILD HORSES…

    It’s not my favorite set, but I’ll take any MST3K gratefully, and the next set’s lineup has me salivating.


  25. cityofvoltz says:

    did anyone who saw this at walmart see what the price was?… just curious- even a ballpark figure will do


  26. ck says:

    Walmart…boo! They ruin small shops in the
    towns they infest.


  27. Michael says:

    I started to watch The Castle of Fu Manchu yesterday with some trepidation based on the comments when the set was announced. So I was really surprised when it turned out being great! Maybe it’s from watching lots of Jess Franco movies, you need to see Faceless, but I never found it boring.


  28. Kathy says:

    Sorry, Shout!….I buy nothing at Wal-Mart.

    And you think you want them to carry your stuff because of their “coverage”…

    But once you’re in and you’re relying on that money, they’ll do what they did to the people who make Etch-A-Sketch. Wal-Mart told them that they wanted to keep their toys on their shelves but they would only pay them $XXX for them and no higher. The only way that the manufacturer could meet that price was to move production to China after decades of making them in Ohio.


  29. cityofvoltz says:


    Ironically, in the town where my wife is from, near sandusky MI, walmart has NOT killed the local grocery store- its still going strong! :-) Though the Kmart nearby needs to hurry up and die..


  30. Drinking.. in College? says:

    I once got a Shout Factory set that was missing the mini posters. I sent one polite e-mail to Shout’s customer service, and they were more than happy to send the missing posters my way. So don’t return the entire DVD set over the posters. :-)


  31. Cheapskate Crow says:

    I agree with Kathy (@29), will not shop at Walmart.


  32. Speedy says:

    I believe it’s 39.95. It was less for me with my walmart discount card.

    As far as people not shopping there, that’s fine. Internet shopping has already closed down several places already like Circuit City. Kmarts are closing more and more, and now Best Buy is closing 50 stores across the country. I saw a recent report online said Walmart is now competing against web sites like Amazon. Now recently, our hours have been cut slighty, which I think is yet another sign Walmart is facing heavier competition, especially with smart phones where people come into the brick and morter retail stores and just compare prices then leave. So, Walmart isn’t the only one to blame for stores closing. Just wait, unemployment will get worse, and internet sites will thrive until we all have no money to spend. THE END.

    Okay, that was too dark. How about this as a response instead:


  33. Sampo says:

    Of course, we entirely respect your stance if you don’t shop at WalMart. We just wanted to pass along the info. Do with it what you will.


  34. MikeK says:

    Walmart is only bad if you live in Crackerton, MO. Otherwise, it’s just another store at which to shop.

    I always pre-order my MST3K sets via Amazon to support this site, so having the DVD set at Walmart does nothing for me. It’s a good idea, though and I don’t care for all of the anti-Walmart snobbery. If selling the DVD set at Walmart gets even a few more people to notice MST3K, then that’s okay with me.


  35. ck says:

    I appreciate Sampo’s courteous response. And I
    frequently feel a bit like Don Quixote vs.
    windmills. Whataya gonna do?


  36. JimmyBruce says:

    I’m waiting for these boxed sets to be sold at my local Family Dollar.


  37. Speedy says:

    Whoops, I must have been too out of line. Sorry, sirs.

    Did anyone notice an odd video technicality near the end of Galaxy Invader where it appears to go dark for about five seconds (like a broken vhs tape and then black screen)?


  38. Gorn Captain says:

    Did anyone watch the Darkstar featurette and notice a certain spaceship model in the director’s SF collection? :-)


  39. Jbagels says:

    @Cityofvoltz, no offense to you or your wife, but Sandusky MI? That must have been a tough town to live in the past year.


  40. Matt D says:

    If the next MST set comes to Target (I work at a Target), then I might just kiss Shout!Factory on the mouth. I usually get my MST sets from a nearby Movie Stop.


  41. Sean says:

    I’ve noticed that bookstores that sell DVDs tend to have them. Particularly Barnes & Noble. The older ones are usually at a decent price.


  42. Mrs. Dick Courrier says:

    I wish I could stop shopping at Walmart, but sometimes you have no other choice


  43. td says:

    I think it was $39.99 + tax versus $34.99 on Amazon.

    If you don’t shop at Wal-Mart where do you shop?

    p.s. I bought a RiffTrax DVD at BigLots – Missile to the Moon. Only saw it there one time a couple years ago.


  44. MikeK says:

    I had to watch Mike’s Frugal Gourmet sketch a couple of times. It’s great and fully encapsulates the man’s personality. I have heard that he was quite rude when met by fans in real life.


  45. Mrs. Dick Courrier says:

    Upon my second viewing of Diamond Head I finally figured out where I’d seen THAT GUY.

    Victor from the Young and the Restless. My mom watched it in the 90s, I think he still may be on the show


  46. ackbar1138 says:

    @46 Yep, that’s him. My mom has been in love with him for close to 40 years lol. And yes, he is still on the show!


  47. JeremyR says:

    Roy Thinnes is really a curious actor – he’s a skinny little guy, but if you watch him in The Invaders, he’s completely bad ass.

    And then in the video interviews on that DVD set (The Invaders), here is he, a little elderly man in a bow tie. Funny. But seems like a real good guy.


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