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DVD Reviews has reviews of “RiffTrax: Hand-Crafted Artisanal Shorts” and the single-disc versions of “Girl In Gold Boots” and “The Wild Wild World Of Batwoman.”

3 comments to DVD Reviews

  • 1
    MikeK says:

    re: the review of The Wild Wild World of Batwoman, “Much like “The Castle Of Fu Manchu,” “The Wild World Of Batwoman” can be extremely tough to sit through.”

    I disagree. At the Batwoman is weird, which makes it fun to watch. The Castle of Fu Manchu is pure, concentrate boring hell.


  • 2
    Max says:

    Batwoman is a faded print, it’s like the sun is perpetually in your eyes and I find it hard to hear. For me, the only redeeming quality was Servo cracking up and screaming “End!!!” at the screen during the protracted dancing finale.

    The new Shorts compilation is the most solid they’ve ever put out in my opinion. Every single short was a winner. ACI was one damn weird studio based on their output on this disc. The hosts adapt beautifully to the lunacy.


  • 3
    nekouken says:

    He didn’t like “Cheating?” I love that one! Plus, the host segments it inspired are just fantastic.