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Goodbye Sci-Fi

Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett reflect on MST3K's final broadcast.

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Bill (and Virginia) on a Podcast

“The Brangelina of Twitter,” Bill and Virginia Corbett, are guests on Emily Volman’s podcast. Their portion starts about 19:30.

5 comments to Bill (and Virginia) on a Podcast

  • 1
    Zee says:

    Bill and Virginia Corbett are vibrant, funny people and they could totally be the focus of a hilarious, entertaining podcast. Not this one, however, which sounds we’re eavesdropping on B&V making forced small-talk with a dull relative. THRILL as they mundanely discuss getting a new dog!

    Most podcasts are pretty unlistenable (that wasn’t a word until ‘podcast’ became a word).


  • 2
    Mystos says:

    ‘Unlistenable’ was around long before podcasts. It was actually coined in 1959 when The Giant Gila Monster came out. “My baby she rocks, whoa oh!”


  • 3
    Sharktopus says:

    I believe Nickelback’s first recordings predate the invention of the podcast, but I agree with Zee’s sentiment. Still, they’re better than watching a YouTube blog of some guy talking to his monitor and not the webcam 15 degrees above it.


  • 4
    Richard the Lion-Footed says:

    Yes, unfortunately “Democratizing” does not always mean a quality product.
    There are reasons we have “try outs.”


  • 5
    Toots Sweet says:

    I thought I was being too mean hating the host and her, what was he again, her producer?, and thought maybe she’s an acquired taste, but from your comments, I guess not. The producer guy, what do you expect, he had the bacony stink of Canada all over him.