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Reminder: ‘Chaos at the Colonial’

Well, this should be fun…

Saturday, June 2, 8 p.m.
Joel Hodgson (creator, writer and star of MST3K) and his students from Riff Camp 2012 are bringing some college-level movie riffing to the Colonial Theatre, 227 Bridge St., Phoenixville, Pa., in a movie riffing battle royale. Four groups will compete on stage riffing some truly horrible short films, and the audience will decide who is the victor! Warm up act Harrison “Dr. Wizard” Lichtner and Dave “Drop Zone” Piccinetti will do battle in an experimental demonstration in the art of “movie clashing.” Also, Joel “The Creator” faces off with Chris “The Ultimate Authority Sampo” Cornell during “Talking MST3K” followed by an audience Q&A. To wrap it all up, Joel will screen one of his favorite MST3K episodes — I Accuse My Parents — and discuss it in a not so scholarly fashion after the live show.

Tickets are $10; $8 for seniors & students; $6 for members & children younger than 13.

There’s also a VIP package ($34) that includes reserved seating, backstage meet & greet with the cast at 7:30, event poster, free medium drink and medium popcorn.

This will be general admission seating (except for VIP Package tickets). Ticket prices do not include the $1 per ticket service fee. Fees will be calculated at check out. Tickets available with cash, check or credit card at the Colonial Theatre Box Office, or online. Just click on the “Buy Tickets” link at the upper right of any page of the website to buy your tickets online.

Event posters (11×17) will be on sale for $10 at the show.

There will be an opportunity to get autographs and pictures during intermission, between the live show and I Accuse My Parents.

Tickets available here:

I am delighted Joel has invited me to this, and I can’t wait.

Update: Here’s the poster. And that’s all me, ladies. :-) has a story today.

39 Replies to “Reminder: ‘Chaos at the Colonial’”

  1. Dan in WI says:

    Color me green with envy.

    Now about getting Shout! Factory out there to film Joel v Sampo for a future DVD extra…


  2. bobhoncho says:

    Oh, man! If only gas wasn’t so expensive and if I wasn’t taking a 7-week biology crash course, I would drive over there. But alas, it’s a long drive from Detroit. Be sure to give us lots of details on how the show went, Sampo.


  3. Cubby says:

    “The Ultimate Authority Sampo”? Is that a sampo that produces supreme courts and popes?

    I’m delighted for you, Sampo. I hope you’re preparing your 12″ stack of green notecards as I type.


  4. Sounds awesome! Wish I could attend.


  5. Yeah, include me in on the folks who live too far to attend (but if it were ANYWHERE in a southern state I’d be there).

    We’ll await your recap.


  6. GregS says:


    Having just been laid off (for the 2nd time in as many years), I can’t extend myself financially at this time; otherwise I’d be all over this!!

    I’ll live vicariously through those who CAN attend and report back!


  7. Neptune Man says:

    Joel The Creator? He is so humble, why not Joel Emperor of the Universe? I always knew he was more ego than talent.


  8. mst3ktemple says:

    That sounds so cool! I immediately checked my schedule, but it doesn’t look like I can make it. Congrats Chris. I’m sure you’ll have a great time.


  9. If this were happening in MN, I would be $34 poorer, but also that much happier.


  10. John Duncan Yoyo says:

    This is the theater in that classic B movie THE BLOB. I hope you take the opportunity to stage a reenactment photo running out of the theater.


  11. Doug says:

    It’s only 2 1/2 hours from Baltimore, and unlike last time, I have enough time to rearrange my work schedule to make it. If there are any MSTIes in the Baltimore/Washington area, drop me a line; maybe we could work out a carpool.


  12. Some jerk says:

    Joel “I created riffing, it’s mine all mine I tell ya, I’m that amazing, I own a patent and everything” Hodgson.


  13. Watch-out-for-Snakes says:

    Wow, that sounds radical. Congrats Sampo, and all those that get to attend. Joel’s awesome for doing this. I live on the West Coast, no way could I go, but I hope someone posts some video from this, specifically the MST talk with Sampo.

    We live in a good world when something like this occurs.


  14. Cyanide says:

    There seem to be a few folks in this thread who’ve never met Joel and have a very wrong impression of him apparently. They’d sound far less foolish if they kept their bitterness to themselves.


  15. Dan in WI says:

    Cyanide #14> Not to mention the “creator” and “ultimate authority” tags where almost certainly penned by Riff Camp students writing the press release/ad copy and not Joel or Sampo. But it’s like some Vietnam vets who keep fighting that war in their minds. Some just can’t let the great flame war die either.


  16. millej89 says:

    Just an idea….Shout Factory could re-release ‘I Accuse My Parents” with this event and Q&A as bitchin DVD extras….I’d snatch it up for sure. Who’s with me???


  17. Kenneth Morgan says:

    It’s kind of a long drive for me, but I just couldn’t turn it down. Two CT shows in NJ this year, RT re-doing “Manos” in August and now this. Things are looking better in 2012.


  18. Neptune Man says:

    All you mammajammas bow down to King Joel the Very Ist! Creator of Riffing, Mst3k, American Cultural Icon, Father of the People, Defender of the Innocent, Purveyor of Government Cheese!


  19. Sharktopus says:

    JoCo concert in NYC. This in Philly. Some days it’s hard to be a fanboy. :-?


  20. Cheapskate Crow says:

    I have never before wished I lived in Philadelphia. That’s awesome that Joel loves I Accuse My Parents, that is in my Top 5 if not #1 episode of all time.


  21. schippers says:

    Oh man, I’d SO love to be there. But Arizona is SO FAR AWAY… Sad.

    And for the record, the second time I (briefly) met Joel, he was VERY gracious when talking about Jim Mallon, and if there’s ANYBODY I’d expect Joel to be less than gracious when talking about, it’s Jim (rightly or wrongly – I wasn’t present during those tumultuous times, so I take no sides). For those who are disparaging Joel in this thread, I think you are VERY mistaken.

    And anyway, Joel IS the creator, period. His concept. That’s not to denigrate any of the other fine folks who helped refine it, improve it, and then innovate on it. They deserve their own kudos.

    But let’s give the man his due props.


  22. Dan Hughes says:

    As one of the performers, I can speak for all of us when I say that we owe everything to Joel. This is something that not only could we have not put it together the right way without him, we probably wouldn’t be getting any venues for performing without Joel’s weighty name opening doors.

    Trust us, we know how lucky we are!

    ~Dan of the Riffening


  23. Neptune Man says:

    #22 Did you have to sacrifice a virgin on a full moon night to summon The Almighty Joel, God of Riffing? That’s what the people at Port Au Prince do.


  24. Blast Hardcheese says:

    Umm…my sarcasm detector is in the shop right now, so I’m not sure if Neptune Man is serious or not. But let me just say that arrogant TV personalities–even ones from Minnesota–generally don’t spend a lot of effort and time teaching classes at universities and organising student-led events for which they don’t expect to receive either national recognition, or truckloads of cash, or both. And Joel’s much too young and too involved with a successful show of his own to need to do the sunset-years adjunct-lecturer gig. This is a quirky local event that I can only guess Joel is doing mostly for the fun of it–correct me if I’m wrong, but show me your proof.


  25. Matt D says:

    Boy, sometimes I just wish that Neptune Man could stop being a one-note troll. Alas.

    My friend was getting tickets today for this, so I will be there. Should be great, as I almost attended the school thing Joel did a month ago, but it looks like we get the best of the best anyways. Plus, I’ve never seen I Accuse My Parents, so it’s all gravy now.


  26. Richard the Lion-Footed says:

    This is what I mean. Set it up, record it, get the releases and sell the darn thing.
    I’d love to see this even on Fandango.
    This is the world we live in now. It does not have to just be regional.


  27. Neptune Man says:

    I’m just being extremely silly. I have to kill time while I battle Space Chief, these battles take a lot of time and stock footage.
    Anyways, has anybody seen my record?


  28. hellokittee says:

    Sampo, you must have some pals at Shout!, I think we would all LOVE to see this as an extra on a future release. Break a leg!


  29. Rocky Jones says:



  30. Bombastic Biscuit Boy says:

    Nice to see something in an adjacent state, but it’s still 5 hours away…

    sigh…everyone knows this is nowhere…


  31. noordledoordle says:

    Sweet-looking poster, sweet-sounding event. I can’t wait to see the post-show reports on this one :)


  32. Zee says:

    This sounds great! Wish I could be there!


  33. Gary Bowden says:

    Dear Shout! Factory: Could you film this and include it in an upcoming box set? We would LIKE IT VERY MUCH! Think about it,won’t you?


  34. Cyanide says:

    This is going to be 10 full flavors of awesome!


  35. big61al says:

    Joel has sure buffed up recently. :eek:


  36. MSTie says:

    I’m so envious it’s really pitiful. Too far away, or I’d be there for sure.


  37. Cheapskate Crow says:

    Someone please film the Q&A and I Accuse My Parents discussion and put it on youtube just in case Shout doesn’t. I would attend but I live 2200 miles away. Come back to the Northwest already, CT crew!


  38. NordicT says:

    I’ll be there…got me a pair of VIP tickets, too! I have to say, between the CT shows at the Keswick (Glenside, outside Philly), the Philly shows a few years back, the show in York earlier this year, and the shows in NJ, being a PA resident has paid off. I’ve had more than my fair share of opportunities to see Joel and the gang since the live shows started. I’ve been to 6 CT shows, and now this!


  39. Samantha says:

    This was a night of hilarious awesomeness and awesome hilariousness. It was great to meet Sampo, who wore a t shirt with one of the best quotes from I Accuse My Parents (“How do you like my swinging church, son?”). And I got to meet Joel, and get a picture with him plus autograph on the poster, and I have to say he just could not have been nicer and more gracious. If you’ve ever wondered if he’s a kind and down to earth guy in real life, wonder no more.

    The show itself was great, hysterically funny (a few technical glitches but they got fixed right away), and really, words can’t do it justice. Just the experience of being in one place with Joel and so many great MSTies (high priests of the cult as Joel called us) was amazing. If this happens again anywhere near where you live, you must go to it.


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