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A Bit of RiffTrax News in the Comic-Con Schedule

Comic-Con starts this week and if you’re going you might want to know that on Thursday, July 12, 6-7 p.m. in the Indigo Ballroom of Hilton San Diego Bayfront…

Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett (, Mystery Science Theater 3000) return to Comic-Con to perform another live, hilarious riff to a classic short. Join the riffers for fun, laughs and the latest news about their upcoming “Manos” The Hands of Fate and Birdemic live shows, playing for only one night each in select movie theatres nationwide this August and October.

Who’s in the what, now? Birdemic live show in October? You heard it here first.

25 Replies to “A Bit of RiffTrax News in the Comic-Con Schedule”

  1. syferdet says:

    Actually you heard it at Comic Con first, but I’m willing to say Satellite News was first, Sampo. :-)


  2. lancecorbain says:

    Yay, October’s lookin’ good already.


  3. Ready4sumfootball says:


    I’d place this in the rumor category until I hear it from the guys themselves. This would require licensing, and while I think of their MP3 riffs this would probably be the most likely to get the license, one still can’t be too careful. They delayed their Jack the Giant Killer show by a year on licensing issues.


  4. Don says:

    Maybe they are premiering Birdemic II with this new Rifftrax Commentary at this Rifftrax Live :rotfl:

    Here is the official website of the sequel,

    Summary: Bill is a struggling filmmaker; Gloria is an aspiring actress. Rod, a Silicon Valley millionaire finances Bill’s film, a dream come true until eagles and vultures attack Hollywood and its up to Rod, his girlfriend Nathalie, new friends and old to mount the resistance. Who will survive?


  5. MrTorso says:

    Severin (the company that put out Birdemic) was all over the RiffTrax for it. They loved it. I bet licensing won’t be that hard.


  6. Gary Bowden says:

    Dear Shout! Factory…Would you be so kind in getting some footage from this and put them on a future MST3K box set? Think about it,won’t you?


  7. Chr0nos says:

    Getting footage of what? You spam that message in every thread that has to do with any live event of any kind :-P


  8. Ready4sumfootball says:

    Does Severin actually own the film rights? I thought they just distributed it.


  9. Chr0nos says:

    Answer to your question

    Severin Acquires All-Rights To “BIRDEMIC: SHOCK AND TERROR”

    LOS ANGELES, CA, February 1, 2010 – Severin Films ( today announced the acquisition of all worldwide rights to BIRDEMIC: SHOCK AND TERROR (, the new feature from writer/producer/director James Nguyen.


  10. Ready4sumfootball says:

    I didn’t know that. I thought Nguyen kept the actual film rights. It’ll be wild seeing this as a live show.


  11. Gary Bowden says:

    # 7 @Chr0nes..Getting footage of Rifftrax at Comic-Con is what I meant.Maybe an interview with Mike,Bill and Kevin would be nice..I thought maybe it would be nice to see,since there’s a lot of us(myself included)who aren’t able to go..Is that a good enough reason for you??


  12. snowdog says:

    I hope the whole event will be powered by “so-pows”. Otherwise, I fear the deep message in the movie may be obscured.


  13. Neptune Man says:

    #4: Who will survive? Who cares?
    I wish I could be there. Manos Live, Birdemic live, life is good, isn’t it?


  14. Erik @ RiffTrax says:

    Yes, we worked with Severin to obtain the rights to show Birdemic. Everything is copacetic. :)


  15. Jamey says:

    So you are saying we will see a fathom event broadcast to theaters showing of birdemic? The 1st birdemic? If so , my friends will low this news.


  16. Farmland says:

    Great news about the Birdemic show if it’s true.

    I’m sure they’ll be something posted here shortly, but RIP Ernest Borgnine. I’ll eat all the ice cream in his honor…


  17. Thomas K. Dye says:

    OT… Ernest “Grandpa” Borgnine is dead at 95.


  18. Norman says:

    This is a nice step up for Rifftrax. Indigo Ballroom is a much larger
    venue that is reserved for people like Penn & Teller.


  19. Sharktopus says:

    Hangin’ out, hangin’ out, hangin’ out with RiffTrax, havin’ ourselves a party. :-D


  20. Matt D says:

    This sounds great.

    But as for Gary Bowden, I gotta agree with Chronos. Do you really have to give the same message in every thread? We get it.


  21. ptomreeves says:

    That’ll do Rifftrax. That’ll do. :pig2:


  22. Cronkite Moonshot says:

    For some reason I have a feeling that the Birdemic live show will be an internet streaming show rather than a theatrical one. I hope I’m wrong, but that’s my gut feeling. If it’s right away in October I can’t really see them doing another theatrical live event so soon after the Manos one. But if they do I’ll be there!


  23. Erik @ RiffTrax says:

    Cronkite: You are wrong. It will be a Fathom event.


  24. ptomreeves says:



  25. ryan says:

    I have seen this (without cover art) on fathom. but it seems them have no show times yet (atleast for my area). I would assume they would wait tell after Manos to start announcing where it’s playing. but to my knowledge it’s def going to be a fathom even and live in october!


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