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How Was the Panel?

An open thread for reports from tonight’s RiffTrax panel at Comic-Con. Please supply links if you post photos.

UPDATE: Todd VanDerWerff of The Onion’s “A.V. Club” has a general Comic-Con perspective, that includes a mention of the biggest surprise at the panel.

18 Replies to “How Was the Panel?”

  1. Neptune Man says:

    I wasn’t there, why are you asking me?


  2. GizmonicTemp says:

    Neptune Man #1 – We have multiple witnesses that saw you there at the exact same time as the panel was taking place. Mighty strange coincidence, eh? Now, GIVE US THE PHOTOS!


  3. Sky wise says:

    I tried to go, got there an hour early, but the line was insanely long and I’m not one to wait an hour for something when the odds of success are so low. There were way more people in line this time compared to when they did the anniversary panel a few yeas ago. They should put on a regular paid admission show offsite next year.


  4. Neptune Man says:

    #2:Lies! Slander! Libel! Ask Space Chief, he can confirm where I was. He is the one who is not Prince of Space.


  5. Casey@RiffTrax says:

    #3 The funny thing is that we were the last panel of the night – so there was no one camping out for any following panels like in previous years, and we were in a room that held 1400 people, as opposed to 800 the previous couple of years. Which is considerably larger than any off-site venue we could reasonably book. Even the Balboa Theater, where we did Plan 9 a few years ago, only held 1350 people. It’s just the reality of Comic-Con – exclusion is more and more becoming the name of the game as the event gets exponentially larger.


  6. Cheapskate Crow says:

    Sounds like Comic Con needs to limit ticket sales. While I haven’t been to Comic Con, I have been to PAX a couple of times and I think these huge conventions need to embrace the internet more. Nobody should have to line up hours in advance for anything, just have internet signups at a well announced time for each panel.


  7. losingmydignity says:

    What was the “biggest surprise”? Couldn’t find it.

    I would love for rifftrax to do something like they did at comical-con but not at a comical-con. Because there’s no way I’m going to something like that.


  8. bad wolf says:

    Well, i read through a typical Tod VanDerWerff piece which went in and out of talking about Rifftrax only to never find the “biggest surprise” either.


  9. Megan says:

    The description for the panel in Comic Con’s schedule says they’re doing Birdemic live. I wonder if that’s the surprise?


  10. Casey says:

    Deborah Ann Woll joining the guys on stage as Axecop was the surprise.


  11. Neptune Man says:

    I mean no disrespect, but who is Deborah Ann Woll?


  12. Casey says:

    She’s one of the main characters on True Blood and is a massive MST3K & RiffTrax fan.


  13. hungry and a little confused says:

    So, for those of us who couldn’t make it….. What was the news about the live show of Birdemic? Must not have been too major as every time i google it nothing pops up… but i’d still like to know.


  14. John R. Ellis says:

    What was the “biggest surprise at the panel” mention? I feel stupid, but I’ve read this thing several times over now and I can’t find a mention of anything beyond they attended the panel, enjoyed the short-riffing, but hated the pop culture jokes.


  15. Skywise says:

    #5 Spreckels Theater holds just over 1,400 but part of my assumption was that being off site and charging admission would thin the crowd a bit. I can live with having missed it this year and I congratulate Rifftrax on being such a smash at the con, maybe they can fill the Twilight void over in Hall H next year.


  16. agrob says:

    Count me in on “where’s the surprise?”


  17. cityofvoltz says:

    did everyone make an oath of silence about what they saw and heard?


  18. richard the Lion-footed says:

    #17, no I think that so far no one who made it to the panel has logged in here.

    Maybe they should post the panel now that it is over. Or at least part of it. Give us a feel. 1400 and over booked????
    Long Live RiffTrax!


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