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Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett reflect on MST3K's final broadcast.

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Review of Vol. 24’s Extras

Our pal Bruce Westbrook takes a look at the extras on the upcoming Vol. 24.

8 Replies to “Review of Vol. 24’s Extras”

  1. MileHighManning says:

    Having all these extras on the newer box sets ,is like having 15 different sides at Thanksgiving dinner. Keep it up Shout!. We love you and are thankful!


  2. Deep13_Is_My_ManCave says:

    Shout’s extras are amazing!! Some of the segments they’ve created are just as entertaining as the episodes themselves.


  3. big61al says:

    The extras for me reenforce the fact that while most of the films and shorts were just god awful bad they are not without merit and value. They all have a place in film history.


  4. The GR says:

    As always looking forward to this.

    And usually about this time they announce the next box, just before this one comes out. Come on Shout Factory, keep spoiling us !


  5. PETE58 says:

    good review BIG BRUCE WESTBROOK!!!! :yes:


  6. Brandon says:

    Soooooo will this be the final nail in the coffin for the “Sandy Frank got pissed off over MST3K” rumor?


  7. Dan in WI says:

    Brandon #6> Nope. Not unless he convincingly explains why he never relisenced to Rhino or Shout! when he still had control. If he’s the pure capitalist he otherwise seems to be his stubborn refusal to milk even more licensing fees sits as quite strange. Then again his doing this interview is also weird…


  8. Josh says:

    Dan in WI #7> Well one of the reasons he may never have relisenced to Rhino or Shout was because he lost control of the rights before they ever contacted him. I have a feeling these stupid rumors are going to live on despite the clear facts that they were fabricated. If he truely hated MST3K then he wouldn’t be doing this interview.


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