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Josh Does Podcast Interview

The guys at Gizmonic Institute radio, having just finished up Season 1, speak with Josh about those days in a special episode.

6 Replies to “Josh Does Podcast Interview”

  1. Semi-Confused Young Fan says:

    So how could 104 have aired before 110? 104 can’t exist without 110 airing first, people viewing it and sending in letters which were then read in 104. I don’t expect Josh or any of them to remember events that happened 20+ years ago, but there is simply no way that the Comedy Channel aired Prehistoric Planet as the fourth new episode. We all know that it was made last (right? This is common knowledge?), and it had to have aired last originally too. Isn’t the reason that it’s numbered as the fourth episode is because they skipped it originally (they couldn’t get the rights to the movie) and didn’t bother to re-number the rest of the season?

    Nice interview otherwise, I might have to check out their other episodes (I just got done watching Season 1 myself last week).


  2. Brandon says:

    According to (which isn’t 100% reliable), 104 was indeed the last episode of season 1 to air, as it was also the last one made.


  3. The Bone Ranger says:

    Don’t sweat it, Semi-Confused Young Fan. The Brains don’t obsess over this old stuff like we do.

    Nonetheless, I always look forward to Josh’s interviews! 8-)


  4. FordPrefect says:

    Yes, I believe that rights issues are what caused a movie that was originally intended to be the fourth episode to end up being riffed at the end of the season. Remember, rights issues were still a fairly new problem for the series at this point. During the KTMA run, they’d just look though the station’s library for things to riff on with little to no worries. Although KTMA had the rights to air those movies, they didn’t have the rights to modify them for MST3K. Yet another reason why the KTMA series probably won’t be ending up on DVD anytime soon.


  5. Dan in WI says:

    This not properly obtaining the rights to the movies used during KTMA preventing their DVD release has been dealt with before. It has nothing to do with it. Did they properly obtain the rights at that time to create a derivitive work? No. So what? If Shout! Factory were to approach whoever currently holds the rights to SST Death Flight and wanted to obtain those right today for a 23 odd year old work I seriously doubt the status of the licensing of 23 years ago would have any bearing today if the price were right. The real and only problem is getting Jim Mallon to cough up the master tapes.


  6. Dan in WI says:

    Okay I finally had a chance to actually listen to this podcast. Josh’s bluffed explanation of the episode #104 issue is another example of obsessed fans knowing a show better than the guys who were there. We watch these things over and over and there is a good chance that the participants haven’t even seen them all once. If Josh had realized that the part of the contest winners being announced I’m pretty sure he doesn’t give the answer he did. That said this answer gives us insight into how these types of decisions are made, even if there is no way that was the decision in this case.
    I’ve said it before: Josh has become my favorite podcast interview in the last couple years. He really comes off as personable and geniune. This interview was no exception.


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