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The Episodes in the Next Set Are…

110- ROBOT HOLOCAUST with short: COMMANDO CODY PT 9 (partial)
508- OPERATION KID BROTHER (aka OPERATION DOUBLE 007; they couldn’t get the rights under the other name)

Stay tuned for details.

175 Replies to “The Episodes in the Next Set Are…”

  1. Severen86 says:

    Now that I think about it, this upcoming set is like Rhino Vol. 9, where we got one episode from each era. A Season 1 episode with Josh Weinstein; a regular Joel episode with Kevin Murphy; a CC-era Mike episode, and a SciFi episode. I wouldn’t mind if they continued like this, though they’d have to have gotten through to Warner for that to happen. Here’s hoping!


  2. hortense says:

    Right now almost every episode of MST3K is on YouTube (full length). I don’t how long that will last, but does anybody else feel guilty about spending money on the sets, when they could just watch them on computer?


  3. Professor Gunther says:

    #66: Except for you, Ron.


  4. casterberus says:

    I’m gobsmacked.

    Shout! Factory, you guys are just awesome!!!


  5. Tim S. Turner says:

    Does this mean we’ll get the first half of season 8 now?!? WANT!!


  6. Jason says:

    @102 – Wouldn’t guilt be more appropriate in the inverse scenario?


  7. noordledoordle says:

    @102 – No, because the YouTube uploads are usually from the DAP and are terrible quality. They’re great in a pinch when you just need some MST on the fly, but watching them on YouTube versus watching the DVDs is like night and day. Plus for some reason some of the uploaders don’t deinterlace the video before putting it out there.

    And if anything, I feel guilty watching MST3K for free when I should be supporting them with monies!


  8. me says:

    Kitten bonus feature–interview with miss -Margret wherein she talks about the movie AND her reaction to being Mystisized. That would be too great!


  9. eegah says:

    Awesome set!

    Idea for the next set’s theme: The Moon
    Moon Zero Two
    Rocketship X-M
    12 to the Moon
    Track of the Moon Beast


  10. wedestroymyths says:

    @102–I sometimes watch episodes on YouTube, but I’d feel horribly guilty if I wasn’t supporting the show I love by spending money on it.


  11. GizmonicTemp says:

    Severen86 #99
    I don’t know where you’re getting this idea of “partial” MST3K. It seems to be entirely in your head.

    Thanks. I was kind of worried that there was nothing in my head. It’s also been wondered by others on this site, and I was simply opining what “partial” meant (that’s what a discussion thread is all about). Just because none of the past DVD releases have been edited, doesn’t mean they won’t be in the future. One can’t help but wonder when a movie in the same set has to be renamed, so you can understand my query.

    As for Mitchell, BBI didn’t do the editing on that.
    Yes they did. I’ve seen all of “Mitchell” and there was quite a lot of editing done. Frank mentions (I believe in the ACEG) that they edited “Side Hackers” in the same way to skip over the violent death of Ross’s girlfriend.

    So, for the love of God, relax about my not relaxing.


  12. Canucklehead says:

    Holy Mackinaw! Ann Margaret! Neil Connery! B.L. Creature! What an awesome set!

    Suddenly, a Mamie Van Doren set seems in the realms of possibilities… :-)


  13. Josh says:

    #111 Actually they didn’t. They’re are two versions of the film, One with the Death scene and the television edit which cut a lot out. The version the MST crew got was the Television edit.


  14. Severen86 says:

    #113 – Thank you, Josh. I mentioned that in my comment, but GizmonicTemp apparently didn’t feel he needed to read the whole thing before jumping the gun. He seems to have that problem.


  15. ck says:

    Off topic, but I just had a thought: How about if
    the CT or Mike Nelson’s guys do the Paris Hilton epic:
    The Hottie and the Nottie.

    What do you think, sirs?

    Oh, and for Olympic underwater swimming, the Creature (from
    The Revenge Of) vs. Dr.Z (The Blood Waters Of).


  16. Kenneth Morgan says:

    Re: the title change for “Operation Double 007”, I don’t think a lot of heavy editing would be needed. They’ll probably just use the alternate title (which was used during the movie’s initial release) on the packaging, and maybe digitally obscure the on-screen title. It depends on how much of a hassle Sony/MGM/Eon Productions would put up. The title-referencing gags (like “operation double-00-Hee Haw!’) should be OK, as acceptable parodies.

    Of course, they could also bleep out Forrester saying the title, and throw in a new intro (like the one for the “Giant Gila Monster” disc) where someone mentions they originally riffed on “Operation Double-mumblemumblemumble” but they had to change it.


  17. Steve says:

    “So what part of John Agar HAVEN’T we seen yet?”
    “Oh, his buttcheeks!”
    “Thanks, John.”


  18. Angie says:

    I haven’t seen Robot Holocaust but Rocketship X-M is one of my faves of the early seasons so it will be fun to see the real Valeria and compare it to Mike’s version. Kitten is good and Operation Double 007 and Revenge of the Creature are two of my very faves. This is very exciting!!


  19. Alex says:

    Alright, more hard to reach episodes! Is Shout suddenly having a better relationship with the big studios? What I’m mostly excited about is Kitten with a Whip, my favorite Mike episode. Operation 007 is a funny one too. I haven’t seen the others, though. Look forward to it! :D


  20. kylehg says:

    I’m still really surprised that ‘Revenge of the Creature’ is getting a release (this now raises my hopes for ‘Riding with Death’), I was also half expecting a collection of all the Universal films they riffed, like their ‘Gamera’ set. Oh well, I still can’t wait!


  21. GizmonicTemp says:

    Severen86 #114 – If you’re accusing me of jumping the gun to not take the internet postings of someone I am not personally familiar with as a reputable source to be the gospel truth, then I am guilty as charged.

    But, since you seem pretty sure they did and your intel is from a good source and Josh corroborates, then sure. Okay. I yield. They used a TV edit of Mitchell.

    Wanna go get a beer?


  22. Alex Muniz says:

    That was an important submit! Individuals underestimate how much you need rest! Everyone sleeps. Few are lucky to rest and rejuvenate overnight. Every part you do in life you do higher with a greater nights relaxation, I imagine!


  23. Travis H says:

    WOW! What a set! This is the biggest surprise (maybe even more than the GAMERA set) episodes-wise I’ve seen since working on the Likelihood-for-Release List. Shout Factory is MSTie-heaven for all of us to enjoy! HUZZAH!!


  24. Akcoll99 says:

    Yes!! Revenge Of The Creature has become my personal favorite episode, so actually seeing it get released is beyond amazing. I actually did a fist pump when I saw it listed. Robot Holocaust is my favorite season 1 episode, Operation “Kid Brother” is a solid outing, and Kitten With A Whip is decent, though I do get frustrated with the horribly dumb decisions the lead character makes throughout the movie. But yes, this will definitely go down as one of their best overall collections…


  25. Sloan says:

    Sweet! I cannot wait!


  26. dsman71 says:

    Hey Travis I think now the Universal titles should be likely, while the 201 and 203 Id put possible, for some reason I think if Rocketship XM and Jungle Goddess could be have, they would have been released by now. There must be something holding those up


  27. Bob (NotThatBob) says:

    Hey guys – I actually went ahead and asked Shout Factory on their Facebook page and they say that “Operation Kid Brother” only needs to appear on the box art. The episode itself will not be tampered with at all. Yaaaay!


  28. Bob (NotThatBob) says:

    …boxed art (packaging) and menu, I should say.


  29. Dr. Batch says:

    Another set where I have NOT seen any of the episodes. Oh Happy Day!


  30. dsman71 says:

    Llewellyn Buntminkey (not that Bob ) A very thorough question and that’s cool. THE CT did that with the “Oozing skull” – that title wound up on their DVD, and the main title of the film *Brides of Blood* appeared in the film itself


  31. Bob (NotThatBob) says:

    Oh, yeah – I’d forgotten about that.


  32. CMWaters says:

    Shout is really pumping out these sets. I love it and love that they are getting unexpected eps.

    Though they’ll really surprise me if they can get Amazing Collosal Man and its sequel or Village of the Giants or Gorgo.

    Slightly off topic: those Shout rereleases of MST eps Rhino released, besides the Manos set, anything different from the original releases on the disc to make it worthwhile to buy again or no?


  33. Happenstance says:

    “I’m cominnnnnnnnnnng!”


  34. Neptune Man says:

    Nice selection, but you know what we want, the Pyuma-man!


  35. Sitting Duck says:

    @ #132: The Shout re-releases are pretty bare-bones. They’re for those of us who failed to get them the first time around. So if you have Rhino release of a particular episode, don’t bother.

    And now that releasing Universal titles is no longer a deluded fantasy, perhaps Shout can do a Planet Killer set (The Deadly Mantis, She Creature, Riding With Death, and Agent for H.A.R.M.).


  36. majorjoe23 says:

    Shout has pretty much killed my desire to get bootlegs of any episodes. It’s starting to feel like the entire series getting released is becoming more of a case of “when” not “if.”


  37. Gary Bowden says:

    Maybe Shout could come out with a juvenile delinquent set with UNTAMED YOUTH,TEENAGE CRIME WAVE,HIGH SCHOOL BIG SHOT and GIRLS TOWN..Just a thought.


  38. CMWaters says:

    135: Ah, OK, thanks.

    So the only exceptions I’ll make is if they re-release Time Chasers and especially if they re-release Merlin’s Shop of Mystical Wonders.


  39. Neptune Man says:

    139#: Does Girl in Gold Boots count as juvenile crime drama? They were only kids in their 35’s.


  40. Bill Millican says:

    @136: I love my boots (great artwork and video/audio quality), but it’s bumming me out that these titles will begin to gather dust while Shout continues to impress.

    Since I don’t want ebay or Shout fussing at me, this has got to be the most appropriate place to pose the following question: anyone out there interested in some non-commercial MST eps on dvd?


  41. BIG G BERGER says:

    it will be good to hear from the DAHG WUN, about Escape 2000 or City Limits.they would have made a great pots apocaliptic box with Warrior of lost world and robot holocaust.


  42. EricJ says:

    @119, 132 – Given that Robot Holocaust had been held hostage by the late, lamented MGM/UA all these years, I wouldn’t count Amazing Colossal Man out either.
    Not sure if Roger Corman owns all the AIP’s (including the ones that weren’t his), so not sure who’s holding Glen now, but I guarantee I never expected Valeria and Dagwan in our lifetimes….Now, where isthat city?

    (And yes, @13, it was the first episode I ever saw, back when Comedy Channel was something you randomly channel-surfed onto for five minutes at a time. I’d seen an article on the show on TV Guide, but our system didn’t pick up the channel till the end of the season. Just remember late Friday night, “Hey, it’s the Kids From Fame!”, and someone taking the ring off a corpse: “This secret compartment of my ring I fill…”)

    And yes, we get “Kitten With a Whip”, but like a bad splinter, once it’s out, it’s over with. :)


  43. Tom Carberry says:

    @142 — I think Susan Hart Nicholson Hofheinz (widow of Jim Nicholson, of the Nicholson and Arkoff team that created American International Pictures) owns the rights to Amazing Colossal Man, and for some reason seems to be reluctant to grant rights to anyone for any reason. I understand she also owns the rights to some other 1950s classics, such as Invasion of the Saucer Men. It is my further understanding that she has legally pursued those she feels have violated her copyright.


  44. Severen86 says:

    @142 – #143 is correct. Check this out to learn more about Susan Hart:


  45. Neptune Man says:

    Susan Hart and Sandy Frank would make a lovely couple. The question would be who stabbed who first?


  46. I saw Susan Hart interviewed in a documentary about AIP, It Conquered Hollywood! The Story of American International Pictures, several years ago. She didn’t quite seem like the type of person to behave so selfishly and irrationally. She actually sounded like she remembered the AIP days and Jim Nicholson fondly. Of course I don’t see the documentary on DVD anywhere, so maybe she sued them for portraying her as the Yoko of AIP.


  47. JeremyR says:

    I just can’t watch Revenge of the Creature. For whatever reason, I don’t mind a bit all the people getting killed in it. But that poor pooch…


  48. Neptune Man says:

    #147: You’re so deep, Ernie.


  49. Jason says:

    Susan Hart is such a peculiar case, since it seems to be neither money nor an anti-MST3K sentiment that motivates her position on her films, that position apparently being that they simply not be made available in any form. Is she embarrassed of them? Does she get some sort of satisfaction out of the artificial scarcity? Has there ever been an attempt at an (extremely polite, well argued and heartfelt) appeal from MSTies lobbed in her direction? I mean, you never know.


  50. Bob (NotThatBob) says:

    I wonder how we’d contact her, and if she’d have a sense of humor about it.


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