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The Episodes in the Next Set Are…

110- ROBOT HOLOCAUST with short: COMMANDO CODY PT 9 (partial)
508- OPERATION KID BROTHER (aka OPERATION DOUBLE 007; they couldn’t get the rights under the other name)

Stay tuned for details.

175 Replies to “The Episodes in the Next Set Are…”

  1. Wow, just saw this at WalMart for about two bucks less than the Amazon Price.


  2. kent18 says:

    Kitten with a Whip is one of my favorite episodes of all time. Take THAT, haters! :-P


  3. Tom Carberry says:

    The Susan Hart (Nicholson-Hofheinz) situation seems all the more peculiar, since those movies have been released on VHS or granted broadcast rights in the past. I think I got my copies of Amazing Colossal Man and Invasion of the Saucer Men when they were broadcast on Sci-Fi (remember when it was called that) Channel about the time MST3K Seasons 8-10 were still in rotation. I can only speculate that she is holding out for more money for DVD rights.


  4. Travis H says:

    My 2-cents on the OPERATION KID BROTHER/OPERATION DOUBLE 007 title issue:

    OPERATION KID BROTHER is the films actual title (it was released as OK CONNERY in Italy); it’s also what all of the copyrights are listed under.

    OPERATION DOUBLE 007 was most likely an alternate title created for TV airings (“Hey, I wonder if that’s a James Bond movie?”), and MST3k, being a TV show, wound up with that version. I could find no copyright listings for OPERATION DOUBLE 007, except BBI’s. ;)


  5. NewPetitionAgainstTax says:

    Great news on getting 801 since I’m a big Clint Eastwood fan :)

    Favorite riffs from Kitten and Revenge:

    “This, to me, is the very definition of getting lucky.”
    “I got two 38s pointed at you!”
    “She looks like a Dodge Neon.”

    “Egrets, I’ve had a few.”
    “I’ve go to go make the lagoon a little blacker.”
    “The Charlton Heston fish locator.”

    Keep them coming Shout!


  6. sdoogmoore says:

    Holy crap – I figured Revenge of the Creature was the absolute #1 impossible episode for them to get for release (followed by Marooned/Space Travelers). And Kitten With A Whip was pretty high on this list. And I think Robot Holocaust is the only CC episode I have never seen. I am stoked. Great job Shout!


  7. Captain Cab says:

    Assuming the deal with Universal is far reaching (I don’t see how it couldn’t be since the Creature is one of their biggest “classic monsters” icons right up there with Frankenstein, Wolfman, ect.) Shout should strike while the iron is hot and try to release one or two jumbo box sets with all the Universal eps like they did with Gamera. Whattaya think, sirs?


  8. Earl B says:

    I noticed this over on the Classic Horror Film Board:

    On 6/27, in reference to a Universal Sci-Fi Blu-Ray set expected next year, a poster dropped this tidbit (for what it’s worth):

    “I know Shout Factory will be releasing some of the MST Universal titles they spoofed on BD.”

    I’ve no idea if the poster means the MSTied or unMSTied versions will surface on Blu. There’s been no further mention made of this.


  9. Brian Lafferty says:

    According to a comment on a fan post by Shout Factory on their Facebook Page, the new title will only appear on the packaging and menu. There will be no alterations on the episode itself. (click on “Recent Posts by Others” and scroll down a little bit)


  10. Captain Cab says:

    @ #159

    Good to know, thanks Brian!


  11. Cabbage Patch Elvis says:

    Wow! Didn’t notice this until just now. Consider my jaw dropped. And my money dropped, once it’s available for preorder.


  12. Troy Thomas says:

    Oh my God. They’ve finally cracked the Universal can. I’ve been waiting for years for “Deadly Mantis” to be released, and now that “Revenge” is coming, the other Universal titles can’t be far away. Shout grabbed me, held me, and hasn’t let go since the 20th anniversary set, and believe you me, this isn’t changing my opinion in any way. I bought XXIV from my local Wal-Mart today, which is a wonderful change of pace for me. Now that the show is coming toward me, I don’t have to go on those god-awful pilgrimages to the nearest Barnes and Noble (which is usually about an hour-long drive to and from my house, not counting the time spent wandering around the place. I love B&N, but I hate the long drives). Anyway, back to the point, I can’t say enough good things about Shout. If they’re willing to go this far just to get a given episode released, they deserve to be enshrined as DVD company gods. I don’t know exactly what company owns 508, but if they could work out the James Bond deal with MGM, we might be getting some episodes looming under Leo’s shadow. These include “Village of the Giants,” “The Incredible Melting Man,” and “Squirm,” all of which have been long on my wish list. I also have a theory: Shout has been releasing a lot of cult property recently, particularly the uncut Gamera films and a lot of Corman product. This can’t be a coincidence. I think they did this to get on those rights-holders’ good sides, so they could release those respective episodes. Not just Corman, but the AIP stuff in general, because my dad has long been pining for “Attack of the the Eye Creatures” and “The Day the Earth Froze” on disc, and I’m pretty sure they’re owned by the same company that holds a lot of the Corman films as well. That’s all I wanted to say. And by the way, if I had been speaking that out loud, I never would’ve paused to breathe.


  13. kent18 says:

    Still wishin’ and hopin’ desperately for my all-time favorite episode, Girls Town, to make it onto DVD someday! (“He’s back from fighting Nazis on the MOOOOOOOOOON!”) :-D


  14. M "The Dogwan" Sipher says:


    Robot Holocaust was my introduction to MST3K. It remains an all-time favorite and unquestionably a highlight of early MST.



  15. Zbu says:

    This is awesome! Shout is doing the impossible in a most amazing way. Yay!


  16. rion-o says:

    Season 8!! (Secretly my favorite.) So excited. I hope we get more.

    Also, ANN-MARGRET!!


  17. Laura says:

    Must be nice to have a regular income. :-(( Gonna have to wait until I get a job. Along with a lot of other stuff I want to get. :cry:


  18. Bob (NotThatBob) says:

    Sorry Laura – I’m feelin’ ya (not literally, of course) – I just got laid off end of June and am looking for work, too. Best of luck to you.


  19. FordPrefect says:

    Hmm. So it’s OK for Shout Factory to release Operation Double 007 as long as they refer to it as Operation Kid Brother, thus avoiding complaints from the “007” copyright owners? I wish this worked with other episodes. Maybe we’d finally get a box set with “Giant Lizard Vs. Megalon” and “Giant Lizard Vs. The Sea Monster”. See Toho? Everything is fine now. ;)


  20. huggybear says:

    I am SO thrilled to see episode 801 “Revenge of the Creature” coming to DVD. Not only was it the first ep of the Sci-Fi era ( and yes, I refuse to say SyFy ), it was of course Bill Corbett’s first turn as Crow. I never saw the show on Comedy Central so I fell in love during season 8. To me Corbett was Crow. In fact the first time I saw Mst3k The Movie my first comment was ” What the hell is wrong with Crow’s voice”. Of course with the intro of Mst3k on disk I’ve come to appreciate Trace very much as well as Joel and TV’s Frank. But Season eight will always have special meaning to me. The first episode I saw was “The Deadly Mantis”. In fact the very first line I heard when I flipped to Sci-Fi was Crow blurting out “Screw you Greenland”. Great way to start viewing!


  21. StarDustMaiden says:

    With all these “impossible” episodes coming out, could it mean that we may see some “Season 0” eps too?

    Just a thought.


  22. Jimu113 says:

    Looking forward, as always, to the upcoming set. Never got to see MST3K (lousy frakkin’ cable companies!)While it was on. Now, if only they could release new collections quicker…


  23. The Murdered Turtle in The Beguiled says:

    @69 – “The Gamera five disc box might never be topped.”
    No truer words ever spoken. The Gamera set was an alignment in the heavens that cannot be exceeded, ~ever~, simply because of the very nature of its complete turtledom.
    Also, its function as a totem animal in the world of business was another factor opening up doors previously believed permanently sealed.
    Thank you, Shout! Factory, et al.


  24. Tarlcabot says:

    So excited about getting new studio movies, but…

    I cannot overstate my absolute HATRED of “Kitten with a Whip”. HATE, HATE, HATE that movie. Hate it. Can’t watch the episode.


  25. The Murdered Turtle in The Beguiled says:

    The way many feel about “Kitten with a Whip” is how I feel about “Manos : The Hands of Fate.”

    Despite the crew’s skillful treatment, I barely BARELY made it through that film alive.

    But, “Kitten With A Whip,” I just keep thinking, “Hey, that’s Anne Margaret…” hubba hubba.

    Perhaps if Anne Margaret had appeared in “Manos: The Hands of Fate” . . . :skeleton:


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