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How Did You Like the Show? (Updated with a few thoughts)

An open thread for your thoughts on tonight’s RiffTrax Live.

A few thoughts, such as seals:
* My theater in the Scranton area was a less full than for the Manos showing. Maybe about half full this time.
* To answer the question, I and a few other people chuckled at the golfer joke.
* My rough unscientific guess is about 30 percent of the Birdemic riffs were new.
* Fave riff from the short: “Time to soap up the ol’ junk again…”
* I still don’t get the point of these movies. Where they a prelude to some sort of motivational talk?
* Gotta get me a shoulder squirrel.
* Only one short. Is this the first time for that? It reflects that fact that the movie is, among many other awful things that it is, much too long. I’ve talked before about this phenomenon: there is a point — I find that it is somewhere around the 70-75 minute mark, were casual fans start to feel like, “well, that’s enough of that,” whereas hardcore fans are happy to continue. This movie starts to get really really crazy right about that point, so people just blasted through it for the most part, but a second short would have made for too long a night.
* There were a LOT of moments where the riffers had to hold for (or talk over) people laughing at the actual movie. I think, having probably seen it a dozen or more times, they’d sort of forgotten how riotously unintentionally funny the movie is the first time you see it. A really good example was the times that some character would successfully hit one of the birds and they would drop–bloop!–out of the sky like the wire holding them up had been cut. That happened many, many times and the audience in Nashville–and in my theater–laughed just as hard each time, something I’m not sure the riffers were expecting. “Good!”
* Bill takes the prize for the biggest flub (“play with my PCP”) but he ad-libbed like a pro and of course Mike and Kevin had his back.
* Fave riff: “Yeah I’m gonna be late, I’m stuck behind some knob who doesn’t know how to walk.”

UPDATE: Chris Griffy of has a review.

99 Replies to “How Did You Like the Show? (Updated with a few thoughts)”

  1. Dan in WI says:

    I just thought of something. This movie needs a little bonus coverage. Hey Connor are you lurking out there? Is there any chance you could dust off the Citation Needed podcast and do a pitch meeting for Birdemic?


  2. fodder650 says:

    We really need to get “Stuff it” stickers for ourselves as well because of that short.


  3. snowdog says:

    Good news(I guess)! Birdemic is still available for streaming on Netflix! Pull out the old Rifftrax for an encore presentation!


  4. Flash says:

    Unfortunately, I was not able to see the Manos re-Riff, so Norman was new to me. Kinda surprised, given that the guy was in a hotel, no Norman Bates jokes were heard. Frankly, a hotel visit like that might steer any of us down the Norman Bates path…
    The actual film was almost as bad as Monster A-Go-Go, saved only by Birdemic being coherent (unlike Monster A-Go-Go). Except for the eye candy, who was WAY too skinny and flat, although very pretty, to ever be in Victoria’s Secret, the rest of the film was awful. The kids in “Village of the Damned” emoted better, and as for Rod, the guy barely knew how to walk!!!
    The Indiana Jones quote drew an ovation from the theater I was in, including myself and my wife!!!
    And the “She’s taking a sh..” was almost as surprising, but still less disturbing, as “Rudolph, I need you tonight…” your reactions to both were priceless…
    And the cheesy looking birds took an hour(!) to arrive!!!
    And how many rounds did their weapons hold? I never saw them reload, and the M-4, with what looked like a 30 round mag, must have spat out over 100 rounds! At least the pistol ran out… eventually.
    If it hadn’t been for your riffs, I’d have fallen asleep waiting for the birdemic to begin..


  5. MSTie says:

    I’m so envious. This wasn’t in any theater closer than a 2-hour drive away, over snowy mountain passes (literally). However, I take comfort in my “Just Hangin’ Out Wif My Fam’ly” ringtone whenever either of my kids calls me. ** sniff **


  6. GizmonicTemp says:

    Hangin’ out with my family!
    The theater at the Ameristar in KC, MO had a (once again) flawless video feed. I’d say there were at least as many people for this one as “Manos”, which was about half of the theater. Went with my buddy who is a MST3K veteran but a Rifftrax virgin and his girlfriend who has seen a bit of MST3K. Good times!

    Movie Thoughts:
    It made “Overdrawn at the Memory Bank” look like “Gattaca”. One of THE WORST I’ve ever seen. Can’t wait for “Birdemic 2: The Ressurection”!!! The leading lady was decent; attractive, decent actress, in lingerie, therefore no complaints. The leading man was more wooden than the trees! The “hovering” birds were (in every sense of the word) unbelieveable! The environmental message was presented in such a way that made you feel like you were getting a lecture about drugs from your parents, which sucks regardless of your eco-beliefs.

    Riffing Thoughts:
    Hot at the start, cooler at the end, with some missed opportunities. For example, the motions of the hovering birds made me think “It looks like they’re trying to wave away their farts”, but the crew spent more time on the birds verbally harassing the humans, which I felt they could have done ANY time. Also, later in the movie, the “heroes fighting for survival” chose a run-down $100-per-gallon gas chugging minivan over the newer and more reliable pickup truck, but nothing was said about it.


  7. Steve Vil says:

    I was completely unprepared for what a slog the movie was going to be. I had only seen the previews on YouTube. As funny as it was, by the end we were praying for death. We were actually agreeing that Manos was a much better movie! Birdemic just completely flabbergasted us at every turn. Why, if both characters lived alone, did they go to a hotel to consumate their unholy union? They were both safe in the hotel, why did they leave? And once they left, why didn’t they GO HOME? Instead, with birds dive-bombing everything in sight (except for the opposing traffic), they decide to spend as much time as possible OUTSIDE. Gee- why are we getting picked off? It wasn’t the apocalypse or anything- there were adequate toilet facilities within EYESHOT yet one of our heroines decided to do her business outside. And what did the birds drop on the people getting off the bus? Pee? Acid? We laughed ourselves silly over that one. Our theater in Allentown, PA was also about half-full. I thought it would have been much more crowded.


  8. Zillamon51 says:

    Another great show! I would say this was on par with Manos. (Jack TGK is my favorite live show to date.) The Walrus joke got a few mild murmurs of laughter. Glad to see Norman back. I hope they make their way through the entire Norman saga. I will make a sound like a bag of sadness and despair deflating if they don’t. A second short would have made the show run too long, especially since the movie itself is so padded. I’m glad they stick with just the shorts and the movie now, without the guests and animated skits.

    As for the riffing, the movie outlasted the guys on several occasions. There are so many long sequences of nothing happening that the riffers were left spinning their tires with repetition (the ‘sol pals’ thing at the pumpkin festival for instance). Best moment: The guys seem genuinely shocked by the blunt answer to “Where’s Becky?”. (Reminds me of the ‘worst pickup line ever’ from Shark Attack 3: Megalodon.) They could have done more with Becky’s death, since she falls back in it, but I realize they don’t want to get too dirty.

    All in all, great show!


  9. Kitty Reed says:

    This was my first exposure to Birdemic. I was convinced Starfighters is the true anti-movie but no longer. Birdemic: Shock & Terror has became the ultimate in evil self indulgence.

    AMC theater at Pacific Place in Seattle was fairly full. We had double martinis and wine with dinner pre-show. A very good time was had by all.


  10. schippers says:

    Sadly, I found this RiffTrax Live more than a little disappointing, for the following reasons:

    1. The short was only intermittently funny. Quite a lot of blah.

    2. This may have just been my theater (Park Place, Tucson, AZ), but the volume was EAR-PIERCINGLY LOUD. Whenever the Riffers would raise their voices, the birds would screech, or guns would fire, I almost had to cover my ears. It was quite uncomfortable in places.

    3. I know the Birdemic Rifftrax jokes backwards and forwards, so I was pretty let down to realize that I would be able to predict each joke about 70% of the time (as Sampo noted). Would it have been that hard to do a complete re-run of the movie? The newbies would never have known, and the veterans would get fresh laughs.


  11. @horrordad says:

    Theater was pretty full & into the show. I loved Norman, sad that I missed his debut at the Manos show. He is a role model.

    Riffing was great. This was an awesome event.

    I checked the stars Twitter accounts after the show (@TweetneyMoore & @alanbagh). Whitney Moore had NO acknowledgment of the show (she is hot though) and Alan Bagh’s tweets were aboot 750 responses to people going to the show, to which he answered “Sweet!” to all of them. He really is a smart as his character.
    Plus his profile pic brings the smolder! :-/


  12. William Ball says:

    A good time was had by my group, though the (small) theater we went too had only 15-20 people in it. But loud, uproarious laughter made up for the small turnout, especially any scene where a bird was shot, or Rod opened his stupid mouth. I second the comment that the audio mixing was too loud for this movie: the riffers, the film dialogue, and the music were all trying to compete over one another at points. But a fantastic show overall. I’m still mad I missed the Manos show, but this made up for it!


  13. Gummo says:

    Saw this at Union Square in NYC, and it was so sold out, at the last minute groups were splitting up and grabbing any single seats they could find.

    I’ve seen all but the first of the Rifftrax live shows, and this was probably my least favorite — but that just means instead of a 100 out of a 100, it was a 95 or 97 out of a hundred.

    The timing on both the riffing and the live camera work just seemed off, and more sloppy than usual. Also, some of my favorite riffs were dropped and replaced with … nothing! Especially some of the riffs surrounding “fashion model” Natalie’s work at the 1 Hour Photo place, which I always found hysterical, were MIA.

    On the other hand, less-than-optimal Mike, Kevin and Bill is still funnier than anything else around (except for Cinematic Titanic, natch) and I had tears streaming down my face at various moments.

    One very odd note — I noticed during the final credits that Bill, Kevin, Sean and Conor were all listed as writers, as usual, but not Mike! In his place was a name I’d never seen before — did anybody else notice this?


  14. Chris Lark says:

    Okay I know I’m late here but I attended the Rio 24 in Albuquerque, NM last night and here’s my report for you:

    Attendance?: Not as full as the last Rifftrax event I saw (“Jack The Giant Killer”) still it was about 50 – 60% full so that’s not so bad right?

    Sound?: WORST problem of the night. At the start Kev’s mic was low in the mix and then was fixed later but as noted by others before the movie’s audio just sucked. The music was mixed too loud as were some of the birds & gunshots. PLUS you really couldn’t hear the “Hangin’ Out With My Family” guy when he sang/rapped that well either.

    Shorts/Film?: Both were pretty bad – “Manos” bad. IOW I probably wouldn’t watch either without MST3K related assistance. I agree with Sampo what exactly IS the point of “Norman”? “Birdemic” 100% proves that no matter how much you like Alfred Hitchcock &/or Al Gore you can still make crap from good sources.

    Riffing?: Top notch as always! I don’t care if they used old riffs from their audio version I was NEVER going to rent or buy “Birdemic” anyway. Fave riffs have basically been mentioned by other earlier (ESPECIALLY the “I flubbed my line I meant to say _______/Just go with it” bits!)

    Other comments?: My other fave funny bits all had to do with the “Hangin’ Out With My Family” guy:

    a. An Irish pub actually had a Black guy sing there and NOT the usual Irish folk act that you’d expect:)
    b. NOBODY was dancing to that song except the 2 leads then the director brings in just 1 extra towards the end of the song and by the time that happens the 2 leads are ready to leave the pub;)

    Website with FREE goodies?:

    BTW you might wanna get there quick ‘cuz I think they’ll shut this down by the end of tonight (Friday, Oct. 26)


  15. Tork_110 says:

    I feel like this movie did more damage to the global warming movement than, say, a State of Fear film adaptation could have ever done.

    I like that of the things ripped off from The Birds, this movie decided to have an abrupt ending too.

    I think my favorite riff was the “white guy pretending to be black guy pretending to be white guy dancing” but my biggest laughs came from the movie itself. I laughed hard at the first attacks and the lead actress’s dancing.


  16. heckubuss says:

    There have been two movies I saw in the theater where I absolutely killed my abdomen from laughing so hard. One was the first “Naked Gun” movie, and the second “Austin Powers” movie. Many funny movies have come and gone where I haven’t laughed as loud as I did then.

    Until last night, in Phoenix, Az. The theater was PACKED, and everyone got into it, which made the experience even more enjoyable. The riffs were crisp and hilarious, and my favorite line, which has me laughing even this morning, is from the guy walking to work, talking on his cel phone, behind Rod.

    “Yeah, I’m going to be a little late, I’m stuck behind some knob that forgot how to walk.”

    All in all, a great night out. Fantastic job by Mike, Bill, and Kevin.

    And yeah….”Birdemic: Ressurection in 3D” finished shooting in March…..


  17. ronster says:

    I’d say the 80-85 minute mark is about the movie length limit for even this hardcore fan.


  18. First one we’ve missed. My wife flew to Iowa this morning (well, the *plane* flew, and she was inside it. I don’t want you guys to think it was a Birdemic sort of thing) and we didn’t think the late night would be possible (had to get up at 3am to make the flight).

    But… we might have chanced it had it been almost anything else other than this movie, which we *barely* got through watching when we bought it from Rifftrax. We had to do it over two nights because this was tough going (and we are pretty hard core fans, having seen every episode of the original show and bought everything from both RT and CT).

    I’m really hoping the next event is something new — this double dipping is tough to justify on a fixed income.


  19. Travis H says:

    I was sad to miss MANOS, but BIRDEMIC made up for it. Totally awesome, I wasn’t expecting such an amateurish piece of crap. What a find! Can’t wait to get this one on DVD.


  20. kismetgirl88 says:

    I had great time. I still miss the free short they would give with free goodies. I mean 15% off like I need reason to buy more riff tracks.


  21. Regal in Albany, NY. I wore the red “Joike” sweater my boyfriend customized for me last Christmas. Less full than the Manos crowd, less enthusiastic too. I was sort of hoping that there would be dancing (or at least singing along) during “Hangin’ Out with My Family” (Kevin and Bill were shakin’ their moneymakers, if I recall) but alas, we all remained seated politely.

    Not as excitable an audience as with Manos. Barely got them to groan out the deflating bag of sadness that is Norman’s catchphrase. I was sad there weren’t more shorts (or at least another commercial) especially when I realized I’d be watching Birdemic for the rest of our allotted time.

    I agree on the sound–there were times you couldn’t hear the riffers over the movie.


  22. OnenuttyTanuki says:

    First off, I’d like to apologize to my fellow viewers who were at Randall 15 in Batavia/Geneva, IL for either my jackal/Hyena-like laugh or some of the comments/riffs I was making out of boredom. And no I was not the guy who kept cheering every time the birds appeared.
    Loved the Norman shorts and riffs.
    As far as Birdemic, I have to say that is one of the worst things I’ve seen/been through and I’ve gone through cancer.
    This movie made The Giant Claw look like The Great Muppet Caper.
    The riffs were great. Audience was more than Reefer Madness/Jack the Giant Killer but 1/3 less Manos. Then again, we did have a good storm go through before hand.


  23. sebulbajohnny says:

    I was there with you KylesRedShorts !!! Wish I saw that Joike sweater. Nice !
    I would have danced if you started !!!


  24. CaveDweller says:

    I was in the front row for the actual show in Nashville and had a total blast!!! That was just about the hardest I’ve laughed in a very long time!!


  25. Johnny Kongo says:

    Love it ! Can’t wait for the next show !

    Such as Seals !


  26. Sebulbajohnny, let’s meet up next time and we’ll sit together! We always hit Bomber’s Burrito Bar on Lark St. afterwards for late night tacos and what my friend Eeon called “Bum Mic,” where really bad acoustic acts that might just be homeless dudes perform “Wish You Were Here,” and “Brown Eyed Girl,” which makes all the drunk girls scream because OMG i have brown eyes and this is song is so about me you guys!!!!!!!


  27. DCD says:

    “Oh, curtain rod!


  28. ready4sumfootball says:

    To answer your question, Sampo, it’s not the first time they’ve only had one short. In fact, both Plan 9 and Jack the Giant Killer only had one short.

    And yes, this movie is way, WAY too long. I didn’t remember it being that bloated with unimportant details. I remembered the birds not showing up until halfway through it, but this movie is a lot slower than just that. Come to think of it, is this a worse movie than The Room? I don’t know now. They both really hurt. Good riffs though!


  29. Ken says:

    Saw the show at the Stonecrest Regal Cinemas, just outside Charlotte , NC. Have seen every Rifftrax here. Theater was 90% full and as always, a VERY enjoyable show ! I do think that all 3 mics for Mike, Bill and Kevin were VERY loud. Look forward to the next show.


  30. Manny Sanguillen says:

    Why are some people saying there is a Rifftrax VOD (Video On Demand complete with video AND riffing) of Birdemic? The only thing available from Rifftrax is the riffing track.

    Also, How can people assume there will be a DVD (or VOD) of this live show? if the video is not available on a VOD, I would imagine that Rifftrax doesn’t have the rights to release it.

    I also see people assuming there will be a Manos Rifftrax DVD or VOD, yet I have never heard or read of any statements by Rifftrax that one would be forthcoming.

    I would love to download a VOD of either of the last 2 live shows. If Rifftrax is reading this, will either be made available and if so, when?


  31. Stacia says:

    Sampo: The guy who produced the Norman shorts is named Shevard Goldstein, and he has done commercial shorts for decades, if his online c.v. is correct. I suspect Norman was meant to be a humorous short used during sales seminars, something salepersons on the road all the time would find hilarious. You know, the kind of thing that lightens the mood and helps people blow off steam after going from room to room to hear statistics and how to optimize their paradigm at the downtown Hilton for 2 days straight.


  32. Richard the Lion-Footed says:

    The Giant Claw was a great movie.
    The monster was a joke but it was Avatar compared to the birds in this bomb. With all the money the Sierra Club takes from me, I can’t believe this is the best eco-friendly movie tree huggers can come up with. “Troops” had better FX and that was made 15 years ago.

    I did not make this one, the movie to me is just that bad. I sat through the rifftax and could not stand to watch it again. I feel so sorry for Mike, Kevin and Bill. They did not deserve this.


  33. Tormented says:

    To me, the biggest problem was the blurry movie, not the sound. I had a headache for 2-3 hours afterward. Was it really filmed with a cell phone, or did RiffTrax have to download it from YouTube? :-) I don’t remember the DVD being that bad. The live segments looked fine. I like the Norman shorts & think the RiffTraxers did their usual great job.


  34. sebulbajohnny says:

    KylesRedShorts: Let’s do it ! I went with a little pack of my friends this time around. For some,it was their first time seeing a live RIfftrax performance. They are all eager to do it again ! Between my group and your group….we will be unstoppable….at…..watching a movie together.


  35. Mr. B(ob) says:

    This show and the last Rifftax Live (Manos) were both very full at the Arundel Mills Cinemark. In fact, they showed it in two theaters. Ours was pretty packed and if you got there in the last few minutes before show time you had to struggle to find seats together. Luckily we got there an hour early.

    People laughed very hard, but thankfully didn’t try to “riff” on their own, so we heard most of the jokes. The audience did laugh extremely hard every time the movie showed the silly animation of birds dropping from being shot, it was hard to hear any jokes too close to those scenes. In fact, it was difficult to hear riffs here and there once the silly action started with the birds. That’s one thing about Birdemic, it goes from NO action to nothing but ridiculous action in a single cut. The action was welcome after 45 minutes or more of absolutely nothing happening at all. This was one of the most incompetently made films we’ve ever seen and it was a great choice for Rifftrax.


  36. Manny (#80),

    There certainly WAS a VOD of Birdemic — I bought it and that’s what my wife and I watched (we’ve never ever done the syncing thing. Technically I could handle it, I suppose, but it’s just way too much trouble and none of the movies they sync are older ones but the new ones I have no desire to have riffed). Let me check RT for a moment…

    and we’re back. It appears that since RT did the VOD the movie was then re-released, on both DVD and blu-ray. So I assume at that point in time RT lost the rights to it in terms of VOD. Sorry, but at one point in time it was certainly available that way.

    The issue of them doing it Live certainly muddies the waters — I’m not sure WHAT that means in terms of being able to release the show as VOD later.

    And I never assume any of the live shows will be released (although I’m glad when they are — while it’s fun to see them I also enjoy revisiting them again in the comfort of my own home. Although I’m not sure I can ever sit through Birdemic again).


  37. marissa says:

    Saw it at the Regal Warrington Crossing in Warrington PA with some friends, and three of us dressed up as Rod, Nathalie, and Ramsey, carrying our official Birdemic coat hangers (I was Rod). I’m pretty sure we were the only people dressed up, but feel free to prove me wrong!

    The show itself was great, of course! I love Birdemic, and I love watching it, even unriffed. I’ve seen it so many times that I thought I was prepared for how bad it would look on the big screen, but it was actually even stupider-looking than I thought possible. In other words: amazing.


  38. KidFlash25 says:

    Considering that every single Rifftrax Live show has ended up on disc/VOD within a year, I would be AMAZED if neither Manos or Birdemic don’t get the same treatment in 2013, especially considering the popularity of both films. As I mentioned before in another thread, Severin Films has pimped the RT of Birdemic before. Can’t imagine they would be sticklers and block a home release of the show.

    Going by typical Rifftrax Live release patterns (9-10 months after the show), Manos would probably hit the market in the spring and Birdemic late summer (just in time for Halloween 2013).

    I’m pretty sure there would be no announcement until they’re ready to ship, as well. It’s been mentioned that Fathom has some deal in the live streaming contract that Rifftrax can’t release the show earlier, so I’m not worried.


  39. Manny Sanguillen says:

    Thank you Mike “ex-genius” Kelley and KidFlash25.

    I did not know that Birdemic was at one time available with the movie and the riffing track combined. It must have been back when I was unemployed so I didn’t even bother to look at the time.

    I wish it would come back for availability. I own downloads of all 174 shorts and about 75% of the movie VODs, and continue to buy 3 or 4 more every month, now that I am working steadily again.

    I am in the same boat with the syncing: Technically I could, but am far too lazy to try and I also hate all the movies. Love the old and obscure stuff that MST3K used to do the best. I have no trouble downloading and then burning my own DVDs though. I wouldn’t mind getting ‘Roadhouse’, ‘The Room’, The one about “Not the Bees!”, and the Star Trek stuff too. But I’ll not because I’m lazy, don’t have time, and I’m set in my ways.

    I hate having to wait so long for these live releases though. What if I die before then, or even worse, get unemployed again? (yes, my priorities are in order – I know I’m going to heaven when I die, but being unemployed is hell on earth.)


  40. Watch-out-for-Snakes says:

    Such as seals…

    In Portland, OR, the Lloyd Center 10 Cinemas was about 60-70% full, which is the least amount of people I’ve seen at one of these (been to the Xmas Xtravaganza, House on Haunted Hill, and Jack the Giant Killer; missed out on Manos (grumble, grumble..) because it sold out!) but everyone there had a great time, lots of laughing, enjoyment had my all.

    Since I didn’t get in to see Manos (grumble…) I was not familiar with this “Norman” character, and I feel the pre-short hype did it no favors. It wasn’t really that great, it had a few stellar lines (“OH, curtain rod!”) and some general oddness (shoulder squirrel) but overall I was left wanting more. Plus, just what is the purpose of these “Norman” shorts, anyway? To depress me? Oh, well, it worked…

    I had never seen Birdemic before (I was aware of it, had seen a trailer) but was unprepared for the general suckiness and ineptitude of the movie. WORSE THAN MANOS! Yes, that’s right, this movie might very well be he WORST MOVIE EVER RIFFED BY THE GUYS. Just terrible, not a “so bad it is good” type of movie, more of a “so bad it is real bad and worse than bad” type of thing… I would NEVER watch Birdemic without a rifftrax, and honestly, it’ll be a long while before I do again; move was that bad. The riffs were good, the guys had a good time, there were some audio issues with Kevin’s mic, and the general look of the movie on the big screen was slightly blurry. So yeah, I liked it.



  41. Gypsy Rose Me! says:

    My friend and I hit up the AMC at the Garden State Plaza once again for this. Definitely a lot fewer people than for “Manos”, where we ended up sitting AAAAALL the way in the front; this time, we were in the top back row and there were still open seats (or Clint Eastwood’s “presidents”, if you caught the opening slides like we did!) around us up there.

    Oh, Norman. Will you ever win? (Or are you just going to go soap up your junk again?)

    As for the movie itself, it just… I… what the… dude, it’s 2 days later and I still don’t have words for what we witnessed. All I know is that somewhere in California, there must be a group of people who either a) have never actually interacted with other human beings or 2) really find lengthy driving scenes to be outrageously entertaining. That is the only way this movie could ever have been made.

    I thought the riffs were among the best I’ve seen in the live performances. Rod deserved every single comment about his inability to convincingly… well… do anything resembling ANYTHING! (Suhhh puhhz!) My only real complaint is that they could have riffed on the music more. During the “old dude on a bridge” scene, f’rinstance, there was a golden opportunity to give it an 80s-sitcom treatment! (“Now, Steph, you know you shouldn’t go setting DJ’s closet on fire…”)

    Suddenly I feel the urge to hang out with my family and have ourselves a paaarty, so I’ll end here. Can’t wait for the next one!


  42. TC says:

    It would appear that Whitney Moore (Natalie) was one of the actors in Birdemic who watched the Rifftrax. She retweeted a friend’s tweet containing this picture –


  43. Matt D says:

    So the real question coming out of Birdemic was…which enviromental cause movie was worse- Birdemic or The Happening from M. Night Shylalalalalalalaman? I felt that The Happening was more heavy-handed about its cause, but The Happening didn’t feature birds pooping acid, so it might be a wash.


  44. Laura says:

    I was unable to attend this show due to severe financial constraints (i.e. no income whatsoever). :cry: Hopefully, I’ll be employed by the time the DVD comes out. Though I’m not holding my breath on that one.


  45. Dane says:

    Eden Prairie, MN, the motherland. Excellent!


  46. ptomreeves says:

    Saw it in North Brunswick, NJ. It was fantastic! Went with a friend, but his wife called to say she was having contractions. So I ended up seeing it alone. Still had a good time.


  47. Erik @ RiffTrax says:

    Small correction: we’ve never sold BIRDEMIC on the site as a VOD. Never had the rights to do so. I’m not sure what VOD people are speaking of… but as I’m looking at our Amazon S3 bucket, and there are no BIRDEMIC files on there other than a .sync and a .mp3, I think some of you might be mistaken :)


  48. Ralph F says:

    We lost signal at several points as a storm passed over; the first time, I yelled “godDAMNit Norman!”

    The second time — which was closer to the bird attack — my twelve year old stood up and yelled “the birds got the dish! we’re doomed!”

    I then found an animated gif of a bird flapping its wings on my iPhone and terrorized the rows behind me.

    About a 1/4 filled theater; Manos was almost 100%, but it had a mention in the paper that morning in the “what’s going on this weekend” section. We were upset we lost the feed, but we had a great time doing our own riffs as we waited. The most fun then was the audience reaction as the signal screen got higher (yaaaaaay) and then lower (awwwwww) and then lost (unnngggghhhh).


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