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Bill Provides Voices for Animated Video

A fellow named Andrew J. Koehler has produced a trailer for an animated video he is working on. It’s sort of a parody-fantasy thing. You will recognize the melodious voice of Bill Corbett. Andrew says when the movie is complete, he will post it. We’ll let you know.

5 Replies to “Bill Provides Voices for Animated Video”

  1. That smudge-animation is kind of mind-blowing.


  2. noordledoordle says:

    That animation and art is gorgeous!!! It reminds me very strongly of the way the menu screens are animated in the game League of Legends.


  3. Matt Kelly says:

    You know what, I’m down with that! The serious art style mixed with the lampooning of the genre creates a unique sort of flavor. I’m definitely looking forward to the finished product.

    And did anyone else think that when the blacksmith says “oh my God!” that it was a reference to Troll 2?


  4. Coderjoe says:

    Weird… I have the feeling I’ve seen this trailer (or something extremely similar) something like 6 months to a year ago. Did I see the future, am I misremembering, or am I tripping on something I’m not aware I’d taken?


  5. Stefanie says:

    Well, as cool as hearing Bill’s voice is,the story looks way too ridiculous even for me to handle.


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