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Rifftrax Player Beta Available

Over at Rifftrax, everybody’s pal Disembaudio says: “If you’ve ever thought to yourself, ‘Heck, RiffTrax would be great if I didn’t have to exert the minimal effort required to synch up the MP3 with the movie,’ then the RiffTrax player is the solution you’ve been waiting for.”

Hey how about a Mac version!

5 Replies to “Rifftrax Player Beta Available”

  1. Brian J says:

    If you own a mac, too bad. you should suffer. more so than you allready do, as a mac owner. :mrgreen:


  2. Alex Smith says:

    And it’s for NTSC DVDs only, doesn’t work with PAL :sad:


  3. Aaron Bossig says:

    Yes, please release a Mac version!


  4. david scudder says:

    Brian J
    From one who has used both to one who obviously hasn’t,it is the Windows folk suffering.Now go run scandisk,defrag your hard drive,update your virus definitions and and pay for another years subscription and reboot a couple of times while we just use our computers. :mrgreen:


  5. Erhardt says:

    Now now, folks. Let’s not get into that whole Kirk/Picard thing. :smile:

    Just remember:


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