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Happy Valentine’s Day!

For all the lovers and would-be lovers out there…

15 Replies to “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

  1. Laura says:

    LOL! :laugh: That made my day! :heart:


  2. ck says:

    What an inspirational song. Now quick. I need to
    get me one of them tote bags so I can tote around
    all the stuff I’ve got! Btw, do you think Brain Guy
    was shocked by any of the mating scenes in The
    Nature of Bobo?


  3. BIG61AL says:

    Nice clip! I love seeing Pearl all glammed out. :heart: I dig those long nails – GRRRRRRR. I love this song. I also love how they wrap it up with a knee to Bobo’s face. Perfect!


  4. snowdog says:

    Heh.. hard to laugh and gag at the same time. Oh, and Asia Rulez! Woooo!!!!


  5. I really do like pie. And this song.


  6. Ralph C. says:

    That was a fun song and the telethon was a neat bit.


  7. Yipe Striper says:



  8. Aaron says:

    That was always one of my favorite songs. Loved Brain Guy’s “I know a couple guys” and the look he had when he said it. Hilarious.


  9. Brandon says:

    I prefer Singles Awareness Day. >:(


  10. revlillo says:

    I love Bill’s obligatory bow tie.


  11. Ralph C. says:

    I’m aware of my single-ness every day.


  12. Clint says:

    I love the way Brain Guy saunters in and casually sits his brain on the table.


  13. Tormented says:

    This cracks me up every time I see it. I used to answer the phones during the local PBS station’s pledge drives (no, no one like Ortega was there). They really nailed the whole feel of those pledge drives. I hope everyone involved enjoyed making this sketch as much as I’ve enjoyed watching it.


  14. huggybear says:

    I love this skit! Another part of what makes “Overdrawn” such a great episode. I love that little golf clap when Brain guy enters. And then Bobo channeling Asia! What fun!


  15. Bill Lemmond says:

    Great to hear this again. It’s fun, and Mary Jo sings well, so it’s the words and expressions, and the ‘interaction’ with Bobo that are the funny bits.


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