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Weekend Discussion Thread: That Moment that Completely Cracked You Up

Alert reader Stacy suggests (well, I kind of altered her suggestion a little — sorry, Stacy — but this was part of it) that you share a moment from the show that completely cracked you up. For her, it was…:

…the singing of “She’s old” when the old woman was going down the stairs in “The Atomic Brain.” Laughed until I cried!

Well, there’s so many, but one I love is this:

What’s yours?

174 Replies to “Weekend Discussion Thread: That Moment that Completely Cracked You Up”

  1. eboe666 says:

    Mr. B: I just showed an 8-year-old how to play the French horn. (Imitates playing horn)
    Crow: He sucks, Mr. B Natural!

    When the camera follows something (a gun) skittering down inside Mitchell’s pantleg, Joel shouts “WHAT?!!”.


  2. bartcow says:

    When I finally caught on to why they kept quacking every time someone went to Kitty’s apartment in I Accuse My Parents, that’s when I finally “got” it, and became a regular viewer. Once they discussed what a Sampo might be, my conversion was complete.

    Then, years later, “She’s presenting like a mandrill!” put me on the floor, and Space Mutiny became my new all-time favorite.


  3. Trilaan says:

    For whatever reason I found the host segment in Pod People where they parody the scene from the movie of Trumpy “doing magic things” to be just about the gut-bustingly funniest thing ever done anywhere. That was back when I was 11 or 12 years old.

    More recently, in watching Fugitive Alien with some friends, one friend pointed out the bizarre moment where Ken returns to Bacchus 3 with Colonel Yarulen. Ken cries out to his companions while doing a “hip spin and lasso” dance move. Every single person(7 of us) totally busted up. We have since adopted a greeting between us by mimicking Ken’s actions.


  4. bartcow says:

    Oh, and the “other available titles” bit at the end of Is This Love? had me gasping. Oh No! Pleasure!


  5. Steelhawk says:

    The first time I can remember completely cracking up to an MST3K joke was during one of the General Hospital shorts. When the creepy nurse walks into the scene and someone riffs, “Here comes Nurse-fer-atu.” For days afterward I would think of that line and just crack up again. To this day I don’t know why I found it so funny.


  6. fonyo says:

    From NIGHT OF THE BLOOD BEAST: “Oh baby I was misnamed, I’m really the love beast.”


  7. xtine says:

    “Would you like a piece of milk?” Giant Spider Invasion

    “What times are it?” Prince of Space?

    (Crow singing) “Everybody’s having fun and smoking” Red Zone Cuba


  8. Agent Mom says:

    It would have to be “The Deadly Mantis” when they come upon the debri field of that destroyed hut and crow says: “You know, maybe the army shouldn’t have recruited Keith Moon.”

    I laughed like a mad woman for a week every time I thought of that line.

    In fact, in a Yahoo Group (long gone) I used that riff to back up my argument MST3K is really tailored for people my age than those in college. The college kids got angry, but that was one of the riffs I supplied to back up my argument and they had to admit, they had no idea who Keith Moon even was (Can you believe that?) Which isn’t surprising The Brains are my age!

    The other is in “Mr. B Natural” when he/she is dancing around and Joel says “Oscar Wilde only dreamed of being this gay.”

    I could not sleep the whole night. Every time I thought of that one I started laughing! LOL!


  9. Agent Mom says:

    Oh, I forot to add, the one in “Final Sacrifice.” That is my youngest’s favorite. The part that cracks us both up the most is the scene where Troy is laying down at the campire and the camera shot makes it literally look like his head is on fire.

    We laugh until we have tears streaming on that one.


  10. RealMadSci says:

    “Brian Jones?”


  11. Kenotic says:

    So much of Puma Man is worthy of this, but when the Pumaman starts “flying” around I just lose it: the “He gave him the Captain Dork costume by mistake” almost made me fall out of my chair. I also laugh uncontrollably every time Mike says “Help! I’m falling at a sixty degree angle; breaking all the laws of physics!”

    My sister is an MST3k fan as well, and she’ll always bring up a moment from The Screaming Skull where the sleazy lead man just randomly shows up in jump cuts unrelated to the current scene, looking concerned. Tom says “I went someplace and I’m sad.” It’s not the funniest line, but it is a perfect description of the scene.


  12. JCC says:

    So many, but one that always makes me bust out laughing even though I know it’s coming is in the “Young Mans Fancy” short when Alex(ander) Phipps mentions the electric range and Trace as Crow lets out this tremendous “EEEYYYYOOOWWWWWWWW!” Always funny to me.

    Bonus Mo: Servo’s Candy Pink Blossom(?) song in the Circus On Ice short. Even Joel cracks up and that’s very rare for him.


  13. Cornbred says:

    A few that came to mind:

    In Mole People when there guide gets hit in the head by a falling rock then falls to his death. Doesn’t sound so funny when written out, but it really really is

    Perfectly all of the dance party opening of Horror Of Party Beach gets me laughing more an more as it goes on, but especially the riffs – “Cookie!”, and “Scott Scrawny, and the Hard Gainers,”

    And from Pumaman;
    Semi Competent Aztec Man: “My name is Vadinho”
    Crow: “I’m an onion”

    And “Double bag is son!” – from Young Man’s Fancy. Seriously lost it on that one.


  14. klisch says:

    The hello and thank you scene in Gamera vs. Guirion. Try and watch it without laughing.


  15. Jerru says:

    I jut remembered something else: “I thought Raul Julia was Puerto Rican, I didn’t know he was…Cube-an!”


  16. This Guy says:

    Track of the Moon Beast: Tom as the old scientist giving a hearty “What up, bitch?” Perfectly timed and delivered.

    Manos: When Joel, the ever-affable, just can’t take it any more and shouts “DO SOMETHING!”

    Agent for H.A.R.M.: Every time they sarcastically sing the James Bond theme. Also the Prince jokes, and the preppie guy jokes.


  17. ck says:

    Tough choice between The Canada Song and Tom Servo’s
    commentary on the citizens and officials of Rutland, Vermont.


  18. EricJ says:

    @62 – Servo’s Candy Pink Blossom(?) song in the Circus On Ice short. Even Joel cracks up and that’s very rare for him.

    (Candy floss, ftr.) There are so many, and the jag of giggles always triggers some kind of amnesia to make me forget them the day after.

    the expression on the interrupted lizard’s face from Eegah!
    “WHAT? Can I HELP you?”
    – Bride of the Monster:
    Bela gestures hypnotically: “Sleep…For the lovely young lady…”
    Joel: “…Of Shaaady Laaaane.”
    – Monster a Go-Go:
    “Dr. Logan, puzzled by the lab findings…”
    “…Blew up.”
    (Not to mention the continual army-jeep choruses of John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt.)


  19. ck says:

    Oh, wait. There’s also Mike’s driving the bots bonkers
    in explaining why he likes all theater and noh theater.


  20. EricJ says:

    38 – And Crow’s Jerry Lewis impression in The Creeping Terror.
    There’s a ton more, of course, but these are the ones I first thought of.

    Narrator: “Ben asked Martin what he thought of the strange craft.”
    “That’s no airplane.”
    “Ben never asked Martin another question.”

    (It’s hard to remember these when you have to, since, judging from the results, all the crackup moments seem to have happened during the SyFy Mike years, and not a single, solitary giggle seems to have occurred during the CC Joel years. Odd, that. 9_9 )


  21. Flying Saucers Over Oz says:

    I remember laughing my head off at ‘Design For Dreaming’ (“I DREEEEEEEEEEEAMED AT NIGHT, THE MOON WAS SO BRIGHT…”), which would’ve been hysterical even without the bots trying to make sense of it (“No wonder they need a car, he has to carry her everywhere…”).

    Oh, and from ‘Out Of This World,’ the bread guy thing: “You know…” “Sausage.” I don’t know why, but that just reduces me to helpless giggles.


  22. Crow T. Robert Denby says:

    Everything Mike Pipper is made to say as Yosemite Sam in The Final Sacrifice.

    Trace’s 50’s matter-of-fact and yet chipper documentary narrator voice always gets me – “proletariat workers are crushed under the steel boot of capitalism.”


  23. Stefanie says:

    There are dozens, but the main two are: “Werewolf” where Sam the keeper says ‘we could always use another pretty face around here.’ Servo ‘Another?’. “Final Sacrifice” Troy says ‘Do you know him?’ Servo as the pepper/pipper guy ‘Know him? He was delicious!’ that one made me laugh so hard I has an asthma attack.


  24. hortense says:

    This is a little thing, and kind of obscure, but in Hamlet when Gertrude says to Hamlet “The queen carouses to thy fortune, Hamlet”, Hamlet raises his sword and Crow says, “Whatever!” It’s something about Bill’s tone and timing, that I was still laughing at random times days later.

    Actually thinking back, I think I laugh more at these little things than I did at some of the more classic catchphrases.


  25. Tormented says:

    Brain Guy/Girl’s dance at the end of Girl in Gold Boots always makes me laugh.

    In CT’s War of the Insects, I love the scene where the male doctor steps in between the female doctor and the man with the gun-crotch first. The riffers don’t say anything. They just let us enjoy the moment.


  26. the_butcher says:

    For me it’s in “Prince of Space”:

    (Krankor is showing a video feed of his big lumpy pig monster thing)
    Krankor: This is my giant guardian! He obeys my every command!
    Crow: Like “wander around aimlessly” and “gain weight”!

    Quickly followed by the monster convulsing and Servo singing “What would you do if I sang out of tune”.

    I had trouble writing just now I’m giggling so much.


  27. MarcusVermilion says:

    I laughed VERY hard to the point of tears when I first saw Torgo in “Manos”. That goofy music with him staggering was enough for me to LOL. It didn’t need riffing! The ones that get me in the “Mike era” were from “Jack Frost”. “Quick, give him Dutch Elm Disease!” was one along with Mike’s “The flat part” riff to Ivan’s “Well, I’ve never sat on a shovel.” The sketch that got me the most was the “You Guys are so Weird!” segment from “The Sword and the Dragon” . Just seeing Gypsy dressed up like the lady from the movie and singing “revised” lyrics was enough to get me howling with laughter!


  28. Depressing Aunt says:

    Hoo boy! Anyway, I’ll say “Ring of Terror”, the movie’s whole entire autopsy scene. The camera shows this student’s face as he watches the thing, and Joel blurts out, “Remind me to never eat those Spaghetti-Os.” The same student’s face a moment later, and Joel says, “I just said, remind me to not eat anymore Spaghetti-Os! Now what do you need? I’m talking to you! I don’t need–” This was rapped out so quickly, and it was so absurd. I played it over and over laughing.


  29. DarrG says:

    The one that gets me everytime is from “The Home Economics Story” when it is said the Kay had a Five Pound Potty (Party) and Joel says she must have had a big breakfast. I am chuckling just typing it. One other is from Teenagers From Outerspace when the girl is getting out of the pool and gets ray gunned and just her skeleton falls back in the pool. “Too Much Chlorine”


  30. Depressing Aunt says:

    Man, then there’s this one. For some reason, it took me forever to realize there was that extra short on one of the DVDs. How happy that made me.

    “Assignment: Venezuela”
    Crow: I began to wonder where Ray was taking me!

    What a strange tone of voice he used! I kept replaying it, almost crying I was so busted up.


  31. Comfort Fulton says:

    Devil Fish was always my favorite.

    “Boy, am I from Florida!”

    “It’s the Blue Show starring Blue.”

    “Ah! It’s starting over!”

    And of course the credits where the bots laugh the entire time. I still cry from laughter during that part.

    And on behalf of my mother – her favorite episode “I Was a Teenage Werewolf” – “Whole lotta throwup today.”


  32. The first time I saw MST3K was on the Sci-Fi channel back in the late 90’s. Middle of the night, didn’t know what this show was, a wattle faced scientist walks in to a room and says “I’m Dr. J R Vance from NASA” and Tom Servo jumps in with “Doctor vance-a-nance-afancer”. I laughed so much I did that thing where you laugh outwards but can’t breath in…panic and laugh more. It was love at first guffaw.


  33. Dark Grandma of Death says:

    There’s the moment in The Beatniks, when Iris and the others are in the hotel room, the management’s knocking on the door, and Crow riffs, in a falsetto, “I’m shooting the dishes!” Gets me every darn time.

    Also, hortense (#74), yes! to the “Whatever!” line from Hamlet. I love those little things, too, like the scene in Time Chasers, when they’re in the middle of a Revolutionary battle, it’s smoky, and a cannon is fired. The result looks like a feathery chicken being blasted across the gap, and Servo gives a big, “Bacaaawk!” Beautiful.


  34. Jon A says:

    My lady friend identifies with Mary Jo, so her ultimate crack-up moments are, “MOMMY’S ON THE PHOOONE” and, “hold on, my bacon’s on fire” from ‘Beginning of the End,’ not to mention whenever Pearl & co. act like petulant 9-year-olds.

    As for me, I was cracking up at my first MST3K experience. I seem to remember I was doing something else and had “This Island Earth” on as background noise, and as soon as they started riffing on Cal after the credits I knew I had to press stop and watch “The Movie” when I could give it my full attention because I was laughing so hard. So you know I was hooked.

    And when Crow turns the High Priest in ‘Cave Dwellers’ into a James Brown/Little Richard pastiche, I still lose it. “I’m the best lookin’ man in the Middle Ages! My my my!”


  35. Robert L Lippert Jr says:

    In Jack Frost the exchange between Observer and Bobo in the opening
    Observer:Here let me read it
    Bobo :No I can do it hhhh hhhh
    Observer:It says while I’m away Brain Guy is in charge
    Observer:I’m a dodo head you’re the dodo head
    Bobo :No you’re the dodo head
    …and so on cracks me up every time


  36. Th1rt3eN says:

    for me it has to be the scene in Magic Sword where the ogre or troll is throwing rocks at sir George, and the camera has a close up of the troll holding a big rock like a loaf of bread and Joel quips “have some pumpernickel bread with me friend” I felt like I must have laughed 30 minutes straight, the next day that line kept popping up in my mind and I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. people must have thought I was mental or something, laughing at apparently nothing.

    “I know hes french, but her???!!”


  37. John J says:

    For me, there are several in “Starfighters” leading off with the corn-detasseling sketch. “I’m from Eye-o-wah” must have been more than enough to set off the Minnesotans on their writing couches and they tore into her. “Check, please!” might be the topper.

    There’s also plenty to enjoy in the refueling sequences, the poopy-suit jokes and the Liberace-like Congressman calling to whine about his son’s safety.

    Writing about it makes me want to watch it again.


  38. littleaimishboy says:

    “J C Penney hookerwear”


  39. Kevin says:

    In Werewolf (a solidly hilarious episode as is) the camera cutting back quickly to the wide-open jaw of the werewolf skeleton and Tom and Crow hitting an Operatic “Ahh!” every time it does cracks me up!


  40. Jason says:

    Jon A, #84: And when Crow turns the High Priest in ‘Cave Dwellers’ into a James Brown/Little Richard pastiche, I still lose it. “I’m the best lookin’ man in the Middle Ages! My my my!”



  41. MPSh from Lowell says:

    Trace Beaulieu as Crow cracks me up. It’s something about his timing and delivery.

    One notable example: In The Starfighters, Maj. Stevens speculates on the bachelor officers’ prowess with the ladies, and cuts them short when they try to comment. A minute or so later, Trace as Crow gives his take:

    Crow: Yeah, there sure are a lot of girls around here….

    Mike: Well, that’s great, ’cause I –

    Crow: SHUT UP!

    That always makes me laugh out loud…..


  42. Jason says:

    Another good moment: At the end of Time Chasers, when Pink Boy gets fired, he’s stammering at the limo and Bob Evil’s suspiciously Michael Keaton-esque bodyguard just stares at him for a moment.

    “I’m Batman.”


  43. Ralph C. says:

    Oh man! There’s far too many times I’ve lost it over a riff or a sketch– all of them lived again and again…and some that have come along in the many re-watchings over the years. I can’t choose one…or five…or a hundred.

    MST3K: The show that keeps on giving, no matter how many times you watch it, and even though you know what’s coming!



  44. Me-Torgo-You-Jane says:

    The show does have so many of these for me, but as a late comer to the show, the first was in Riding With Death. The sweaky noise Tom makes as the old guy cleans his glasses – I laughed so hard I nearly passed out.


  45. Turkey Volume Guessing Man says:

    “The Horror of Party Beach” Any line of dialogue from the two drunks, but in particular: “I thought all-nude was a dress code!”


  46. Fred Burroughs says:

    One of my fave moments in MST that caught me off-guard and I lost it: in Moon Zero Two after the zero-gravity fight scene in the bar, Joel and Bots are arguing, when Joel declares “We’ll fight — but we’ll fight MY WAY.” switch to super-slo-mo.


  47. Warren says:

    Where do I begin? Mike as a robot puppet in Prince of Space. The bots’ inability to contain their laughter is infectious.
    Werewolf: Noel says ‘I’ve got a man down here’ and Crow after the bad edit-“Me too!”
    Skydivers: Crow’s immature ruining of Tom’s “Mars” presentation. So juvenile but so hilarious.
    Joel in Warrior of the Lost World, during the fight scene among the rebels-“Hope you like the DOORS!”
    Future War-the dinosaur slaps aside the huge guy-“Save the meatloaf!”


  48. Mills says:

    From Wahrwalf: “So it all comes to dis? You and Noel is in it for fame and fortune? But over my dead bah-dy! You hear me? I won’t stand for it!” Followed by Tom’s “You is a jerk!”

    Then there’s the human phone ring in Monster A Go Go.

    And Mike terrifying Dr. F and Frank with a rubber band after Are You Ready For Marriage.
    “If the movie’s too long it could snap!”
    “Where did it go?!”
    “He’s a sorcerer!”


  49. robniles says:

    “The Pizza Dominatrix!”


  50. Christian says:

    Troy to Rowsdower: “I’m laundry.”


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