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Weekend Discussion Thread: That Moment that Completely Cracked You Up

Alert reader Stacy suggests (well, I kind of altered her suggestion a little — sorry, Stacy — but this was part of it) that you share a moment from the show that completely cracked you up. For her, it was…:

…the singing of “She’s old” when the old woman was going down the stairs in “The Atomic Brain.” Laughed until I cried!

Well, there’s so many, but one I love is this:

What’s yours?

174 Replies to “Weekend Discussion Thread: That Moment that Completely Cracked You Up”

  1. Lisa says:

    This movie *hates* us.

    We were batter dipping.

    That purse will be the death of him.

    You don’t get it you stupid moron idiot -I’m going to rule the world


  2. Happenstance says:

    The two moments that immediately spring to mind are (1) in Time Chasers when Eddie physically abuses the ‘Bots, and (2) Servo’s final “JEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDD!!” in Leech Woman, timed to the movie’s score.


  3. This final moments of the final scene in The Final Sacrifice has a tight set of riffs that successfully crack me up whenever I hear enough of them in succession.

    “Audrey Hepburn! Oh, it’s Troy.”
    “Well, son of a buck. That just flew there.”
    “Susan Day! Oh no, it’s Troy. Sorry.”
    “How ’bout a smoke, kid?”
    “My drinking arm’s healed!”
    “Rowsdower, you’re squeezing my- Rowsdower.”


  4. eegah says:

    “Today is dedicated to Uranus!”


  5. ck says:

    A Film Crew one. In Killers From Space the bonus shows
    how the aliens speech was just a pedestrian line run backwards.

    Btw, which was more of a stretch to make an alien, well, alien,
    Killers From Space giant eyeballs (which remind you more then
    anything of Marty Feldman) or This Planet Earth’s giant foreheads.
    (Well, other bits of anatomy might alternately have been enlarged.
    Agh! Mind bleach needed).


  6. pumafan says:

    Squirm — The sisters enter the dining room with dinner and M&TB sing a dirge-ish “Happy Birthday” … for some reason, I could not breathe I was laughing so hard!


  7. Gypsy Rose Me! says:

    So many great ones from the shorts…

    Progress Island USA: “Here are some moo-cows.” Also, the part at the end when the short seems to be looping itself and Mike and the Bots start freaking out.

    The Home Economics Story: “I’m a Q-Tip! What are you!”

    Speech: Using Your Voice: Prof. Bueller: “Do you know…” Crow: “…that I have little bunnies painted on my knees? I do.” Also, Crow: “This man is wearing a push-up bra. Now he’s pleasing.”


  8. croë says:

    From ‘Manos’: the scene that drags on way too long, waiting for Torgo, and Joel finally loses it and yells, “*DO* something!” in exasperation.

    From ‘I Accuse My Parents: absolutely, the “Are You Happy With Your Work” segment but also the following line of dialogue / riff response:
    “You can have that gun any time you want”
    Joel / Bots: “At Alice’s Restaurant!”

    From ‘Space Mutiny’: Virtually any moment involving Reb “Big McLargeHuge” Brown driving the floor buffer / zamboni / golf cart:

    “Hit the siren! Doo-doo-doodoo-doo-doodoo-do-doodoo!”
    “Put your helmet on, we’ll be reaching speeds of ‘3’!”

    Of special note, Mike’s exasperated remark: “You could walk on your *hands* and catch up to him!”

    And absolutely the moment where Gristle McThornbody screams, then stops screaming presumeably so that he can dive out of the cart without having to think about screaming.


  9. MPSh from Lowell says:

    Oh, and of course, all the priest riffs during the goofy chase scene in The Rebel Set.


  10. [the original] Stan McSerr says:

    Cannot remember which episode, but Mike as Captain Janeway from Voyager made be hysterical. They could have used Mike as her stand in for stunts. :laugh:


  11. ck says:

    Then there’s: “Mike Nelson IS Lord of the Dance!”


  12. cheese phone says:

    There’s too many to list. One that comes to mind is the old store owner from Brute Man yelling at his delivery boy. Mike looses it as well which makes it even funnier.


  13. Blowie the Dolphin says:

    in The Horror of Party Beach, when on of the drunks says “Hey”,and Crow says “Do farts have lumps?”


  14. The Bolem says:

    The only one that ever actually had me on the floor was the first time I saw Prince of Space: the fight with the giant is resolved by Ultrabrighting him to death, then cut to our hero looking more determined that ever behind the controls of his saucer, and Servo (I think): “Now I’ll swing around and take a crack at that nasty plaque!”

    I don’t often laugh out loud when watching TV alone, but something about the timing + sheer absurdity of the scene had me crying before I could stand again. The only thing that completely topped it was the Rifftrax of Why Doesn’t Cathy Eat Breakfast?; from “David Lynch’s omelet recipe” to the end, I’m pretty sure I was hyperventilating, but it’s all kind of a blur…


  15. Right after the “I’m a Q-tip” line in The Home Economics Story is one of my favorites during the shot of the cheerleaders doing their routine when Joel and the Bots yell “Look at my crotch! Look, look, look at my crotch!” Never fails to make me laugh. (Highbrow, I know.)

    Also, there’s the scene in one of the Coleman Francis movies (I forget which one) where you see of a man with his German shepherd; you can see the dog’s face clearly. Meanwhile, you hear a character just off-camera saying, “Hey Mister!” One of the riffers says, “Could I have another doggy chew?” as if it was the dog who just said the line in the movie. (It definitely comes off funnier in the actual episode than in my explanation…) In any case, I laugh heartily every time!


  16. Happenstance says:

    @113 Blowie the Dolphin: Jesus, how did I forget that one? Laughing so hard even now I can barely type. …I’ma go watch it again right now.


  17. Manos Bride says:

    My favorite was a host segment from Fire Maidens of Outer Space. When Joel burst through the doors and yelled “LET GO OF HIM, YOU BITCH!” I practically fell out of my chair laughing. It was SO unexpected and SO out of character I absolutely lost it!


  18. jjb3k says:

    I remember practically rolling on the floor with laughter the first time I watched “The Incredible Melting Man”. Everything in the first fifteen minutes is among the funniest riffs the Brains have ever written:

    “Round Guy With Surfboard International.”
    “Boy, they got to Saturn fast!” “It’s all freeways now.”
    “IMU, standing by.” “You are not me, quit saying that!”
    “Just blow up and melt!”
    “His printer cable came undone…”
    “…Replace it with units of whole blood.” “Not 2%.”
    “Could someone put the TV on the ceiling?”
    “Bedpan! Bedp– never mind.”
    “Keith Moon in the hospital.”
    “Why is she running through the E-Z Mini Stor-It?”
    “WOHH, oh that’s doubly painful…”
    “Pff, he’s on rollerblades!”

    Really, I could be here all day quoting the riffs that made me laugh so hard I cried, but rest assured, by the “rollerblades” riff, my sides literally hurt. I still can’t get enough of this episode. :D


  19. Diablo dog says:

    “How many head of walnut do you have?” gets me every time


  20. itsspideyman says:

    Like everyone, too many to count, but a couple…

    Parts: The Clonus Horror

    When they’re near the campfire in the morning..
    “She really was on top of old smokie!….”

    The 70’s riffs in “Riding with Death”

    “Gee, I hope Joe and Rhoda get married!”
    “Think I’ll get a mood ring!”
    “I’m going to call Pam Dawber!”


  21. torgo367 says:

    Probably the most difficult question ever. For a host segment, I’d have to go with the barnyard hoedown that turns into a mosh pit, and the “Don’t you give Mikey no fire!” bit with Crow as the llama. Those kill me everytime. As far as riffs go, in Merlin’s Shop, right before the commercial break when Servo yells, “YOU STUPID BASTARD, I COULD JUST STAB YOU IN THE EYES SO HELP ME GOD!!!” I’m thinking of more and more with every second I type this. This list could go on forever.


  22. Matches4Mikey says:

    @ #121, as my handle might imply, the intro to “The Amazing Transparent Man” reduces me to hysterical tears as well, especially once the llama (Crow) gets agitated and Mikey pets him … uh … affectionately. And the psychic from “Merlin’s Chop” is beyond awesome. “Dear GOD, David!!!”


  23. Slartibartfast, Maker of Fjords says:

    Going all the way back to 103, Mad Monster and the skit where Tom comes on to the blender (description from ACEG). Between Tom saying “You are drinking from the woman (or was it girl) I love” to “Sorry, Mr. Coffee,” Josh’s delivery was laugh out loud funny.


  24. feargal says:

    In “Teenagers from Outer Space,” the reel life/real life sketch. “In real life, your landlord is a butane addict who goes through your underwear drawer…” At first my laugh was at the line in its entirety, but what kept it going was the detail of the butane addiction, and what it implies about that kindly old grandpa-lookin landlord from hell!

    I laugh hysterically every single time I think of that bit.


  25. torgo367 says:

    @ #122, love your handle! Crow’s desperate cries as Mikey “pets” him pop in my head at least once a day. This thread could seriously go on forever.

    Girl In Gold Boots – “Honey! Way to play the harmonica with your ass!”
    Revenge Of The Creature – When the creature is watching the girl undress through the window, and Mike is burping out in a froglike manner, “Braaaaaaa. Braaaaaaa.” The timing and the look on the creature’s face kill me everytime!


  26. clamstie says:

    Prince of Space (which is also the 1st mst3k I ever saw):
    the “What? Huh?” exchange between Krankor and the scientists that ends with Tom saying “For crying out loud, EACH OF YOU WILL ENTER A SPACE CAPSULE!”


  27. There are three that come to mind from when I first got into the show during Sci-Fi reruns:

    1. Space Mutiny: right after Lea slides down the rope in the engine room and Stump Chunkman lets out a womanly yelp, followed by M&tB attempting their own womanly yelps.
    2. Phantom Planet: most of the last 20 minutes of the movie, as they keep riffing the Solarite as being a dopey hound. “Can I go out, please?” just about knocked me off the couch.
    3. Final Sacrifice: The entire sequence with Mike Pipper, particularly after they start in with the Yosemite Sam voices.

    I could keep going for hours with examples from just the shorts alone.


  28. Robert L Lippert Jr says:

    In Santa Claus, Santa looks like he’s staring off into space Crow yells “HEY KRINGLE SNAP OUT OF IT”. Also in The Day The Eearth Froze at the wedding scene when they are singing Total Failure song


  29. Droppo says:

    Great topic:

    Master Ninja I – The entire exchange between Lee Van Kleef and Tim Van Patten when Lee is recounting his ridiculous backstory while lying down in bed. Every single thing about that scene makes me laugh, nothing harder than the riff, “the tranquility of post-war Japan?” Joel and the bots DECIMATE the flimsy and clunky backstory so hilariously. Probably my favorite sequence of any MST3K episode.

    Santa Claus – their riffs on every nation….especially “we are forced to sing” and “(Mike as Santa): Sorry about that, folks.”

    I Accuse My Parents – “Are You Happy in Your Work?” host segment when Joel keeps turning up as different characters and smiling at the camera.

    Magic Voyage of Sinbad – Joel’s expression when he’s announced as a nominee in the opening segment. It’s a perfect parody of overly serious award show nominees.

    Teenage Crimewave: The Mystos segment, particularly Mike’s expression at the end.

    Mitchell – When Joel and the bots exclaim “Mitchell!” Every single time. It perfectly encapsulates just how lousy and dull of an action hero he is.

    Eegah! – When they scream at Arch Hall Jr’s appearance and Joel screams “Stop smiling!”

    The Lost Continent: During the rock climbing sequence, when Joel finally loses it: “Can we get some kind of perspective here, please!!!”

    High School Bigshot: Mike – Am I a sweathog now, Mr. Kotter?

    Overdrawn at the Memory Bank – “Mom, my nuts.” and “He looks drunk to me!”

    San Francisco Int’l – Crow’s impression of David Hartman, especially when he’s waving goodbye to his wife. “Well, buh-bye!!” And “I’ve got to rescue my wife.” Pretty much every riff on Davey. The hippy scene. Pernell’s hairpiece riffs.

    Mr. B. Natural – Joel and the bots’ screams of horror. And “have you no sense of decency?!?”

    Manos – Every one of Joel’s riffs as the Dad. “I’m thinking of having that tattooed on my face, dearest.”

    Pod People – The “Trumpy you can do magic things” host segment. The “idiot control now” host segment.

    Village of the Giants – When Mike and the bots yell at the sheriff to speak up.

    Fugitive Alien: “You’re stuck here!”

    Star Force: Fugitive Alien II – The musical medley host segment.

    Gamera vs Zigra – The Gamera musical medley.

    Code Name: Diamondhead: Zulu’s first appearance and Crow’s set-up and punchline.

    I could keep going all day….I love this show.


  30. Sitting Duck says:

    @ #110: It was Laserblast.


  31. Steve VIl says:

    The very first one I remember was during Pod People when Trumpy is admiring the “potato buffet”. There was one in Cave Dwellers that I don’t actually remember but what I took away from that adventure was NEVER EVER eat while watching MST.

    A couple more:

    “Oh, they’re fine!” “They got into port and everyone was okay/they went out for lunch and felt better” (from Gorgo)

    “This is where my TONGUE lives” (from The Touch Of Satan)

    “Man, I really need to simplify my masturbation routine” (from The Blood Waters Of Doctor Z)


  32. Droppo says:

    OK, fine! Due to popular (or more accurately, no) demand, here’s more!

    The Violent Years: During the short, the sequence when Alexander Phipps is taking a shower and talking with young FDR. It’s such an insane scene and Mike and the Bots perfectly capture that. That whole short is amazing.

    Time Chasers – “So in the future, kids become gay agents?”

    Warrior of the Lost World – “Any fruit to declare?!?”

    Merlin’s Mystical Shop of Wonders – Crow: “Remember to believe in magic….or I’ll kill you.”

    Track of the Moonbeast – Just about every Johnny Longbone riff. But, best two would probably be: Crow: “Now, I’m over here.” Crow: “Soon, I’ll be throwing up corn…”

    Mitchell: Servo as Martin Balsam: “Let’s rip off the last scene of Key Largo, Mitchell!!”

    Master Ninja II: At the end as Lee kind of trips: Joel: “Whoa, there just a little bit!”

    I seriously could do this all day……there are so many.


  33. StarDustMaiden says:

    Uh, Mr. B., what would you know about dignity?
    You’re living in your own fantasy world…we’re in a whole weird area here.
    You know, I bet Oscar Wilde only wished he was this gay. (How’d they get that one past the PC Gestapo?)


  34. ParaBear says:

    From the last dance number in ISCWSLABMUZ,”Lawrence Welk reaches out to the black audience!”


  35. Ator In Flight says:

    The hardest I ever laughed was Tom Servo’s “Leave The Bronx” song over the credits.


  36. itsspideyman says:


    I teach Sales Management and Personal Selling and have used “HIRED!” parts one and two during the class. Two lines crack them up:

    Walking from door to door with no sales:

    “Hey! I know what I need! A car!”

    Sitting on the porch with mom bringing lemonade, and mom doesn’t have on an upper support garment:

    Crow: “Gravity at work!”

    That last one takes about 3 seconds, then everyone laughs their heads off.


  37. Shrews12001 says:

    There’s a lot to choose from.
    Girl in Gold Boots “I’m back!”.
    Boggy Creek “You need to work on your camel toe, son.”.
    Pretty much everything about Final Sacrifice got me.
    Time Chasers “Fifteen men on a dead Dodge Dart.”.
    Horror of Party Beach “Chances are that i’ll kick your scrawny ass”. Touch of Satan “May the dark lord hold your soul in his clutches– i mean, safe trip.”
    Giant Spider Invasion “This movie hates us doesn’t it?”
    But, really, if you have to pick one great moment that just destroys you it begins and ends with three simple words:


  38. maclen says:

    From Code Name” Diamond Head when Zulu is performing the song. The scene starts on a nice ocean view and Crow says “Oh this is a very nice place, I can see why familys would want…AHHHHHHH!! when Zulu quickly rises into picture frame. It was not just a regular startled “ahhh” but one out of sheer terror! Always cracks me up. In fact I have to rewind the dvd to see again a few times. Also when mike says…”eww, he;s got a jackie mason body.”


  39. Absorbine_Sr says:

    In 606, “The Creeping Terror”, during the laundry day segment when Dr. F removes his sock with a hearty “Booga booga ha!!”. I damn near wet myself everytime I see it.


  40. Pete says:

    Three simple words from A YOUNG MAN’S FANCY: “Found the smell.”


  41. BIG61AL says:

    refueling scene with tom and crow…..


  42. Torgospizza says:

    The Skull Cruiser sketch from Teenagers From Outer Space was floor-drop funny, particularly the bizarre ending, when a skeleton figure appears on the Hex Screen, raises it’s arm ever so slightly, then collapses onto the floor, as if someone had. ( and likely did) cut the string for no reason whatsoever….


  43. Pirengle says:

    The rodeo short, near the beginning when the two kids are prepping the tin can and one of them slips it over his hand and Joel says “it’s the Gom Jabbar!” I laughed so hard I nearly peed myself. Still laugh at it, but not to that extreme.

    I tend to do that with the incredibly geeky riffs.


  44. clamstie says:

    Another crack up moment for me was in The Brain That Wouldn’t Die when one of the guys says “Hi!” in an accent (NY/NJ?) when close up on on of the contestant’s faces during the body beautiful contest.


  45. StarDustMaiden says:

    Just watched Zombie Nightmare – when Mike puts the voodoo doll’s hand in water, Dr. F. gets that look on his face that _always_ gets me no matter how many times I see it. :rotfl:


  46. Happenstance says:

    Johnny Longbow: “Now, I know what you’re thinking…”
    Crow: “I’m boring, and my slide show eats.”

    EDIT: Whoops, I see that one’s already mentioned.


  47. Dr. Erickson says:

    Yeah so many instances where just one line made you do a spit-take…

    Quest of the Delta Knights:
    “No whorin’ while I’m gone.”

    “Woh, Jack – you are WAY off script!”

    The Dead Talk Back:
    “Who am I? Oh, I covered that.”

    Why Study Industrial Arts:
    “The piercing scream of a freshman.”

    Girl in Lover’s Lane:
    “Mmm, you smell like hash browns.”

    On and on they go. Maybe the best, though, is the line NOT delivered in “Eegah,” when Joel quickly shushes the eager ‘bots after Roxy says, “Do you know where deep canyon is?”


  48. Joseph Klemm says:

    Individual moments:

    -Mitchell: Joel and the ‘Bots reacting in horror to the bottle of baby oil.

    -The Thing That Couldn’t Die: Mike and the ‘Bots singing the Lucky Charms jingle in a chant-like manner at the end of the flashback of Gideon’s execution.

    -Final Justice: “Eat eat eat eat, eat eat eat eat, munch munch munch munch, chew chew chew chew, gorge gorge gorge gorge, burp burp burp burp, stuff lots of food in your meat-baby face.”

    As for group laughs, I showed the episode of Pod People to a film club in high school, with everyone completely losing it when Crow, as Trumpy, responds to Tommy’s question if he knew what playing is with “Yes, it’s where I break you in half.”


  49. Shrews12001 says:

    Oh, Quest of the Delta Knights “Yeah, well tell Prince Jump Jugs we’re sorry.”


  50. Bob(bi) Executive says:

    “This potato’s got big ears.” My brother and I just died at that point.


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