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Cinematic Titanic Will Stop Touring at the End of 2013

Those on the Cinematic Titanic mailing list have received this:

As we have been adding dates to our live show schedule for 2013, we have come to the decision that this will be our last year actively touring as Cinematic Titanic. We feel that with any project there is a time to move on and as 5 people living in 5 different cities with different lives and projects, it has become increasingly difficult to coordinate our schedules and give Cinematic Titanic the attention it requires to keep growing as a creative enterprise and a business. As a result, we have decided to take this indefinite hiatus.

The last 5+ years have been an amazing opportunity for us all to reconnect creatively with one another and more importantly to connect with the fans of MST3K and new fans of Cinematic Titanic. We’ve had the great pleasure of playing some beautiful theaters around the country and have taken movie riffing to places we never dreamed, like ILM and Pixar, a sports arena, and even Broadway! The love we’ve been shown by those we’ve met and performed for will be with us forever.

We will be performing as many dates as is feasible this year and we hope you’ll come out and see us go at it one last time if we come to a theater near you in 2013. We are still in discussions about the production of additional DVDs and we’ll keep you posted.

We thank you deeply for all the support you’ve shown Cinematic Titanic over these years and we’re looking forward to many great shows in the year ahead.


The CT Crew

The tour as it stands now:

Feb 23, 2013
7 pm – The Wasp Woman
10 pm – The Doll Squad
Royal Oak Music Theatre
Royal Oak, MI
get tickets


May 31 – June 1
Arlington Drafthouse
Arlington, VA

Sept 20-21
Pabst Theater
Milwaukee, WI

Nov 2, 8 pm
Calvin Theater
Northampton, MA
get tickets

Nov 3, 2013
Wilbur Theatre
Boston, MA

135 Replies to “Cinematic Titanic Will Stop Touring at the End of 2013”

  1. ToolAssist says:


    It’s made even worse by the fact that I probably can’t attend any.



  2. Kenneth Morgan says:

    That’s very sad news; I’ve been to several CT shows and they’re always really funny.

    I hope they’re not shutting down completely. They could go back to the Tube Tube set-up and do more DVDs, when possible. It wouldn’t be as strenuous as touring. And I do hope they’ll release discs of the movies that haven’t already gone out, like “Astral Factor” and “Doll Squad”. And, who knows? Maybe down the road they might get together for an occasional show, though not necessarily a tour.

    Unfortunately, Monday is President’s Day. So, I’ll have to wait until Tuesday before I start bugging venues in NJ to book them ASAP.


  3. John M Hanna says:

    I’m just glad I got to meet Joel and J Elvis so they could sign my Satellite Of Love model. Hopefully they’ll still make DVDs.


  4. mst3ktemple says:

    As sad as it is to hear this I am eternally grateful that the CT folks got together and made this project a reality. The live shows have been amazing and meeting the people that have brought us such happiness for so many years was fantastic. I sincerely hope they find ways to continue to share their comedy with us, but whatever paths they take I want to thank them for giving us so many great performances and for being so great to the fans.

    I also hope that we still get to see DVDs of Astral Factor and The Doll Squad. Those were two of my favorite live shows. Of course I also would like to see Samson and the Seven Miracles of the World on DVD some day too.


  5. porp0ise says:

    I’m sad about this. I enjoy their performances so much because I “get” the jokes. Plus, I love them all. And I was unable to watch MST3K when Josh was on it, so it is great to see him performing with Mary Jo, Frank, Joel, and Trace. If I’d known this a few months ago, I would have stayed after the performance in Missouri (Ted V. Mikel’s Doll Squad) and spoken to them all. As it was, I don’t want them to think I’m stalking them. I’m just a fan. In case any of them are reading this, my real name is Vicki. *h* and *k*


  6. Alex says:

    My gosh. How dissapointing. Even if it is just a temporary “break”, still sucks they’re splitting up for a while.

    R.I.P Cinematic Titanic.



  7. Captn Ross Hagen says:

    I was deeply sad when I heard the news. But my wife went on line and ordered 4 tickets to the Nov.2nd. show in Northampton Ma. show at the Calvin Theater she got second row left. We’ve seen them here before, great place about 2 hrs. from here, we’ll probably get a couple of rooms and stay the night. I would love to snag some tickets to the show on Sunday night as well when they go on sale. I too hope they continue to do DVDS, and release the 3 movies #4 mentioned. The last live show we saw was WAR OF THE INSECTS, and I was hoping to get the last 2 DVDS signed and then I’d have all their discs signed. I forgot about the other 3 movies. But I’m glad I was able to get a ton of stuff signed and able to meet them, always cool and gracious and I hope Dave ( Gruber ) Allen is with them as well.


  8. bdtrppr6 says:



  9. Luke Forrester says:

    And surprise, surprise, they’re not going to come to Denver in their final performances either.

    Thanks for nothing Cinematic Titanic…


  10. Sam says:

    I am stunned there are no New York City shows…..


  11. Tork_110 says:

    It’s a shame because their live episodes were much stronger than their early silhouette episodes.

    Kind of saw this coming when Joel started other projects, though. Here’s hoping that they eventually get back to releasing new DVDs.


  12. Captn Ross Hagen says:

    So it starts — out of the 50 states in this country, we will see all kinds of posts from people that are upset that CT are not coming to their home state. But in the past, they have said to contact a local theater to invite them in. It isn’t like they throw darts at a map of the U.S. and then book shows there! Also, it is easy to understand they all have other projects and things they are involved in.. like Frank with Cartoon Dump; Joel in the shows that he has been doing, and I’m sure they all have other interests and things they would like to pursue. Unlike the Rifftrax guys that do a show and broadcast them to other movie theaters bringing it to a larger audience. The only drawback to that is unless you go to the show where they are performing, you don’t get to meet the members of the cast. So check and see if any local theaters are willing to book them and as far as #10, is there any place you can think of around the time they’ll be in Massachusetts doing shows! They may add more shows….only time will tell!


  13. SOL Daria says:

    Please let them come through Dallas, please let them come through Dallas… (Joel did & I missed it, but I won’t this time, even if I lose my job!)


  14. Droppo says:

    Thanks to everyone at CT for a great run! I sincerely hope they do produce more DVD’s. Those are actually my favorite part of CT as they’re keepsakes that I can enjoy over and over again.

    Here’s also hoping that the CT folks stop by Rifftrax for an All Star collaboration. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again…..I would go into fanboy nirvana if one riff ever featured the following: Mike, Joel, Trace, Bill, Kevin, Frank.

    The Mt. Rushmore of riffing…


  15. Droppo says:

    One more bit of CT appreciation:

    While Joel and Trace are obviously legendary riffers…..I think some of Frank’s finest moments ever were during CT. His riffing style and delivery is truly on par with the best of MST3K. I’ve always found his delivery to be hysterical and we were treated to one Frank visit into the theater on MST….but, I think he was truly CT’s MVP in terms of laughs per riff.

    So, let me frank about Frank….Frank is the best Frank that ever happened to me.


  16. Mary Jo Pehl says:

    Luke Forrester: that kind of attitude is exactly why never came to Denver.


    But seriously, give me a break. CT is a small, artist-owned and operated entity and it has been an enormous undertaking. We did the best we could. We were never ignoring any city. However, some people take it very personally that we never bothered to perform ON THEIR LAPS TO THEM INDIVIDUALLY, for crying out loud. Captn Ross Hagen and others, thanks for understanding the nature of the beast.

    I am so moved by everyone’s well wishes. It has been an amazing five years, five years that we couldn’t have done without all of you. I am so incredibly lucky to have gotten to work with the people I did, so lucky to have gotten to meet so many of y’all, and so lucky we all got to have a lot of laughs together.

    Thank YOU! We seriously heart you!


  17. John R. Ellis says:

    It was really nice, seeing you all together again.

    You helped me smile, when a lot of what was going on in my life was as depressing as heck.

    Thank you. May all your future projects be as brilliant.


  18. Watch-out-for-Snakes says:

    THANK YOU, MJP!! (#16) We :heart: you!

    I just sent out a request email (with info) to the programmer at an awesome, local theater here in Portland, OR in hopes that maybe a show can be booked here in the Rose City. It was May 2009 the last time CT was in Portland, which was about 6 months before I moved here. Yes, I’ve never seen CT Live (have watched a couple DVDs) and it would be a bummer to not have a chance to do so.

    Lets get some other West Coast cities to join in: San Francisco, Seattle, Sacramento, Denver (that’s right Denver, man up and DO something about it!), and anybody else. C’mon folks, don’t COMPLAIN that CT never came to your town, and don’t just WISH that they would, make it happen (this will be your LAST chance), contact your local theater (non-megaplex) and talk to the programmer, put in a request, send them a link to the website. It won’t hurt to try, and you only fail when you don’t try. SO TRY ALREADY! Sheesh……


  19. noordledoordle says:

    Boy, what a real sad bit of news. :(

    We love you all, CT! If you add anything in my travelling radius again this final year, I’ll be there. My first live show was just last year in St. Louis, and I LOVED it! Totally worth the road trip, and it was fun getting something I drew signed by you guys.

    A Doll Squad DVD would be most excellent for my collection. I hope you’ll consider releasing it someday should time/money allow.


  20. Chuck in Chicago says:

    I was privileged enough to get to see them six times in Chicago. Six different movies. It’s something I will never forget.

    Location logistics are the hardest thing to overcome in show business. I sincerely hope they continue to write and, occasionally, get together to record to share with us.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Titans!

    Here’s looking at you, kids!


    Chuck in Chicago


  21. SAVE FERRIS says:

    The end of an era…. :-((


  22. Mike "ex-genius" Kelley says:

    I would have gone to any of their shows if they had even been within 5 hours driving distance, but no luck.

    Still, I do love the DVD work they do, and wish they would consider at least putting more of those out before they finally go their separate ways. While I didn’t think their early efforts were as good as the early Rifftrax ones, the later ones seem to me to have been much better than what Rifftrax has been doing lately (in a weird kind of reversal of fortune — perhaps the RT folk are just burnt out, and the CT people got better with age. Although I think it was mostly that the RT people included less talented writers more and more).

    At least I’m glad I have the DVDs they did — they have brought amazing happiness and laughter and that kind of commodity is more precious than gold.


  23. EricJ says:

    Finally! Coming back to Northampton, MA for the Farewell Tour!
    (We’ll even forgive their crack about our college-town micro-Main Street, which’s probably why they’ve kept skipping us and going directly to Boston ever since.)

    I’m hoping this’s more like the Beatles at Shea Stadium–Touring wasn’t fun, and if they’d kept touring, they couldn’t have made Sgt. Pepper. :)


  24. hellokittee says:

    Thank you for all the laughs CInematic Titanic! Best of luck with your other projects!

    For a little perspective for everyone that is upset about this, how lucky are we that these guys even got together to do CT anyway?! Through this and Rifftrax we are given a second chance to watch MST3K again (sort of).


  25. David L. White says:

    Please, please, please..

    Everyone who attends Joel’s ‘Riffing Myself’ show in Seattle on March 8: Politely encourage the SIFF folks to book Cinematic Titanic! I plan to!

    Tickets are still available for the show, but the Riff Camp on the 7th is nearly sold out! Meet and greet is $45, and the tickets for the show only are only $15! Buy your tickets now!! :)


  26. Luke Forrester says:

    I’ve asked local places, but in the end, it’s their job to decide where to go. It’s not like Denver’s some small town. I’d gladly drive a few hours to see a show, but there’s no place within a few hours they’ve EVER showed up. Sure nice for those Northampton people who won’t have to make the agonizing 90 minute drive to Boston to catch the show.

    They’ve snubbed Denver for five years, and I’m sure we’ll be snubbed this final year as well. Those of you fortunate to actually have them come near you, have fun. As for me, I can’t express shock that this endeavor of theirs is failing since apparently they had no one in charge of scheduling and promotion, and it was all up to the fans lucky enough to get a willing theater to do their job for them.


  27. Mary Jo Pehl says:

    Luke Forrester: guess what? We ARE coming to Denver!! We’re just not going to let YOU attend the show!! Mwhahahahahaaa!


  28. Bill Haverchuck says:

    aw man, this is some sad news. i thought they had really hit their stride with the live shows.
    also: this isn’t the FINAL tour schedule, right? the NYC / NJ shows i’ve been to have been pretty well-attended, so i’d imagine they’d try to make it back for at least one more gig out here.


  29. Gary Bowden says:

    This is some sad news,but I understand where they’re coming from.It’s not like they all live in one city like the Rifftrax guys.And of course I understand why they never did come to certain cities.It’s not like they didn’t want to perform there.I mean,why perform like in Little Rock and only a few show up? And for those who blamed CT for not performing in say,Tulsa or Atlantic City or wherever,it’s not their fault,ok? I was lucky enough to see them in Dallas in 09 and even though I was tongue tied around Mary Jo and Joel during the meet and greet,I would still do it again,except maybe next time I would have a little bit more to say.What an honor it was to meet my comic heroes and to actually tell them how much MST3K meant to me.I told Trace that they were sort of like American’s version of Monty Python.which took him by surprise..And if Mary Jo or Frank is reading this,I want to thank you for the thousands of hours of belly laughs and tears from laughing so much from MST3K and CT that I’ve had since the beginning..And even though I only saw CT one time,it was well worth it and something I can look back on and say,”Those guys are still funny as hell” and “Thanks for everything!”…I hope you guys continue to do some more dvd’s though..Want to wish all of you good luck and much success on your new projects..Thanks again for the belly aches.


  30. JC says:

    HUZZAH! Boston!! AND I WILL BE THERE THIS TIME! Can’t wait! :-D

    But it’s a major bummer to hear that there will be no more CT live shows after this year. Thank you for everything, Joel, MJ, Frank, Trace, and Josh. I wish you all the best on future endeavors.


  31. Frank Conniff says:

    We hope everyone understands that we never played Denver not because we never got an offer to play there, but because we wanted to personally snub Luke Forrester.


  32. Watch-out-for-Snakes says:

    @ #27/28: AH SNAP!

    and Frank gets in on it too! (#32)


  33. EricJ says:

    @30 – What an honor it was to meet my comic heroes and to actually tell them how much MST3K meant to me.I told Trace that they were sort of like American’s version of Monty Python.which took him by surprise.

    And Monty Python never really worked on stage during their US Hollywood Bowl and NYC Center tours. (Having to think up unspontaneous endings for the Dead Parrot sketch, end everything with “Wanna come back to my place?” when the sketches didn’t have endings, recite the Cheeseshop sketch for the Nth time like Raymond Babbitt reciting Who’s On First, and fouling the timing of the original TV sketches with new doity-woids for the rock-concert audience that the BBC wouldn’t let them do.)
    CT did work onstage, but they don’t suffer for us having their work archived on disk, and I can see how touring would take a toll for comics that were more writers than standups at this point. It was great for me to meet the cast too, find out that Joel and Trace really did seem to be nice guys, and that Mary Jo actually was funny.

    Just so long as they keep active and riffing–And that RiffTrax doesn’t become too much of their own fairground-act embarrassment with “Wanna hear us do our own version of Manos? Nah, you wanna hear Reefer Madness instead!” ;)


  34. MarcusVermilion says:

    I’ve seen them 10 times in the NY, NJ, PA region. They were all good shows. My favorite place was the McCarter Theater in Princeton, NJ. A bit of a long drive (Passaic County all the way down 287 & 206!) but nice. Plenty of places to hang out and eat before the show & and the meet and greet area is a bit more open for picture taking. Of course the cast was always nice at the meet & greets. Should any shows come near my neck of the woods I WILL GO! Yes, they will be missed after this tour. Perhaps the Titans could do what RiffTrax does: Gather at one location once or twice a year and have the show simulcasted across the country. It would be easier than touring plus they could put out a DVD of the show.


  35. Earl Rogers says:

    #34= Yeah, I can’t believe RiffTrax would dare to do their own version of Manos. What next? A new version of Santa Claus Conquers the Martians?!?

    OH, WAIT…


  36. Matt C says:

    Saw CT when they came through Seattle a few years ago, and had a great time. Nothing lasts forever, and I appreciated the opportunity when it happened. Wish them luck in their future endeavors and whatever shows they’ll do as CT in 2013!


  37. JeremyR says:

    This is the end of tradition I have. For the last 5 years, well, 4 out of 5 years (or maybe 3 out of 4), they would come to St. Louis. Every year I would promise myself that I would get a date to go with me. And of course, I never actually did. But it was nice because it gave me something to strive for.

    Ah well


  38. Gary Bowden says:

    @34 EricJ…It had nothing to do with Monty Python performing skits on stage.I meant that with Monty Python you had 5 or 6 members that had their own style and personality and so did MST3K.I’m not saying Joel was like so and so or whoever,even though Trace did kind of remind me a little bit of John Cleese,especially during the host segments.Also,as far as the shows,it was something that we’ve never seen before.I know the comparisons may be a little sketchy or way out in left field,but it seemed like everyone had their favorite member.Some they might like better than the other one.I don’t know,it just came to me and I told it to Trace,which from the way he reacted,it caught him off guard and like he received the highest compliment,too.Plus,Monty Python did their tv show before they went on tour,which is what Joel and them did,too..It just came off the top of my head at the time,that’s all.


  39. Luke Forrester says:

    #28/#32, bringing more comedy than Cinematic Titanic will ever bring to Denver.


  40. PTomreeves says:

    Thanks to CT for coming together! These past 5 years were an amazing gift to the MST3K fans! When it comes laughs you guys know your business. I Wish you the best and am hoping you can come together again someday. :)


  41. Ralph C. says:

    Thank you Trace, Josh, Mary Jo, Frank and Joel for five great years of Titanic laughs. I was at the NY City show and it was fantastic! I also want to thank you all, and Mike, Kevin, Bill, Paul, Brigette, Jim and the crew for Mystery Science Theater 3000.

    I hope I can make it to one of the last shows and meet the CT gang in person. If not, thanks for entertaining me– and others as a by-product of my enjoyment. :-)


  42. pondoscp says:

    I love the players in CT, and I am extremely grateful they existed. Thanks for helping us laugh about love, again.


  43. Droppo says:

    Wow….so cool of Frank and Mary Jo to stop by. If you’re still reading this thread, please allow me to embarrassingly fawn over you for a moment:

    MST3K is not only my favorite show ever, it’s my favorite piece of art ever. It has brought me so much joy over the years and I cannot thank you enough for your work on it. Cinematic Titanic was such an unexpected treat. The riffing was as hilarious as ever and it was so great to have new content from such brilliant comedic minds.

    I sincerely hope you not only continue to make CT DVD’s, but, simply continue to make great comedy. As cheesy as this sounds, it genuinely makes a difference in people’s lives. I speak from personal experience. MST3K, Rifftrax and CT have gotten me through some of the toughest times of my life. So, thank you for making us laugh at love….again.

    Droppo, the laziest man on Mars


  44. Clint says:

    I’m saddened by the news, but I ever so glad to have seen the gang perform live in Dallas during the USA Film Festival. Wasn’t that the first ever public show? Seeing CT in Texas did my Midwestern heart a lot of good.

    Thanks guys!


  45. ern2150 says:

    Hey waitaminute guys, what if that guy’s name _isn’t_ Luke Forrester? What if it’s just some smear campaign by his political opponent to gain a foothold in the MSTie community?

    (I’m Luke Forrester and I approve this message.)


  46. Jay K. says:

    I’ll be keeping my fingers, toes and eyes crossed that they might make it to Charlotte, NC this year (pretty please?), but if not, that’s okay.

    Thanks for the laughs CT, and best of luck to you all! :-)


  47. safaw says:

    It’s been fun. Hopefully there’ll be more dvds or something.


  48. Richard the Lion-Footed says:

    Maybe they will start to sell the DVDs of their shows.
    I know they have been restrictive as to their locations,
    and have a wide, if not always deep fan base.
    I would love to see the shows but the live DVDs are almost as good.
    Like the Rifftract live shows, I like the audience reactions.

    Good luck to them and their future.


  49. KidFlash25 says:

    Well, I guess this means I’ve got to go on the warpath to see if CT will come to upstate NY (Rochester/Buffalo) or Toronto. I’m reasonably sure I could get a gang of MSTies to make an overnight trip to Canada if need be.

    /googles local theatres
    //wonders how to craft desperate, but nice, email to bookers
    ///crosses fingers

    Love the work, Mary Jo and Frank. All the best in future endavours for you and the rest of the CT crew.


  50. Rachel says:

    So long and thanks for all the laughs! :D I really hope you’re able to make it out to the west coast one last time, I loved seeing you guys in San Francisco.


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