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Update on the Summer RiffTrax Show

Reader’s Digest version: The “Twilight” people were nice, but ultimately decided against the idea, for understandable reasons.


Date: Thursday, Aug. 15. Tickets not on sale yet. We’ll keep you updated.

Details here.

36 Replies to “Update on the Summer RiffTrax Show”

  1. David J says:

    I wonder if this will be the theatrical version or and edited-for-TV version. Starship Troopers has a lot more graphic violence and mature content than the previous movies used in Rifftrax Live.

    Either way, I’m glad they went with a film they haven’t riffed before. Starship Troopers seems right up their alley!


  2. ericvonzipper says:

    Cool! I was NOT looking forward to watching ‘Twilight’ on the big screen.


  3. Of No Account says:

    Thank goodness! I don’t ever want to watch twilight, even with Rifftrax.


  4. Flopsy T. Hamster says:

    The only thing that could make this more awesome would be “Special Guest Star: Neil Patrick Harris”. Though in August, he’d be filming “How I Met Your Mother”, so I don’t think it’s likely.


  5. Doug says:

    This is a perfect choice–not only will it be a new riff, but it’ll be on a movie that looks good on a big screen. I hope they can work out the VOD stuff.

    Either way, I don’t feel like my Kickstarter money has been wasted (I got one of the shorts packages and it doesn’t seem like those are getting modified). Nicely done, guys! In another ten years or so they can try to grab “Twilight” again.


  6. Fred Burroughs says:

    I wonder if they will use any riffs from the Robot’s Choice Awards (from 1998 IIRC?) Since they named it Best Movie that year, though sadly un-nominated. However, it does have those silly and gratuitous nude scenes courtesy of filthy mysogynist Paul Verhoeven, also the grave digger for MST Hamlet.


  7. David J says:

    The thank you page was scheduled for May. Is it up yet?


  8. YES! This is a million times better than Twilight, a fun big action movie with giant bugs and Neil Patrick Harris and Denise Richards running around doing stuff, this will be a blast. So looking forward to it!

    “Would you like to know more?”


  9. Erik at RiffTrax says:

    @David J:

    Not yet. We’re kind of busy with other things. But we’ll get it up soon.


  10. Michael Albright says:

    @Watch-out-for-snakes: How does running around doing stuff compare to running in the streets doing things?

    I’m looking forward to it. ST was Verhoeven at his most over-the top, and though I didn’t like the movie (at its core it was philosophically diametrically opposed to the very good book it’s adapted from, which I tend not to like. I have the same problem with Forrest Gump), I did enjoy watching it. Rifftrax has been pretty good at avoiding clunkers (bad movies that aren’t fun to watch), something that both MST and Cinematic Titanic have had trouble with.


  11. Zee says:

    Phew! That’s a relief- A brand-new riff on an epically stupid movie, rather than (yaaaaawn) Twilight *again*. Glad it worked out!


  12. thedumpster says:

    Didn’t people shell out cash last year so that they COULD riff on “Twilight?”


  13. PTomreeves says:

    This is fantastic! I can’t wait to see this one! On a similar note does anyone know if the “Manos Live Show” will be available as a VOD? I saw it in the theater and loved it!


  14. VariousVeins says:

    I wouldn’t have wanted to see Twilight. Dont want to see the worthless trash that is Star**** Troopers. So I will skip this and not feel about doing so. Hopefully the guys will come to their senses and do a movie that people would actually WANT to spend their hard earned cash to see riffed.


  15. Aldo Farnese is Mr. Krasker says:

    I actually like Starship Troopers. I’ve never read the book, but I’m glad Paul V changed it from: fascism is good to fascism is stupid and blood splattering violence is fun.


  16. mst3ktemple says:

    @12 They made it very clear when the started the Kickstarter campaign that they were going to TRY to get Twilight, but there were no guarantees.

    @14 Reading the comments here and on Facebook it sounds like almost everyone is happy they are going to be doing Starship Troopers. Of course there are always going to be some folks that would prefer something different. Hopefully they’ll find something you do like for the next live show.

    Also, I agree with the comment above that they should do Forrest Gump, or maybe I read that wrong.


  17. eegah says:

    @13 I’ve been wondering about the Manos live show DVD as well. Hopefully soon…


  18. Depressing Aunt says:

    I saw a little bit of this on cable while channel flipping. Those giant killer insects gave me the creeps. Even the little bugs in CT’s “War of the Insects” gave me the creeps. Guess I have issues…if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be hiding under the bed.


  19. Sugar Magnolia says:

    @16 Thanks for adding that about how they stated they were going to try to get Twilight. For people who didn’t donate, I could see the mix-up, but on the donation page they were pretty clear that there were no guarantees they would be able to get Twilight. I was amazed at some of the people screaming that they were using the “bait and switch” tactic. Thankfully most people seem to be happy about it though. I personally am looking forward to watching Starship Troopers. Although this will mean I’ll have to see the whole thing instead of stopping it before it’s over and thinking “And then bugs killed all of the idiots in the film. The End.”


  20. Toyland Chairman says:

    I always thought a live riffing of TWILIGHT was a bad idea and never going to happen. I’d rather see STARSHIP TROOPERS.


  21. JC says:

    I’m actually really excited to see a riff of Starship Troopers! Twilight was a big “meh” for me, but I donated money to the Kickstarter fund anyway because I wanted to support Rifftrax in their efforts. I enjoyed their riffing of Twilight immensely, but I wasn’t particularly interested in seeing it riffed again on the big screen. A Starship Troopers riff with bug guts flying around and satirical cheesiness abound with plenty of popcorn and Sno Caps on the other hand? I am so there!


  22. @#10 Michael Albright: They compare very nicely! Thanks for asking!


  23. C. says:

    @#6: Best Brains owns those riffs. I don’t think the Rifftrax guys like to repeat themselves, except as callbacks.


  24. Bob(bi) Executive says:

    @#14 Seems to me that there are a LOT of folks who want to see this riff. If you’re not interested, that’s fine, but there’s no need to be insulting or disingenuous.


  25. @#23: They repeated Kevin’s “I’m gonna sink this bitch!” Titanic riff for the Rifftrax version.


  26. Darkknight says:

    This should be a good one! I don’t think I’ll be able to get tickets to this one again though. I saw where the kickstarter donors are going to get first dibs, and considering how many of those there were, I’m guessing these tickets won’t even go on sale to the general public. I hope I’m wrong though. I really want to see them live!!! Thanks to the touring I got to see Cinematic Titanic live, and I got to see Kevin and Bill riff live when they opened for John Hodgman in Chicago, but I won’t be complete until I see Kevin, Bill AND Mike riff live!


  27. MSTie says:

    While I have no interest in seeing this one (problem with watching on-screen insects… makes me itch, always has… weird) I certainly have no slams against anyone who wants to. More Rifftrax is good Rifftrax.


  28. Kenneth Morgan says:

    I remember when this movie was first making the cable rounds. My brother was watching the scene where Neil Patrick Harris (in full telepathic Gestapo mode) scans one of the bugs and says, “It’s afraid!” I’ve never heard my brother laugh at anything so hard before or since.

    I’ll be sure to invite him along to this one.


  29. Kevin says:

    No Twilight (Sad) :cry: But Starship Troopers (YAY!) :-))

    Now if you folks could release Manos & Birdemic Live on DVD (not just VOD) please…


  30. Mike "ex-genius" Kelley says:

    I’m glad those who donated don’t feel ripped off, but in general I don’t quite get how the kickstarter campaign really helped here. Okay, so “ST” cost them a lot more, that I understand, but to me it’s not a better picture to riff than “Plan 9”, or “Haunted Hill” or even “Birdemic” — in some ways it’s a lot worse (because it’s less cheesy).

    I suppose the answer that a lot of you would give is that “hey, it’s more recent and bigger budget than any of those” but my argument is always that the best MST3K stuff was nearly always NOT in that category. So I suppose this is one (old) MST3K fan who doesn’t care much for the direction RT goes in order to attract the newer audience.

    My wife and I will pass on this, most likely (which will make the only one we’ve ever voluntarily missed). I’ll save my money to buy the RT shorts they keep releasing.


  31. Trilaan says:

    One of my friend’s kids looks forward to Rifftrax Live every year. It would be a shame if he had to miss this one due to graphic violence and nudity so I’m hoping they find some way to tone it down, perhaps break away during the more non-family friendly moments for a sketch or guest star antics.


  32. schippers says:

    #31 – Hate to tell you this, but if you break away from the graphic violence in ST, you’ve cut the movie down to around 30 minutes.


  33. Slicer87 says:

    I am glad they are doing Starship Troopers instead of Twlight, but still not pleased about them E-begging on kickstarter.


  34. Dave says:

    After all of that they decided to change it? Were they worried that the Twitlight fans would freak out over it? Then again Neil Patrick Harris wearing that one uniform will conjure up that one line from Mystery Science Theater 3000 The Movie.


  35. Ford Prefect says:

    #34 – The Rifftrax Crew didn’t “decide” to change it. Summit agreeing to let them riff Twilight was never a sure thing. The money was raised so that they would have a chance to negotiate with Summit. They still said no, but as a back up plan they used the money to negotiate with other companies that own movies. Sony said yes, which led to them riffing Starship Troopers and possibly other movies that Sony owns.


  36. Zillamon51 says:

    I certainly hope they don’t pussy out and edit the movie for language, nudity, and especially violence. One of the joys of ST is how brazenly balls-to-the-wall it is. If they use a TV version or some crap like that, this may be the first RiffTrax live show that I miss.


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