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New VOD Title from RiffTrax…


Available in standard definition and high definition. See a sample or download it here.

18 Replies to “New VOD Title from RiffTrax…”

  1. Bill Haverchuck says:

    Awesome! I’m glad they’re finally taping these after missing out on so many that sounded fantastic (Odenkirk & Cross, the other KITH, etc.) due to my inability to get to SketchFest…


  2. Kenneth Morgan says:

    Sounds good; I may just pick this one up.

    To repeat a question that has been stated to the point of overuse, has Rifftrax now fully gone to a VOD format, or will some titles be made available on physical DVDs?


  3. Laura says:

    Wonderful. They finally release one (after I’ve begged and pleaded) and I still can’t afford it since I have no income whatsoever. I’m getting tired of missing out on Rifftrax stuff because no one will ever hire me again. :cry:


  4. cbrian38 says:

    yeah, i am gonna echo #2 and ask if we are ever going to get physical dvds again. want to have every rifftrax available but don’t want to be stuck watching them at my computer….


  5. KidFlash25 says:

    To repeat a question that has been stated to the point of overuse, has Rifftrax now fully gone to a VOD format, or will some titles be made available on physical DVDs?

    Whomever is running the Rifftrax Facebook page said today that Manos Live was coming out ‘sometime this summer’, and the moderators on the official forum have said that more DVDs are coming. (Just yesterday, in fact, when this release was announced.)


  6. mst3ktemple says:

    I’ve been hoping to see one of these shows. What a great line up.


  7. Doug says:

    I bought this the moment it was announced. Not only does it let me get “Cylinders” and “Welcome Back Norman” without buying the Manos VOD (I only have so much money), but just the idea of Adam Savage riffing “More Dangerous Than Dynamite” and Kristen Schaal doing “If Mirrors Could Talk” sold me.


  8. Goshzilla says:

    Just for the record, all the RiffTrax VODs come with a burn-to-disc option. As long as you have a DVD writing drive you don’t HAVE to watch it on your computer. It’s quite easy.


  9. hortense says:

    Also, we have FIOS and have put all the Rifftrax VOD’s on Verizon Media Manager and can watch them on TV.


  10. PTomreeves says:

    I enjoy the VODs. I like being able to watch them on the computer or Pad. However, I’m old and love having a physical DVD, so I appreciate the burn to DVD option. I always watch my burned DVDs more than any other format. Of course if they release an official DVD of the same movie with added features I will probably get that too. It’s not that I have the money. I just skip eating :P


  11. TheDON3k says:

    The VODs are made available as a DVD ISO download option, too. So you can download and burn the ISO to a DVD for use in a player using your burner and software like NERO. Each video is also in DIVX, MPG, MP4, etc


  12. Kenmore says:

    I purchased this VOD the instant I saw it last Friday and it is well worth the money. The sound quality is good and the riffing is excellent. It’s true that my friends and I cringed just a bit when Paul F. Thompkins told an “airliner” joke before the riffing began (stand up comedians telling jokes about their experiences on airlines is older than dirt…moist dirt :-( ), otherwise, everything worked quite well and I hope they do this each year.

    As for the push Rifftrax is doing for VODs, I have no problem with it. Burnable DVDs are cheap and look fine, especially for older films.

    “Steam is for wussy-boys, pans of gasoline, baby! :laugh: “


  13. carjackfairy says:

    Damn I read yr post wrong and thought Paul f Tompkins was doing a rifftrax…I would watch the **** out of that. Regardless of any airline jokes he’s one of the best comedians around today


  14. JCC says:

    This is for Laura:


  15. JeremyR says:

    The problem with the .ISO download is if you have a bad internet (like me), downloading them isn’t really an option. I have to grab the .divx option and then use Windows movie maker to burn a dvd, but sometimes the results kind of suck. They used to offer wmv which worked better.


  16. Doug says:

    I agree with Kenmore–this is well worth the purchase. I wasn’t quite as impressed with Kristen Schaal as I had hoped (I kept waiting for them to make jokes about how she was the little girl in the clown short), but Cole and Janet, Adam Savage, PFT and Kevin McDonald totally made up for it. I sensed a general theme of giving the guests established jokes from the riffs while Mike, Kevin and Bill put in some new material. I’m totally cool with that, and even then, the guests got some good riffs of their own in. It helps that these are the most easily mockable shorts ever.


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