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New Short from RiffTrax


See a sample or download it here.

14 Replies to “New Short from RiffTrax”

  1. ToolAssist says:

    Aw, can’t the weeds stay a little bit longer? I kind of like their creepy faces.


  2. littleaimishboy says:

    Best Rifftrax short ever. Wish it were 90 minutes long & the basis for a full MST3K episode.


  3. Frank Conniff says:

    I’m commenting here only because I’m not allowed to comment on my own project.


  4. MissT3K says:

    Why can’t you comment on your own project? Should we stage a protest for you? “Equal rights for Frank! Equal rights for Frank!…” :)


  5. revlillo says:

    MissT3K, Frank can’t comment on his own project because Sampo has (probably very wisely) closed off all comments on Frank’s project to avoid a political debate that could get very heated.


  6. CaptainZarkHarkness says:

    I don’t think I’ve laughed so much at a sample clip from them in a while. It was an easy purchase.


  7. radioman970 says:

    There needs to be some special section just for TV’s Frank so he can comment to beat the band!


  8. MissT3K says:

    @ Revlillo: Ah! OK. So no protest, huh? Darn! And I had already made a couple of signs. :D

    Ah, well, I’m not a fan of heated debates on message boards anyway… Sorry, TV’s Frank.


  9. Kenmore says:

    Riffing aside, the most amazing thing about this short was the money that had to be put into producing it. A technicolor film (16mm probably) with animation and actors must have cost Sherman Williams plenty.

    There is certainly plenty to riff on this short. The irate husband with his hatred of both weed and apparently weed-killing poisons, his way-too-hot-for-him wife, the casual spraying of “Weed Be Gone” on the husband’s face, the caddy who is really buff for his age and the actually way-too-good animation for such an endeavor.

    Too many good riffs to pick a favorite, although Bill’s “I need anger sex!” is highly quotable :shock: .


  10. carjackfairy says:

    Aww, open up the comments on Frank’s podcast, who doesn’t love a good ol’ fashioned monkey-style poop slingin’ contest? I got yer back, Frank! SOLIDARITY!


  11. Frank Conniff says:

    #10 – The thing is, the latest episode of my podcast is not the least bit political. It’s a satire of the music industry and show business, and it features J. Elvis Weinstein, from MST3K of course, and Dana Gould, who hard-core Misties know is a frequent reference (“Go to bed, old man!”) and friend of the show and influence on the show from the very beginning. So the fact that no comments are allowed on project this MST3K-centric just because it’s my project means that no comments will ever be allowed on any of my projects – very frustrating for me because I’ve always looked forward to hearing the feedback of fans on this site, good, bad or indifferent. Interacting with others is a big part of the internet, and I find it kind of crazy that that door has been shut to me on an MST3K fan-site, of all places.


  12. snowdog says:

    Hi, Frank. We need a way to distinguish your apolitical podcasts from the others. Honestly, I’ve been avoiding them all because you and I are at near-opposite ends of the political spectrum. But my ears welcome anything truly funny from all the Alumni.


  13. Frank Conniff says:

    Snowdog – The point is, even if we are at opposite ends of the political spectrum, I would still be interested in reading what you had to say about my podcast. Even if you hated it, your feedback might be valuable to me in some way, but the administrators of this website have decided that they don’t want me or anyone else to hear what you have to say about my work.


  14. Savvy says:

    “Yeah, I’m pooping here, pal. Looking you right in the eye as I do it, too.”

    By the way, Hello, Frank. I’m a Big McLargeHuge fan of yours. Although I’ve never seen the podcast and couldn’t tell you whether I agree with it or not (or agree that it’s political or not), I’m sure it is extremely funny! Equal rights for Frank!


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