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Weekend Discussion Thread: What MSTed Movie Character Would You Want in Your Foxhole?

Alert reader Ryan asks:

What MST3K characters would you want in your foxhole? The enemy has surrounded you its you and your five, and you gotta hold out till reinforcements arrive (or till the bitter end). Who would you have with you (and why)?

I can’t come up with five, but I know one for sure: Ator. He could make a quick hang glider and fly us to safety.

What’s your pick?

71 Replies to “Weekend Discussion Thread: What MSTed Movie Character Would You Want in Your Foxhole?”

  1. BIG G BERGER says:



  2. Luther Strickland says:

    Uh, maybe I didn’t read the foregoing carefully enough, but who could not want a demigod in his/her foxh ole. Hercules, of course! #1.

    #2. The Paper Chase Guy from Warrior of the Lost World, but without that annoying motorcycle.

    #3. “Pyuma” Man.

    #4. Not Ator, but Thong. Or Dong. Or whatever his name is. A stealthy assistant who is an expert hand-fisher is worth his weight in gold. Cave Dwellers.

    #5. Crash Corrigan from the Undersea Kingdom shorts.


  3. HauntedHill says:

    1) Prince of Space – They’re weapons will have no affect on him!
    2) Roxy (Eegah)- In case we need a shave
    3) Samson – Lucador power!
    4) Lon Cheney as the Indestructable Man – anyone who can take a bazooka to the face belongs in my foxhole.
    5) Santa Claus – he can get us out of any tight jam with his powers


  4. Bob(bi) Executive says:

    The poachers from Pod People. Hey, they’ve proven they’ll kill anything indiscriminately!



  5. Normal view says:

    Prince of space… The enemy’s weapons will be useless!
    Joel robinson…. His inventions would save the day!
    Brack… “Eat my photons small heads!”
    Ratfink…. He could make so many copies of himself that the enemy would be overrun!
    Eegah…. Stemlow. Nuff said:)


  6. TJ Truffleberry says:

    Only need two: Silver from Girls Town and Penny from Untamed Youth.

    Yep, that ought to about do it.


  7. ck says:


    Some would say that posting is offensive and sexist. AND WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH THE SPIDER ISLAND GIRLS? Don’t make me have Babs hurt you.


  8. PALADIN says:

    I`m going to shoot the works with characters from ONE MOVIE ONLY…. !

    Alex, I`ll take the monstrous-sized teenage delinquents from ‘Village Of The Giants’ for The Win….Just them….


    Because with targets THAT BIG (impossible to miss)…THAT OBNOXIOUS (impossible to like)…and THAT STUPID (you know you`re a king-sized idiot when Tommy ‘Short-Pants’ Kirk gets gets the better of you in a scrap, despite your being the size of a Macy`s Parade balloon)…well…

    With those gargantuan nits in the line of fire, what would I have to worry about?

    I`ld escape not only unscathed, but with a sublime sense of satisfaction that I had not only survived, but actually benefitted Humanity by ridding the world of gigantic teenagers.


  9. Dan in WI says:

    Without reading any previous responses:

    Prince of Space: The enemy’s weapons are useles against him.
    Derek (Teenager from Outer Space) : his weapon (if in proper working order) IS pretty darn effective.
    Megaweapon: Nuff said
    Star Wolf Ken: No human can beat a Star Wolf
    The kid munitions expert from Escape 2000: It just sounds handy to have that munitions expert.


  10. Mitchell "Rowsdower" Beardsley says:

    Godzilla, because he can beat up anybody.

    Then, with my 4 extra spots – 4 of the Viking Women – for obvious reasons. What? I mean because they can fight!


  11. ANGMEM says:

    Granny from Touch of Satan. She could jump out without warning and attack with a garden rake.

    Roger from SQUIRM…if for no other reason than I can keep track of him.

    Big McLarge-Huge from Space Mutiny. He’s a big, slow-moving thing with a white shirt on and no matter how many laser blasts, he can’t be hit!


  12. Savvy says:

    I honestly can’t think of who my six would be, but a few good choices:
    -Prince of Space, for obvious reasons.
    -Torgo and Ortega, since their body odor would probably scare away enemies.
    -Megaweapon, if it’s a really BIG foxhole.
    -Noel from Werewolf. I have a feeling his rapidly changing hairstyles will scare the life out of anyone who encounters him.
    -Tony from Zombie Nightmare. C’mon, if his strength doesn’t scare anyone, his nipples surely will.

    Great discussion idea, by the way!


  13. ANGMEM says:

    Hamlet. While I had earplugs in, he could put everyone to sleep with his lines.


  14. Hunter says:

    El Santo
    Mole Person
    Zap Rowsdower

    Now that’s an unstoppable team!


  15. Blowie the Dolphin says:

    Peaches from Racket Girls, Babs from Horrors of Spider Island, and the dancing girls from Gunslinger.


  16. MSTie says:

    Chunk McLargeHuge or Blast HardCheese, whatever his name is, from SPACE MUTINY
    Prince of Space from, well, you know
    Thor, from TEENAGERS FROM OUTER SPACE, because he’s got an itchy trigger finger

    Those guys could protect us. Then, just for the company, I’ll take Ben Murphy and James Franciscus, thanks.


  17. Heckubuss says:

    I will take, without hesitation, either Zap Rowsdower and/or one of the following: •Slab Bulkhead
    •Flint Ironstag
    •Bolt Vanderhuge
    •Thick McRunfast
    •Blast Hardcheese
    •Trunk Slamchest
    •Fist Rockbone
    •Stump Beefknob
    •Smash Lambchop
    •Punch Rockgroin
    •Buck Plankchest
    •Stump Chunkman
    •Dirk Hardpeck
    •Rip Steakface
    •Slate Slabrock
    •Crud Bonemeal
    •Brick Hardmeat
    •Touch Rustrod
    •Reef Blastbody
    •Big McLargeHuge
    •Smoke Manmuscle
    •Feet Punchbeef
    •Hack Blowfist
    •Whip Slagcheek
    •Punch Sideiron
    •Gristle McThornbody
    •Slate Fistcrunch
    •Buff Hardback
    •Bob Johnson
    •Blast Thickneck
    •Crunch Buttsteak
    •Slam Squadthrust
    •Lump Beefbroth

    I will be in no danger with any of those at my side!


  18. StephyTheBabysitter says:

    Seeing as I am watching it right now….

    I’d have to say Nick from Time Chasers…he could put that Castleton education to use, plus he’s got that geeky bike (it’s not even a burnt-orange stingray) for a quick get-away.
    Lisa could be our War Correspondent, she can also make us dinner.
    Pink Boy could be there for bait for whoever is attacking us.
    And if Mike’s brother Edward wants to show up, he could go aggro on everybody.


  19. huggybear says:

    This is a tough one, but I’d have to go with Dr. Lockhart from “Boggy Creek II”, he seems to know his way around a gun. Or the Zombie kid from “Zombie Nightmare”. I mean he’s already dead so no one could hurt him. But for more personal reasons I’ll take Livia from “The Undead”. I can’t think of a better way to go to the great beyond.


  20. Doryna says:

    Well, Nick from Hobgoblins would be the obvious choice because of all the times in the film he and Daphne…

    Oh wait, you said foxhole. Gonna have to get back to you on that one…


  21. triviamurph says:

    1. Robert Reed’s female companions from Blood Lust…Just for the spunk!

    2. The hippie from San Francisco International in case any diet gum chewing doughy guys try to subjugate us!

    3. Exeter from MST3k: The Movie/This Island Earth…he seems to “get it” and can gesture Mut-ant’s aside!!!


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