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Updated: Coming in Sept. from Shout — ‘MST3K: The Movie’

MST3KMovieCover72dpi Eagle-eyed MSTies noticed this on Amazon and alerted us. We knew they we were working on something like this, but this is the first we heard that it was definitely happening.

Here’s what Shout is telling us now:

* They’re releasing a collector’s edition Blu-ray/DVD combo. Both discs will have identical content. The cover will be the original theatrical poster; and it’ll have a reverse cover with new art from Steve Vance.

* There may be more extras, but these are the extras that are definite:
— The Making of Mystery Science Theater 3000 The Movie (the EPK that fans have probably seen around)
— Two new docs from Ballyhoo: “Mystery Science Theater 3000 The Movie: The Motion Picture Odyssey” (including new interviews with cast and crew and never-before-seen behind the scenes footage) and “This Island Earth: 2 1/2 Years In the Making.”
— Original trailer.

Update: And for those who have been asking:
— Deleted scenes including the removed sequences from the riffed motion picture and the alternate ending.

I know people are going to start asking about other extras. The answer, up front, is we don’t know … yet. You’ll know when we do.

Incidentally, if you’d like to pre-order, we’d  be happy if you’d use one of the following links:

Pre-order from SHOUT! Factory.
Pre-order from Amazon.

101 Replies to “Updated: Coming in Sept. from Shout — ‘MST3K: The Movie’”

  1. Alex says:

    Freaking FINALLY! This movie was LONG overdue for a home video release with bonus features. I hope to see if maybe the deleted scenes and the deleted intro are in here as well.

    Great job, Shout. Keep up the good work.


  2. Bill Haverchuck says:

    @47 – I believe the entirety of TIE was riffed for MST3K:TM, then trimmed after the initial cut was focus grouped & deemed “too long” (the storm shelter host segment & original ending were also casualties of the focus grouping). If you go back & re-watch the movie paying close attention to Crow & Servo’s silhouettes during the theater segments, you can see some pretty obvious edits where their positioning jumps around. I’d be happy with just the deleted host segments showing up on the Blu-Ray (not to mention the sure-to-be-excellent Ballyhoo features), but if they could dig up the “deleted riffs” & either put them on as deleted scenes or edit them back into the film, I’d be one ecstatic obsessive!


  3. mst3ktemple says:

    Can anyone remember if the live version of This Island Earth performed at the 1994 Conventio-Con was basically what we ended up seeing released as the final product or did they riff the whole movie? I know they did songs for the host segments.


  4. Bill Haverchuck says:

    @53 – Sampo mentions in The Movie’s episode guide entry that the entirety of This Island Earth was riffed at the 1994 live show.


  5. KidFlash25 says:

    @50: Actually, some of the cuts they made to This Island Earth are really tiny, so that wouldn’t be feasible. Amazon says this is a 2 disc set, though, so they’re probably including the complete This Island Earth unriffed, like their Manos set. Not that it’s a particularly entertaining movie…

    Oh, there’s a guy on a FB board I frequent who stopped watching the show once they started going after the Universal features. (He made a comment that BBI actually wanted to use the 1953 War of the Worlds as a target when the movie was set up at Paramount, and considered that sacrilege.)

    I assume the ‘two-disc set’ is a Blu-Ray and a DVD copy – that seems to be the standard these days.

    Also, I think what @53 is asking is if there were any changes to the script between the live show and shooting the film months later.


  6. big61al says:

    please please please include the whole movie as it was riffed. also include everything out takes, flubs, test footage…..we want it all!


  7. Savvy says:

    Even if I got this,I would still always love my VCR of MST3K:TM. Thank you Shout! Factory!


  8. Gorn Captain says:

    Great news! The remastered DVD from a couple years back looked terrific, so this should be amazing. In addition to everything but the kitchen sink, I hope we get to finally hear all of the movie version of the theme song. Only a small snippet of it was heard on the official movie screensaver…


  9. PTomreeves says:



  10. Matthew Redwine says:

    German Language dubbing?


  11. Goshzilla says:

    Oh right, DVD+Blu-Ray=2 discs. Never mind about the unriffed TIE. So they riffed the entire movie, then cut it down? Is that right? Never knew that. If so we should absolutely get the original cut if it still exists. Does anybody know of a watchable recording of the live riffing from the con that’s available to download?

    Oh man, the screen saver! I remember that! Good times good times.


  12. slappy magoo says:

    sol-survivor @ 15 – blu ray players can be had for as low as 30 bucks if you look around (clearly, not full feature major brand name models). They are backwards-compatible, so they will play blu-rays AND DVDs AND even audio CDs. Depending on who made the player, it could possibly even play DVD-A and SACD discs. They often also have the ability to play mp4s and mp3s, perhaps divx files. One of the cheapest brand name models currently on Amazon is a Samsung for 68 bucks, and it plays the following video formats: MPEG-2, MPEG-4, JPEG, DivX HD, AVCHD, MKV, WMV

    Tor Johnson @19, KidFlash25 @ 20 was right. The show was shot and edited on standard def digital video. When you see it on DVD, that’s about as good as it could ever look. The only advantage to putting them on bluray would be storage. The longer seasons – 3 thru 6 on Comedy Central and 8 on Sci-Fi – could probably each be stored on 3 blu-ray discs looking as good as the individual DVDs.


  13. Daniel says:

    Woo hoo!


  14. Manos Bride says:

    I wonder if there will be any extras available if we order from Shout Factory directly. I know it’s a long shot, but they’ve done that with a couple of MST compilations so far so it could happen.


  15. Daveo says:

    Just preordered using the satellite affiliate link.
    Since I blew money on the unriffed bluray of Birdemic I sure as heck can’t turn this glittering disc of awesomeness down.Can’t wait!


  16. Kenneth Morgan says:

    #42 (Chris from CT)

    At one of the conventions (either Gateway 2000 or ConventioCon II), someone asked Mike if the cast could do a commentary track for MST3K-TM on DVD. Mike answered that it would cause the movie to collapse in on itself, ultimately resulting in the destruction of the Universe.

    I just thought of something else to put into an ultimate, absolute, definitive DVD release:
    Disc 5: “Barb Wire”, fully-riffed by whoever from CT and/or RT wishes to participate, with a brief feature explaining just why Universal/Grammercy thought it was the better movie to push (and why they were wrong wrong WRONG!).


  17. Triple_sSs says:

    Noticed they recently put up the cover art, looks really nice.

    Anyway, you know what would make this REALLY awesome?
    If Shout Factory could arrange a special re-release of the movie via Fathom Events or the like to tie in with the BD/DVD. That way the film could finally get a wider release than it originally did (which was terribly small to begin with), and it’d be a great way to celebrate MST3K’s upcoming 25th anniversary!

    Hey, a man can dream can’t he?


  18. Laurel Williams says:

    normal view…Normal view…Normal View…NORMAL VIEW!!!


  19. Rich says:

    For anyone putting off buying a Bluray player, I suggest don’t. Just go out and buy one now. Of course they’ll play your DVDs and many also have composite outputs for your old standard def TV. And a Bluray played on a standard def TV looks better than the same on DVD. Go for it.

    Regarding the movie, I’ll get it but I’m not hugely thrilled. The movie never really turned me on that much. It’s essentially mediocre content in hi-def.


  20. Mike "ex-genius" Kelley says:

    I definitely pre-ordered just based on it being a blu-ray — how often do we get a chance to see our favorites in HD?

    I’m one of the folks who doesn’t believe “classic” movies should be riffed, but TIE is only a classic in terms of cheese (although I did see it as a kid when it was first released and thought it was great then, I was a … kid).


  21. WeatherServo9 says:

    Shut up and take my money!


  22. S.C. says:

    Ahh yes, and someone has already taken it upon themselves to leave a 2 star review on the Amazon page, despite the fact that the Blu-Ray isn’t even out yet, because “This Island Earth is too good for MST3K!”. *sigh*


  23. MSTie says:

    Consider it pre-ordered via your link, thanks!!


  24. casimar says:

    I hope it has the deleted scenes…


  25. chinderwear model says:

    Excellent. I will add this one to the VHS, DVD, DVD re-release, laserdisc, and region 2 Blu-Ray versions I already have. Shout, you rule!! 8-)


  26. mst3knut says:

    Do you think it will be appropriate to have commentary on a movie that basically is a commentary on a film? I want one no matter if it is silly.


  27. Well. I could buy this, but since it’s already been streaming on Netflix in HD for some time, no rush.


  28. Happenstance says:

    Add me to those crossing fingers to the point of tears for the deleted scenes.


  29. Ryan says:

    #67 That is a great idea! And with Rifftrax doing the live shows, the regular public is more likely to be familiar with riffing.
    As much as I, and everyone else, hates on Grammarcy for pushing Barb Wire instead of MST3K: TM, I have to at least admit that I understand it was a LOT easier for them to market a movie on Pamela Anderson’s boobs than try to explain to the unaware public what riffing is and why they should watch such a weird concept.
    And the fact that despite that Barb Wire still tanked at the box office makes me very smug and satisfied.


  30. Triple_sSs says:

    The pre-order is now up on Shout Factory’s website as well:


  31. Brandon says:


    And thank you that the DVD and Blu-Ray discs will have the same content! I’m so sick of Blu-Ray discs getting all the cool stuff (I don’t have a Blu-Ray player yet).

    And thanks to Universal for letting Shout Factory do this! Now if only they could re-release The Jetsons Movie with Janet Waldo’s voice work put back in.


  32. Captain Cab says:

    Been busy the last few weeks so missed this, incredible news. Can’t wait to hear the Brain’s thoughts/opinions on the movie and hopefully we’ll finally get those cut scenes in good quality. Shout Factory, as always, ya done good.


  33. Tarlcabot says:

    This was put up on Ballyhoo’s Facebook


    This mutant is out of the bag! The COLLECTOR’S EDITION of “MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000: THE MOVIE”, complete with two separate 40 minute documentaries, and the newly-discovered DELETED SCENES/EXTENDED SCENES, which includes the alternate ending!

    Bonus materials produced by BALLYHOO MOTION PICTURES:

    1-“MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000: THE MOTION PICTURE ODYSSEY”- An all-new making of documentary featuring EXCLUSIVE interviews with the cast and crew, as well as RARE behind-the-scenes footage shot on the set of the film.

    2-“THIS ISLAND EARTH: 2 1/2 YEARS IN THE MAKING!”-An all-new documentary exploring the making of the Universal-International sci-fi classic.

    3-“DELETED SCENES”-which includes the removed sequences from the ‘riffed’ motion picture and the alternate ending.

    I hope this is the edition fans have been waiting for! More news to come!


  34. Doryna says:

    And the collective voices of MSTies from 1996 send out a cheer of joy.

    Also, #66, I would love to see that. There’s even a place for a “Tried to kill me with a forklift” joke in there…


  35. Sitting Duck says:

    Any word on whether the deleted scenes will be reinserted in the film, just available as extras, or are they going to try something along the lines of what Rhino attempted with the Eegah DVD?


  36. Jason says:

    Were it up to me, the way it would be handled would be an option to restore the deleted riffing material in the movie. (So instead of the Eegah! business just a simple “Yes” or “No” to including the stuff that was excised.) I’m sure quality-wise the removed bits will be lower than the surrounding footage, but that’s why it’s an option.

    Wonderful to hear we’re getting the original ending, but what of the other deleted host segment, with Gypsy saving Mike from asphyxiation? Whatever quality that footage is in is still going to be worlds better than what’s on Youtube, so I hope that ends up on the disc.

    The Man or Astro-man? rendition of the theme song deserves to be anointed with the belated dignity of an unabridged, standalone track.

    I’m probably most excited about the new documentary. The behind-the-scenes story of MST3K:TM’s genesis, troubled production and botched release is as fascinating as it is heartbreaking. And enough time has passed that I think we could get a bit more dirt on the internal BBI situation that ran parallel to all that jazz.


  37. I asked Ballyhoo about the Bomb Shelter scene and they confirmed that it is another deleted scene!

    So we’re getting all the deleted bits we knew of and then some!


  38. Dan in WI says:

    I’m suprised nobody has called for the inclusion of the Press Kit. I’ve never seen that.


  39. Brandon says:

    The theme song version for the The Movie would make for a good menu theme.

    As for deleted scenes….

    Is this the real life? …… Is this fantasy? Caught in a landslide….

    Bravo, SHOUT!


  40. snowdog says:

    Great news! They make me want to lift my hands up and Shout!

    Since they were able to give us both versions of Night of the Blood Beast, surely there’s a way to show all the deleted scenes in the context of the movie (as an option).


  41. Jason says:

    And by “Man or Astro-man” I really meant “Dave Alvin of the Blasters.”


  42. Bill Haverchuck says:

    oh man, deleted host segments AND riffed segments?? i am salivating (also because i am about to eat a delicious-smelling burger, but still – this is fantastic news)! i’m already on-board with the upgrade to HD & these special features – the only thing they could do to make this better would be to have an “original cut” option for viewing the film. either way, bravo shout factory!


  43. Edwin says:

    Great news! Now I can add this to my MST TM collection: I have the VHS tape, and the bare bones DVD release.


  44. KidFlash25 says:

    Well, the Ballyhoo post just clinches that purchase.

    Now just to figure out if I want to order through Amazon or take a chance on a first-day purchase in stores (Best Buy).


  45. Kali says:

    Now all we need is the uncut version of TIE, and I may even get the blu-ray version. Fingers crossed.


  46. Triple_sSs says:

    Also, if they do include an extended cut of the movie, you guys should do a new review of it. Heck, even if it’s just the deleted scenes by themselves, it’s be cool to hear your opinions on them.


  47. Eduardo says:

    I think Deleted Scenes wouldn’t really have been a problem. While it was Universal who released the movie, it was still a Best Brains production and so they’d still the footage floating around in storage, much like when the scenes were screened at the con, it no doubt came from the Brains and not Universal.

    Really glad that Shout were able to snag the license to the movie, we’re bound to get the best special edition the movie deserves. I know Shout gets some stick due to video transfer problems on some of the DVDs, but these guys are showing more respect for the series then Rhino ever did.


  48. Creeping-Death says:

    We love you, Shout!

    I don’t doubt that there will be a option to have it play as either the theatrical version or the uncut version, many movies do it on both blu-ray and DVD.


  49. Brian says:

    I hope the “storm cellar” host segment is included in the deleted scenes.

    Crow: Who needs Oxygen?
    Mike: I DO!


  50. rion-o says:

    I hope they integrate the deleted footage into an extended cut of the film. None of us would ever watch the chopped version again, right?


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