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New Video on Demand Title from RiffTrax


Download it or see a sample here.

10 Replies to “New Video on Demand Title from RiffTrax”

  1. ashkenaz says:

    Oh this movie rocks haha. I got a tape of Terror In Beverly Hills a long time ago and this was one of the trailers before the movie. Needless to say I had to find it, ultra cheesy, should make for a great rifftrax.


  2. Ang says:

    Just watched this one yesterday and laughed all the way through. It’s especially funny that Chris Lemmon is in this one and back on MST they had the ‘eight of Chris Lemmon’ card in one of the host segments. I love it when stuff comes full circle!


  3. snowdog says:

    Watched it last night. Wow, this movie has more cheese than Sargento. I love how all the exterior shots look like abandoned office buildings, including the “Department of Defense”.


  4. radioman970 says:

    Death rocks, man!


  5. Goshzilla says:

    Old Boy Clique Of Perverts is the name of my ZZ Top cover band.


  6. PTomreeves says:

    just the rifftrax description alone makes me want to get this one. Won’t be able to see this movie without thinking of Laser Eyes. :P


  7. TheDON3k says:

    I’m about 40 mins into this thing, and I think I’ve got Chris Lemmon’s look figured out – He was shooting for a ‘Fletch’ look.

    He failed.


  8. Slowermo says:

    Oh man, ashkenaz, I loved Terror in Beverly Hills. I watched it with Slaughter in San Fransisco (an early Chuck Norris movie where he’s the bad guy). You can kind of see the theme I was going for there.

    Firehead has both Christopher Plummer and Martin Landau, two guys that where in a lot of cheesy b-movies. Makes me think Christopher Lambert has a good shot at an Oscar.


  9. Dr. Carlo Lombardi says:

    Watched it last night. Incredibly bad movie and some great riffs. Chris Lemmon’s horrific impersonation of his father made me want to punch him repeatedly.
    Question: did anyone think the movie’s sound was mixed badly? It seemed like there were times when the soundtrack completely obscured any of the actors’ voices. Granted this would have been nice if used exclusively on the child/shrieking harpy but her levels seemed fine as I could hear her voice across town. But at other times it seemed as if the balance was as bad as the acting.


  10. Savvy says:

    “Hi, we are also here. Oh, no. An unexpected outcome. And now shoving.”

    “Yeah! Death ROCKS, man!”


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