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Pre-order the 25th Anniversary Edition Limited-Edition Collector’s Tin


TheĀ Mystery Science Theater 3000: 25th Anniversary Edition [Limited-Edition Collector’s Tin] set will be released on November 26, but you can get it two weeks earlier if you order directly from Shout! Factory. If you’d like to do so, we’d appreciate it if you used this link.

If you’d rather get it on its official release date from, please use this link.


25 Replies to “Pre-order the 25th Anniversary Edition Limited-Edition Collector’s Tin”

  1. pondoscp says:

    I had pre-ordered with Amazon, but cancelled it once Amazon told me it would be a week late. Then I discovered Shout! will send it to you 2 weeks early. So, get it 3 weeks before I would have for only 3 more dollars? Sold :)


  2. pondoscp says:

    That means I’ll have it in time for Turkey Day! That never happens! :) :-D


  3. Justin says:

    Has anybody done this yet? Just curious to see how much Shout is charging for shipping on this offer.


  4. NickH says:


    For me it’s saying $6.99 for shipping. That’s more than $16 higher than my pre-order on Amazon (and that’s assuming it doesn’t go down any more on release day, which it usually does). Not sure if it’s worth that much more (for me at least) to get it about 11 – 12 days early.


  5. Goshzilla says:

    Am I the only one who’s not particularly interested in another tin? They’re nifty, but don’t serve any real purpose. Maybe if it contained another figurine… Is the Mitchell/Brain That Wouldn’t Die bonus disc only included in the limited edition?


  6. Th1rt3eN says:

    will the tin be sold in stores or just from shout?
    I prefer to buy stuff at a traditional ye olde brick and mortar store, you know so I have it right away when my money leaves my wallet.
    Also saves on the shipping and handling, I will be the only one to handle my purchased goods.


  7. GizmonicTemp says:

    SOLD! I haven’t purchased straight from Shout yet and thought I’d give it a try! Okay, Shout! Knock my socks off!


  8. Steve K says:

    Just checked this out and Shout! was discounting the price by $10 (=54.99); Amazon had it at $58.49 with free shipping. With 6.99 shipping, that made the Shout! price $61.98 or $3.49 more than Amazon.

    I think that’s a fair price to pay for the early shipping.


  9. Gregory Sapara says:

    Done! Thanks for the link!


  10. bad wolf says:

    Still no word on a 4-disc only version? Mitchell and Brain are great, but if i already have them…


  11. Mr. B(ob) says:

    When this set first went on sale on Amazon they had a 30% discount on it, but just a few days later on the day I went to order it the discount had dropped to only 10% where it remains at the moment. I’ve seen them do this before and they usually improve the discount again before release. The problem is the “bonus” from Shout this time is early shipping. Do I wait on Amazon again restoring a hefty discount and miss the early shipping window from Shout or just order from Shout? I ordered couple recent sets from Shout because of the exclusive bonus discs and spent about $20 more than if I had ordered from Amazon. I’d rather not spend that much more again just to get the set a couple weeks early.


  12. Alex says:

    I’m just gonna get this one for Christmas. Looking forward to it!


  13. obsessive much? says:

    Damn it, people (well, two or three of you actually), the Mitchell/Brain bonus is going to be worth it (I hope). The old DVDs cut little things out. That’s right, they’re EDITED (somewhat). I can only assume, like most of their Shout Select re-issues, these are going to be uncut, with all the little things that nobody has noticed all these years have been missing from the junky old Rhino DVDs from a decade ago. THRILL at the “slate card” announcing “Mystery Science Theater 3000 Show 512 (or 513), Reel 1” before the opening theme kicks in! SEE all the unique commercial bumpers in Mike Nelson’s debut episode, seen down in Deep 13 indicating the movie title and episode number, while getting one last look at the Gizmonic Institute model bumpers in Joel Hodgson’s farewell!

    Yes, these are the things I get excited over (and I hope they’re true since Shout’s re-issue of Batwoman was edited just like the old Rhino DVD). I don’t want your pity.


  14. Captn Ross Hagen says:

    #10 bad wolf:
    Get with the program man, get the set, so what if you have Mitchel and Brain.
    How may versions of MANOS is too many?
    How many versions of Santa Claus Conquers The Martians is too many?
    Please know Mr. Wolf I’m just goofing with ya.
    I did this to someone in the past and they got all bent out of shape about it,
    I think they put a hit out on me. I got a box in the mail with a dead fish on a
    Sidehack motorcycle, he was even wearing a white Jiffy pop hat.


  15. Professor Gunther says:

    I like the tins because I can store my Cheepnis orders in them–so bring them on I say! :-)


  16. GizmonicTemp says:

    obsessive much? #13 – Are the DVD menus for the reissues redone with hand-selected movie quotes and riffs? I hope so because Shout’s DVD menus are freaking awesome!


  17. Depressing Aunt says:

    Professor Gunther #15

    Wow, why didn’t I think of doing that? That’s a fabulous use for the tins (which I have been using to collect dust). Thanks!


  18. Gristle McThornbody says:

    I preordered the MST3K 25th Anniversary Edition box set two days ago through Shout! Factory and it’s already here! It came in a small box stuffed with 8 of those stress balls shaped like the MSTie globe.


  19. Robertd says:

    Second to Gristle’s comment, new set is here (thanks to using mst3kinfo link?), with MST3K stress balls as packing material. Nice surprise! Agreed too with Cap’n Ross’s half-joke about multiple copies of episodes, but I lie to myself that it all helps Joel H., Frank C., Trace B., MJ Pehl, and the rest. Here’s hoping!


  20. Torgo's Pajamas says:

    Uttered a Keanu “Whoa…” when I got my set in the mail today! With seven MST3K stress balls as packing material. Reduce, reuse, recycle, I guess. I used the link (as always). Now to see what that leach woman’s up to these days….


  21. Weepy Donuts says:

    I preordered with Shout! Factory and should be receiving my set today or tomorrow. I can’t wait!

    But if you have waited, Amazon was the set now listed for $49.99. I really hope the stressballs (and the two week advanced release) are worth the $12 difference.

    Any thoughts on the next set? Do you think they will announce the titles this week or later in the month when the 25th Anniversay set is streetdated?


  22. GizmonicTemp says:

    I’m not sure if anyone will read this older thread, but I just got my shipment today. I was pleased as punch that instead of packing material, Shout used EIGHT Mst3k Planet Logo stress balls to secure my tin!!!!!! NICE!!!!


  23. Weepy Donuts says:

    It’s one thing to read about the stress balls; it’s another thing to open a box full of stress balls. Really enjoying the set!

    I am a little disappointed that there were only four slimcases. I like to keep the episodes in chronological order, so the Gorgo disc packaged with the Mitchell/The Brain That Wouldn’t Die disc is my only complaint. Thankfully, it’s a five disc set: no double-sided discs.


  24. Charles says:

    Looks like they’re out of the stress balls.

    My order came in a flat insulated mailer, not a box, and contained no stress balls.

    I should have saved ~$20 and bought from Amazon instead. :(


  25. Hong says:

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