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Vol. XXIX Extras

Direct from Shout!Factory, here’s what’s coming:

The original version of The Pumaman
New interview with Untamed Youth star Mamie Van Doren
New interview wth The Pumaman star Walter G. Alton, Jr.
“The Movie That Couldn’t Die”
New introductions by Joel Hodsgon
About Joel Hodgson’s “Riffing Myself”
MST3K Artist In Residence: Steve Vance
The Posters Of MST3K
Theatrical Trailers
4 exclusive mini-posters by artist Steve Vance

37 Replies to “Vol. XXIX Extras”

  1. sol-survivor says:

    Wow, we haven’t gotten an uncut version for awhile. Maybe the movie will make more sense. Or not.

    Looking forward to this set. I love them all these episodes.


  2. KidFlash25 says:

    Well, that’s an automatic preorder.


  3. mst3ktemple says:

    I can’t believe they’re including all of the ultra-violence and graphic nudity in the uncut Pumaman. Oh, well. Cool group of extras.


  4. Bob (NotThatBob) says:

    Too awesome – that’s funny too, as just a couple days ago I actually asked “Shout!” on Facebook if they had any plans to release the unMSTied version of Pumaman (since it was such a long and difficult search for the rights holders) and those sly boots responded with “not at this time.” I laughed out loud when I read this – I’m so happy!


  5. ToolAssist says:

    Holy crap, an interview with Pumaman himself? I wonder what that’s gonna be like:

    INTERVIEWER: So do you remember anything about making Pumaman?
    ALTON: Puma what? But I can tell you about my fantastic career in law…
    (blathers for five hours about the incredible attorney work he’s done)


  6. Farmland says:

    I asked if this was going to have an interview with Alton and PHBOOM! There it is!

    Now send Emma Stone to my house…


  7. HauntedHill says:

    Like I wasn’t excited enough before…


  8. Garza says:

    Pumaman he lawyers like a moron


  9. Atchka! says:

    I can’t wait to watch the interviews!


  10. KidFlash25 says:

    Hey, Shout people, is the uncut Pumaman gonna be in its OAR?

    A friend wants to know.

    You know, a friend. /exaggerated wink


  11. Captain Cab says:

    “I can’t believe they’re including all of the ultra-violence and graphic nudity in the uncut Pumaman. Oh, well. Cool group of extras.”

    Is this for real?


  12. KidFlash25 says:

    I have to assume it was a joke. A brilliant use of sarcasm, I might add.

    Go read the Agony Booth recap. They mention nothing of the sort.


  13. Weepy Donuts says:

    Fantastic. Just fantastic.

    I am looking forward to the Steve Vance feature. I have enjoyed his MST3K posters, but I don’t know anything about his work outside of these sets.

    And, of course, Joel!


  14. Matt D says:

    Awesome stuff, and it was also fun to read the comments from November about the set. Several of the people guessed/wished for some of the extras that will be included (Puma Man uncut and an interview with Mr. Alton).


  15. Creepygirl says:

    If one orders Vol. 29 through SHOUT!Factory will it ship two weeks before the street date as happened with the 25th Anniversary Tin?

    I loved that! My tin actually arrived 18 days before the street date. That was so cool!

    I’ve checked the SHOUT! site and no word as of yet.


  16. Travis H says:

    Wow. AWESOME batch of extras. Can’t wait to see who they tracked down the rights to PUMAMAN from.


  17. cityofvoltz says:

    Wow uncut puma man? There might be riots in the street if its a fullscreen edition;) Lets hope for widescreen. But really- I’m happy to have it in all its Puma-Pleasance glory


  18. Thanos6 says:

    Maybe we’ll finally get an answer as to if it was an intentional parody or not.


  19. dsman71 says:

    Who said they tracked down the rights to Puma Man ? Maybe the just said F*** it and decided to go for it, and tracked the uncut version of Puma Man to add to this set. :D

    Mamie Van Doren’s interview should be cool too, she gave the title away before the announcement on her Facebook page too.

    Did anyone think the first season would wind up being the FIRST to be completed (in expectation of the Black Scorpion coming up Id guess)
    There was a time when hardly any of Season one would have ever come out, but Shout did it ! :)


  20. Depressing Aunt says:

    When I watch the interviews they do for Shout, it seems as if all the actors are barely aware of the fact that their movies were featured on MST3K. I’m sure there are many sensible reasons for that, but just once I’d like someone to say, “Hey, I watched that, and this is what I think of it.” In an alternate universe, someone might be saying, “Hey–that’s my favorite show, I’m so glad they did our movie! I don’t even mind that they said my acting was terrible!” :)


  21. Those are extras to die for. Why did they stop before with original un-riffed versions?


  22. Kali says:

    Nice to see a little something on Steve Vance – his posters are fantastic.

    And, another miracle from Shout! – The uncut version of Pumaman. I’ve seen this on bootleg video for years, but never anything of real quality. Just got one with Korean subtitles. At least, I think it’s Korean. :-)

    And “The Movie that Couldn’t Die.” That should be fun. Sadly, star Caroline Kearney [Jessica] is no longer with us (RIP), but hopefully there are some archive interviews with her and Robin Hughes [Gideon’s Drool, er, Gideon Drew] (both Twilight Zone veterans, we might add).

    Now I’m really look forward to this set. I think you may need to repost the link, though – it seems to have disappeared from the last entry for this set.


  23. littleaimishboy says:

    “Pumaman” had a star?


  24. radioman970 says:

    Uncut?! No way… Time of the Apes uncut would be terrific.

    …well welll… many more…been waiting on a opp to say it finally… please put all the Russian Finnish movies uncut (with orig langs and english dubs and subs) in a single set for us shout! please please please pretty pretty sugar on top please nummy muffin cocoa butter please please baby baby baby please!!


  25. radioman970 says:

    ^^ and they don’t even have to be just the MST3K ones! Maybe that’s something for Legend Films instead….


  26. GizmonicTemp says:

    I’m sure that like myself, many Msties have obtained uncut Mst’ed movies. I’m not talking about the Millcreek box-o-movies (many of which exclude the same scenes MST3K excluded just because they can), I’m talking about finding the original! I recall that Space Mutiny and Werewolf were actually FUN to watch sans riffing, but Puma Man was really really really hard.

    Perhaps it’s because there weren’t any boobs. :oops:


  27. mstgator says:

    Oh, there were plenty of boobs in Pumaman. No breasts though. :-)


  28. KidFlash25 says:

    I’ve just added the First Spaceship on Venus DVD to my potential XXIX order. Plus, my library has the East German version – the English version took a bandsaw to it. Looks really nice in scope dimensions, though.


  29. JeremyR says:

    Miguel Ángel Fuentes is the real star of The Pumaman. And a much more renowned actor. He was on an episode of The A-Team


  30. huggybear says:

    Another batch of cool extras, hopefully all from Daniel Griffith at Ballyhoo. Can’t wait to see “The Movie that couldn’t die”. Episode 805 has always been my favorite. Kudos to Ballyhoo on the awesome “Return to Eden Prairie” series. Great work as always D.G.

    Amazing how young all of them were when they started this.

    Keep em’ coming!


  31. Thank you, huggybear (never thought I would say such a thing)! Yes, I produced/directed a number of the features on this set, including the introductions, Riffing Myself, The Pumaman materials, The Thing That Couldn’t Die materials, and a featurette not mentioned in this press release. It will also be included on the Puma-disc. It’s titled… “MUCH ADO ABOUT NANITES”. Enjoy!


  32. Also… the interview with Alton goes covers just about everything you would want to know about the making of PUMAMAN, excerpt for the correct way to pronounce it. :)


  33. Projected Paul says:

    @31 Daniel, hopefully all those extras on the Puma Man disc don’t affect the bitrate and video quality of the episode. Pumaman uncut is 99 minutes long and the episode is 92 minutes in length.


  34. Creeping-Death says:

    @ Projected Paul, Hopefully its a double sided disk, or a 2 disk set
    Do the interviews clear anything up about whether or not it was intended to be a parody as Paul Chaplin suspected? Between the goofy flying scenes, the fact that Pumaman does almost nothing and Vadinho does almost everything cool half makes me suspect he’s right.


  35. eegah says:

    I wish they’d just include the missing scenes instead of the entire uncut episode. In fact, I wish they’d include them for every episode release.


  36. CaptainZarkHarkness says:

    Halfway through the interview with Walter Alton, Vadinho walks in and tosses him out the window.


  37. big61al says:

    Shout! Man these extras are just awesome. Your staff is doing great work! Thank you.


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