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Weekend Discussion Thread: Other ‘Good’ Movies RiffTrax Should Riff

RiffTrax’s “The Wizard of Oz” riff is out (and I thought it was hilarious). They previously did “Caasablanca” and several other movies considred “good.” What other movies considered “good” do you think might work for riffing?

Me? I gotta go with “Citizen Kane.” Stilted dialog, scenery chewing…um, sleds. It’s got it all!

What’s your pick?

121 comments to Weekend Discussion Thread: Other ‘Good’ Movies RiffTrax Should Riff

  • 1
    Rip McStudly says:

    “Good” is a little difficult for me: I’d argue for half a dozen John Wayne films that probably aren’t “good” to most people anymore. How about Blade Runner, though? A bit of chewed scenery from Rutger Hauer, a deeply depressed Harrison Ford, that photo examination sequence, abundant weirdness, and plenty of quiet spots to riff at the ill fated VO.


  • 2
    radioman970 says:

    The favorite movie of anyone who thinks Oz was an acceptable movie to riff.
    /jerky, a-hole answer Razz


  • 3
    REDSOXMG says:

    A Few Good Men…The Nicholson scene alone would be worth it. But you got the “whiney” Lt. “Whine”berg, Demi Moore trying oh so hard not to be hot, and the cliché’d acting of Keifer Sullivan.

    Don’t forget the Tom Cruise “Drunk” scene.


  • 4
    radioman970 says:

    How about 120 Days of Sodom, Cannibal Holocaust or The Devils? I’d think those would be nearly impossible, quite the challenge. But it would probably actually make me want to watch the first 2 again.


  • 5
    ck says:

    Two possibilities: 1) The Vikings! 1958 movie with Kirk Douglas, Janet
    Leigh, and as a Hollywood definitive Viking—Ernest Borgnine as Ragnar.
    A lot of care was put into historical accuracy and, shades of Peter Jackson’s
    LoTR movies, there’s great cinematography and music, but there are some aspects…
    For example, at the conclusion the vikings go to conquer the striongest castle
    in all of England with just three (3) longboats, 100 or so warriors.
    Then think of the mads riffing the greetings “Hail Ragnar”, “Hail Einar”
    or the wolves half mad with starvation and trained to appreciate the flavor of
    human flesh, Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis getting it on (Catholic/pagans finding
    ah, common grounds.

    I should add it’s one of my favorite movies—then again I majored in history in college.

    2) The Maltese Falcon. Nuff said.


  • 6
    Fart Bargo says:

    Spartacus With Tony Curtis’s famous line “Spartacus, I love you.” and Kirk Douglas, as well as the great Peter Ustinov, tons of riff material. I can easily imagine J/M&TB all rising at the end of the movie intoning “I am Spartacus!”


  • 7
    Remmie Barrow says:

    I have always thought they should do the classic 1933 KING KONG…a great movie in all accounts….although some scenes would be looked down on by the PC Mafia.


  • 8
    little winged potatoes says:

    If the rifftrax crew want a REAL challenge, they could go after Schindler’s List. Start with Ralph Fiennes accent.

    That would truly test the tragedy + time = humor equation.

    AND the whole outing would be looked down on by the PC mafia.

    Although there was that Seinfeld episode…


  • 9
    radioman970 says:

    @ 8. “you were MAKING OUT during SCHINDLER’S LIST!!?” Grin


  • 10
    hortense says:

    I could go with Citizen Kane, though I do like it. Gone With the Wind would be hilarious, but it’s probably too long. I’d love to see The Sound of Music, but probably too long as well. Maybe something with Charlton Heston? Nobody overacts better than Charlton.


  • 11
    Rachel says:

    It’s not a good movie, but now that you mention John Wayne, how about The Conqueror?
    Some ‘good’ movies I’d like to see riffed are Inglourious Basterds, Django Unchained, The Shawshank Redemption, and American Beauty. Granted, the reputation of the last title is somewhat tarnished these days, but all the more reason to cut it down to size.
    I’d love to see them riff the classic Universal monsters, too. MST3K has been compared to horror hosts in the past – this would be their chance to try that role out.


  • 12
    Kenneth Morgan says:

    I agree with “Citizen Kane” as a possibility. And I still think that “Gone with the Wind” would be a good one, with RT doing one half and a back-from-retirement CT doing the other. (They could flip a coin to determine who does which half.)

    And for those who object to riffing on “good” movies, consider: “The Carol Burnett Show”, “The Jack Benny Show”, “Saturday Night Live” and a whole lot of other comedy shows were joking about “good” movies, and joking about them very well, long before RT came along.


  • 13
    William says:

    My choice: Gone With The Wind! A film that while it deserves it’s place in history with all the Oscars it won, it’s reputation has slipped in recent decades as society has changed. Hammy acting by Vivien Leigh, the milquetoast unappeal of Leslie Howard, and the sometimes sickening sweetness of Olivia de Haviland’s Melanie. Cut through it like Sherman’s Army, guys! Yes


  • 14

    For this topic I like to think I can say KING KONG and assume we’re all on the same page about which one I mean. It seems like the only way to top the pop icon that is Wizard of Oz, which was a major treat BTW. Thanks to Blu-ray the nostalgia factor isn’t affected at all because the transfer makes it feel as though I’m seeing these movies for the first time, so I invite Rifftrax to get as personal as they want. Hack away at my childhood, fellas!


  • 15
    saherrin says:

    I agree with the above mentioned Citizen Kane…

    Close Encounters of Third Kind? Sci-fi, mashed potato statues, the mothership bearing a strnage resemblance to an ELO set (or a Boston album…)

    Blade Runner? Sci-fi, Harrison Ford narration…

    Giant? Bloated avarice, James Dean as a oilman without a cause?

    I would go with Godfater or Godfather II but you raally have to be on your riffing game (of course there are plenty of jokes to be made I am sure..)


  • 16
    Smoothie of Great Power says:

    I’ve been suggesting this one to them for years: Willow.


  • 17
    trickymutha says:

    How about:
    Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
    The 7th Voyage of Sinbad
    Ed Wood

    (selfish list, really- as the above are some of my favorite movies)


  • 18
    MSTie says:

    Sorry, but truly good, classic movies just don’t do it for me as riffing fodder. There. I said it.


  • 19
    crudbonemeal says:

    Give me Apocalypse now Now!


  • 20
    the_dumpster says:


    But, yeah. I agree with #18.


  • 21
    Wu - the oriental butler says:


    Your wish is fulfilled


  • 22
    radioman970 says:

    LIKED #18 as well. With a condition: If they are not mean spirited (RT’s Oz crosses the line for me personally with what I heard on the clip) I can watch no problem.

    Apocalypse Now? JAWS? Butch Cassidy?! Ed Wooooood! … man oh man. Makes me realize how long MST3K has been gone. Years and years. Frown


  • 23
    MadSci says:

    Let us approach this in a scientific manner. “The Shawshank Redemption” is on the very top of the IMDb Top 250 list, and I think that this would be a worthy adversary for RT. As an extra bonus, while many people seem to love this movie, quite a few hate it fervently.
    (They haven’t riffed it yet, right?)


  • 24
    Jack Perkins says:



  • 25
    Tjardus says:

    A couple of classic movies that came to mind would be Ben Hur or Cleopatra. I`m sure they could think of a joke or two regarding Elizabeth Taylor (and I think Roddy McDowall is in it as well).

    I was also thinking about The Exorcist and Rosemary`s Baby. I wonder if something like that would be funny or are those type of movies just too creepy?


  • 26
    Steve K says:

    How about Gooone With the Wind?


  • 27
    doug says:

    I always said The Sound of Music is the worst film ever given an oscar. It would be perfect – I’d love to hear what happens to that damn doe a deer song,
    Also Signs, a movie that did not deliver on its promise.


  • 28
    Lee Eisenberg says:

    Sergei Bondarchuk’s War and Peace. The cast spends the whole time chewing the scenery, so it’s impossible not to make remarks.

    Of course, I always like to heckle musicals and “family movies” MST3K-style. Among the examples are:

    (during Show Boat) Character: “I got a sixth sense about these things.” – Me: “I see dead people.”

    (during Mary Poppins) Bert: “Hello!” – Me: “Hey Rob. Has Buddy made any comments about Cooley’s bald head today?”


  • 29
    Frank Conniff says:

    An example of Citizen Kane’s “stilted” dialogue:

    “A fellow will remember a lot of things you wouldn’t think he’d remember. You take me. One day, back in 1896, I was crossing over to Jersey on the ferry, and as we pulled out, there was another ferry pulling in, and on it there was a girl waiting to get off. A white dress she had on. She was carrying a white parasol. I only saw her for one second. She didn’t see me at all, but I’ll bet a month hasn’t gone by since that I haven’t thought of that girl.”

    Yeah, Wells and Mankiewicz need to be TAKEN DOWN!


  • 30
    Kenneth Morgan says:

    “Citizen Kane” is a fine, well-made movie. It’s a brilliant technical achievement by Orson Welles and the Mercury Theater. It’s one of the truly great motion pictures. And I don’t see anything wrong with making jokes about it.

    I must admit that I’m biased, though. I think “How Green was My Valley” was the better choice for Best Picture.


  • 31
    Hollyhox says:

    They should riff The Godfather. ‘Nuff said.


  • 32

    The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. I’ve loved this movie since I was a kid but it’s often hokey, stilted and surreal and it’s oddly dubbed. The final stand-off is the three main characters side-eyeing each other for like ten minutes.


  • 33
    mst3ktemple says:

    Citizen Kane. I’ve been pulling for that since RiffTrax started, and Citizen Kane is one of my all time favorite movies. As is Casablanca and the Wizard of Oz. You don’t have to hate a film to make jokes along with it.

    Two mentioned earlier, Spartacus and Gone With the Wind, would be great too, but the length of the films I would have to believe would be rough on the riffers and the watchers. Still if they decide they are up for the task I would gladly take the time to laugh along with them.


  • 34
    Droppo says:

    The Goshfaddah


  • 35
    EricJ says:

    @12 – Yes, but consider:
    A) Burnett had worked as a movie usher in her teens (as we see in the Twilight Zone episode), and knew most of these movies by heart,
    B) They had 70’s Mad Magazine writers contributing to the show, and COULD do good old-movie parodies on the movie’s own level. (And for those too young to know, there’s a difference between a good Mad Magazine parody and a RT-era riffing. Ever since I got that 50 Years of Mad CD-Rom one Christmas, I started going back and Netflixing all the 70’s classics, just to read the parodies.)
    C) Back in the 70’s, nobody was watching old movies–The VCR wasn’t invented, and late night stations only showed them as filler, which made them a sort of quaint trivialized thing everyone “knew” but nobody actually watched–And Bogart, Cagney or Bette Davis films were treated like the omnipresent channel-click airings of Oz or It’s a Wonderful Life.

    Nowadays, like Oz, there ARE no more TV airings, so only film buffs watch them on preserved formats, and there’s no more mentality that the movies, what’s the expression, “have it coming”.

    Basically, Carol’s parodies were kidding labors of love, not, like Hamlet or Halloween, the mercenary on-a-roll of “We can riff anything!”
    And even then, the TV-rerun “quaint” factor wasn’t quite the same as the LOTR/Twilight/Marvel-movie high-school thrill of saying “Only geeks and losers watch Ronald Colman!”


  • 36
    Flying Saucers Over Oz says:



  • 37
    Ralph C says:

    Birth Of A Nation.


  • 38
    pondoscp says:

    Up In Smoke

    The Big Lebowski




  • 39
    pondoscp says:



    Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer (lol)


  • 40
    pondoscp says:

    MST3K: The Movie

    Master Ninja 3-7 (Lmao)


  • 41

    Anything by Rogers and Hammerstein. But especially Carousel, a really “good” movie.


  • 42
    buttery pat says:

    I’m really thankful that I don’t have anything in my life that bugs me the way Rifftrax seems to bug certain people.


  • 43
    Darkknightkjm says:

    I think they should riff one of the best films ever made – Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie. Smile


  • 44
    RaptorX8 says:

    I keep suggesting Close Encounters of the Third Kind, but I think they are ignoring me. It’s my number one pick.

    Second would be any of the old Universal or Hammer horror films. They would be so awesome!

    Metropolis would be difficult. They just did their first silent short (I haven’t seen it), so I don’t know how well a full length movie would be.

    Cleopatra I think is way too damn long for them. It’s over four hours. I recently watched it but it took me several days to do it. Although I would love it if they did.


  • 45
    radioman970 says:

    I’m really thankful that Oz means so much to me that I don’t really go for this treatment. It’s something I treasure beyond most other films and TV shows. My long history with it is from a life time of adoration for the film and it’s wonderful characters.

    But with all the respect I have for the RT guys, I can say loud and clear that I hope this sells a bunch of copies of the RT commentary for them, and that new Wiz of Oz release that just came out with the Blu rays, 2D and 3D (which I did buy for my mother for Christmas this year) also sells more copies than flakes of snow in the poppy field.


  • 46

    I agree with #18 and the others: I don’t like Rifftrax when they do good movies.

    Sure, I personally love Night of the Living Dead, but even I can admit that the film has its rough edges, and I thought the Live Show was pretty funny, didn’t diminish my appreciation for the film and I thought they were mildly respectful. Plus, they wisely didn’t try to riff over the final scene, which is pretty freaking bleak, man.

    As for Citizen Kane. . .I agree with the snarkasm that Frank lies down up at #29. Stilted dialogue? Please. It’s stylized!


  • 47
    Trilaan says:

    I’d like to see them take on several Hitchcock films, especially Psycho(for moments like the segment where the detective falls down the stairs), Vertigo(for Jimmy Stewart’s creepy moments where he tries to turn one woman into another) and The Birds(just for the many voices they’d use to make the birds talk).


  • 48
    EAG46 says:

    I’m glad to see others agree with me that Gone With The Wind is due for a riffing takedown. However with it being four hours long, will the guys have the stamina for it? Maybe if they invited the Cinematic Titanic folks in to help…yes, THIS movie could unite the entire MST3K cast once again!! If nothing else, I think Mary Jo’s modern woman viewpoint would be most valuable.


  • 49
    Dr Tar says:

    Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? – Taylor and Burton being drunken louts.

    They Shoot Horses Don’t They? – What’s not funny about Depression Era Marathon Skating competition?

    Touch of Evil – Heston as a Mexican Narc, Orson Welles as corrupt U.S. cop, add a convoluted slow moving plot.

    The Ten Commandments – over blown epic with a cast of thousands

    The Shining – with Jack Nickolas – creepy, creepy fun, I remember watching it in the theater and not know whether to be scared or laughing.

    The Planet of the Apes (1968) original – again Heston being a total stiff

    Westside Story – why not a musical- about gang violence in NYC danced to snappy show tunes, perfect.


  • 50
    EricJ says:

    @46 – I think they literally can’t even tell the difference anymore–Even just reading their RT descriptions, they seem to think they’ve become a sort of wandering itinerant Agony Booth or Nostalgia Critic that can pick on anything, anytime, just for the pop-cultural reputation value, rather than judge the riffability of actual specific scenes.

    I don’t know how much argument I’d get if I accused RT of being head over heels in love with itself, but it’s starting to cloud their vision of what actually IS a bad film (as opposed one that just “bugs” them), and one that just gets an easy pop-cultural gag–A problem they already had from Season 6 onwards, when they were just grabbing easy titles out of the Medveds’ Turkeys books, and hasn’t since gotten any better with fewer decision-makers over their heads.


  • 51
    pondoscp says:

    You know what’s just begging for the Rifftrax treatment? Trick Or Treat, starring Skippy from Family Ties. I’m surprised this hasn’t been a VOD yet. I already riffed it, so I know RT would love this one!


  • 52

    I dare them to do ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’.


  • 53
    David Mello says:

    #39…you say Serenity should be mocked? Why, Joss Whedon should not be mocked…aside from The Avengers, of course.
    That being said:

    How about mocking a Doris Day/Rock Hudson movie, like Pillow Talk? Bridget or Janet Varney would like to carve into that rom-com territory, I’ll bet

    Other ideas: Apocalypse Now, Kramer Vs. Kramer, Shakespeare In Love (only because nearly everyone thinks it should have been Best Picture), or maybe It’s A Wonderful Life


  • 54

    Define “good” movies.

    TERMINATOR II: JUDGMENT DAY and THE TRANSFORMERS: THE MOVIE (1986) would make for some hilarious riffings.

    Anyone who disagrees hasn’t stopped to think about it.


  • 55
    David Mello says:

    #53, actually I meant to say Shakespeare In Love should be mocked because people think it should not have been Best Picture. Also, Forrest Gump should be riffed on for the same reason


  • 56
    JeremyR says:

    My problem with Rifftrax doing classic movies is that a lot of their riffs just aren’t clever, but crude, bathroom humor. Or fat jokes.

    Mike & co are just as good as doing the actual riffs, but the writing is much worse. Classic movies deserve top notch writing, and I don’t think Rifftrax has that. It’s good enough for bad movies, but that’s it.

    And with that said, let me suggest The Exorcist.


  • 57
    cityofvoltz says:

    I would like to see, Its a wonderful LIfe- as a christmas riff. Its an excellent movie but has enough hokey-stuff and jimmy stewart accents that make it ripe for the riffing.

    I echo blade runner and 2001. Metropolis would be a challange. It would be more of a dubbing (in the style of mxc) than a riffing. There are crappy PD prints of the movie- THey could release a VOD that way. I think if they sold it as a riff/dub upfront it could work. Grin


  • 58
    Chezjuan says:

    I was trying to think of a movie that it would upset me to find out that Rifftrax riffed, and couldn’t. They do what they do well, and just because a movie is good (or great) doesn’t mean you can’t make jokes about it and be funny. Rosebud, Henri, with mustard, if you get my drift.

    So my choice would be any of the Coen brothers movies, with Oh Brother Where Art Though at the top of the list.


  • 59
    marcusvermilion says:

    Speaking of the “Sinbad” movies they could riff either “The Golden Voyage of Sinbad” or “Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger”. Each film has an actor who was the Doctor in “Doctor Who” during the show’s original run. Tom Baker (Doctor#4) was in “The Golden Voyage of Sinbad” while Patrick Troughton (Doctor #2) was in “Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger”. I’m sure Bill would love that! Oh, “Golden Voyage” also has a scantily clad Caroline Munro (I still would have LOVED to have seen “Starcrash” riffed on MST3K!) while our old buddy John Philip Law played the title character. There would also be plenty of “Dr. Quinn” riffs as Jane Seymour was the leading actress in “Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger”. And I’m sure the claymation monsters would be good riffing material.


  • 60
    Huggo says:

    Myrna Loy and William Powell, The Thin Man Movies

    Goldfinger or all of the James Bond Movies with Sean Connery

    The Philadelphia Story with James Stewart, Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant


  • 61
    Chhis from CT says:

    North By Northwest or Psycho would be great !


  • 62
    eegah says:

    I like the suggestion of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. I really like the movie, but I could see it being good riffing fodder.

    Another thing in favor of Blade Runner is the presence of the actor who plays Mistretta in Mitchell (or is it Gallano?).


  • 63
    Majorjoe23 says:

    Given Kevin’s great voice, I’ve always wanted them to do a musical (ignoring the High School Musical riff), so The Sound of Music could be a great choice.

    But I’m sure the PC Mafia wouldn’t like it… Because of PCness.


  • 64
    Dr. Frankenkeister says:

    I am glad that others feel about Gone With The Wind as I do. The length shouldn’t be a problem. They could use that to their advantage and riff on the length, begging to have it end.

    While not typically considered “good” films, why not do more disaster movies from the 70’s? The Poseidon Adventure, The Towering Inferno, The Swarm, Earthquake, the Airport series: all would be good with many and varied casts that would make the the writing great!


  • 65
    Richard the Lion-Footed says:

    Most of your “CinemaScope” that Hollywood came up with to challenge TV dominance.

    Ten Commandments, Ben Hur, The Robe all heavy overacting and drama that would make riffing a welcome addition.

    As for another classic, I would love to see them take on “Portrait of Dorian Grey.”


  • 66
    Daniel says:

    All of Kubrick’s classics would be great. Dr. Strangelove and 2001 would be great examples.


  • 67
    MSTie says:

    I previously commented (#18) that riffing good/great movies doesn’t thrill me. I’d like to clarify because that in no way means I “hate” Rifftrax or look down on anyone who’d love to see GWTW, Ben-Hur, etc. riffed. I just meant that I personally wouldn’t find it very funny. It’s like trying to show an MST3K’ed Western movie such as Gunslingers to my husband. He loves all Westerns and while he doesn’t hate MST3K, he doesn’t find the riffed Westerns funny.

    Peace & comment on!


  • 68
    Gary Bowden says:

    Surprised no one has mentioned CHARIOTS OF FIRE……overrated Oscar winner…Or how about DANCES WITH WOLVES???


  • 69
    CrowsHat says:

    I want “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Every year at Christmas time, I find myself desperately wishing that they would just do this one already. I host an annual Rifftrax/MST3K marathon party at Christmas time, and a bunch of people come over to watch the Christmas shorts and stuff like “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians,” but I SOOOOO wish I could end this party with a viewing of “It’s a Wonderful Life”!!!!


  • 70
    the_dumpster says:

    I have no problem with anyone riffing on anything.

    I think the problem might be that with the “good” movies is that everyone has seen them and you know what is going to happen next in the movie. So, a movie like “Manos” was funny because I had never seen it, so everything was a surprise.

    I’m sure them riffing on “Oz” is funny, but I think it takes a bit of the edge off because I’ve seen the movie before.


  • 71
    radioman970 says:

    How about Goldfinger. Then we’d get to hear the “Pull my Fiiiinnnngerrr…!” bit again but this time on the real thing! … oh wait… that wouldn’t be all that funny since the song is awesome in the movie. It would just be annoying.
    /jerky mode again


  • 72
    Dr. Batch says:

    The original Planet of the Apes.


  • 73
    MikeK says:

    Lawrence of Arabia. It’s epically shot and all that, but I don’t find it particularly interesting.

    I don’t think The Godfather would be good for riffing. What do you say when Micheal Corleone shoots that cop in the throat? When Sonny gets massacred? I think the movie is too serious for riffing.

    The Wizard of Oz is good riffing fodder because it’s goofy in addition to being a “classic”. It falls into the same category as the Russo-Finnish movies of MST3K.


  • 74
    goalieboy82 says:

    here is what i would like:
    Wings (1927)
    Goodbye Mr Chips (any of them)
    Napoleon (1927) and maybe a later one (Gance did a few versions)
    Going My Way (1944)
    The Bells of St. Mary (1945)
    Any of the Road to.. movies.
    more to come.


  • 75
    ServoTron3000 says:

    Casablanca is my all time favorite movie and I laughed while watching the Rifftrax treatment. But most of the time I choose to watch it un-riffed.


  • 76
    goalieboy82 says:

    Holocaust 2000

    an early left behind movie series
    A Thief in the Night
    A Distant Thunder
    Image of the Beast
    The Prodigal Planet


  • 77
    goalieboy82 says:

    does anyone have a dvd with the rifftrax on it of Casablanca. would like to see it sometime.


  • 78
    Creepygirl says:


    This is probably not the site to ask for a DVD of a copy written film with copy written commentary.

    Just sayin’.


  • 79
    zombiewhacker says:

    I’m completely on board with Raptor here. Close Encounters Of The Third King would be a laff/riff riot… especially since, in retrospect, it really wasn’t that great a movie (though I thought so at the time.)

    Also some classic Universal please: Frankenstein, Bride of, Dracula, The Wolfman.


  • 80
    MikeK says:

    A third for Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

    Let’s add E.T. to that list too. Seriously, E.T. must have been the “red shirt” of his away team.


  • 81

    How many are the remaining films that are culturally significant enough to be so widely available? That’s kind of the snag, right there. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly is what my mind keeps going back to. The protagonists are an evil but clownish Mexican bandit and a typical ghostly vaguely-motivated Clint Eastwood and the antagonist is a lovable leering Lee Van Cleef. The film consists of roughly an hour of pauses between lines of dialogue, about fifteen minutes of startling close-ups of ugly greasy faces and numerous amusing violations of the laws of reality and logic. That aside, I think it’s a brilliant piece of art and tons cooler than The Wizard of Oz.

    Also, I’d like to hear some lyrics for Ennio Morricone’s legendary soundtrack, Rifftrax-style. TUSK!


  • 82
    trickymutha says:

    Billy Jack. (not a great movie- but, my goodness, Bill as Crow would mention the film often)


  • 83

    I’ve even written to them to suggest the James Bond movies. They’re such solid cultural touchstones– I’ve heard it said that half the world’s population has seen a James Bond movie. They’re also kind of goofy and over the top.

    Likewise the original ‘Planet Of The Apes’ flicks. They stand up as sci-fi, but they’re all too ripe for riffing and they have such a strong legacy that they could take the abuse and survive it with our fondness for them intact.


  • 84
    ready4sumfootball says:

    I think The Adventures of Robin Hood could be fun. And when they first announced their super-classic riff I thought it might be The Day the Earth Stood Still, so that too.


  • 85
    pondoscp says:

    A game I always play when watching MST3K is waiting for the Wizard Of Oz reference, and The Beatles reference. They’re not always there, but they are there a lot of the time. It looks like the next natural choice would be any of The Beatles movies.


  • 86
    GornCaptain says:

    @59 There is a fan made MST3K of Starcrash over at

    It’s sad Ray Harryhausen has only been dead a few months, and this is the second time I’ve seen someone confuse his work with Will Vinton’s claymation. Frown


  • 87
    GornCaptain says:

    @35 There were plenty of VCR’s in the ’70’s. Betamax came on the market in 1975, and VHS in 1977. One reason the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special has survived. Half the marketing spiel for VCR’s at the time was taping old movies in the dead of night.

    Oz has been airing on TBS or TNT around the holidays for several years now. And Turner Classic Movies runs a lot of old flicks too. They also seem to run Casablanca nearly every month. Wink


  • 88
    cityofvoltz says:

    @58 Oh brother were art thou- How could i forget! Post mst3k and before Rifftrax I wished they had done that movie! ITs so ripe for the riffing. “I’m the Prater Familias”


  • 89

    Put me in the group that says “none”. While I don’t think a film need be “bad” to be riffed (several movies on MST3K are quite good), but they must, then, be “cheesy”. Neither “Casablanca” nor “Oz” are cheesy. Therefore, no thanks.

    And the trailer didn’t have one decent *joke* in it. Lot’s of snide comments, but *jokes*? None.


  • 90
    gorto says:

    Preferably none. When someone riffs at a movie with halfway decent production it really comes across more like talking during the movie. Similarly when the comments are neither intelligent nor particularly creative. If i want to hear a bunch of goombas yacking away while a movie is showing I’ll go to the local muliplex in new york or new jersey.


  • 91
    Stoneman says:

    I’m with Gary Bowden @68, choosing a film that won an Oscar/Oscars but, outside of a specific, isolated aspect that made it Oscar worthy (a great performance or something that resonated with audiences of the time), the film would be a good candidate for riffing. For me, that would include “Rocky”, “Ordinary People”, “On Golden Pond”, “Reversal of Fortune”, “Scent Of A Woman”, “Forrest Gump”, and “Cabaret”.

    I would also like to see something where they bring in a trio of African-American comedians (Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, and Tim Hardaway?), and give them a film like “Glory”, “Colors”, or “What’s Love Got To Do With It?”, and see what they do with it. I am a white suburban guy who works at a high school in Detroit whose student body is 100% African-American, and some of the funniest stuff I hear comes from the black teens “riffing” on the entertainment efforts of other African-Americans.

    Anyway, that’s it from me. On today, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, in my own, small way, I have a dream…that somehow, someway, Mystery Science Theater 3000 would return for one more full season of original episodes!


  • 92
    Stoneman says:

    Oh wow! What was I thinkin’? In my first entry, I meant to say Kevin Hart, not Tim Hardaway! Don’t even ask, cause I have no reason why that came out!


  • 93
    Kevin says:

    You can love something and still riff it. Riffs can come from a place of love and respect (examples “Night of the Living Dead” and “The LOTR Trilogy”).

    And for those who don’t like some of there “Harsher” riffs, I’d rather them be too harsh than play it safe out of reverence to classic. Just relax, laugh and roll with it!

    That said, “The King and I” would make good riffing fodder, along with some previously mentioned.

    On an unrelated note: Do more K. Gordon Murray Imports! “Little Red Riding Hood and the Monsters!”


  • 94
    Kevin says:

    Here some “great” Directors I think they should take down a notch:

    Martin Scorsese- Any of his DiCaprio pairings (I’m one of the few who despised “The Departed”)

    Quentin Tarantino- IMO makes great PARTS of films, never a great WHOLE film.

    Paul T. Anderson- Hated “The Master”, HATED!


    Terrence Malick- One of several who give “arthouse” films a bad name IMO

    David Lynch- “Mulholland Dr.” That is all!


  • 95
    MikeK says:

    I didn’t like The Master either. The movie is boring though, so it could use some strong riffing, like The Beast of Yucca Flats on MST3K.


  • 96
    radioman970 says:

    this seemed to deteriorate into a “i hate this movie so skewer this one RT guys!” thread. Frown

    Like I said near the beginning, the favorite movies of everybody who thinks Oz is an acceptable movie to trash is the movie I’d like to see next. Name your favorite movie and I’ll give it a go right right here myself (actually, I was going to suggest that as a weekend discussion thread last weekend)


  • 97
    pondoscp says:

    We could have made better comments, but the movie wasn’t very good!
    -approximate quote from Castle Of Fu Manchu


  • 98
    Dirk Squarejaw says:

    @96 Actually they’ve already riffed a number of my favorite movies. I’ve enjoyed them all and continue to enjoy the original films, too. (My wife feels the same way about some of her favorite movies that they’ve riffed.)

    So I think it’s kind of a “to each his own” kind of thing. I can see why someone would not want to see a riff on a favorite movie and I can respect that, but it’s definitely not a universally held point-of-view.

    And while I can imagine a riff of a favorite movie being done in a way that was so mean-spirited I couldn’t enjoy it, that hasn’t been my experience of RiffTrax riffs on the “good” films they’ve done. Your mileage may vary – and that’s okay, too.


  • 99
    hortense says:

    I agree that it’s a personal matter whether someone can tolerate the riffing of favorite movie. I get tears in my eyes every Christmas watching the Alastair Sim Christmas Carol, yet just thinking of what they could do with it makes me giggle.

    Also, I think we all know by now that Rifftrax are harsher or more mean spirited or whatever you want to call it. I don’t know why anybody expects otherwise. Personally I find the more mean spirited riffs hilarious; probably comes from living with all males.


  • 100
    pondoscp says:

    oh, just riff everything


  • 101
    little winged potatoes says:



  • 102
    AmazingRando says:

    I think for some people, watching a good movie involves a level of connection that’s different than watching a riffed movie. I talk over movies that I find too silly to get into or that my friends and I can’t really connect with, even movies that are not necessarily bad; they’re just not really good. Anybody can riff any movie out there, but there are movies I like too much to watch riffed. All I can think about when I hear that someone’s riffed Casablanca or Jaws or whatever is that, the next time I sit down to watch it, I’m going to keep hearing those riffs when I’m trying to enjoy it. Someone else compared it to people talking at the theater, and I think we know that’s not always an enjoyable experience.

    That said, I love RiffTrax. I have just about all the shorts and VODs, and when they do movies that are flawed (the more flawed the better, I say) I really enjoy them, watch them several times. I also liked the Carnival of Souls and Night of the Living Dead riffs more than I expected to. I liked the Star Wars prequel riffs a fair amount. I loved The Matrix riff, didn’t get into the Lord of the Rings riff. Some have already made it clear here that many people prefer seeing movies riffed when they dislike them. That doesn’t mean someone else can’t enjoy a riff of a movie I like. It’s just not for me. I am glad to hear that I’m not alone in that.


  • 103
    dcmatthews says:

    In the case of long movies like “Gone With The Wind”, “Cleopatra” or “The Ten Commandments” (just to name a few): who says they have to riff the whole movie? Quite a few of the films riffed on MST3K were edited – good grief, the MST3K movie was shorter than the original “This Island Earth”*!

    Just leave out those parts of the movie that don’t lend themselves as readily to riffing. (It might be more time and work to write, but anything worth doing etc.etc.) In the case of GWTW, edit out the grimmer parts (like that long pullaway shot in the train yard that slowly reveals row upon row upon row of dead and wounded soldiers).

    Also, I’d love to see someone take on that scene in “Ten Commandments” where Moses and (his brother Aaron? I forget exactly who) discuss the strange burning bush near the top of the mountain that they can apparently see with the naked eye after which Moses spends what seems like days of ROCK CLIMBING!! to get to it.

    *”…can be YOURS if ‘The Price Is Right’!” Always hear that in my head whenever I see or hear that title.


  • 104
    trickymutha says:

    “War of the Worlds”- Forrester, Forrester, Dr. Clayton Forrester.


  • 105
    Eric says:

    When I heard Rifftrax was doing “Jaws,” I got very nervous because I LOVE that movie. I pretty much wore the VHS copy out when I was a kid.

    However, when I actually watched it I was beyond pleased–the riff was a send up, not a battering (like the Star Wars prequels, deservedly so BTW). After watching it so many times, it was just funny to see them hone in on things about which I’d never really thought too deeply. For instance, I laugh hysterically at the line, “…this sets the stage for the most dramatic barrel retrieval scene yet!”

    Same thing with “The Dark Knight,” which I’m sure some may not agree with as a “great film” but the point is I think anything is riffable with the right approach. It serves to enhance the experience and play with everything you love about it.


  • 106
    Creeping-Death says:

    I don’t see reason for all the hate on RiffTrax doing good movies. They’ve already made fun of several of my favorite movies, I just keep a sense of humor about it and don’t take it too seriously. For a long time, The Matrix was my favorite movie(it’s still up there on my list) and they’ve done it, it was one of the first films they released a commentary on. During the riffing, they say that its not a bad movie, not as bad as the sequels. I really liked the LOTR movies, original trilogy of Star Wars, Jaws, Fifth Element, and they’ve made fun of all of them, and I’ve enjoyed them.

    That said, some of the movies I’d like to see them do: Sound of Music. Big overblown musical, as mentioned by others. African Queen. Another good oscar winner, with a terrible Canadian accent by Bogart and another “Not even trying” English accent by Katherine Hepburn. White Christmas would be another good movie for them to try their hand at.


  • 107
    klisch says:

    Here’s a challenge. Any Zucker brothers films like Kentucky Fried Movie, Top Secret!, or Airplane!.


  • 108
    Twiggins says:

    Truman Capote’s “In Cold Blood” is ripe for riffing.


  • 109
    Patrick says:

    None. I only like riffing on bad films.


  • 110
    Pumaface says:

    What about the Exorcist? It’s already hilarious, if you watch it with the lights on, of course.


  • 111
    Flying Saucers Over Oz says:

    DRACULA would perhaps be a perfect target. On the plus side, it’s got ol’ Bela giving his iconic demented performance (I love how he almost sings “Tomorrow morning”), a ton of dead air, and it’s been called, perhaps a bit cruelly, one of the most influential bad movies of all time. (Yeah, ouch.) On the minus side, after a terrific start, it descends into virtually a filmed version of the stage play, with people endlessly describing stuff that happened off-camera.


  • 112
    marcusvermilion says:

    #59 Correction. Stop motion model animation. Note to self: Don’t go online first thing in the morning! Sorry about that!


  • 113
    Retcon says:

    It seems when they riff good movies they are just mostly snark than real riffing. Or they pad out the riffing with singing or other nonriffs because there are parts of good films that are not really lending to riffing. Sort of the opposite of movies too bad to be riffed.


  • 114
    Black Doug says:

    “Tree of Life”. Rifftrax vs. Terrence Malick… and go!


  • 115
    Fingal says:

    I think Riffing the host segments from MST3K the movie would be an awesome extra / easter egg on a shorts DVD or something.

    The Seventh Seal could use some lightning up. Man, All the bill and ted jokes available make me mstie eyed.


  • 116
    Cornjob says:

    Dracula has been done, and pretty well by the Hor-Riff-Ic Productions duo available through the Rifftrax site.


  • 117
    rcfagnan says:

    “The Longest Day” or “Patton.”


  • 118
    JuMeSyn says:

    Some good choices already. Carousel I particularly support, because none of the songs were catchy and that’s a real killer for musicals. On that note, An American in Paris and Gigi – and while I’m thinking of 50s Best Picture winners, Around the World in 80 Days, which at over 3 hours would be a chore but oh man is it deserved. The cameo parade makes their job pretty easy though.
    Of course, those are movies I watched and didn’t like. On that note, so many 60s movies have aged very badly, or weren’t good in the first place. Nobody remember Darling, and since I had to stop watching after half an hour because it was putting me to sleep, I doubt it would do the job. How about The Graduate, though? Or… Doctor Dolittle (not that it was well-regarded at the time, but TONS of material there). I like Yellow Submarine, but it’s amenable to a riff. Funny Girl – I don’t know why so many 60s musicals are occurring to me, but this one has the ripe target of Barbra Streisand.
    Go back further, to the 30s. Cavalcade isn’t remembered except as one of those many Best Picture winners that are now forgotten. It’s kind of a British Forrest Gump for the period though. The Great Ziegfeld deserves it. The Good Earth – why it’s looked upon so favorably is a mystery after I finally watched it, but like any movie with Caucasians playing non-Caucasian roles, it’s a ripe target.
    Dead Poets Society, perhaps? Driving Miss Daisy? Since I hate Poltergeist seeing Mike, Bill and Kevin take it on would cause great joy, but it’s one of the few horror movies with mass liking.
    On the horror beat – Village of the Damned. Sure the remake is awful, but even the original isn’t that great, though well-regarded. I should probably mention I’ve never seen The Blair Witch Project, but the potential is there. Or, heck, go with Scream.


  • 119
    Th1rt3eN says:

    one word…….Goldfinger, if for no other reason than at the end where Goldfinger is sucked out of the airplane window as if they were on a spaceship in orbit.

    Jaws would be another fine movie with just enough cheese to be riffable.
    Terminator would also be a good choice, fitting too as they have all ready done T3 and Terminator Salvation.

    One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest is a riffable good movie.
    I could see them riffing Christine, again a good film but lots of space for quality riffs.

    How about Rambo: Fist Blood?
    I would be up for watching them riff the Christoper Reeves Superman movies, lots of material and it’s a safe bet that a lot of folks all ready own them.


  • 120
    Th1rt3eN says:

    @ 119 *Jaws2


  • 121
    Joike1013 says:

    For me Rifftrax has already done one of my most beloved movies…though I may be alone on this one. The original 1978 Halloween. And honestly I cant look at this film the same way after RT’s take on it…bringing all the flaws to the light of day.

    I was kind of hesitant to view this Rifftrax knowing it would probably alter my feelings about this film forever It’s kind of like having two best friends who simply cant stand each other…and being forced to take sides. In the end I’m glad I bought it. Always fun to get someone else’s view on a classic film.