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Weekend Discussion Thread: Favorite Means of Transportation in a MSTed Movie

Alert reader “Mooney” writes:

One thing I look for in MSTied films is all the neat old classic cars in the old not exactly classic films, which leads me to offer a potential subject for a thread.

What is your favorite vehicle, or means of transportation in a MSTied movie?

I think I have to go with the Paper Chase Guy’s cool, albeit annoying, cycle.


87 Replies to “Weekend Discussion Thread: Favorite Means of Transportation in a MSTed Movie”

  1. jaybird3rd says:

    How could you not love the rocketship from “Fire Maidens Of Outer Space”? Everything on the ship, and I mean everything, is controlled by two silver handles mounted in a wooden control panel! It can fly from Earth to Jupiter in three weeks! It can effortlessly dodge flying chunks of Fiddle Faddle! And everyone aboard can spend every single waking hour chain smoking, without the ship exploding or running out of fresh air! Now that’s some real space-age technology!


  2. Bob says:

    I would have to go with bicycles in Time Chasers. When else have you seen thugs ditch a truck for a weaker item. To quote Servo, “Ah ha! So, it’s bicycles then, eh? We accept your choice of vehicle. En garde!!!”


  3. Bob (NotThatBob) says:

    I’d like Jody’s car from “The Touch of Satan” – I know that whether I were to try to drive it to the grocery store, my parents house or a drive-in movie, it would always end up taking me to where the fish lives.


  4. Cornjob says:

    My first choice would be the Satellite of Love. Great ship and great company. Followed by Megaweapon and the enforcer/floor waxer from Space Mutiny.


  5. Cornjob says:

    Aside from the fact that it was always exploding, Rod Tillman’s race car was kinda sweet.


  6. Farmland says:

    No one’s mentioned the 70s van with the feet on the side from Laserblast? What better place to enjoy 20 classic hits by all the original artists?


  7. jaybird3rd says:

    @ #40: I’m glad you mentioned Cinematic Titanic’s riff of “The Alien Factor”, because that movie is loaded with bad 1970s cars (as if there was any other kind of car made in the 70s). Aside for the two-door cop car with the stick-on police lights, there’s the sheriff’s “official” VW Beetle, the mayor’s giant faux-woodgrain station wagon, and the beat-up blue hatchback that should have had the word “Ambulance” written on the side with a sharpie.

    Speaking of bad cars, I also love the gigantic boat that the unidentified woman in “Monster A-Go Go” is driving (in the scene with the truck driver that seems to have been taken from some other movie). It’s no wonder she ran out of gas!


  8. edge10 says:

    Rex Dart Eskimo Spy’s Jalopy/Dune buggy!


  9. Retcon says:

    For me it is a tie between the boat car from Agent from Harm and Megaweapon.


  10. obsidian says:

    Mentioned somewhere up there, the ’55 Chevy from Laserblast. Also, that was a Lamborghini Espada in the movie, not a Dodge Charger.


  11. Angie Schultz says:

    I can’t believe no one has mentioned all the sweet Detroit iron from “Design for Dreaming”. I am partial to the blue Buick.

    For less prosaic transport, I’ll take the aliens’ spaceship from Laserblast.


  12. Black Doug says:

    Jody’s car from “Touch of Satan”. He wasn’t the best protagonist, but the Satanmobile was one hell of a ride.

    And I can’t forget Tony Zarindast as a werewolf driving down the same street five times.


  13. Dropo221 says:

    I vote for Arch Hall Jr.’s dune buggy in ‘Eegah.’ Mostly because his tires are filled with water and it makes Roxy squeal annoyingly.


  14. Wes says:

    Toy Boat Toy Boat Toy Boat


  15. underwoc says:

    Missed opportunity, Sampo… Shoulda called this thread, “Jiminy, thinks Johnny. If only I could get a ride in one of those!”


  16. Rodak says:

    I have to go with the baking soda powered submarine from..
    Danger Death Ray.
    My second choice would be the sweet toy helicopter from the same episode.


  17. Favorite modes of MST transport.
    By season:
    KTMA: titular plane in SST-Death Flight
    S1: spaceship in Moon Zero Two
    S2: motorcycles in Wild Rebels
    S3: Max Keller’s van from Master Ninja I & II
    S4: The magnificent men and their jaunty jalopies from The Giant Gila Monster
    S5: Arch Hall’s dune buggy in Eegah!
    S6: the van in Angels’ Revenge
    S7: Billy’s van with the bear paw prints on the side in Laserblast
    S8: Jack Frost’s sleigh in Jack Frost
    S9: Jodie’s muscle car in The Touch of Satan
    S10: that random guy’s dune buggy in The Girl in Gold Boots

    apparently I like vans and dune buggies, as they make up almost half the list.


  18. Castleton Snob says:

    Pretty much any of the super high-tech futuristic aircraft in Starfighters. “It’s a smooth, smooth ride, thanks to the counter-rotating blades!”

    When my brother and I visited the Pima Air and Space Museum In Tucson, AZ, our chief goal was to find their F-104 and use its wing to cut a piece of paper. Which we did.


  19. Pete says:

    All of the cars at the Motorama,
    That you don’t go to in pink pajamas.


  20. Gromilini says:

    While I would love to ride around with Diabolik’s girlfriend in her sporty roadster – I must admire the variety of transport available within a single movie of the russo-finnish troika to choose from. And not just troikas – and even pig troikas – but horses, longboats, magic sailing ships, Baba Yaga’s mortar and pestle, and the best – “Sindbad’s” Sea Horse. Air, land, or sea – they have your needs covered. Try a little Russo-go-go on your next getaway.


  21. Savvy says:

    Okay, definitely Megaweapon, Jody’s Maverick from “The Touch of Satan”, and the Satellite of Love. If I chose an animal, I think Hercules’ horse from “Hercules Against the Moon Men” would be a good choice. He’s fast and really strong.


  22. underwoc says:

    Can I mention the Ice Cream Bunny’s fire truck?


  23. Operation Weasel-Snitch says:

    I like Dr. Frank’s Maserati Ghibli from City on Fire, the Amphicar in Agent from HARM, the Testosterossa (a Lotus Esprit) in Parts: the Clonus Horror, and that sweet Jaguar XK120 in Girls Town.

    But then there’s Barbara Ann Scott. Jiminy, thinks Johnny, if only I could get a ride in one of those.


  24. The elusive Robert Denby says:

    So many choices… but I’d have to go with the Rowsdower-mobile from “Final Sacrifice.”


  25. Creeping-Death says:

    I was tempted by a F-104 from Starfighters, but they had tons of maintenance issues and kept crashing and having other problems. Then there is the modified ’71 Charger from Riding with Death, but it would keep exploding. Then there is the cool ’57 Chevy convertible from Laserblast, but whiny people who I made fun of would keep blowing it up. May have to go with the ’66 Galaxie 500 convertible from Manos. Occasional lapses into cultdom notwithstanding.

    Livia from The Undead would be interesting, since she can change into about anything, I wouldn’t mind riding her… I wouldn’t mind one of the Enforcers if Lea was on it also ;)


  26. Joseph Klemm says:

    Already mentioned: Megaweapon, the floor waxers of Space Mutiny (along with the original Galactica), the Rowsdower-Mobile, and Petey Plane.

    Not yet mentioned: The plane/time machine from Time Chasers, the zipline/swinging vine system of Quest of the Delta Knights (I’M COMING!!!)


  27. Flying Saucers Over Oz says:

    Well, obviously the Flower To Disappear from SANTA CLAUS. Admittedly, it doesn’t have that neat ‘Bonk!’ sound effect that Pitch and Mister B Natural have when they teleport, but it’s still pretty nifty.

    Failing that, there’s the bread truck from OUT OF THIS WORLD. What could be better than to sit on a loaf of bread with an angel? Or maybe the rocket submarine from UNDERSEA KINGDOM for my rich inner life…


  28. Kali says:

    Well, I have a soft spot for those cardboard covered jeeps they used on the moon in the Commando Cody shorts (“These Moon Men have uses for plywood we can’t even begin to imagine.”) Sure, they’re totally unmanagable and too easily taken over by guys with their butts on fire, but they sure look cool…

    Switching to Cinematic Titanic, how about that ship in The Doomsday Machine? After all, it kept changing its shape throughout the movie so clearly it must be a TARDIS with a malfunctioning Chameleon Circuit. (Can’t really select the TARDIS itself since it never appeared in a MST episode – okay, technically, it was on Rifftrax, but that wasn’t the REAL TARDIS… 8-) )


  29. Coolsville says:

    What about “the new 1971 car” from The Giant Spider Invasion? It’s an auto classic, right up there with the 1941 dull gray-mobile from A Case of Spring Fever.


  30. cityofvoltz says:

    I would go with that wicked sweet puke colored Cadillac Ambulance/Hearse that the protagonist steals and crashes from it Lives by Night.


  31. Tor Johnson says:

    I just love those car the moon men have in the Comando Cody shorts. They have uses for plywood we haven’t even dreamed of.


  32. Manny Sanguillen says:

    I love the purple 1968 Buick Skylark in Time of the Apes.

    My first car was a 1969 ugly green Buick Skylark with 189,000 miles on it. Then my second car was my best, a 1967 sparkly royal blue Buick Skylark.
    Love them old Skylarks! (1966-67 were the best).


  33. Depressing Aunt says:

    #72 Oh my, yes. That fire truck would be great for freaking out my neighbors. The sound alone. The Bunny? Yeah, I love the idea of frightening all the little scooter kids I see around here. Whee!

    I also like Dr. F’s and Frank’s cardboard luxury car. If chauffeurs ruled the world…


  34. coiley says:

    All great vehicles, but i’ll just add prince of space’ weinermobile and the phantom of crankwhores’ flying roast turkey. They both could do amazing things (such as break the fourth wall and introduce negative scratches to the film. Also, the controls were so simple for both aircraft, its as if the engineer did not trust the intelligence of the pilots.


  35. Operation Weasel-Snitch says:

    The Umbilicus!
    …but not during an ion storm.


  36. Yipe Striper says:

    Walking. Corman movies.

    “If the name says ‘corman’, there’s gonna be walkin’.” –Crow.


  37. Jer says:

    The gangs convertible from What About Juvinile Delquincy?


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