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Weekend Discussion Thread: Switcheroo!

WDT regular Sue, who is becoming a font of thread ideas, suggests:

My idea is: Switcheroo! If you could exchange one character in any MSTed movie for another, who would they be? I mean whom would they be? To make things more appropriate, funnier, weirder, whatever-er.

I’d switch out Ben Murphy’s Sam in “Riding with Death” for Bruce Mitchell’s Rowsdower in “The Final Sacrifice.” Sam would be much better at dealing with the black-hooded thugs of wild Alberta and would be a better role model for Troy, while Rowsdower would be right at home with the CB radios, truckers, redneck car races, honky-tonks, and of course Jim Stafford’s Buffalo Bill.

What’s your pick?

61 comments to Weekend Discussion Thread: Switcheroo!

  • 1
    HauntedHill says:

    I think a Batwoman/Puma Man switch could have some fun possibilities!

    Or, how about Tor Johnson from Bride of the Monster with Tor Johnson from the Unearthly! ….waaaait…….


  • 2
    Herandar says:

    Hilarity ensues as Eegah! is switched with Rondo Hatton’s Brute Man. (Except for Roxy, Cabbage Patch Elvis, and Mr. Patch Elvis Sr., all of whom are strangled…)


  • 3
    GersonK says:

    I would swap Mitchell with Godzilla (in Godzilla vs. Megalon). The 50 story Mitchell would snap off Jet Jaguar’s head after mistaking him for a beer can, then take a nap while Earth is destroyed. The movie Mitchell would be largely the same.


  • 4
    Remmie Barrow says:

    I know it would be a given, but switching Gamera and Godzilla would work…I know it is obvious, but I do think it would work.


  • 5
    ck says:

    Griffin (Red Zone Cuba) switches with Fingers O’Toole (Catalina Caper).
    O’Toole goes undercover to run a plane ferry agency to catch escaped
    inmate Griffin. His pratfalls endear him to Castro as O’Toole rises in
    the Cuban politburo and he forgets to bother with Griffin (who wouldn’t?)
    who decides to take a Night Train to Hollywood and become a producer.

    Meanwhile, in Catlaina Caper Griffin throws the Duvals off their boat
    (he mistakenly thinks it’s a well so they survive) in his Javert like
    Miserable quest to bag the art thief, sails the boat into the greek
    crook, and bans rock bands and Little richard from singing on Sundays
    (just because). The scroll sinks to the bottom of the ocean,
    everyone’s classy yachts sink, none of the guys get lucky, Creepy Girl
    makes up with Lionel Wagoner, and replacement producer Coleman Francis
    receives the Palme d’Or and best picture Oscar awards.


  • 6
    dsman71 says:

    Id rather guess the next Volume which should be announced this week Smile
    The Black Scorpion
    Rocketship XM
    Projected Man

    okay Ill play switcheroo Manos and Torgo Grin


  • 7
    Fart Bargo says:

    I think I would swap Max Keller of MASTER NINJA with Winky of ROCKY JONES.

    “We wood wather wide dee wocket Adminal.”-Max

    “This is my elderly gentlemen friend.” -Winky

    Looks like it works.


  • 8
    Dark Grandma of Death says:

    Pitch would be perfect in Torgo’s place. I imagine him capering around the Master and wives at the altar site, dancing through the room carrying Mike and Maggie’s luggage, perched on the edge of the bed while he tries to seduce Maggie.

    And Torgo could stagger after Santa Claus: “THe MaSTer saYs you CAn’T give toys To aLL the CHilDRen!” “Lupita’s soul is Mine! Mine!”…okay, that might be too creepy, even for Torgo.


  • 9
    p0rpoise says:

    Agree with Sue, who had discussion thread idea, about the Riding With Death swap with Rowsdower.

    I’d swap Creepy Girl from Catalina Caper with the “I wish I had that pretty mind back” lead dancer in Girl in Gold Boots. That would TOTALLY blow Tom Servo’s little head.


  • 10
    robot rump! says:

    anyone want to explain the physics required in squeezing Mitchell! into Diabolik’s rubber suit? i’m thinking Linda Evans would appreciate the upgrade. until the baby oil comes out….eeeeesshh!


  • 11
    Kenneth Morgan says:

    How about switching Santa from “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians” (call him AmeriSanta) and Santa from “Santa Claus” (call him MexSanta)?

    In this arrangement, MexSanta uses his disappearing flower to evade capture by the Martians, but later stows away on board their ship. He then uses his sleeping powder to knock out Voldar et al, so that they can’t interfere with the whole toy making enterprise on Mars. Then he uses Martian technology to reverse the effects of his powder of remembrance so he can make the bad guys forget why they wanted Santa dead in the first place.

    Meanwhile, AmeriSanta sees what Pitch is planning via all the surveillance tech in the castle. Then, he simply brings all of his multi-cultural kid helpers with him and they beat Pitch into submission with a variety of kiddie sports equipment. Oh, and he sets up an automated toy factory at the castle and hires Lupita’s dad to supervise it.

    I briefly thought of switching Mitchell and Geronimo, but it’d be like the Tor Johnson switching previously noted, I guess. Maybe someone else can try that one.


  • 12
    MSTie says:

    Although I already made my suggestion (just call me Sue), I had another thought which would be a bit of a cheat. I would love to switch Pearl Forrester with Batwoman in the latter’s wild, wild world. Pearl would give the movie what it’s missing; i.e. evil, excitement, humor, interesting dialog, etc. Plus Pearl would look killer in that mask.

    Bobo and Brain Guy could give Batwoman lessons on being a character that viewers would actually care about.


  • 13
    Kenneth Morgan says:

    How about switching Carrie the waitress from “Girl in Lover’s Lane” with Claire Anderson (Lee Van Cleef’s wife) from “It Conquered the World”?

    In this arrangement, Carrie is such a sweet, understanding person that Anderson gives up his bitterness and decides not to help the Venusians. Now, he’s able to focus on better uses for his intelligence and does fine work for NASA. Now, Peter Graves says, “His wife taught him that man is a feeling creature…”

    Meanwhile, Claire falls for Bix and, while not putting aside her own identity and career, convinces him to give up his drifter’s ways and settle down. And, when Jack Elam tries to strangle her, she beats the tar out of him, shouting, “I hate your living guts for what you tried to do to me!” Elam gets locked up and all is well.


  • 14
    Stacia says:

    I’d replace Joanie in “Girl in Gold Boots” with Megaweapon.


  • 15
    ck says:

    The Paper Chase Guy and Einstein switch with that child Buzz
    and his motorcycle in Girl in Gold Boots.

    PCG drives through LA hunting for draft dodgers (so he can get
    gas money). He reluctantly shoots hundreds of drug dealers to
    rescue their many women whose pretty minds are in need of rehab.
    Einstein meets an untimely demise when Megaweapon (sent back in time
    by Skynet to change history) gains REVENGE on Einstein! Hasta la vista, baby.

    Meanwhile Buzz is having a great time teleporting all over the place
    and making out with Persis (who actually finds him less repulsive than
    her paper Chase Guy ex). Sadly, Megaweapon, finding that LA really sucks,
    goes back to WotLW land, and appears right above Buzz’ motorcycle.
    Buzz sees the error of his ways and opens a wildly successful chain of EAT
    restaurants, operated by Joanie, who got her pretty mind back. the Gold
    Plate Specials there are really special.


  • 16
    ready4sumfootball says:

    I’m feeling somewhat sadistic today, so let’s stick Mikey from Teen-Age Strangler right into Manos.

    Also, it seems to me that if you put the Prince of Space into Laserblast you might actually get a halfway decent movie.


  • 17
    marcusvermilion says:

    How about switching Valaria from “Robot Holocaust” with Moon the “Vampire Lady” reporter from “Escape 2000”. Valaria costumes would fit in well with Toblerone’s under ground camp. However, hearing her protests at the developer press conferences would be unbearable! “Wies! Wies!” Trash and Striker would be glad to see her get shot! Moon’s big curly hair and semi-gothic look would go great in post-apocalyptic New York City! She’d scare everyone! Her accent would have to be modified a bit as the “You and your daughter are doomed” line would sound a bit strange in a heavy Bronx accent. Speaking of her voice, I wouldn’t want to be within earshot of her when she’s in that “orgasmatron” device! Pain


  • 18
    gary bowden says:

    How about if we switch Valeria from Robot Holocaust with Natalie from Werewolf? Wait,they almost sound the same,so there really wouldn’t be much difference,would it?
    Then,how about we switch Mamie van Doren from Girls Town with Allison Hayes from The Undead??


  • 19
    Dr. Erickson says:

    I can think of many switcheroos you’d probably barely notice. Here’s 10:

    1. Torgo and Sam the Keeper
    2. Rowsdower and Mitchell
    3. Troy and “T”
    4. Moonbeast Paul and Werewolf Paul
    5. Tony Cordoza and Lance Fuller (do not act)
    6. Droppo and Eddie Deezen
    7. Griffin and The Beast of Yucca Flats (kill just to be killing)
    8. Yuri and Voldar
    9. Cabot and Blast Hardcheese
    10.Gloria Henderson and Henry Krasker’s coffin alarm


  • 20
    Bob (NotThatBob) says:

    I think I’d give the lead role in Hamlet to Mikey from “Teenage Strangler.”


  • 21
    Zabka Lives says:

    I’d switch Officer Mitchell with Sheriff Deputy Geronimo.


  • 22

    I would replace both big bad Alan Steel and Reg Park with Steve Reeves, just to get some continuity between the Hercules movies (and because Reeves is the best Hercules).


  • 23
    MikeK says:

    I’d switch Detective Inspector Jenko from Diabolik with Detective Mitchell. Say what you want about Mitchell, the fact is that by the end of his movie, L.A. was short of three organized crime figures. Whether by design or by accident, Diabolik will meet his death at the hands of Mitchell. Back in L.A., the more tactful and mature Jenko would be better equipped to deal with police department politics and would obtain the proper warrants for wiretaps and successfully arrest and convict Deeny, Mistretta, Gallano, Booker, and Cummings.

    I would also switch, Deathstalker and Tee from Quest of the Delta Knights. Let’s face it, the kid is smart and he’d do a good job of rallying the people to fight Troxartis and find the treasure. Meanwhile, Deathstalker would blaze a trail of blood and gore as he easily defeats the pompous Lord Vultare and his inept crew of SaxVikings.


  • 24
    Flying Saucers Over Oz says:

    How about switching Pedro from SANTA CLAUS with Lobo from BRIDE OF THE MONSTER? I’d like to think all would benefit from the good influence…


  • 25
    RaptorX8 says:

    I would switch Mitchell with Torgo. Come on, you know you can see it. Sure it will take Torgo forever to do anything, and the action sequences would involve Torgo falling down all the time, but it would be just as greasy and the “romantic” scenes just as awkward and nauseating!


  • 26
    Flying Saucers Over Oz says:

    If it weren’t for the aforementioned ‘romantic’ scenes I’d switch Mitchell and Lupita. You know she’d do much better at cracking the case (“No. Swilling beer is evil and I don’t want to be evil.”) and I can’t be the only one who suspects Mitchell’s deep-seated psychological problems stem from a longing for a dolly, any dolly…


  • 27
    Matt D says:

    I’d switch Joel with Mike…head explodes.


  • 28
    goalieboy82 says:

    @21 you beat me to it.
    would have mitchell in malta however. maybe he would bring some baby oil with him and use it.


  • 29
    Mibbitmaker says:

    Switch Torgo with Ortega. They’d both feel right at home in each others’ movies.

    Or, throwing caution to the wind… switch Petey the Plane with the insane reindeer robots from Santa Claus. Certainly would shake up the Coleman Francis movie!


  • 30
    wetzelcoatl says:


    I think swapping Droppo and Torgo would be fun for both films.

    Also, maybe Rowsdower and Blast Hardcheese.


  • 31
    NHCrypto says:

    I’d slap Eddie Deezen’s character from Laserblast into the role of Ator in Cave Dwellers just to see Eddie Deezen as a barbarian.


  • 32
    noplot says:

    For their own sakes, I’d switch Kay from “What to do on a Date” with Mary Lee (the younger sister) from “Girls Town”. Nice, sensible Kay would be smart enough never to go out with a fast guy like Chip Douglas, and hence he would never fall off a cliff, thereby keeping Mamie van Doren’s character out of Girls Town and allowing her to start a career in mechanical engineering like she always wanted. (Or something like that.) Meanwhile, having watched her older sister, Mary Lee would know a lot more to do on dates than scavenger sales and weenie roasts (and let’s face it, those small towns in Coronet shorts needed to be livened up a bit) but the well-behaved boys of Coronetland would know better than to try and get fresh with Mary Lee and thereby avoid falling off cliffs.


  • 33
    littleaimishboy says:

    HAMLET – switch as follows:

    Valeria for Ophelia
    Rowsdower for Horatio
    Doctor Z for Claudius
    Vera for Gertrude
    Santa Claus (the Martian-conquering one) for Polonius
    and, of course
    Ben Murphy for Hamlet


  • 34
    carjackfairy says:

    I’d swap the rifftrax crew with the cinematic titanic folks, or at least mk&b with frank, Joel and josh. It wouldn’t be all that different but the two shows have different vibes and it’d be interesting to switch it up a bit. have the ct peeps tackle a nic cage movie and mk&b do a cheapie gory ’70s schlockfest. It’d be pretty rad i think.


  • 35
    TJ Truffleberry says:

    I’d switch Henry Krasker from The Dead Talk Back with Hercules in all his movies. “Oh, it’s true, Iole.”


  • 36
    itsspideyman says:

    Switch Embly Mellie’s Melissa “Two-Sheds” Strickland in “A Touch of Satan” with Allison Hayes’ Livia from “The Undead”.

    Allison Hayes is a MUCH better reason to enter a pact with the Devil!!

    “If she wants a zipper, she can have a zipper!” “Owwwwoooooo!!!”


  • 37

    Phantom Of Krankor with Hamlet.
    “This above all: to thine own self be true,
    And it must follow, as the night the day,
    Thou canst not then be false to any man.
    Hnnnnnnh! Hnnnnnnnh! Hnnnnnnnnh! Hnnnnnnnh!”


  • 38
    Comfort Fulton says:

    Swap Devil Doll with Devil Fish.

    A sharktopus stalking ham (Let’s see Vorelli try to deal with that!) and a ventriloquist dummy swimming around Florida.


  • 39
    Mibbitmaker says:

    “You got sandstorm in my rock climbing!”
    “You got rock climbing in my sandstorm!”

    The Deepest Hurting!


  • 40
    archdeco says:

    Topic: Cross-movie shipping? I just saw Merlin’s Shop and I think the clairvoyant would be a perfect match for the grocer from Brute Man. They’d argue a lot but the sex would be FANTASTIC.


  • 41
    Luther Heggs aka Number 6 says:

    The alien from Robot Monster switched with Neil Connery in Operation Double 007.

    One of them is a hairy freak transported into a different movie, the other one is an alien.


  • 42
    Stacia says:

    Now that I’ve had time to think about a legitimate answer (and had a little cabernet, sshhhh) I’d really like to see Rowsdower in the Aram Fingle role in “Overdrawn at the Memory Bank.” The character is such a doof and Raul Julia is far too composed for the role. A big congenial beer-lovin’ mullethead spending his days pretending to be a tumbling monkey and watching old movies on Underground YouTube instead of doing his job? Who has to ask his mom where his nuts are? Now THAT’S believable.

    Then when Raul Julia takes over the role of Rowsdower, it’ll turn “Final Sacrifice” into a sequel to “Kiss of the Spider Woman.”

    I see no way any of this could go wrong.


  • 43

    Trumpy (of Pod People fame) and the Hobgoblins should swap places ’cause they both do stupid things and it stinks.

    Oh, and Trumpy would drink all the bong water.


  • 44
    mthead says:

    Switch “Pumaman” Pleasence with “Warrior” Pleasence. They don’t even have to exchange costumes. He could say the same lines and no one would know.


  • 45
    underwoc says:

    Ok, I’m gonna switch Jim Backus in Angel’s Revenge with Joe from Skydivers:

    Coffee? Hehwhy Yesh! Lut’s hahve some…

    Meanwhile, I think Joe would be a particularly scary neo-nazi leader.


  • 46
    ck says:

    Okay. Hear me out on this. You combine Girl in Gold Boots with
    the greatest play ever written.
    A musical version of Hamlet.

    I love it! Here. I’ll write you a blank check. But who directs and produces?

    Who else but Harold Hecuba?
    Nope. he’s gone.
    Agh. How about Coleman Francis.
    Sorry, passed away.

    All right. Let’s get serious. GET ME ROGER CORMAN!

    Okay. It’s a go. Now get me Ortega to cater the shoot.


  • 47
    itsspideyman says:


    Great Gilligan’s Island reference!!!

    I’d give Mary Ann a shot. Smile


  • 48
    OnenuttyTanuki says:

    Pitch from Santa Claus and Mr. B. Natural.

    Pitch convinces Buzz to sell his soul to the darkness that is high school band in hopes for the chance to be popular in 1950’s culture.

    While Mr. B. teaches the children to forget their hard lives in Mexico and to embrace the music in all of them while secretly leading them away from their childhood lives to become workers in Santa’s workshop.

    The Master’s Dog (Manos) and NummyMuffincocobutter.


  • 49
    Statskeeper says:

    How about Jim Conrad from “San Francisco International” with Adam Chance of “Agent for HARM”? Chance would be telling the politicians all about how he keeps the “apple pie on the table” and Conrad would be telling Stefanik and Wendel Corey “my job, my way” at every turn. And in a movie with so many meaningful glances Chance would add even more to SFI, in addition to comforting Davey’s mom and David Hartmann’s wife.


  • 50
    goalieboy82 says:

    Speaking of Neil, his brother Sean’s movie Zardoz was on TCM early this morning (along with the Green Slime). DRV both and will try to watch it this week or next week.


  • 51
    goalieboy82 says:

    also i wish Rifftrax would do this film


  • 52
    Luther Heggs aka Number 6 says:


    I love it when one of the skits during Operation Kid Brother/Double 007 references that no matter how successful Sean is/was, at least Neil didn’t appear in Zardoz. I laugh every time, no matter how many times I view it. That entire skit with the graph of the diverging lives of the Connery brothers is just so damn funny.


  • 53
    goalieboy82 says:

    i have never seen Zardoz all the way through (here and there on tv). i would like to see it (i know it is bad). i thought about (but will never wear it) wearing what Sean wore in Zardoz for halloween as a costume to a party.


  • 54
    Twiggins says:

    I’d switch out Harvey B. Dunn’s role as detective Tom Robbins in BRIDE OF THE MONSTER for Harvey B. Dunn’s role as Gramps in TEENAGERS FROM OUTER SPACE. On second thought, never mind, he basically just played himself in every role he ever performed, so there would be no distinction.


  • 55
    PALADIN says:

    My first thought was to switch The Paper Chase Guy and his ‘high-tech’ sentient motorcycle ‘Einstein’ from “Warrior Of The Lost World” and place them smack-dab in the middle of ANY of the `60`s Biker films… It would be a blast to have him whine and be generally surly alongside his perpetually chipper (and strangely stoned-sounding) `cycle while playing off against the likes of Jeeter, Fats, Banjo & Linda from “Wild Rebels”, or taking down the drug dealers from “Hellcats” and taking on the nefarious ‘J.C.’ and crew of “Sidehackers”. (Hey– certainly on par with any episode of “Knight Rider”)

    But…Then I realised that the real fun would be dropping Dave ‘Slab-McHuge-Large’ Ryder of “Space Mutiny” into the endangered airliner of “SST Deathflight”….
    Seeing him shout and run the length of the plane and back desperately searching for a railing to leap over while complaining that Senegal Flu germs are not big enough to see, much less shoot…would be a hoot !


    Other than that, I`ld like to switch Merritt Stone with Gene Roth…Oh…WHO IS MERRITT STTTTOOOONNNEE….???


  • 56
    Creeping-Death says:

    @6, that was a darn good guess, you got only 1 wrong. Black Scorpion was almost a gimme, but still.

    My switcheroo would be moving Vadinho and Mike from Manos: The Hands of Fate. Vadinho would be immune to the Master’s mind games, with his immunity to mind control. He beats up the Master and blows up his altar, freeing Torgo and the Master’s brides from his mind control. In the meantime, Mike takes up his mentorship with the Pumaman, but not being particularly smart or clever, had killed several other people in the museum before finding the real Pumaman. He tells Pumaman about faking his own death, but forgets to tell him how to awake, so he’s comatose for the rest of the film. Mike tries to lead his own assault on Kobras’ compound, but fails miserably and is put under mind control. Kobras takes over the world.


  • 57
    Creeping-Death says:

    Phantom of Krankor for Diabolik. Krankor does well without anyone being immune to his ray guns.


  • 58
    Joseph Klemm says:

    I can’t believe no one mentioned this switcharoo: the judge from “I Accuse My Parents” with the judge from “The Violent Years”.

    That way, the parents from the “The Violent Years”, who are actually decent people who learned that they should have paid more attention to their daughter’s activities, would get a second chance at doing the right thing (this time by raising their grandchild), while the judge from “The Violent Years” would pretty much ensure that Jimmy doesn’t end up in the custody of his deadbeat parents.


  • 59
    Flying Saucers Over Oz says:

    Great. Now I’ve got this mental image of Torgo in a Mister B Natural costume: “The spirit of music is in us always. Wherever we go, it is in us always. There is no way out of here…”


  • 60
    Sitting Duck says:

    @ #58: A good point there, and I’m kicking myself for not thinking of it myself.


  • 61
    little winged potatoes says:

    Host segment switcheroo–

    The time-traveling Crow from Time Chasers with the evil specter Timmy from Fire Maidens from Outer Space are swapped.

    Eddie Nelson and Timmy team up and force Pearl and Bobo into the theater with a complicit Brain Guy as an accomplice, only out of personal spite.