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Volume XXX Titles

The episodes in the next volume of episodes from Shout!Factory are:

113- The Black Scorpion
519- Outlaw (Of Gor)
901-The Projected Man
1010- It Lives By Night

59 Replies to “Volume XXX Titles”

  1. Depressing Aunt says:

    Yeah! This is nice. My “Black Scorpion” tape is too old. Cabot Cabot Cabot Cabot Cabot Cabot Cabot Cabot Cabot….



  2. schippers says:

    Cool about Outlaw, Scorpion and It Lives are awright, but the Projected Man can go die in a dumpster.


  3. Depressing Aunt says:

    #46 As they say in “Big Lebowski”: That would really tie the room together.


  4. Jason says:

    #52 Projected Man is a surprisingly weak episode, especially considering the great episodes that sandwich it. I like to believe, it being the premiere, that the Brains were still recovering from a particularly savage/debaucherous vacation or something. I’m really happy to have it though since it’s one of those transition episodes and it was previously supposed to be very unlikely for commercial release. I’ve also been meaning to give it another shot. It has its moments.

    Plus: Lembach is staying! Yeah, put me down as one of the people who loves that joke.


  5. unsung zero says:

    Dsman: I’ve been wondering about Rocketship X-M and Jungle Goddess as well. And I wonder what the holdup is with Track of the Moonbeast. That one is one of my top 4 anticipated titles.


  6. Dr. Z says:

    In response to Outlaw (of Gor) I say this:
    “Potato sandwichs for everybody!”
    Another excellent set by Shout! Factory, thank the bad movie gods!!!


  7. GizmonicTemp says:

    Man! YET, another solid set from Shout!
    Even though “Scorpion” rates kind of low with Msties, I’m still happy for its inclusion since the ENTIRE first season is now on DVD! Yay!
    “Outlaw” is, of course, AWESOME!
    “Projected Man” is okay.
    “Lives by Night” is great for me, but not with the whole of the Mstie Community. Since I’m a tad imbibed right now, score one for ME!

    Great (continued) work Shout!


  8. courteous martians says:

    Remember The Home Game where MSTies were invited to riff on The Day The World Ended? I would love
    to see those as extras in a future box set. The riffs were great, my wife and I still use “without
    my ass, life is meaningless” and “el burro es muerto” in conversations. I believe there were two
    versions of this with different riffing on each one. How about it, Shout Factory?


  9. Mr. B(ob) says:

    Shout! Factory already has a special offer on this next MST3K DVD set: get it with free shipping and a month before release date! Details at:


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