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New Short from RiffTrax…


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15 Replies to “New Short from RiffTrax…”

  1. Goshzilla says:

    I’ve grumbled abut how certain members of the media have been throwing around the word entitled regarding my generation (I’m right on the Gen X/Millennial borderline.), but I saw the RiffTrax email on my phone and said “Finally! The next Batman episode!” So… maybe they’re not entirely wrong about the entitlement thing. (


  2. Goshzilla says:

    Still slightly off-topic, but has anyone else been playing “What piece of official DC Comics art did they borrow this poster design from?” No, just me? Well, for example, “Tunnel Of Terror” features the silhouette of Christian Bale’s Batman (The shape of the cowl is very distinctive.) and “Robin’s Wild Ride” is almost certainly lifted from Jim Lee’s promo art for All-Star Batman & Robin. (AKA Frank Miller sez “I rescued Batman comics in the ’80s; I can drive ’em right back into the ground!”) The Batman silhouette from Robin Rescues Batman is straight from Frank Quitely’s cover to Batman & Robin #1, “Target Robin” features another Jim Lee All-Star image, and “The Fatal Blast” is clearly from Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns. Anyhoo,… this new one looks it’s from The Brave & The Bold cartoon. (Which, by the way, was so much better than the crap they’ve been doing in the comics the last decade or so.)


  3. AmazingRando says:

    I didn’t know they co-opted cover art like that. I guess I had assumed they were in-house promotional pieces. They’ve found a good way to make it unmistakably Batman without violating any copyright issues, presumably.

    I’m enjoying the serials a lot, the comments, naturally, but also the ridiculous ways they stray from the tried-and-true Batman cornerstones, such as the ridiculous “Leave it to Beaver” house and the old Buick he drives around. Obviously Batman didn’t have the cultural cache to demand more authenticity at the time. Maybe 60 years from now we’ll be watching Bryan Singer’s X-Men and find it mystifying they’re so very into leather.


  4. Ptomreeves says:

    These are great! Thanks


  5. Happenstance says:

    YES! I, too, have been waiting for this, worrying that they might not continue with them.

    @AmazingRando: It’s just budget, baby. The earlier Batman serial invented the Batcave with its entrance hidden behind a clock, but the studio still wouldn’t spring for a Batmobile or the gimmicked cave opening. (CAUTION: Memories subject to deterioration by age. Recollections may contain inaccuracies and peanuts.)

    How times change! While it should be evident that much of Lorenzo Semple Jr.’s concept for the camp 1966 show was inspired by (the edited re-release of) this serial, he couldn’t possibly have done it WITHOUT giving Bats a fancy vroom-vroom and some sci-fantasy digs (complete with those magic-change Bat-poles).


  6. Goshzilla says:

    At the risk of turning this thread into a lecture on Batman history (And I could; don’t tempt me.), many of the hallmarks that we might expect from Batman didn’t exist yet at the time this serial was made.

    Still… they could have tried a little harder with the car. A stock Mercury 8? And it’s hard to be sure, but I don’t think it was even black!


  7. Cambot J.N. says:

    Hey, Goshzilla, I’m having a terrible time deciding which Lois Lane from Superman I like better; Noel Neill or Phyllis Coates. Which Lois Lane do you prefer?


  8. Colossus Prime says:

    RE: #2

    Yeah, with the head shape I have to agree that it’s likely from Brave and the Bold. As someone who grew up reading my dad’s silver age comics, and is tired of so many super heroes of today being dark and gloomy, I absolutely loved Brave and the Bold. It is so fun and clearly full of love for the types of stories they were telling.


  9. Sitting Duck says:

    Just finished watching it. Is anyone else concerned they might be starting to burn out on this serial? The fact that it was three months since the last installment came out is troubling in its own right. There’s also the bit near the end of the opening credits where Mike breaks down, saying, “Oh God, we’ve got five more of these to go through!” (or words to that effect). Even if it was done in jest, it does worry me.


  10. Goshzilla says:

    @Cambot: Which one played Juan Epstein?

    @Colossus: I think Darwynn Cooke summed it up best near the end of New Frontier. Superman asks: “Kid sidekick, new costume, why the change?” “I set out to frighten criminals, not children.” I could go on and on about Jungian archetypes and modern myth, but at the end of the day Batman is a beloved character because every kid wants to be Batman when they grow up.


  11. Sitting Duck says:

    For those interested, Jabootu has a fairly detailed summary of the Batman and Robin serial.


  12. Sitting Duck says:

    And another thing. What is the deal with the way the narrator pronounces ruse?


  13. Angie Schultz says:

    Hey, Goshzilla, I’m having a terrible time deciding which Lois Lane from Superman I like better; Noel Neill or Phyllis Coates. Which Lois Lane do you prefer?

    Didn’t I see you at that Frankfurt lecture series?


  14. Cambot J.N. says:

    Though I do get around, sorry to say sorry, Angie. Must’ve been some other lucky guy.


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