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RiffTrax Live: They Did It!

Today is the final day of the “stretch goal” in RiffTrax’s latest Kickstarter campaign and … they did it! At this writing they are $5,000 and change over the $250,000 goal that will allow them to do “Anaconda” in theaters nationwide on Oct. 30. That’s on top of “Sharknado” on July 15 and the 1998 “Godzilla” on Aug. 14.

The employees at my local theater are gonna get to know me!

17 Replies to “RiffTrax Live: They Did It!”

  1. Bruce Boxliker says:

    Woohoo! Now I’m wondering what the 4th show is going to be. I assume it’ll be a holiday movie of some sort.


  2. Travis H says:

    Very cool! I just hope the writing is up-to-par on GINO (I’m still deciding if I can force myself to watch it again… even with riffing).


  3. Ryan says:

    This is awesome. Now heres hoping we get a VOD of Anaconda eventually.
    I am hoping this is the last Kickstarter they need to do. The novelty has worn off. And Rifftrax has been going for 8 years now. They have already ‘started’.

    I think the Christmas show should be all shorts, just to give variety.


  4. David J says:

    That stretch goal was a real nailbiter. Much more exciting than this year’s SuperBowl!


  5. Goshzilla says:

    I’d love another Shortstravaganza, but I doubt there are enough Holiday-themed shorts left out there to do it in December. (They could easily do some kind of back-to-school themed live show, though.)

    Here’s the real question: Do they have the cojones to bring a certain public domain, loosely Christmassy cult classic train wreck to theaters nationwide?


  6. Sam says:

    Goshzilla, are you talking about Ice Cream Bunny or Star Wars Holiday Edition? :-D


  7. Dakotaboy says:

    Rifftrax has already done the Star Wars Holiday Special. Making that show funny was a real achievement, considering what they had to work with.

    Would they dare touch the classic Rankin Bass production of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer?


  8. jaybird3rd says:

    I believe they did a live riff of the (uncut!) Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny, too. I’d love to see a DVD/VOD release of that one.


  9. Black Doug says:

    A great Christmas live show would be a three-riffer version of Roadhouse. It’s not really Christmas related… except for MSTies. :-D


  10. Goshzilla says:

    Yikes, the Star Wars Holiday Special didn’t even occur to me. (Still can’t figure how they’re selling that on VOD.) I was thinking Santa And The Ice Cream Bunny, but I believe Black Doug is on to something far better there…


  11. Luther Heggs aka Number 6 says:

    If Kickstarter were going out of business due to financial factors, would they try to kickstart Kickstarter?


  12. Rob says:

    I’m with Black Doug, too! Even just a VOD would be great, Roadhouse is just too perfect for riffing and needs the best treatment. It was the first Rifftrax, it should at least be an anniversary one.


  13. Retcon says:

    As AVGN, TGWTG, and now Rifftrax shows, panhandling your fans sadly works very well. :reallyangry:

    @ #3 Ryan, I agree with you but sadly Rifftrax is probably addicted to kickstarter and will milk it and the fans as much as they can now.


  14. Steve K says:

    I’m going to disagree with #3 and #13 and say I hope they do more Kickstarters.

    The point isn’t kickstarting, but collecting enough liquid funds to convince a studio they can make money. It doesn’t matter how old Rifftrax is, it’s still got mostly a cult following, and the studios aren’t going to let their films be distributed by a relatively unknown entity without a risk-free advance.

    Downloading and syncing MP3s is fun, but it doesn’t compare to watching the movie (and the riffers) on the big screen or in person. And however you feel about it, there’s not much chance they’d be able to do that with anything approaching a big budget film without something like a kickstarter to get that necessary advance.

    As for “milking” the fans, add up the retail value of the rewards for the different levels of backing, and you’ll see that, if anything, they’re giving more than they’re getting.


  15. ready4sumfootball says:

    On the topic of potential Christmas live shows, I’d like to see them do Miracle on 34th Street. Any version will do. I think there’s a public domain TV version out there if they can’t get any of the theatrical versions.

    If not that, then they could do A Christmas Carol. Again, any version would be good. If they could somehow get the George C. Scott version that would be wonderful.


  16. Tor Johnson says:

    So if Rifftrax is going to be doing Godzilla, does that mean that there is hope for the MST episodes getting offical releases.


  17. Manny Sanguillen says:

    I wish they wouldn’t do spiders and snakes movies. I hate looking at them. I didn’t enjoy looking at the spiders in the ‘Kingdom of the Spiders’ rifftrax vod or the snakes in the Cinematic Titanic ‘Rattlers’ movie.

    I remember laughing at people who can’t watch ‘Squirm’ because of the worms, which I have no problem with. The spider & snake (and worm) movies MST3K did were so unrealistic that they weren’t frightening in any way (Except for ‘Riding with Death’ – Jim Stafford was very frightening) – But ‘Kingdom of the Spiders’ looked real. If there is a snake in ‘Anaconda’, I hope it looks real hokey and not real.


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