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Weekend Discussion Thread: Backstories We’d Like to See

Alert longtime regular Jenny writes in with this:

“Maleficent” has done great at the box office, and that got me thinking: which MST3K movie villain would you like to see more of? Whose origin story would you like to see? For me, it is the doctor in “Bride of the Monster.” Not only is his story great — driven from homeland, mocked as mad, mad, only to be proven right. We should get see how he met Tor.

Speaking of Tor, I’d like to see the exciting adventures of Dr. Javorski of “Beast of Yucca Flats.” Imagine the Cold War intrigue as Tor lumbers around Moscow evading the KGB.


71 Replies to “Weekend Discussion Thread: Backstories We’d Like to See”

  1. Gnuhopper says:

    How about some of Pitch and Santa Claus’ past battles? The movie hinted they had been going at it for quite awhile…


  2. GRL says:


    For that matter, there are hints that that entire boardinghouse had a rather sordid background- one could almost make a TV series about the misspent lives of everyone there.

    As for one of my own: For Racket Girls, Umberto Scalli’s background isn’t much fun (as he played the character once before and once again), but I’m curious as to how the others around him got into his orbit. All the evidence we receive suggest he’s a heel who has alienated everyone he knows- why do is associates still work with him and why didn’t his foes murder him a long time ago?


  3. All I know is that any villain worth his salt knows how to make a delicious stew using lots of things: chicken, corn, green
    peppers, chili, onions.

    Lots of things.


  4. fireballil says:

    I’d like to find out what drove Comm. Kalgan from Space Mutiny to want to get off the Southern Sun. Why did he want to set foot on a planet when he had the only spaceship in the known universe with its own basement?


  5. Sitting Duck says:

    The only problem I foresee from these concepts is that they’ll have the same effect as Highlander 2 had on the first Highlander movie.


  6. ck says:


    Worse than Highlander II was Highlander III (which had to try to
    explain every friggin’ detail and incident hinted at in the others). This, of
    course, being totally at variance with J.R.R. Tolkien’s concept of
    barely glimpsed vistas adding detail and depth to a subcreated world.


  7. trickymutha says:

    I’d like the back story on Jack Taylor’s swinging parties- and, who exactly is the woman who sits on Jimmy’s (the Thin Man) Dad’s lap??


  8. Slartibartfast, Maker of Fjords says:

    I would like to know more about Mrs. March. Did she earn, inherit or marry her money? If she married it, why did she complain that she never knew love? Also, how did she meet Dr. Frank. And, how did he concoct his theories on resurrection and brain transplants? See too many Bela Lugosi movies?


  9. Cornjob says:

    Re: #10

    Do we really need to tell you how the owner of a hamburger stand disposes of dead bodies? Ever see Motel Hell or Eating Raul?


  10. ck says:

    “Do we really need to tell you how the owner of a hamburger stand disposes of dead bodies? Ever see Motel Hell or Eating Raul?”

    Ick! On the other hand it would be a form of recycling. And
    soylent green is made from PEOPLE! And I suppose damn dirty
    apes—(no offense to Professor Bobo).


  11. "Hotcha!" says:

    I want to see the story of the Puma Men, going all the way back to the begining when “the gods” gave them their powers. This would make for a fun comparison with the current Puma Man who is incompetant, whiny, and needs Vadinho to be the real hero.


  12. Flying Saucers Over Oz says:

    I’ve always been curious about that weird, awful family that assisted Bela Lugosi in THE CORPSE VANISHES. A gnarled old woman and her two middle-aged children, one an evil dwarf, the other a hulking mental defective. Did they both have the same father? What did this woman do to her gene pool? Then there’s the way they all sleep together fully clothed in the same room, her in a chair, them on army cots in a corner. Who ARE these people? Did they eventually end up spawning the people who inhabit John Waters movies? Or Tobe Hooper movies?


  13. PALADIN says:

    “which MST3K movie villain would you like to see more of ?Whose origin story would you like to see? ”

    ……Come to think of it…I`ld like to see the backstory of THE ULTIMATE ‘MST movie villain’… The eeevil genius to top all the eeevil geniuses in all those movies…The man who made ALL of it happen…..



  14. Satoris says:

    I’d like to know the backstory on Natalie and Paul in “Werewolf”. What was Pauls’ book about, and why did he move to Arizona? How did someone as dumb as Natalie become a scientist? Sam the Keeper?What was HIS deal? And why is the real estate agent NOT WEARING PANTS???


  15. schippers says:

    Man, you know whose backstory I want to watch a movie about? I know he’s not TECHNICALLY from a MSTed movie, but wouldn’t it be AWESOME to watch a movie (shoot, maybe two or even three!) about how Darth Vader got to be the way he is? Somebody email George Lucas.


  16. littleaimishboy says:

    And now – Billy’s Mom IN “The Acapulco Story”!


  17. Magicvoice says:

    Mitchell – Training Day 2


  18. I would like to see the back story of Adam Chance. How did he rise to be the greatest, yet ineffective, superspy. How did he come across the cardigan that made him decide it was his apparel of choice.


  19. Cornjob says:

    Re: #66

    Mel Gibson could direct and call it Acapulcolypto. And with Mel behind the camera you know there would be plenty of Tor-cha! Just watching it might be tor-cha. Spending time with Mel would likely be tor-cha. Unless you could keep him away from the Tequila, which could be like keeping Harrison Ford away from the Pot (impossible!).


  20. ANGMEM says:

    How about the fat man in Overdrawn at the Memory Bank? How did his brain-in-the-“Raoulix” cube get started and why was that okay with the human race in the movie? How did he think of old men becoming pandas? Why was that ditzy woman allowed to remove the top half of skulls while the “children of the damned” day was going on? Was he the one who decided that anteaters were stupid and repulsive? Aaah! So many unanswered questions!


  21. Son of Peanut says:

    I’d like to know the backstory of the turtle aliens and the Lazerblast-er. And who was that other green-skinned guy at the beginning of the film? Was he an alien fugitive hiding out on earth or was he another hapless human turned into a killer mutant by that weird necklace? And most puzzling of all, why didn’t the aliens destroy or confiscate the weapon after killing the first green-skinned menace? Maybe it’s a Gandalf and the One Ring situation where they are afraid to touch it for fear of being corrupted. So many possibilities…


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