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Weekend Discussion Thread: Your Favorite Shadowrama Moments

Alert reader Cam suggests:

List some favorite silhouette moments, ranging from the purely visual shtick to those incorporating riffs. I am constantly discovering visual gags that I overlooked because I was watching the featured film itself.

My fave: In Magic Voyage of Sinbad, Crow returns from his lifelong quest thingy in hilarious fashion, flying across the screen from top left and crashing to the floor. Cracks me up every time.

What’s yours?

Keep those topics comin’!

66 Replies to “Weekend Discussion Thread: Your Favorite Shadowrama Moments”

  1. Keith in WI says:

    I loved it when Joel and the bots started roasting weenies during the volcano scenes during “The Black Scorpion.” I also have to add my vote to the time when Mike throws Servo during “High School Big Shot” when he won’t stop singing “Don’t Pay The Ferryman.”


  2. Kenneth Morgan says:

    I just saw one I’d forgotten about: Joel going off to the left and go-go dancing during the groovy opening title song on “Moon Zero Two”.


  3. ANGMEM says:

    Mike pushing the hang-up button on “Century 21 Calling” when the curly-haired woman is talking on the phone.

    Also, when the camera in the movies shows the on-coming cars and Mike or Joel are “running away” from them.


  4. When Joel says, “Look, I’m a turtle.”


  5. Keith in WI says:
    June 29, 2014 at 10:58 pm

    I loved it when Joel and the bots started roasting weenies during the volcano scenes during “The Black Scorpion.”

    D’ohhh, jeez, man, how could I have forgotten that one? That’s an all-timer, too, man.


  6. When Joel is playing air drums in a manner that suggests he’s experiencing a seizure.

    I believe it was in Operation Double 007.

    I laugh every time.


  7. ANGMEM says:

    Mike as “Eddie” during Time Chasers- tossing the beer cans, going to the left side of the theater screen for a smoke.


  8. ANGMEM says:

    Pearl taking Mike’s place in Quest of the Delta Knights!


  9. Huggybear says:

    I love it when Servo passes out (twice) from the sexiness in “Horrors of Spider Island”.

    Crow as a bear in the theater in “Jack Frost”.

    Servos’ “freak out” during TISCWSLABMUZ.

    …..And to many more to list here.


  10. jaybird3rd says:

    Since we’re revisiting the KTMA shows, I’ll mention the moment in K07 when Crow “leers” at the spandex-wearing Zigra woman, making Joel laugh. A moment later, Servo “flirts” with her by extending his head stick by about a foot and saying “Hey, babe! Once you’ve gone out with the Servo guy, you’ll never go back!”

    I don’t remember which episode it was, but one of the first MST3K episodes I ever saw featured somebody hanging in a parachute that was tangled in a tree. Either Joel or one of the Bots said “I can see the strings!”, and Joel got up and started “pulling” on the parachute. I don’t know if I’d ever seen them use the Shadowrama effect to “interact” with the movie before, so it stuck in my memory.


  11. Eric says:

    Generally speaking, anytime one of the bots (or Mike or Joel) makes a lame joke that the others don’t like and they react to it. Usually, Mike or Joel will put his hand on the bots’ shoulders or the bots will aggressively turn towards Mike or Joel.

    A good example is in “Pumaman” when Donald Pleasance asks the onion guy why he wants the mask and Crow says, “In order to be SMOOOKINNN’!” And Mike immediately turns to him and says, “Don’t you ever do that again…”

    A more specific bit, which I haven’t seen mentioned yet, is from the beginning of “The Wild World of Batwoman” when Mike brings popcorn into the theater. The bots tell him he can’t do that and he eventually gives them some. A discussion breaks out, which leads Mike to eventually ask, “Are we actually supposed to pay attention to the movie?” It’s a funny shadowrama bit AND a good example of an early Mike episode where he “upsets the apple cart.”


  12. Smoothie of Great Power says:

    Am I really the first one to mention Mike and the bots undulating in time with the large clock during the loud ticking moments in “Cheating?”


  13. Michael Howe says:

    One I love is when Joel can’t take anymore of the one mouthy kid in “Ring of Terror.”

    He gets up out of his seat, puts a hand on the guys shoulder and just goes, “I’ll kill you.”

    In “Wild Rebels” when one of the rebels is pointing a gun at the camera, it looks like it’s pointed right at Servo, who freaks and tries to get out of the way!

    In “Batwoman,” when they freak out at the Professor kissing Hearhcliff, and Tom’s “EEENNNDDDD!!!!” bit.

    The Demon Dog in the “Aztec Mummy” ending, scaring the guys out of the theater.

    In “Robot Monster,” when the Roman rips Alice’s dress and Joel jumps to his feet: “That’s it! That’s it!!”


  14. Sitting Duck says:

    @ #62: Yes you are.


  15. misfit4242 says:

    Gypsy making (or is it puking) cotton in Untamed Youth. Actually anytime she’s in the theater.


  16. Serpent w/Rainbow says:

    One that makes me laugh every time:

    In The Corpse Vanishes, Joel throws the Tiger Bot magazine up and away at the screen, saying, “I don’t want you reading this stuff.”

    Joel’s voice inflection is perfect, and the site gag of carrying a prop from the previous skit into the theater reinforces the suspension of disbelief.

    I saw this episode again for the first time in quite a while on Retro TV.


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