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New VOD Title from RiffTrax…


See a sample or download it here.

11 Replies to “New VOD Title from RiffTrax…”

  1. James says:

    Awesome! This is one of my fave shot on video horror films and should be rife with riffing possibilities.


  2. radioman970 says:

    “…I’m ready for my seeeeex…” :D


  3. Remmie Barrow says:

    Even the makers of HOBGOBLINS think this movie is too cheap and cheesey.


  4. Remmie Barrow says:

    Even the makers of ZOMBIE NIGHTMARE roll their eyes at this film!


  5. Zombie says:

    Do not watch until the kids are asleep. A LOT of cussing by the characters. I wonder if this is the cussingest movie riffed yet?


  6. BC says:

    As I mentioned with Terror at Tenkiller, this is my favorite kind of movie for riffing: Amateurs in way over their heads. It couldn’t have been too hard for the guys to come up with riffs here; even without jokes, this one has so many gut-bustingly bad moments that it’s worth a late-night watch with your friends. The most immature middle school kid would consider the dialogue (which as #5 mentioned, is embarrassingly profane) to be absurd. I’d quote a line here, but you can pretty much take your pick. Even grading on z-movie standards, everything is awful, down to the wallpaper in the hallways. Highly recommended, especially with friends. Props to the Rifftrax folks for looking in some new places for these flicks.


  7. Goshzilla says:

    @ Zombie:

    I haven’t seen this movie yet, but I can’t imagine it has more cussing than Cyborg Cop 2. (Lots of MFers in that one.)


  8. losingmydignity says:

    Lot of gay slurs. So if your kids are not asleep and super sensitive to those, be sure and lock them in a closet.

    But seriously, best riff of the year so far along with Zindy (both must gets).


  9. Thomas K. Dye says:

    Holy cow, the lead “actresses” simply do not deliver any lines that aren’t irritated and whiny. You almost expect them to complain about breathing in and out. This movie’s hilarious, though it does sag when the lead “actress” wanders through the house with a knife trying to get the killer (we assume).

    What’s funny about these movies is that when they’re incompetent, they’re incompetent in a refreshingly unique way. I have no idea why this awful script was considered a decent final draft, or why anyone would deliver the performances these people deliver, or how they could screw up the sound recording so badly. But it’s pure gold from start to finish.


  10. littleaimishboy says:

    Seems like the number one thing people cut back on, when they’re trying to make a movie on the cheap, is sound recording.

    “What? You hold up a microphone, how hard is that?”


  11. Zee says:

    I really liked this one but I really could’ve done without Bill’s “Enjoy your orange juice, ya faggots!” at the very end (other than that ugly, jarring moment I thought they handled the movie’s homophobic slurs well). I also would’ve liked more Sesame Street riffs off the poster in the gal’s room.


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