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Weekend Discussion Thread: Favorite “Finishing a Sentence” Riffs

Alert regular “Sitting Duck” suggests:

My topic suggestion concerns tack-on riffs. By this I mean riffs where the riffer adds on something to what a person in the movie just said. For example, my favorite occurs in the “A Day at the Fair” short, from Code Name: Diamond Head. During the cake judging, the narrator states, “Judging cakes ought to be fun.” Servo then adds, “…but this woman sucks the joy out of it.”

This works especially well with narration. The first one that comes to mind is from “A Date with Your Family.” Narrator: “The women of this family seem to feel they owe it to the men of the family to look relaxed, rested and attractive at dinner time.” Mike: “…so they’re unsuspecting when they KILL THEM!”

What’s your pick?

Keep those topics coming!

110 Replies to “Weekend Discussion Thread: Favorite “Finishing a Sentence” Riffs”

  1. Cornjob says:

    The radio announcement in Jungle Goddess where the last thing the foreign diplomat said was, “HEEEEELP!”


  2. thequietman says:

    Okay, just one more, a slightly risque one from “Escape 2000”

    Rat Woman (of the corporation): To lick them you gotta…
    Servo (as Toblerone): I don’t wanna LICK them!


  3. RCFagnan says:

    Evil Queen: “Don’t change the subject…”
    Crow: “it alters the meaning of the sentence.” Deathstalker and the Warriors From Hell


  4. Thomas says:

    From Monster-a-Go-Go:

    Woman: “What about Frank?”
    Scientist: “I don’t know. He had all the emergency equipment he needed, but…”
    Servo: “…he was just stupid.”


  5. DavelinaJolie says:

    My favourite is probably the finishing the title bit from Night of the Blood Beast

    screen card: Night Of The Blood
    Servo: …sausage!

    Just kills me every time.


  6. Deus Ex Machina says:

    #52: Your second and third quotes are from “Invasion of the Neptune Men” and not from “Prince of Space.” (Yes, I know … nerd alert!)

    By the way, here’s the line from your second one:

    Man at conference table (calmly speaking): “Since Dr. Tanaway, who heads are science laboratory is ill today, Mr. Tabana, his assistant, will now give his opinion of the situation.”

    Mike (singing calmly): “Can’t get enough Super Sugar Crisp …”


  7. I’m not a medium I’m a petite says:

    The Dead Talk Back

    movie: I’m not a medium.

    riff: I’m a petite


  8. DarkGrandmaofDeath says:

    No. 97, nope, it was Crow.


  9. Professor Gunther says:

    One of my very favourites, from AGENT FOR H.A.R.M.

    Eva: “Are you coming, or do I have to swim alone?”

    Adam/Crow: “Yes, and yes.”


  10. Pamela says:

    “Beginning of the End”:

    Audrey: Sheltered? Look what happened to Frank. [who was deafened]

    Servo: Yeah, watch this. HEY FRAAAAANK!


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