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RIP Walter Massey

Massey MONTREAL — Veteran Canadian actor Walter Massey died at a hospital here Aug. 4 after an undisclosed illness. He was two weeks shy of his 86th birthday. Massey was a founding member of Canadian Actors’ Equity and worked in theater, television and movies for six decades. MSTies will remember him as kindly Italian grocer Mr. Peters in the movie in episode 604- ZOMBIE NIGHTMARE.

His obit is here. Thanks to Alexander for the heads up.

7 Replies to “RIP Walter Massey”

  1. Duane Zykov says:

    Man, Zombie Nightmare cast members aren’t having the best of luck lately.

    RIP to the best Italian grocer there ever was.


  2. JC says:

    RIP to Hank Peters, Italian Grocer.


  3. Johnny's nonchalance says:

    Keep ’em peeled, Adam and Tia!


  4. DB1985 says:

    The “Hank Peters…Italian grocer” riff is one of my favorites.

    RIP, Mr. Massey.


  5. Terry the Sensitive Knight says:

    “‘Ey, Tony! I’m being robbed agai- oops”


  6. Thomas K. Dye says:

    Rest in peace to the best Canadian-Italian grocer thoughtful enough to carry provolone and wheat germ.


  7. Cornjob says:

    “Maybe it would be fun to run a convenience store. What was I thinking?!”


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